Best Car Insurance Companies

Knowing you have selected a good car insurance company is peace of mind you will want to have before you get in an accident, have your car stolen, or encounter any number of situations that involve you having to make a claim. You don't want to find out too late that your car insurance provider isn't up to par.

This list contains the top ten best auto insurance companies in the U.S. based on affordability, value of services, and responsiveness. Because, after all, what good is having a rock bottom rate if you don't get enough in return or can't get the help you need when you need it.
The Top Ten
1 Esurance

I was tired of my insurance payments going up and up and up, so thought it was time to start shopping for new insurance. I had tried over the Internet before but hadn't a clue what I was doing, so I just gave up. I had my previous insurance elsewhere and came to find out I was paying way, way too much. I am saving $750. 00 a year by switching to Esurance! I could not believe it! I immediately started the process of switching, and I am now a new Esurance customer and a very happy one! Today, I received my policy and cards via email just as promised and am glad I switched!

I had Allstate for over 20 years and it just kept going up. I would contact my agent to see if anything could be saved and they would adjust it slightly each year, but it was over $200 per month and I had a perfect driving record, and my vehicles were getting older and older. Finally I was fed up and got quotes from nearly a dozen insurers and Esurance beat them all, lowering my payments by more than HALF! Now I'm worried, though, since Allstate has now purchased Esurance. Will my rates start to go up and up again? Time will tell.

I've had Esurance for 6 years now when I first got them I was buying 3 year old car with a loan and they were by far the cheapest. I'm still with them today I shop around all the time and they are still at least 300 dollars cheaper. Allstate just bottom so I feel even better about it. Thank you Esurance. By the way I live in New Jersey in car insurance is very expensive here give them a call.

I love Esurance. Hands down the best insurance company that I have ever been to! You save a lot of money with high quality customer service available 24/7 and the website is extremely easy to navigate. I had to file a claim for a not at fault accident and they were extremely efficient taking care of it and so easy to talk to. Thanks Esurance!

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2 Liberty Mutual

They are the BEST out there! I have gone to different ones and had to come back to them because they are so honest, so friendly and so professional. They are not ripping you off with those 6 month policies and with a bunch of other fees. Do your research... Call around and you will be shocked at how many of those other companies are charging for their premiums (double what Liberty Mutual charges) and then once they get you the first year with somewhat low rates, they hike them back up the second year! Do your research and you will realize that Liberty Mutual is the best all around!

Better coverage than the general by far. My bill with the general was $180 a month for three cars with two drivers one full coverage and the others liability only. Then I told them to take my Mercedes off my policy cause I sold it. One year later, I get my new id cards and the Mercedes is still on it. I was charged for a year on a car. I didn't own and the general didn't want to help at all, they said I had to go to DMV and get a copy or statement saying I no longer had the car. So I said called Liberty and now my bill is $120 full coverage on one car basic for the other with uninsured motorists and we got renters insurance also. So maybe the general did me a favor ripping me off for a year and made me get a real insurance company. Thank you Liberty Mutual.

I've been insured with Liberty Mutual for several years now. I do not have one complaint. I have been involved in two accidents, both in which I was rear-ended, and did not have any issues. Every time I have called, all representatives have been extremely professional and friendly. The other insurance companies that I had to deal with due to being involved in the car accidents have been so unorganized, rude, and unprofessional. I am a very satisfied customer. Liberty Mutual is hands down the BEST!

I just switched to Liberty Mutual today. They were great and saved me $375 a year on insurance for 2 vehicles, no restrictions for horse trailers or utility trailers. If you own a truck and need to haul a utility trailer or horse trailer DO NOT get Ameriprise. They will drop you for using a truck for these purposes (limited to 2 horse trailer and utility trailer not to exceed 15 feet).

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3 State Farm

I've had State Farm my whole life and they have always done right by me. On April 10, 2009 my home was destroyed by a tornado. Amidst all the turmoil, the traffic, and the inability to call anyone... I was finally able to reach my agent around midnight to report my claim. The next morning I went to the location of my destroyed home around 8 am to find my agent was already there with a check in hand to keep me on my feet. My agent and claims team found me a town home to stay in, fully furnished it with supplies and furniture, and allowed me to stay there until the construction on my new home was complete. All the while, tending to my every need and resolving any complications or worries I had very quickly.

