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1 Percy Jackson (Percy Jackson & The Olympians) Perseus "Percy" Jackson is a fictional character, the title character and narrator of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson & the Olympians series.

Oh my gosh he is so funny and powerful. He's so perfect. At first when I read the first book and it said he had green eyes, black hair and that he was a half-blood I thought he was gonna be a rip off of Harry Potter. I was so wrong! He is so awesome!!!!

I love Percy! He's a true hero who cares for his friends. I'm so happy he's number one. PJO and HoO are my favorite books. Percy is good with a sword and powerful, yet he still has all these goofs and flaws that make him so relatable. He's hilarious. He doesn't look down on people like Katniss, nor does he need to be constantly saved by his love interest like Tris. His adventures will always be my favorite and will most likely stay with me forever. By the way, Percabeth is THE best literary romance of all time, in my opinion.

2 Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)

As well as being possibly the most nerdy person in the school, Hermione is not afraid to do anything. She stole the ingredients for the Polyjuice Potion from Snape's cupboard and also slapped Malfoy in the face (who wouldn't?). She figures out everything by herself. Ron and Harry would not have known anything if she hadn't been there. She got Harry to the Philosopher's Stone through the fire with the logic puzzle, figured out who Slytherin's monster was, realized Lupin was a werewolf, and she was the only one clever enough to think that Sirius Black in the Department of Mysteries might be a trap. Harry never thought of that, which resulted in them all nearly getting killed.

Hermione is a great role model. She made a stand for elf rights when no one else did, and in my opinion, she deserved to marry someone better than Ron.

3 Annabeth Chase (Percy Jackson & The Olympians) Annabeth Chase is a daughter of Athena and one of the main characters of both the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series and the Heroes of Olympus series. She's also Percy Jackson's girlfriend and has no particular powers aside from her brains and tactics.

Not exactly Percy's sidekick, as suggested by the Golden Boy (I totally forgot how to spell his name) in the Mark of Athena. In the Percy Jackson & The Olympians series, she's a bit moody but kind of makes up for it by the Battle of the Labyrinth and later. She's sarcastic and funny, at times, but usually, that's left to Percy (and later, Leo).

How is she not in the top 10?! She is the best female character in PJO and HOO, and most of the people above her are NOTHING compared to her. She is funny, smart, and brave. She literally fell into HELL and survived, part of the time weaponless, basically Hermione Granger except with a knife, not a wand.

4 Leo Valdez (The Heroes of Olympus) Leo Valdez is a major character from the book series Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan. He is one of the seven heroes in the Prophecy of Seven. He is a Greek demigod and is the son of Hephaestus / Vulcan, and has the ability to create and manipulate fire (pyrokinesis).

He is AWESOME! He has super cool fire abilities and an awesome dragon. When the series starts to get dark and you want to stop, Leo will come and keep you reading! He endures the most pain and misery out of all of the HoO characters. Unlike Nico (who doesn't endure pain as much as Leo but just pushes everybody away and pities himself too much), he jokes around and manages to hide his pain, lightening up the mood of everybody. I shed lots of tears when I thought he died.

He is much braver than Percy, and (no offense to Percy lovers) I don't think Percy would've been able to do half the things Leo has done. Leo faced DEATH. He's also super smart, smarter than Annabeth. Come on, his math was better than a smart adult's at age 8, he learned Spanish and English at age 2, and was able to use Morse code at age 6! He is too underrated, and he definitely deserves the first place, not Percy. Now shoo, Jackson!

5 Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games) Katniss Everdeen is a fictional character and the protagonist of The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. She is portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence in the film adaptation franchise.

Katniss is brave, selfless, wise, and she's always there when her friends need her. She has a very strong personality, which I think is a wonderful thing, and she did a wonderful job of being the Mockingjay, though she couldn't protect everyone around her. I love Katniss so much. She is an awesome character!

Selfless, brave, and so much more, Katniss is a strong leader and loving sister. The fact that she is willing to die for her little sister makes her admirable. She lost so much but kept fighting for what is right. She is the one and only Mockingjay.

