Top 10 Greatest Zombie Kills of All Time

The Top Ten

1 Nazi Zombie vs. Hammer and Sickle (Dead Snow)
2 Chainsaw Bride (REC 3: Genesis)
3 Grocery Store Scene (Zombieland)
4 "How to Use a Car Trunk?" by Daryl (The Walking Dead)
5 Woman is Rabid (Quarantine)
6 Zombie vs. Outboard Motor (Zombie Holocaust)
7 Zombie Janitor (Dawn of the Dead)
8 Headshot (The Beyond)
9 Airplane Attack (World War Z)
10 Metal Wire (The Walking Dead)

The Contenders

11 Acid Head (Diary of the Dead)
12 Baby Kick (Cockneys vs Zombies)
13 Helicopter Scene (Planet Terror)
14 Don't Stop Me Now (Shaun of the Dead)
15 Pete (Shaun of the Dead)
16 Lawnmower Massacre (Braindead)
17 Kill of the Week (Zombieland)
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