I recently inherited my grandfather's Jeep, and he had done a fair bit of minor damage to the side. Nothing serious, just simple scratches and what-not. After I got the car from him, we wanted to get those scratches fixed up so I wasn't driving a visibly used car. I called the claims adjuster from State Farm, and he arrived right at the time they said he would. While surveying the damages, he asked about a few scratches that were even smaller than the ones we wanted to get fixed up. I was honest and said that he had used a row of bushes at his house to guide his car into the garage, and he was extremely pleasant and appreciative of my honesty. We wound up getting an insurance check worth more than the body shop's repair estimate!

I've had my car insured with State Farm since I first started driving. I've been in several accidents that weren't my fault, and I have had great service. State Farm offers so many products and services that others are not aware of. It's truly a one-stop shop if you're looking to have a successful financial future. I have my policies in Tracey Rivera's office, and she's been great! I am a military spouse and her office caters to military families. I recommend State Farm over any company out there. They are financially sound, and one of the ONLY companies who hasn't taken on someone in financial trouble.

After I got "forgotten" by Progressive and then they tried to hike their rates by almost 20% in one year even though I had no claims, I got a quote from a State Farm agent whose quote was much lower than Progressive's and Geico's and for more coverage. Plus he can handle my business, car, truck, and renter's insurance with a discount for having a package. Have had great service and like that I can call and speak to a real person 24/7.
You owe it to yourself to at least get a quote from them.

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4 Progressive

I used to have Farmers insurance until I got in an accident. Even though I had a local insurance agent, because I had to file my claim after hours, I had to contact a generic claims call center. Then, since I initiated the claim using the 1-800 number, I had to complete the rest of the process that way. At that point I was asking myself why I was paying a premium to have a local agent when he was doing nothing to help me. After the whole experience, I decided to shop around and ended up choosing Progressive. They had much better prices and since it no longer mattered to me to have a local agent, I signed up. I've had nothing but a positive experience with Progressive so far.

Cheapest rate anywhere I could find. If you have a 96' or newer vehicle you can get the snapshot discount. I drive a 95' so don't qualify but the rates are still low. Motorcycle policy is great b/c most insurers don't offer roadside assistance for cycles but Progressive does. They only go back 3 years on driving history instead of 5 like most other provider. Progressive is at the top if we like to admit it or not. Most insurance companies drop you in a claim that is just part of doing business for profit.

I shopped around for the best price for the coverage I wanted and Progressive undercut the others by around $1200. Every 6 months my monthly premium goes down. After the first six months we added another car, and the premium only went up by $6 because the policy dropped by such a significant amount. They've been good at getting my documents to me quickly, and having 24 hour customer service - which I'm coming to appreciate more and more with the odd hours I'm awake and work.

It is quite obvious different people have a vast number of different opinions when it comes to car insurance. Most companies will have both positive and negative reviews. I have had car insurance for sixty years. Every couple of years I shop all the majors. Consistently Progressive followed by Farmers have always been the lowest. As for claim service, frankly I don't know. I haven't had to file a claim in over thirty years.

5 Allstate

Had GEICO in the military, switched to Allstate, for car & house. A "Common Sense" company. They stood behind us for over 2 years of a lawsuit, because of our good record! Some kids plowed into us with his junk heap, No insurance, No State license, & they were suing for so much, as our agent said: to set themselves up for a "life of Riley"! Great folks who work for them too & now we get rebates, 2x a year, for our good driving record!

One never really knows how good his or her insurance provider is until disaster strikes. I was broadsided by an SUV that ran a red light. The other driver did not have insurance, and both my wife and I went to the hospital. Allstate's response was compassionate and swift. A few days later all bills were paid. My rates did go up, but the rate hike was well worth the peace of mind I felt. I am sticking with Allstate.

I received a quote within minutes online and it was much lower than Geico, Progressive, State Farm, Nationwide and Safeco auto insurance companies. With the promise to keep me insured with their "no insurance hike up when getting into an accident", I will definitely continue to be an Allstate customer. I believe that I am in better hands than all the rest.

My wife and I have all of our insurance through Allstate and our rates are awesome. We are about as insured as a person can be these days (full auto on two cars, home, earthquake, PUP) but we are paying less than some of our friends who just have auto insurance. Our insurance agent was fantastic in getting us a killer deal.