6 Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter) Luna Lovegood was a witch from the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. She was the only child of Xenophilius and Pandora Lovegood. Her mother accidentally died while experimenting with spells when Luna was nine and Luna was raised by her father, who was the editor of the magazine The Quibbler, in a... read more

Luna Lovegood has always been my favorite character in Harry Potter. She experienced the trauma of her mother dying in front of her and faced bullying at Hogwarts. She was derogatorily called "Loony Lovegood" and had her belongings hidden from her. Yet, she was extremely intelligent and thought outside the box.

She could have turned bitter and sought revenge on her bullies. Instead, she remained innocent and never wished harm on anyone. Throughout her challenges, she always believed in things that others would never have considered. Her belief in the improbable wasn't due to a generic reason like "I felt invisible like them." It was something more engaging. She believed in them because life is unpredictable, and you never know what will happen next.

Luna understood this unpredictability well. She never expected her mother to die. But she didn't become angry or sad because of it. While others expected her to conform, Luna remained her own person and always would be. It's refreshing to see a female character who doesn't end up with the main guy or isn't incredibly attractive by the end. I love Hermione, but her storyline is somewhat predictable and cliché. In my opinion, Luna is the best character J.K. Rowling ever wrote.

7 Tsunami (Wings of Fire)

Tsunami is so brave and protective. She would do ANYTHING to save her friends! She is also the best at fighting out of all the dragonets of destiny. Her glow-in-the-dark scales are AWESOME! I also love how she can breathe underwater. You should vote for Tsunami of Wings of Fire!
Go, Tsunami! (Chants)

I love the book Wings of Fire, and Tsunami is my favorite out of the 5 dragonets. She's brave, sarcastic, and a very well-developed character. I really think she should be one of the top 10 of this list.

She is amazing, brave, and loyal, but not exactly my favorite character. I think that she loses some of her personality around Riptide, so I do not ship them. Apart from that, she is unforgettably hilarious, and I nearly died of laughter reading her book.

8 Nico di Angelo (Percy Jackson & The Olympians) Nico di Angelo is a fictional character created by Rick Riordan. He appears in Percy Jackson & The Olympians, Hero of Olympus, and parts of Trials of Apollo. As a son of Hades, the boy is a demigod. He befriended Percy and had many roles in his long time appearance including stopping Minos, fighting... read more

I LOVE Nico so much! He is an amazing character with, in my opinion, the most interesting backstory. I love Solangelo (and I feel personally offended that Will isn't on this list! He is SO underrated), and Nico is a really complex character, which I adore. Nico is really underrated, and I honestly feel like he should be higher on this list. Also, The Sun and the Star is literally the best book I have ever read in my life. Period.

Nico di Angelo is an amazing person. In my opinion, he has been through the most but has stayed strong through it all. He's faced prejudice for being gay and a son of Hades but found happiness in the end. I don't think he's cool because he is gay or a "Ghost King," but because he's genuinely cool and sweet.

Remember the ten-year-old Nico? The nerdy one who wouldn't shut up and loved Mythomagic? He may be the son of darkness, but he has a light side to him. Not to mention, he is very brave. He is most definitely my favorite book character.

9 Harry Potter (Harry Potter) Harry James Potter is the title character of J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. The majority of the books' plot covers seven years in the life of the orphan Potter, who, on his eleventh birthday, learns he is a wizard.

He's not the exact reason why we love the series, but come on! Give him credit - he's a preteen-teenager in the books. Literally, teenagers are practically like that, whether they think so or not. (Which I understand)

He is brave, loyal, smart, but not as funny as Percy. Nevertheless, he is still a great character and he does have flaws.

He should be way higher on the list, preferably first! He is just stunning. I can't put my love for him into words.

10 Elizabeth Bennet (Pride and Prejudice)

Elizabeth Bennet is a force to be reckoned with. She stays true to her heart and, despite family pressures to marry and gaining the interests of wealthy suitors, she refuses. She wants marriage and her future husband to be her choice instead.

