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1 Harry Potter Harry Potter Product Image

I can already see why people love this series so much! Harry Potter really caught my attention as I read the first, what? Five, maybe two pages? J.K. Rowling must have worked incredibly hard on this series, with the creativity and how the story is organized. If I could choose only one book series to read, Harry Potter would obviously be my pick. This series completes me, and will always intrigue me no matter what part or book I'm on. The series is indeed an addiction. If you like this, I recommend you also read other fantasy books such as Percy Jackson or perhaps The Hunger Games. Still, Harry Potter beats every other series I read, which is why I immediately hit that vote button before I found any other.

Although I like some series more, I can say with certainty that this series is going to be a classic of literature like the Tale of two cities or The little prince.

I love Harry Potter, it's really nostalgic. It also surprises me that the movie adaptations were actually pretty good. Harry Potter is real special in the fact that both the books and movies are good. However, now that I'm older, I don't necessarily agree with it being #1. I've since then found other book series that outclass Harry Potter in almost every aspect such as world building, intricate writing, and action. I recommend other fantasy series such as A Song Of Fire And Ice and Wheel Of Time. I'd like to emphasize that Wheel Of Time is CRIMINALLY UNDERRATED, Robert Jordan really outdid himself. Anyways, I liked Harry Potter, I liked it enough to vote for it. But in my opinion, I believe Harry Potter doesn't stack up to other book series I previously mentioned.

I love reading, and so therefore I have read many, many books of diverse genres. Harry Potter beats all. Amazing character development, plot line, and structure. It is also very relatable. J.K Rowling combines fantasy, magic, and war with the school life and growing up of Harry Potter and his fellow students. The depth of personality is awesome, as well.
Respecting other people's opinion is always good, of course, but honestly, the fact that Diary of A Wimpy Kid is on this list is a disgrace. My thoughts are that it follows a selfish, greedy and brattish character. No plot, no depth, just a kid complaining about life. It offers no morals whatsoever. Of course, this is only my opinion on Diary of A Wimpy Kid. Oh, and this is coming from a reader under sixteen.
And if your interested about my second and third favorite? Wings of Fire and Warriors! I really recommend them. Eragon series is good, as well.
I hope to be a writer, and I am already working on some books. I have been ...more

2 Percy Jackson and the Olympians Percy Jackson and the Olympians Product Image

The one and only name on this list that Explores the weakness of the characters... Children like me who had ADHD got motivation to live... Using comedy.. It also silently taps on problems and lessons for life. Definitely deserves #1 Spot... Harry Potter is not bad but but unlike Percy Jackson it had lots of lows..not every book was good. Percy Jackson outplays Harry Potter on most aspects... But what really makes the difference is the final book of both the series.. Percy Jackson was exceptional and really felt like a battle.. Whereas last book of Harry Potter really didn't justified the Epic battle of Hogwarts should have been...

Uncle Rick blended in the perfect elements in this series and it was incredibly good. Now, I'm not saying Harry Potter is trash but I don't like Harry's personality altogether nor the slight blandness. However, Percy is an incredible main character. He's relatable, funny, selfless, and courageous. The other characters are incredible, too.The plot twists were great, the comedy was great, and the action was great as well. All in all, I believe it deserves the number 1 spot.

I have no words to describe how much this series has touched me, and the the other Rick Riordan books. Every word that Rick Riordan writes makes you more compelled to keep reading, and he mixes adventure, pain, humor, and real life lessons into his books. By the end of the series, or even each book, you are so connected to the characters that you would give your life for them if they were real. You feel like you are there, in every second of the books. You live and die with these characters. Laugh and cry with them. If you truly read this series, it becomes basically part of you. Another thing I love about Rick Riordan's books is that he has so much diversity in his characters, and everyone gets representation in his books. I never thought I could love a book series so much before I read his books. I keep re-reading and re-reading them because I don't want to let them go. I've never felt this way about any other book series before, and therefore, Rick Riordan is the best author ever.

This series is the best one EVER. I felt a personal connection to each and every one of the characters. All of Rick Riordan's series are funny, can be sad, but they're really just perfect. They are suspenseful and keep you on your toes. I started to read The Lightning Thief and stopped. Someone told me I needed to get past the beginning and then it would be good. So I tried it again and it has become my absolute favorite ever, besides all of Riordan's other series. He is the best author and creates the best books. I really love the characters in this series, but I have also fell in love with the Heroes of Olympus series. The Kane Chronicals, Trials of Apollo, and Magnus Chase books are all really great I just don't enjoy them as much because they aren't mainly about his original characters like Percy, Annabeth, Piper, Jason, Hazel, Leo, Grover, Coach Hedge, Nico, Reyna, Frank, and all the rest of them.