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I had state farm before, I bought a new car and sold the old, state farm was charging me 120$ a month for full coverage and that doesn't include broken windshield. I didn't think of getting a new insurance company had it not been for my state farm agent who kept on ignoring me. I kept on calling him but someone else is answering the phone, he takes my message and tells me my agent would call me back. He never did. I happen to drive by a geico office and decided to inquire. For the same full coverage I had with state farm plus the windshield insurance, they're charging me 90$/mo. That's 360$ savings a year! Plus they gave me some freebies like pens, tumbler and stuff like that. Went to AAA and they said they wont insure me cause my US license is less than 18 months old. They wouldn't Honor my professional drivers license from another country even if I'm 30 yo. Geico on the other hand gave me more discount because of that license and another discount for being a Registered nurse.

I love GEICO, they have EXCELLENT customer service! They are always great, they're always so personal, they are always there to help all day and night and weekends and you don't have to worry about someone being on vacation or sick because there's always more and great agents there to help. Plus they work with other outside companies and you can get discounts other places just for being with them. I just wanted to say I think GEICO is worth calling and getting a quote if you don't already have a policy.

I'm a 19 year old driver with a 2005 Ford Mustang and I have been looking for quotes. The lowest I've found was for about 220.00 a month with American access (liability), I never thought about going for Geico since I thought it would be expensive, got a quote for the heck of it it was 191.00 a month for full coverage (road side assistance, theft, rental car etc)! I was shocked picked up the phone thinking I made an error on my quote and 10 min later I had a policy that easy no hassle at all, the representative was very knowledgeable and helpful as well very pleased with Geico I love that little lizard.

I absolutely LOVE GEICO. I had State Farm, HATED them, as well as their ridiculous rates, and then switched to GEICO. I don't think I have ever been so satisfied with an insurance company in my life. I have a 100/200 policy and plan on switching to a 300/300 policy for my Camry, and the rates are amazing. GEICO renews the little guy's faith in businesses, as it treats customers with the utmost respect and dignity. Every time I call the reps are extremely thoughtful, caring and genuine. They have NEVER given me any hassle or issue, and I genuinely love GEICO. Highly recommended!


They are ALWAYS there! When I lost control of my new pick up (11 months old) on slick streets, and totaled it in 2007, I was all alone. No one for miles in any direction. I called USAA to let them know what had happened. I was scared and alone, and the representative stayed on the phone with me until someone got to me. I was physically unhurt, but scared. She eased my fear and talked me through everything I needed to do. Gave me sound advice as to where to take the truck. Everything was handled smoothly and quickly. Settlement was swift. I was in a rental car in a matter of a few hours and in new car in a matter of days. We have been with USAA since 1976. We have had three burglary claims with them over the years and every one handled well and payment was swift. They are an honorable company who put their customers FIRST. They are fast, efficient and thorough. I highly recommend USAA to anyone who wants to be treated well!

I've had USAA auto insurance for over 30 years. Fortunately I have not had to use the coverage frequently but when I have, it has been excellent. In 2014 I was run off of the road by an 18 wheeler in a remote area. Fortunately I did have a cell phone signal and was able to contact USAA. They dispatched a tow truck and the representative stayed on the line with me until it arrived. I was not physically injured just a bit upset due to the fact that the 18 wheeler driver did not stop nor did 2 more that were following behind. Within 2 1/2 hours, my vehicle was at a repair shop where the USAA appraiser would be inspecting it for damage and I was in a rental and back on the road. I have always had prompt and courteous service from USAA. They also have some of the best coverage rates available.

USAA is just the best for taking care of their customers and making a stressful situation virtually stress free.

I have had USAA since 1975. I qualified based on my father's status as a US Army Officer. In 1978, I became qualified on my own when I received a direct commission as an officer.

USAA used to be for Officers and their families only. Not long ago they opened up membership to non-commissioned officers, then to all active military. Recently they even opened up membership to include honorably discharged veterans as well.

Without a doubt the absolute best insurance company in the world. This is a not-for-profit company owned by members and run by well trained professionals. Don't see how any company can beat them on cost, service or range of coverage (cars, home, boat, personal property, individual liability, +). I've been with them for 49 years now, had numerous claims that were all settled to my advantage. Now I get huge rebates each year because I've been with them for so long. I've made comparisons with other company costs over the years and USAA always comes up 20-30 percent lower. I have friends who would love to be able to insure with them but don't meet the military or former military requirement. They cry in their beer when I explain my benefits.