Totally love her character. She is honest and sincere, strong and unashamed of being herself, and it's cute how she cares for her sister Jane.

Ayy, I was waiting to see or add a Pride & Prejudice character! Elizabeth is so charming, although I can't decide between her or Darcy (in the novel. Adaptations are another thing).

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11 Tris Prior (Divergent)

She's amazing. Going from a faction that's selfless and quiet to a faction that's loud, has violence, and weapons is a big transition. She's divergent, so she can't be controlled, and that makes her different and special.

Tris Prior is a beast! Changing from 'stiff' rules to almost no rules is a huge choice. AND she was good at the change and graduated from her initiate class. Also, Four is really cool.

She saved her brother even though he betrayed her. She was brave, smart, and selfless. Divergent.

12 Sunny (Wings of Fire)

This character is from the Wings of Fire series. She is sweet and kind and bad at keeping secrets. She and the others ended the war of SandWing succession.

Sunny is optimistic, sweet, and kind, but also underestimated. Everyone thinks she's sweet and that's all anyone needs to know about her. But she's actually really smart and intelligent.

Sunny is smart, kind, and probably the protagonist of the best Wings of Fire book, for me tied with Darkstalker Legends. It's the ending to a great first arc for Wings of Fire and the best Wings of Fire book that's part of the main series (again, tied with Darkstalker Legends).

13 Hazel Lancaster (The Fault in Our Stars)

It's alright. She'll be joining Augustus, Fred, Tris, and Prim in heaven soon enough.

She's deep, philosophical, and very relatable.

I was going to vote for Hermione Granger, but I knew Hazel would be somewhere here, so I kept it.

14 Peeta Mellark (The Hunger Games)

Peeta is stronger than we think. He is grounded and confident in his character, even after the horrors of the games. He survives his abusive childhood, the games, and the Capitol's torture but never loses his kindness and loving attitude.

Peeta is amazing, and he doesn't need anybody to save him because he can save himself! He is my favorite character out of all the books I have ever read (which is a lot of books), so I don't understand why he is not number 1!

How are Hermione and Luna Lovegood above Peeta? He is the best character (besides Finnick Odair, but nobody is better than Finnick) and is way better than any Harry Potter characters.

15 Severus Snape (Harry Potter) Severus Snape is a fictional character in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. He is characterised as a person of great complexity, whose coldly sarcastic and controlled exterior conceals deep emotions and anguish.

I hated him so much at the beginning, but after he died, I cried for so long. He is maybe one of the most complex characters in the series, and he was so well-written!

Dark, mysterious, unique, and always keeping the reader guessing until the very end. Snape is a character you will hate the more you read about him, until, suddenly, there's nothing left to read, and you feel very different indeed.

I think he was the real hero. He loved Lily, so he spent his life protecting Harry.

16 Atticus Finch (To Kill a Mockingbird) Atticus Finch is a fictional character in author Harper Lee's Pulitzer Prize winning novel of 1960, To Kill a Mockingbird.

I was literally convinced that there was no such thing as a perfect character until I was introduced to this one. He's courageous, honest, humble, loving, kind, tolerant, and extremely influential. You would assume that a character with practically no flaws would be dull and uninteresting, but that is not the case.

Atticus Finch, trying to meet his goals, face his challenges, and encourage and educate his kids on powerful messages that we can apply in our world, are the things that make him such an amazing and fascinating character. While he does not always succeed, it's his desire and boldness to do what others are not willing to do that makes him so powerful. Read To Kill a Mockingbird and try to tell me a single thing wrong with Atticus. Just try.

17 Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter) Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore is a fictional character in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series.

While Dumbledore isn't a perfect person, he's a brilliantly accomplished wizard. He's so perceptive and attempts to do the right thing. He also has a sense of humour. Despite all his shortcomings and mistakes, he's a genius. Any number of adjectives will be less than enough for this magnificent "barmy old codger."

Although Dumbledore had his flaws, he was an overall selfless, wise, and brave leader. He is also, in my opinion, like the king of dad jokes. A lot of people hate Dumbledore, but he meant well. Kudos to Albus Dumbledore!

