Their evil, the most POWERFUL, best at revenge, quite because they have too many bad stuff going in their minds that they are afraid to spill because it makes other cry. Never give up, moves on because they think "eh I didn't like them anyways so that's their problem they lost my loyalty" They easily manipulate other people, but is never manipulated by them. Can see through other signs and see their flaws. They don't realiz it but they are actually just better than anyone and it's not that anyone is just pretending not to be good enough to do something and wants them to do it, they are actually just that terrible. They are the most intelligent and poisonous. They never care what everyone thinks about them.

We are dark, mysterious, and are open about our opinions. Vengeful only to those who deserve it. We are stronger than most, intent on whatever we set our mind on. We accomplish our goals no matter how daunting the tasks to do so. We are seductive but will not be seduced as easily. Not nearly as egotistical as Leos either. Our only real faults are our obsessiveness and jealousy.

We don't tolerate bull and can easily see through it. Hard to keep things from a scorpion and better to come out clean. We hate fake things especially and its hard to resist and we are hard to please. We never give up on close ones but never forgive anyone easily too.

Scorpio's are the only sign of the entire Zodiac Chart/ Calendar to actually be able to do ANYTHING they want. If they want to do it, they will do it. If they don't want o do or say something, no one, and I mean no one, can make them do or say it. Their pride is amazing but human. Their will is at a level only opposed by Aquarians, and their intelligence knows no bounds, just like their laziness. One of them alone, if he/she wants to, can change the world around them.

Dude they're so annoying when it comes to having something new. They wanna take everything from everybody in my house and I wanna bury my face on the couch. My sis thinks my two dogs were both hers and never lets me snuggle with them when she was snuggling with them. Tell you what--I don't hate them, but they shouldn't be number 1. They were selfish and hilarious, but I think tons of other signs that were better than Scorpios like Aries and Leo

I'm not Scorpio, I'm a Pisces, but my boyfriend is a Scorpio and well, he's the best thing that ever happened to me.

I wish I was a Scorpio. They are the coolest sign, hands down

I LOVE being a Scorpio! Not all the stereotypes are true but we are pretty sexual and murderous (Not that I'd ACTUALLY murder. Just daydreams...) And I can say that I do consider myself passionate, intelligent and manipulative. I've only met like, two other Scorpios though.

Although I am not a Scorpio, I am a huge fan of them. So damn cool! - CarollinaClicker

I don't know why people hate us... we are strong, powerful and we will be the best we can be! - JakePlaid

The Only Zodiac Sign that have the REAL Sixth Sense!

Scorpios are honest in everything. That's why sometimes some scorpios can be rude and not very subtle when something is not right in their opinion. They are the best friends you can get if they like you. If you do something wrong at a Scorpio he will never forgive ( one of his flaws ) and you will not exist for him anymore or he will take revenge in a intelligent way ( they can be patient for years before to strike ). But if you take the time to know a Scorpio better you will get a loyal friend or lover for life. They only can't accept if you betray their loyalty, friendship... and so on.

I am a scorpio and feel that his is correct

My friend is a Scorpio and she is the best person I've met in my entire live she's warm caring and she has never ever said a bad thing to me or anyone Scorpios are my favorite

I agree with the descriptions he gave, they are pretty much accurate.

I don't want to post pathetic comment about Scorpio, but they just do not fit for the best position over all the zodiac signs. They deserve to lick my ass.

I'm an Aquarius and I've always been head-over-heels for Scorpios. I just love how mysterious they are.

Why, thank you :) While this is all really flattering, not every Scorpio is like that. I will admit I am good at getting my revenge, I am extremely stubborn and can read through other people's emotions, and I am known (or should I say NOT known) for bottling my feelings up. However we are not completely mysterious, emo, evil people, we're normal, just like you, just more complicated.

Scorpios are not the best. What the hell? They have the right to think they are the best, but they are not the best.

The best overall, look it up some of your favorites are scorpios!

They r beautiful attractive passionate mysterious and a tough competition I just love them they r so cool and creative

A lot of scorpios I met seem to be very lucky people(I am not jealous, I just noticed this observation), I mean, take a look at Bill Gates, he is a scorpio and he is a billionare. And the people I have met most of the time win games and stuff. Scorpios are not as dark as people say they are, I know scorpios that are nice, they are not all dark and mean and temperamental. But one thing, they can know what you are going to say if you give them a little hint, but they are nice people though. - AnimeDrawer

Scorpios aren't the best, because they try to be coool but they aren't so make this lower now!

The most powerful sign in the world doesn't have to be a dick about other zodiac signs. Y'all Scorpios are insecure about your position in life. So pathetic

Even though I don't have a lot of Scorpio in my birth chart of Western astrology, this sign definitely suits me. According to Sidereal astrology with the 13 signs, I would have this as my Midheaven and plently of other areas. I have a lot of Scorpio traits such as jealousy(especially when someone draws better than me), secretive(I am pretty secretive), violent(yes I can be when someone ticks me off), brave(I can be brave and I am barely scared of anything), stubborn(me in a nutshell), resourceful(I often come up with plenty of solutions). I also like real facts, truth, being right, good friends, and teasing and I am passionate(Especially in things I love). I hate dishonesty and fake facts and my worst secrets being revealed. The only trait I don't have of a Scorpio is holding grudges and never forgiving, because I do forgive. - AnimeDrawer