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8 Nationwide Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and affiliated companies is a group of large U.S. insurance and financial services companies based in Columbus, OH. In 2015, they released a very controversial ad featuring a boy who died by drowning in a bathtub.

I just switched from State Farm to Nationwide and State Farm was reasonable, though I wasn't necessarily happy with the coverage. It was only $79 a month for full coverage, but they didn't have accident forgiveness, if I got into an accident, I would have to pay 20% of the rental fee for a car, and the lowest deductible for collision they will go is $250. I switched to Nationwide a week ago and the quote was for $70 a month, (every little bit counts) but the big difference is the coverage. I got accident forgiveness included, also they pay 100% of car rental fee, and I only have $100 deductible for collision. However they do have $0 deductible but 100 I can do. This is for a 2011 Ford Focus which Focuses are generally cheap to insure.

I have been with Progressive for over two years, but I keep getting bills with extra charges and if I don't pay they will cancel my coverage. I went on line and checked several other companies, but NO success. When I contacted Nationwide, I ran into a problem doing the on line quote, so I called and talked with an agent. He was extremely helpful, got me three times the coverage, road side service, towing and all at a much lower rate! I'm very thankful with the kindness and the outstanding service, that this man and company showed me and how he made me feel, like my business was important to him and his company. I believe that I'm going to be a very satisfied customer and long time client as well!

I was 19 years old when I got my first car and my driving license.

Before buying my car, I talked to many agents from different car insurance company and progressive was the cheapest one, $1500 dollars for the first year, driving a 2002 Camry with 101k miles on it. Let's say it was a fair price for not having experience before.

When I had to renew my contract, Progressive wanted me to give them $100 more per year, without having any accident or tickets.

I did my car insurance shopping again and Nationwide was giving me the same coverage for my car, better medical payment for a cheaper price.

Now I am paying only $1,100 dollars per year. Nationwide saved $400-$500 a year. The only issue I had with Nationwide is that no-one in my house can drive my car, if they do so, Nationwide won't pay if they have an accident.

If I drive their car and have an accident, Nationwide won't cover me cause their car wasn't include in my policy.

I LOVE nationwide! I previously had State farm under my parents, and switched onto my own when quoted. I received a call the next week telling me it would be 90 more a month! I called EVERYWHERE and the cheapest I could find was 4000/6 months, until I called nationwide. (I am only 18 with a new car and high coverage. ) My new agent is VERY nice and informative and I am only paying 1200/6months. One week after switching, someone totaled my car, and Nationwide was right there, helping me through everything. I would NEVER switch! Go Nationwide!

9 AAA The American Automobile Association is a federation of motor clubs throughout North America. AAA is a privately held national member association, and service business with over 58 million members in the United States and Canada. AAA provides services to its members, including roadside assistance and others.

Their Car Insurance (4 vehicles) beat everybody else -- Liberty Mutual, State Farm, All State, Geico, Travellers, Progressive, Nationwide, & Farmers -- by at least $600. Their Home Insurance beat the same group of competitors by at least $200, but with far superior coverage. So I switched last year. This year, there is an overall 9% increase in my premiums (mostly on the Home), but they still remain very, very competitive. I am shopping around (make it a habit every year), but don't expect a better deal. I haven't had any occasion to deal with claims, but my agent has been very courteous and responsive thus far in relation to providing quotes and clarifying questions. Comments from others in this forum suggest that they are just as professional when it comes time to processing claims. I am a bit surprised that they rank 8th in this list... those with other companies must give them a try.

I just finished up a auto claim with AAA. I had used AAA for my first car years ago, but switched to geico and then state farm since I had to be insured on a college student budget.

Post grad I moved back to AAA when I was making higher income. The past weekend was the first time I've had to actually invoke my car insurance coverage due to a hit on run on my car while parked.

The response time, courteousness and professionalism shown by the AAA agent was amazing.

I intend to stay with AAA for many, many years to come. Thumbs up.

