Best Zones in Sonic Mania

WARNING: This list contains spoilers! Play the game first if you wish to fully understand this list.

Sonic Mania is the new 2D Genesis-like Sonic game that was created by fans for the fans. It was an amazing game and serious contender for GOTY.

Sonic Mania included a multitude of brand new stages and revamps of old classic stages. Some revamped stages were really nice surprises and the brand new ones were so good too.

Vote for which stage is the best in the game. Might be hard because a lot of them are really high quality.

The Top Ten

1 Studiopolis Zone

Studiopolis Zone is a kind of stage that is not imaginable in any game other than Sonic. The franchise always had a weakness for funny and crazy stage gimmicks, and this time they combined the token gimmicky casino level with Hollywood/movie set and it's genius. And for once there are no slot machines but an actual Lottery. Just a shame it was a bit unspectacular. I wanted to spend hours trying to get to 999 rings, like back in Casino Night Zone. The Track is great. But to be honest, literally the only reason why I'm picking Studiopolis over Oil Ocean (which has really improved in Mania, and I already liked its original) is that I didn't die to the boss like 5-6 times.

I would have chosen Press Garden, but the first act drags on for too long. Although I've heard Studiopolis' theme at least a billion times by now, I still think that it's amazing, and the second act's theme is somehow just as good. The devs really cared about making a good Classic Sonic game, and this zone is a prime example of it. Both acts are amazing.

This is Sonic Mania's most defining zone. A television studio, a level trope that fits so well in the Sonic series, and yet I never would have thought of it. Bursting with imagination around every corner, the map is masterfully constructed so that the player never loses interest, and the music is top notch. - Rambo

I love the idea and design of this zone. The soundtrack is amazing! - Melirose

2 Mirage Saloon Zone

Brand new Zone that has a multitude of references that hardcore Sonic fans will definitely geek out over. Not too mention ACT 1 is very much like Sky Chase from Sonic 2. - cjWriter1997

Dessert dazzle and dust hill are finally a reality

Sky Chase was boring. That returns here.
Knuckle's stage is really the only decent thing here. - mattstat716

3 Press Garden Zone

I adore this stage. There are so many level tropes smashed up into this one gorgeous zone. There's nothing else like it in any other Sonic game. - Rambo

The prettiest stage in the entire game, and the freezing mechanics was funny. I wished more brand new stages

Brand new Zone that resembles a press factory that ends up being an icy forest. Music is phenomenal here too. - cjWriter1997

Act 2's song alone makes Press Garden one of the best stages in the series.

4 Chemical Plant Zone

This was great to play through again, and the new mechanics in ACT 2 were well executed. I'm happy that this zone was in the game. Originally from Sonic 2. - cjWriter1997

Not to mention a amazing boss battle in act 2

5 Metallic Madness

Metallic Madness is the perfect example of Sonic Stage design and Aesthetics alongside Stardust Speedway. The Kirby Triple Deluxe like gimmicks add some extra feelings to it. I love bouncing on the springs, going fast in the tubes and on hslfpipes, getting lunged into the air, and even playing as Chibi Sonic. Both acts feel amazing to play through, have amazing boss fights, and the best tracks of music in the game (in my opinion). My favorite zone.

The music is incredible, the foreground/background mechanic is really cool, the shrinking mechanic is so much fun (and adorable), and being one of the last zones in the game, it's pretty challenging, but it's so much fun after playing ti a few times.

Wasn't a big fan of the original zone in Sonic CD but the Mania version is outstanding. The right level of challenge whilst being fun with the background/foreground switches and the shrink rays. Plus the music for both acts are amazing with Act 2 being my favourite in the whole game. The boss battles are really cool as well.

Can't believe I missed this one. This is definitely one of the better stages. - cjWriter1997

6 Hydrocity Zone

Act 2 is possibly my favorite level in this whole game. - thunderstar1124

This was a nice surprise to see. Good pick for a water level and I love what Tee Lopes done for the music. Originally from Sonic 3. - cjWriter1997

7 Titanic Monarch Zone

I thought a long time about this, and I came to a toss-up between this stage and Press Garden Zone. This zone wins for me on a purely subjective matter: Act 2's background and soundtrack made me feel like I'm inside a Cathedral. And I love that kind of feeling.

Brand new zone and one of the last zones in the game. The ACT 2 boss is really tough as well. Depending on if you have the chaos emerald or not, this is the final level of the game. - cjWriter1997

Best level in the game. Act 1 is really fun to speed run. The music is on point too.

The theme sounds a whole lot like bloody tears - DensestPotato

8 Green Hill Zone

Classic stage that was no doubt going to be in the game. What more is there to say? Originally from Sonic the Hedgehog. - cjWriter1997

9 Flying Battery Zone

Nothing tops running UNDER the Flying Battery in a severe thunderstorm.
Well, maybe except Chemical Plant.
Not even Lava Reef and Oil Ocean and I love those levels!

The music is amazing the obstacles and setpieces are extremely cool and there is two completely different path in act 2. Plus the boss at the end is pretty cool. Apparently the original was bad but since I didn't played 3 and k I can't say anything. By the way I want you to sign the petition for making sonic 3 and K remastered on IOS. That way I and many others could play a better version of the original which from what I heard is already very good

The music is awesome, they removed those long elevators that you just wait on from the original, and act 2 might be have one of the most complex level layouts ever in a Sonic game. - Rambo

This level was announced before release and I'm glad they added it to the game. Originally from Sonic & Knuckles - cjWriter1997

10 Stardust Speedway Zone

Very fast and cool music in a one bottle.

Should be considerably higher.

Announced before release, but this was a good pick. Also has amazing music too. Originally from Sonic CD. - cjWriter1997

WHO PUTS 30 SPRINGS IN A 1 FOOT RADIUS?! - mattstat716

The Contenders

11 Lava Reef Zone

Oh, Lava Reef. How I missed you! Amazing music (Tee Lopes is a genius,) fun new & returning mechanics, and a beautiful setting. Easily my second favorite, besides Flying Battery.

12 Oil Ocean Zone

I think I'm one of the few people that actually liked the original Oil Ocean form Sonic 2, but this remake doesn't do enough new or interesting aside from act 2's main mechanic of clearing the smoke. Many chunks of level design are too same-y. Every time you ascend, you do so by climbing on the lids of pipes that get blown up, or you use an elevator. Every time you descend it's always, ALWAYS, just falling down those oil slides. - Rambo

I was very surprised to see this level in the game as I know it isn't that much of a fan favorite. Originally from Sonic 2. - cjWriter1997

Didn't everyone hated this stage in Sonic 2? Why bring it back from the dead?

Why did this stage return?
There's no point to even having this stage... - mattstat716

Surprising the Sonic Mania version of this stage is way better than the Sonic 2 version. - cjWriter1997

13 Special Stage 5
14 Special Stage 3
15 Death Egg Zone

I love how you have to take so many complex steps to get here and the soundtrack is great too, but the boss can be challenging some times but luckily you can fight the Death Egg Robot Mach 2 as Super Sonic or tails or knuckles

16 Dragon Road

It's weird that they would incorporate a future stage in a game that takes place in the past but overall a really cool zone for Sonic Mania to have.

17 Egg Reverie Zone

In my opinion, every Zone is amazing. But this is where the True Final Boss waits and the music sounds so awesome! 😄

18 Oil Desert

What is this

19 Splash Hill Zone
20 Casino Street Zone
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