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Please don't judge this book by the movie. "It" is from start to finish one of the creepiest, coolest, scariest and most intriguing books you'll ever read. Even though it is 1,300 pages and I only read it before going to sleep at night, I finished it in under two weeks because I couldn't put it down at night until I reached a part where I thought I'd be able to sleep without nightmares.
I honestly think that the miniseries adaptation of this is good, but the book is amazing! This was one of the few Stephen King books that I felt as if I had a connection with the characters. King wonderfully sculpted the characters as kids and as adults. I couldn't put this book down. It's very scary and has tons of moments when my jaw dropped.
Where to even begin.. The third person omniscient writing, seamless transition between the years 1958 & 1985 alternating chapters in last third of book- those who have read know. Main characters who almost everyone can relate too, the "apocalyptic rock fight" chapter, the awesome back stories/histories of the town of Derry. It.. Pennywise.. The Deadlights.. Bob Gray- ultimate villan! The movie although not bad simply didn't do it justice. I'm just sad I never read this when younger. My favorite book of all.. You could read this book every other summer easily. Lastly Dark Tower fans should enjoy the subtle references.
[Newest]I was hiding under my blanket while watching that movie. Its very scary

2The Shining
Until Stephen King brings out a second book, I won't stop reading this, It is so scary and intense
YAY! Doctor Sleep is here. Or at least it has been for the past 2 years.


This is the first king book I read. It's so scary and intense. I stayed up late reading every night, trembling in my bed.
It, The green mile, the stand, carrie, misery, The body, Shawshank and 'Salem's lot are great but this is awesome
[Newest]With an awesome plot like able characters how can't this in your top 5 favorite books?

3The Stand
Such a well-written novel with an intense storyline and in-depth characters that keeps the pages turning. This is a book that will keep you thinking long after you've finished it.
This in my view is the best book of Stephen King. Not as scary as Shinning or It but this book kind of gets into your skin.
This book is very very long over a thousand pages but is the book is by far his best book because of the depth of how it gets to the readers
[Newest]This is the book of my childhood (summer on the beach, Italy (read it in one month it was amazing)

4The Green Mile
It was just awesome and just because it is Stephen King doesn't mean it has to be all horror and that's why I think this book should be in the top ten!!
This book has great character development and a fantastic story line. It makes the reader realise that capital punishment has no place in modern society.
"It" and "The Shining" are both great, but I have to land on "The Green Mile". It's just so sad.

5'Salem's Lot
This and pet cemetery are my favorites from King, a great horror story that gradually builds in creepiness and intensity, until you are engrossed in the darkness of Salem's lot, get the illustrated edition if you can as it has some great bonus story's.
This book is so scary! it should be #1!


This book is great and, along with the Shining, had the best film adaption. Stephen King is definitely the best horror writer of all time.
This book is just plain fantastic... 5/5 stars!


Crazy old lady! Crazy!
[Newest]The ending scared the daylights out of me...

7Pet Sematary
This is literally the best Stephen King book I've ever read! I couldn't put it down, and the ending was so unexpected and incredible! A lot of people think that The Stand is his best, but I think it's boring, probably because I'm 12, but this was my favourite. I haven't watched the movie, but I heard it's bad, so don't judge the book by the movie. This book almost made me cry, and I was literally chanting Louis not to do what he did. It wasn't really scary until the last 30 pages, and in those 30 pages, I was trembling. This book was close to Misery, but I think this is better, please read it. My favourite book by Stephen King. I've only read 6 and 1/2 f his books, but so far, this is my favourite!
This novel is just plain creepy. It deals with religious, belief issues, with which about anyone can relate. It is definitely worth reading, just not right before bedtime. Wink.
His most underrated book. Various horrific side stories make that tie to the main story make this a must read.
[Newest]This book is really, really creepy. Stephen King is a genius. The movie and the book are closely aligned, but the book is much more satisfying.