I have had AAA Car Insurance for about 5 years. I have been very impressed with this company. They help their clients. If it is a few dollars more, so what? I can rely on insurance I can trust! Their Road Side Service is impeccable! They are there! No Wait! Why would I want to give up outstanding service such as this to save a few bucks? AAA has been my Car Insurance long enough to know THEY ARE THE BEST!

I just saved about $400 dollars a year by switching to AAA from State Farm. The coverage for my cars is the same and the coverage for my home is much better (and cheaper) than before. I have a credit card through AAA, roadside assistance through AAA and finally, my insurance through AAA. I could not be happier. On all fronts, AAA has the best customer service I've ever encountered.

10 Farmers Insurance

My agent really took the time to explain or I should say educate me on my policy how to read what each part meant and scenerios of how I was covered if something happened. I ended up paying a little more in premium but the protection I have for myself and my family makes me feel like I'm a celeb. My agent values protecting my family, I also like the fact he calls my house just to see how we are doing. If you live in the Kansas City area, Farmers agent Troy Bower would be a real blessing to your home.

If you're truly a good driver than the others listed above are like hood rat monthly payment companies. Farmers insurance is for folks who know insurance. If some meth head driving a stolen dodge caravan with rust on its sides trying to get away from a cop doing 100 mph runs into your family, Farmers will be there with 4 helper monkeys a fire extinguisher and a blank check to cover everything.

I work in the collision repair business. I get the best service from Farmers. There claims reps and adjuster are fantastic. I even went as far as changing my insurance from another carrier to Farmers! They are far superior in my opinion!

I have been with liberty mutual for years. I think the person who wrote the rave revue must be a highup employee. What do you mean no 6 month policys? My umbrella policy was a 6 monther. ? Then liberty mutual flipped all my accounts to safeco. Their go forward company. According to the phone rep. What I wasnt told was, that every one of my auto, homeowners, umbrella, business liability policies also went forward--- with large premium increases. upon inquiry I was told--its just industry standards. take a hike jack. In other words---we don't buy them we just sell them hows your wife and kids. I called a farmers rep--cold Turkey--gave him all my policy details and guess what? He saved me almost 7 % of an 8,000 dollar yearly premium. As for rate increases--who guarantees rates--year to year--
In the insurance business? Oh --p.S. liberty muyual has raised my rates for the last 9 years--year after year--with no claims being submitted by me. Remember"its just industry standards"

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11 21st Century Insurance

When I talked to the employees at 21st Century Insurance, they don't talk at me, they talk to me just like they would any other person. They look past the bottom line dollar signs and see me as an individual; a lot of insurance companies today can't seem to deliver that. I think it's obnoxious when a company becomes so big that they don't treat the customers as people anymore or when companies become so large that the employees become impersonal and arrogant. So far, I've not encountered this with 21st Century Insurance and that, my friends, leaves me a satisfied customer!

I love 21st Century, I am elated that I made the switch from Farmers. Farmers use to make mistakes on my policy and I had to pay for it by them over charging me, so enough said about them. 21st Century keep up the good work your customer service skills are on point as well as the compassion you show your policy holders.

I would recommend this company and the savings are awesome. A satisfy customer

The specialist that spoke with me helped me understand what no other insurance company ever did. Wow! I thought the lowest was ok, but now I know. I'm glad I called. They took the time to explain and make suggestions. I was only saving $10, but it was worth the switch from another company on the top 10 list.

I tried several other companies, and could not find anyone cheaper. The coverage is what I wanted, too. I had GEICO before for a few years, but, they were several hundred dollars higher. No-one else could or would compete. I am very happy with this company.

12 MetLife

I love metlife! My brother was driving my car and wrecked it. They were so responsive and proactive. They encouraged him to see a doctor right away, paid all the medical bills promptly, and paid a decent price for my totaled car. They routinely checked up on my brother to make sure he was getting all of the attention he needed. I couldn't believe these guys! THEN my brother hit a building with my truck and did some damage to the building. They again dealt with it promptly and settled with the property owner. They were so available and easy to talk with. They were so nice to me and after these two incidents, they did not raise my rates or anything. Truly, I will never use any other company! I have absolutely nothing negative to say about them.

Got home and auto several years ago. Lost house and vehicles due to a fire. They were awesome to deal with once the cause of the fire had been determined. Two million dollar claim was handled very professionally and with compassion. I went with Metlife because of the price. They were the cheapest when I had teen age drivers in the family. I will stay with them because of the way they treated me after the fire. You never know how good your insurance company is until you have a major claim.