18 Aragorn (The Lord of the Rings) Aragorn II, the son of Arathorn II and Gilraen, is a fictional character from J. R. R. Tolkien's legendarium and is one of the main protagonists of The Lord of the Rings. He was a great ranger and warrior, and as Isildur's heir he bore the shards of Narsil, reforged and renamed Andúril, in the War... read more

This guy should be higher - and Legolas. Seriously, Legolas and Gimli aren't even on this list. That's why I voted for Aragorn because he's their friend and there was no one else. There needs to be more Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit characters on here.

A day may come when Aragorn arrives at 26th in a Top Tens List! But it is not this day! This day we VOTE! By all that you hold dear on this good earth, I bid you STAND, MEN OF THE WEST!

Aragorn needs to be higher. He's the heir of Isildur and the king of Gondor. He should be higher!

19 Sirius Black (Harry Potter)

He's kind, and I was very sad when he died. I hoped he and Harry would live forever, but unfortunately, the author didn't plan that. However, I do think that if that hadn't gone the way it did, the book wouldn't have been the same. I love Harry Potter and the movies.

Are you Sirius? This man is one of the most misunderstood characters in the whole series. For literally half of the series, he's claimed as a traitor, and we only get a sliver of him. Then, he gets killed.

Sirius is brave, willing to do anything for his godson, and is a great character all around. He is also very clever - he invented the Marauder's Map and learned to become an Animagus while he was still at Hogwarts!

20 Alice (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland) Alice is a fictional character and protagonist of Lewis Carroll's children's novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and its sequel, Through the Looking-Glass.
21 Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Holmes) Sherlock Holmes is a fictional private detective created by British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Referring to himself as a "consulting detective" in the stories, Holmes is known for his proficiency with observation, forensic science, and logical reasoning that borders on the fantastic, which he employs... read more

Sherlock is just amazing. He has quirks and flaws and a brilliant mind. He thinks he is better than everyone, and that's because he is! Sherlock for number one! By the way, does anyone think that Sherlock is slightly like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory?

The one character who has defined mannerisms. Nobody else comes even close. You say you want "layered" characters. How about a believable person that has their quirks? Not everyone needs to have had their family shot dead.

The top ten, as of this comment, consists entirely of characters from horrible, overblown messes that I would barely even call coherent. Clearly, nobody knows anything about great (or good, or even passable) literature.

22 Finnick Odair (The Hunger Games)

Finnick. There really aren't words that can describe how I felt when he died. I've read hundreds of books throughout my 13 years on this planet, and I rarely get attached to characters. But with Finnick, I think a lot of people just can't help but love him. Finnick is by far my favorite book character of all time.

He died for what is right. His sacrifice will be remembered by Hunger Games fans forever. He is noble, kind, and loyal. He loved Annie so much. He is one of my favorite characters.

I have never been so attached to a character. When Finnick died, I cried so hard. RIP Finnick.

23 Frank Zhang (The Heroes of Olympus)

Yes! I am so glad that Frank is on this list, even if he's not in the top 10. He really doesn't get enough credit.

Not my favorite of the seven, but he's vital (especially in the House of Hades.) And he's more useful than Piper. She's all about charmspeak and her now not-so-prophetic dagger.

24 James Bond (James Bond) Royal Navy Commander James Bond is a fictional character created by British journalist and novelist Ian Fleming in 1953. He is the protagonist of the James Bond series of novels, films, comics and video games.
25 Glory (Wings of Fire)

Glory is the third WOF character to appear, though she is the best. She took control when no one else would. She proved to others that she was worth something and persuaded others to do so. She took charge to save dragons that didn't care for her or anyone else really. She is also one sassy queen, becoming the Queen after she saved 2/7 of Pyrrhia.

Sure, I like her. She's a queen, she's brave, and I like how she risks her life to save them. I wouldn't say she's my favorite character, because Peril is my favorite. But I must admire her bravery and her friendship. Love Wings of Fire.

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