Top 10 Zombie Melee Weapons

These could be the difference between life and death in the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

The Top Ten

1 Katana

Katanas are light weight and can slash threw huge groups of walkers with lightning speed unlike a stupid crowbar which is an ok weapon but nothing compared to the katana there is no melee weapon that will ever be compairable to the great katana when choosing a weapon to kill the undead chose something light weight not something heavy you don't want that weight slowing you down it can get you killed go with the katana it is by far the best zombie killer out there

Sharp and ranged, but hard to find an authentic one and not useful as a tool.

2 Crowbar

Ranged, powerful, and can be used to open or smash things.

3 Machete

The poor man's sword is not very long, but can be sharp and effective.

4 Baseball Bat

The best weapon to kill a zombie with

Easy to find but takes a lot of force to make a kill with.

What the? This must be 1st

5 Swabbie

Sharp as a razor, but barely as much range as a machete.

6 Fireman's Axe

Better reach than a hatchet, but also heavier.

7 Hatchet

Not very much reach, but sharp enough to go to the brain if it doesn't get stuck.

8 Indian War Club

Great weapon, but where are you going to get one?

9 Sledgehammer

Epic destruction, but heavy and hard to swing accurately.

10 Shiv

The Contenders

11 Combat Knife

Better as a tool than a weapon, but can be used effectively in a pinch.

Good for stealth kills

12 Halligan Bar

Trusted by firemen since 1948.

13 Cleaver
14 Bowie Knife
15 Frying Pan

It can be found everywhere, is highly durable, light enough to carry but heavy enough to kill a zombie, can vary in size, and can be used to cook! (Cooking or killing, not both. You don't want to work so hard for nothing folks! )

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