I name is Mike and I have been with MetLife Auto for quite a few years now. Have had most of the these well known Companies and, MetLife has always had better coverage, much better price at $950.00 + and that's not for only six months but, the whole year!

Very competitive rates. And very easy claim process.

13 Amica

Switching to Amica from State Farm because I reviewed my State Farm policy and found that they are no longer paying to return my vehicle to "pre-loss" condition, and instead they are only paying for what is competative in the market area. I have been with State Farm for over 12 years, and recently read my policy booklet, and found this out. Based on the way State Farm's auto policies read I am very unhappy. State Farm gets to dictate what is competative in the market area, and because the majority of the shops in my area are not good shops, State Farm will not pay to have my vehicle repaired properly because it isn't competative in the market area as my policy reads. This also means that if I hit someone and they take their vehicle to a quality shop and State Farm does not pay for the cost to repair the other party's vehicle properly, then I can be sued by the person I hit. I expect more from my insurance, and I hope others do to. After contacting Amica I have found their ...more

Great Customer Service. I have had them for over 50 years and they have never failed to pay a claim rapidly and pay additional if an additional problem is found after the quote from the appraiser. I recommend them to everyone who I have the opportunity to.

Lowest rates and absolutely fabulous customer service! I switched from Geico, and saved over $600 per year for 2 cars, plus another discount for my home insurance which I switched from Travelers and saved another $500.

The best auto insurance agency in my opinion. Was with Liberty Mutual but got a rate that was half of what I was paying to Liberty. And service and the Reps are amazing!

14 Travelers

I've had travelers for over thirty years. My insurance agent a few years ago left a message on my answering machine that I should give her a call and I might be able to save money on my insurance. And my insurance went down by over 1/3 of the cost. This year I had my all my policies starting the same date - my auto insurance is now for a year instead of two six month terms and I saved money on the year policy!

I have never had a problem with any claim.

I compared other online and "brick" insurance companies against Travelers and they were the best compared with the coverages we previously had. I even called AARP-The Hartford and told them I found better priced coverage and could they do better. They told me no so we switched. I even get my Jeep covered. Our combined home and (2) cars for 2013-2014 was $1419 for the YEAR. We had a glass claim and it was handled quickly and efficiently. Try Them.

The Best period, you get an actual local agent and not somebody at a call center in another state like GEICO and Esurance. Plus because they use independant agents you know you're getting the best company for you. My previous State Farm agent always told me State Farm was the best... of course he did it's all he could offer me. After I paid high premiums for 11 years with State Farm I'll be a Travelers customer for life.

Don't know how this company gets a rating of 13. My coverages all DOUBLED with travelers and I am saving 35.00 a month compared to having have the coverage with Geico. Plus, I had been with Geico four years.. never saw a decrease and I was perfect.. no accidents.. no tickets...

15 Ameriprise

TRUCK OWNERS BEWARE! I had Ameriprise for almost 20 years until today. They DOUBLED my rates to $750/6 months when I moved, then required I complete a new application as though I was a new customer. Then, because I made a mistake on the form (I'm old, I make mistakes sometimes), they insisted I provide them titles to the vehicles, one I don't have because it's financed, the other I sent them years ago. So they said to send the registrations, which I did. Next day I get an email saying I have to send the titles again. I called and told them I felt I was being harassed. They said fine, the registrations would work. But, that we needed to discuss the issue of me using my truck to pull a horse trailer. I said I wasn't using my truck to pull a horse trailer, I had only called to inquire whether or not they "insure" horse trailers. What then followed was a debate of almost 15 minutes with them repeatedly saying my policy needs to be reviewed and every time I asked for what, they said for ...more

Very good auto insurance rates. Have them through CostCo. The reps that I generally talk to are relatively pleasant and helpful.

Saves us money with outstanding customer service. Have been insured with Ameriprise for over 15 years.

Great rates on higher coverage (100/300) per incident. Very nice customer service.

16 The General

For a great low rate you can get online, go to The General and save some time!

Way better than state farm who can go felch themselves. Also meet richie.