Perfect from start to finish. I hesitated buying it originally having heard it wasn't his typical format. Didn't I feel stupid! I made the mistake of "typecasting" one of the greatest story tellers of my generation. 11/22/63 = edge of your seat, heart wrenching, and thought provoking ride you will not want to get off of.
One of the most thought-provoking books. I couldn't put it down. It's not the typical horror story you would expect of Stephen King but it had its own unique twist. It's definitely one book you wouldn't forget.
I loved every minute of this book. It took me back to when I was young and innocent. This innocence is the same feeling I get with Jake/George and Sadie. By the way, best ending to a book, ever!
[Newest]Kennedy was assassinated in my senior year, so I could really relate to the story. Great novel

9The Dark Tower I: The Gunslinger
I can't believe TDT I is 12. It's the beginning of a legend, it should be, at least, at 5, or even 1. The Gunsliger introduce us to the most amazing adventures of our lifes, and more important than that, introduce us to our beloved Roland Deschain, the guy that we all want to have as a friend. It's awesome, it's perfect.
My first Stephen King and I absolutely love it.
Can't understand why this hasen't been made into a movie, maybe in three part's,
Like Lord of the Rings...

Why is this not in the top 7 at least, it really tells me how the world is today when it was made in the 70s, it taught me 2 things, 1, you can only push someone so far, 2, it's always the quiet ones that you need to worry about
A novel about a friendless girl with telekinesis who takes her final revenge upon the world. Stephen King's first book!


I have been bullied and this book really helped me with it (I didn't kill anyone) it just showed me I wasn't alone.

The Contenders

11The Dead Zone
The first Stephen King book I ever read, and possibly my pick for the best for sentimental reasons. I love "It" and "The Stand" and so many others, but there is a true tragic arc to this novel that makes the reader truly care about what happens, even though it's practically foreordained.
It is a great book and it really made me think. I think it should be at least top 10

12Needful Things
Getting into the book now. I'm really into. It has a great plot and great characters.
Loved the book... Couldn't put it down...

13The Long Walk
It's a bloody shame that more people don't know about this masterpiece. This book will leave you thinking long after you've finished the last page. Though she may not admit it, the author of the Hunger Games took inspiration from this book (as well as King's "The Running Man" and the notorious, but incredible, "Battle Royale"). It makes me wonder why the Hunger Games is so poorly written. But I digress. This book is an incredible psychological thriller. The characters were flawless. My favorites were Stebbins and McVries. Best of all is the inherent knowledge that no matter how much the boys try to socialize and hide from the truth, they are essentially competing for their lives, and 99 of them will inevitably die. This factor adds so much tension. Please, even if you are not a fan of Mr. King's works, give the Long Walk a chance. It has made me a more insightful person and I hope that it will have the same effect on you.
Seriously underrated. One of my top three favorite king novels. It really made me think and feel for all the characters and even though death was inevitable it shocked and saddened me when another would die. This book keeps you thinking. Don't knock it till you try it, I really is amazing. And like the previous comment I also felt the hunger games was a cheaper warped version of the long walk and battle Royale
This book is ridiculously underrated. The character development is top-notch and this plays a key role in the story. The plot is also kept a secret until about 15% into the book, which builds suspense. LOVE this book!

14Under the Dome
This book is horror
This book is great. I think it's a newer book of his.


This book should be under the top 2! It's the best book I have ever read!
Best book I've read in his collection.

This is the only Stephen King book that I didn't like. It didn't make sense, and I stopped reading 100 before the end because I stopped caring about the story line. This happens very rarely for me.
Ridiculously underrated, don't judge it on the awful film. Duddits has to be one of King's best characters, along with Beaver. Funny, disturbing, gripping and genuinely bizarre and original. Couldn't ask for more! Brilliant writing.

17The Tommyknockers
I admit this story is strange, but it's also different and interesting. Stephen King is creative and definitely deserves the title " Master of Horror".

This was the first King book I ever read. My favorite King trait is that he makes you fall in love with one of his characters and then they die.
Come on who doesn't love cars? The movie is so much different from the book it's ironic.
I would have chosen Christine above Leigh too...
[Newest]It's sad that Arnie dies at the end. This would have never happened if it wasn't for Christine.

A novel about a corrupt government agency and its pursuit of an unwilling family.


20The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass

21The Dark Half

22The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three

Great story/movie. Creepy too, which is half the reason it's so great. Good work, Stephen King!
Weird, weird story. But I recommend that you read it.

24The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower
I couldn't let there be a stephen king list without have at least one dark tower book on it


25Duma Key
One of kings best! Loved it! Definitely top 5 muchacho!
The most underrated King book ever.

26The Running Man
I just finished reading this a few days ago and really putting it 28 is drastically under ratting The Running Man! It might become one of my all time favorite books.
I just finished reading this a few days ago and really putting it 28 is drastically under ratting The Running Man! It might become one of my all time favorite books.
I CHALLENGE Hunger Games fans to read this. Then again, they're so easily satisfied by poor writing, they probably won't be able to appreciate it, let alone comprehend its quality. This book is THE ORIGINAL dangerous reality T.V. show story. Even though The Long Walk is my favorite book by Mr. King, I love it to the end.

