Best Zero Hour Songs

Zero Hour are a Progressive Metal band from Pleasanton, California. The band was founded by brothers Jasun and Troy Tipton. After a decade of inactivity, Jasun resurrected the band in 2020 with original vocalist Erik Rosvold and two new members, Andreas Blomqvist and Roel van Helden.
The Top Ten
1 Rebirth Rebirth Cover Art
2 Demise and Vestige Demise and Vestige Cover Art
3 Voice of Reason Voice of Reason Cover Art
4 Eyes of Denial Eyes of Denial Cover Art
5 Strategem Strategem Cover Art
6 The Towers of Avarice The Towers of Avarice Cover Art
7 Destiny is Sorrow
8 Face the Fear Face the Fear Cover Art
9 Reflections Reflections Cover Art
10 Technocracy Technocracy Cover Art
The Contenders
11 The System Remains The System Remains Cover Art
12 Metamorphosis III. Union Metamorphosis III. Union Cover Art
13 The Falcon's Cry The Falcon's Cry Cover Art
14 There for Me There for Me Cover Art
15 The Subterranean The Subterranean Cover Art
16 The Ghosts of Dawn The Ghosts of Dawn Cover Art
17 Agenda 21 Agenda 21 Cover Art
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