Very very good company

17 The Hartford

The company barely advertises, that wastes resources, and is the lowest I've found. I shift coverage between vehicles as I need them. I have them for my home and the bundling reduces rates lower. Knowing there are so many customers using other companies with higher rates is proof enough Americans aren't that smart about spending money.

The Hartford through AARP has had the cheapest rates we have found for both our auto and homeowners insurance. We had American Family prior and The Hartford saved us tons. They respond and send out the adjusters within a couple days of calling them. They also will not drop you if you get a ticket, we haven't had any tickets or accidents in over 25 years, tickets over 30 years. We have filed claims when our home was damaged due to a water leak in the wall and they replaced the drywall, we had to have our plumber friend weld the pipe that was leaking, but they took down the shelfs, replaced the damaged carpet with tile which we paid a little more for but it was worth it, and they painted two rooms due to the drywall damage. Everything was put back in its place like it was prior to the damage unlike my mother who had a water leak in her brick wall where they had to reroute the plumbing through the backyard. State Farm sent out to my mother's house a crew that broke through her brick and ...more

Saved me $370.00 on a three car policy and have nad no problems with the two claims I had within the last three years. Easy to work with on the phone or on line, you can choose your own repair shop and they will back you if the repairs are not correct. Had State Farm before and they did not have a firm handle on my account. I was recieving notification of changes constantly, $11.00 here and $14.00 there. When I would call to inquire, If I could get through they were never sure or justify why the small changes. They took all my pocket change, will not go back, I found a new home after years at SF.

I was with AAA for the longest time in my life, promised to lower my premium, but when it was time to put out they said that's our best price for 2 cars and my home around 2k. I called AARP ( Hartford insurance) and they gave me a price of $1,200 LOTS of savings for the same coverage. Then I had one car left and wanted a price from AAA $3,200 just for 1 car and Hartford $740. Are these insurance for real! Apparently only Hartford is not greedy FOR THE SAME COVERAGE. When I had an accident about 5 months ago (not my fault) State Farm had a max coverage of 25K in Vegas ( you guys watch out for this) was told to get the initial sum from Hartford -NO PROBLEM very nice and followed up all my problems. My advice all you 50 year olds try and contact Hartford and ask, you have nothing to lose.

18 Insurance Panda

If you are looking for a pretty cheap car insurance option in the city, Insurance Panda is a good bet. I got quotes from them last week for my 2011 Ford Focus. The rates are very affordable ($30~ a month?! )... almost unbelievably affordable. Right?!

I would definitely check them out if you are looking for a budget auto insurance policy. I can't vouch for the reliability or quality of the policies because I haven't been in an accident yet (KNOCK ON WOOD), but when it comes to price, this place is top notch.

I found 25/month rates (thru Insurance Panda) and always looking for cheaper.

Got quotes from lots of different people. Kind of annoying agents, but really good prices

Really good insurance prices. I love panda

19 Mercury

Mercury gave me a lower auto insurance quote than any of the others that I have checked that are ranked higher on this list.

Well, I had been with Mercury for the last 8 years and I am satisfied with their low rates.

20 Safeco

I have been with Safeco for over 20 years. I have totaled three cars with over $40k in claims there. I have been impressed with their fast claims service and the fact that they never raised my rates after a claim. I have shopped rates in the past an Safeco could not be beat. Safeco has always been there when I needed them.

My daughter has piled up her car on numerous occasions and Safeco always paid the bill! She has never had an increase in premium for over 10 years. I think Safeco is one of the hidden gems of car insurance companies!

I was with safeco for years and had zero problems. I was impressed with their roadside assistance who came to help me get my keys out of my car when we locked them in at a driver in movie theater ha!

Same benefits as Liberty Mutual. Best in claims, best in customer satisfaction.

21 American Family

Best Insurance Company I've ever had. They may not be the cheapest but if you rate your insurance companies on price I hope you never have a claim. You will be shaken to the core to see what the cheap guys do when you have a claim. With American Family we called Russ our agent and his staff helps us through the whole process. When we talked to the claim adjuster he was very informative and worked with us. Our car was totaled. It was an older car but it was my daughter's grandmother's car and had less the 10000 miles on the 7 year old car. The adjuster came back with an amount I felt was low. He showed me how he came up with the value. I told him the car was truly worth more then the average excellent condition 1993. He talked to our mechanic and the the body shop guys to get their input to the condition of the car. He increased the offer by 33%. He had to get approval from the company to do this. He and my agent went to bat for us and we were paid what I considered a fair price for ...more

I love this company. The most important thing to me is knowing that if I do have a claim the insurance company is going to step up to the plate and I have never been disappointed by American family. What great customer service. My agent even calls me to wish me happy birthday and I love knowing my agent. Top notch company the way

I saved $3,500 per year on 7 vehicles and 2 motorcycles by switching from Liberty Mutual to American Family. Plus, on our one and only claim in three years, we only received 75% of the car's value from Liberty Mutual... Unlike their commercial says.