27Night Shift
This has multiple stories in one book, which is totally awesome. Stephen King is so creative, one reason I like him so much!

28Bag of Bones

The name of the amusement park is adorable... But despite the childrens knowledge something is lurking within this park which wants them to be dead... It is revealed that some innocent children who visits the park dies in different various grotesque death... Now the protagonist learns that there is someone in this park who is wrapped over with its sadistic insanity and he has to find it, before it kills his friends, this park isn't a joyland it is a terrible bloodyland... I love the way king named the park the park adorably that will fear the reader of its darkest secrets...
I would'nt be surprised if this book is down here low... Because joyland is one of stephen kings newest novel... It is only released this 2013 and only few people had read the particular novel... But then according to my opinion this book is one of stephen kings novel which equips such a disturbing story... I had my chest heavy while reading the book, just like I felt when I happened to read his top rating book the "IT", still I knew that IT is his most disturbing novel, but the joyland has a different style which happened to catch my fear... Espesially that the characters struggle is in the amusment park along with the heavy storm that no one will hear them screaming...

30The Shawshank Redemption
Not many people know that this was a short story written by him in Different Seasons. One of the most beautiful stories (and movies) ever written.
The movie is better.

31Dolores Claiborne
And another thing I love about it is there is no undead or rabid dogs or other MONSTERS, it could really happen, and last of all it shows us that the real monsters in this world are people...


This is a AWSOME AWSOME AWSOME book. Once you start it you wont put it down till the end...


This is a really good read. The movie is also fantastic.

32Skeleton Crew
A book of short stories including an apocolypse, an evil sea thing, and a dead gramma wo won't stay dead.


33Full Dark, No Stars

34The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
Wonderful story that makes full use of ones imagination.

35Different Seasons
Has forever left an impact on me. It will forever be one of my favourite books and I will always read it once every summer.
By far the best of S. King. Three movies have come out of the 4 short stories, The Shawhsank Redemtion, Stand by Me, and Apt Pupil. Can't believe mroe people haven't voted for this.

A novel that is both psychological in depth and in our mind.King wrote this I'm high school, and will and has brought dangerous consequences on the most realistic story he has ever written. If you read this novel, you will have entered the mind of almost every potential high school shooter that can't be read. "Books aren't the reason for crimes, but they--as movies, songs, etc.--can be used as accelarators." You have that with Rage.

37The Body
This was made into a movie called Stand By Me, that is a must- watch because it is absolutely fantastic.
Blew through the story in 2 days and it blew my mind. Should be a necessity like To Kill a Mockingbird to read.

Not the best, but it still is scary and intense, that is why King is my favourite author

39Gerald's Game

40Doctor Sleep
I loved "The Shining" both book and movie I'm not saying this is possibly a bad book it is probably amazing I just don't want to read it because I am afraid that it may ruin the greatest movie ever and one of the greatest books ever.
This book surprised me. It was a good sequel to The Shining. I expected an average, pulp fiction, story line, but it was actually pretty good.

Great book and best stephen king book I ever read

42Mr. Mercedes: A Novel
A very enjoyable read, and not the typical horror story of King's earlier novels. Along with 11/22/63, it just proves that King has not lost his touch after all these years.

43The Eyes of the Dragon
Such a great story. It even has pictures in it. I read the whole thing and I loved it. I just might read it again one of these days.

44The Talisman
One of the scariest books I ever read!
I loved this book and the depth of the characters. King takes you to another world that somehow feels familiar. I read this many years ago and still feel it drawing me back.
This book is fantastic. If you love fantasy or horror, read this book. The first 100 pages are a little confusing, but the rest is great and hard to stop reading.

One of his lesser known works. written under the name of richard bachman. its not as known but still a great read

46Nightmares & Dreamscapes

47The Langoliers

48Black House
The story of a grown up Jack Sawyer (The Talisman).

49Apt Pupil

50Rose Madder
It was a very creepy stalker book, yet I couldn't put it down! King never fails to impress (and disturb) us in the loveliest ways.


52On Writing

53Cycle of the Werewolf
This is one of my favorite king books. All the of the characters are likeable, especially uncle Al (Red).

Quite possibly King's most imaginative plot. Creepy and effective.
A book that is very interesting. One of King's bestnovels

55Lisey's story

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