The best claims experience that any company has provided me. Brad Bodden In Madison Wisconsin has taken care of all my needs and has made sure that my assets are protected for years to come. The best all around service in the industry hands down!

22 Farm Bureau Insurance

Farm Bureau has paid every claim we have had fairly and quickly. I hydroplaned after a tire blew out and my Honda flew over an deep embankment and landed upright but the damage was significant. Again, I was easing out of a parking place at a restaurant when a large pickup blew through the lot and couldn't stop. My car was a total loss and Farm Bureau gave me what seemed to be more than they needed to based on my research of my car's worth. A third time, I bumped someone at a right turn stop sign and they took care of the dent on the other car, no questions asked. If I were them, I would refer me to another company, but they continue to offer great service at an very fair price and have just insured our new condo at an excellent rate..

Absolutely love Farm Bureau Ins. We have our house and 3 vehicles bundled with them for over 35 years! Great company to deal with and great prices too!

Paid every claim we had with no problems. We were involved in agriculture and had several accidents. One involved one of our trucks hitting a gasoline carrier. Brakes on our truck went out on a crossroad and tore open the gas truck. Closed main highway for about 3 hours. Farm Bureau took care or it all.

We were rear ended by a driver with Farm Bureau insurance. My wife and I both had injuries, and Farm Bureau were compassionate and efficient in quickly making sure that we had sufficient money to pay our medical expenses.

23 Erie Insurance

Working with insurance adjusters on a daily basis, I couldn't imagine carrying insurance through any other company. I find Erie to be the most likely to settle claims, which makes me feel extremely well-covered when I'm on the road. I know that if something happens, and the other person doesn't have insurance, my company will take care of me without pushing back or thinking of dropping me. I love ERIE!

I have had ERIE for auto and home owners for 35+ years. Having done comparisons from time to time, I have not been able to get better rates and coverage for my dollar spent. Their claims service, to me, is outstanding. They are truly "Above All in Service" The only draw back is that they are somewhat regional.

Left Nationwide after 33 years for Erie. 3 Cars and 2 House policies and saved over 30%. Now that's a big savings that no one could match for the same coverage. Nothing wrong with Nationwide, just kept increasing the price with no claims. After a lot of checking, Erie was the best choice to be found.

We have been with Erie for 20+ years now. It's nice to see that they don't have the huge marketing budget that some other companies have. Because of that my rates are low and have had a few comp claims with no issues at all. Just remember those funny commercials are paid for by you!

24 Infinity Insurance

Sucks to be the guy you hit but it's cheap.

25 Auto-Owners Insurance

Had them for years, home, auto, and a policy on skydiving gear; haven't ever needed to make a claim on anything, but did have the windshield on my car replaced. No problem. I love that the rates are lower because instead of marketing and advertising, they put their money back into the business.

I've dealt with them on two homeowner claims (for my grandmother) and three auto claims (a $68k uninsured motorist claim and a broken windshield claim on my cars and my mom's car after she hit a deer). These claims have spanned the last nine years and each one was handled with a high level of professionalism, but also with decency, kindness and compassion. They are truly an honest company that pays the claims they owe quickly and fairly. When I was injured by the uninsured motorist in 2010, the first thing my attorney said when he saw that I had A-O was "you have nothing to worry about, they will take care of you."

Very prompt in handling and paying the only claim I have had with them which was roof replacement on my home. I have never had to make a claim on my auto insurance with them, but presume they would handle it in the same satisfactory way. I like their discount for paying annual premiums in full. I also like the fact that they do not spend exorbitant amounts of money for misleading T.V. commercials as many other companies do.

I've had nothing but great experience with Auto-Owners. They are not as widely known, or they would be much higher on the list.

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