3 The Hunger Games The Hunger Games Product Image

Why is The Hunger Games not higher on the list? Sure I love lots of other book series like Warriors and Shadow and Bone, but this is one of my favorites. The first books just got my attention and I knew I had to finish the series. The 2nd book was not my favorite since it was slow-paced and there was not a lot of action except for when the next hunger game started. The 3rd also not so much, but the first, absolutely amazing! The way Suzanne Collins gets us into the book, its incredible. Also it shows girls can be strong to, and Katniss is the perfect character for that. I would rate this 9.5/10 just because some of the parts are just a little slow paced and boring. I think this deserves the first or second spot. Sure, Harry Potter and Percy Jackson are both very good and I read both of them, but they are just not as good as the hunger games. I actually started reading it when I was 9 and before I knew it, I was done. Well done Suzanne Collins!

I would've put it higher had it not been for the fact that I found the last book to not be the best. I mean Katniss spends most of the book in mental hysteria or in the hospital, plus almost all the good characters die. But 1 and 2? Wow. Amazing. Especially 1. Definitely the most exciting book I have ever read!

I really love this series! Oh my gosh! I love how Suzanne Collins writes. It is a great story line. I mean where does she come up with this stuff? I mean it has all my favorite genres of books like action, romance and it is all around great with all the intense stuff. I love how much detail is in the book. It is basically my favorite series to read. It is so interesting. Love all the characters in the book too. The only thing I don't really like about the book is that pretty much all of the amazing characters die! (and that romance with Gale and Peeta both liking Katniss). But overall, it was the best series I've ever read! Great job, Suzanne Collins! I rate this 10/10!

This book is amazing! Why isn't it higher?! It should be, like, number two, after Harry Potter, because that is a really good series too, but this is just as good.

The Hunger Games is about fighting to the death, action, survival, romance (well who cares about KISSY KISSY) and some pretty amazing gore! And it's intense! I mean, I couldn't put it down. Literally. It was math and I was secretly reading it. But the the teacher found out.

It really hit the fan then. But that's the whole point! It was that good. That I was risking reading this in class. 10/10. Bravo!

I really recommend this book to people that like reading intense books.

4 Lord of the Rings Lord of the Rings Product Image

This book series is so good that Tolkein is getting his own movie. JK Rowling ain't getting that. The amount of emotional immersion and artistry this series has blows my mind. The words themselves crack open your imagination to its wildest and most vivid extent. The amount of emotional depth the characters have is mind-boggling, and I cried at the end. I cried over a book. And let us not forget the true defining feature of this series: its world. It creates a vast and powerful world full of awesomeness. I think if I put the effort into it, I could be a pretty good writer, but as good as this? Hell no! I think a part of Potter's popularity over this is that it is more recent a book, so more people have read it. But Potter, and fantasy novels as a whole, would possibly not exist without this.

Expansive and accurate universe, amazing story line, and excellent writing. What more could you ask for? I'm honestly alright with Harry Potter and The Hunger Games in the top five, but Diary of a Wimpy Kid?! Percy Jackson and the Olympians?! I mean, I agree, they are quite humorous, but you've got to look at the writing style. Tolkien is serious and concentrated in his art, but Riordan and Kinney? Far too casual for my liking. And for heaven's sake, must I still point this out to everyone? Tolkien CREATED a whole WORLD with his books. Ents? Orcs? Hobbits? ALL Tolkien. Plus the characters are so well-written, especially Gollum/Smeagol. Greg Heffley, from my point of view, is just a whiny little boy with no idea of how the world works nor any initiative to find that out. Percy Jackson, I must say, is a great character, but the series should belong somewhere from 6th to 10th. Wimpy Kid should just huddle down in 40th. The Lord of the Rings in my opinion, is THE greatest set of books ...more

Boring beyond belief. I'm sorry but these are the most overrated books ever. I will concede that the world is amazing which is why it went onto the big screen so well. But the books are unspeakably boring and drag on go eternity. The characters (save a select few) are flat and boring. The actual writing is extremely dull. I could go on about how bad they are. Sorry I know people love them but they are just very overrated.

This was the most epic thing I have ever in my life read through. It beats measly books about kids in magic school, as well as children of gods in a heart beat. Its about a flipping Whole other world with magic, and thousands of pages of lore, and an incredible story of the clashing between power and weakness, about good and evil as well and the toying with consciousness that Tolkien has. This series is a godsend.

5 Diary of a Wimpy Kid Diary of a Wimpy Kid Product Image

I started reading Diary Of A Wimpy Kid at a young, age, and am still hooked! It's funny beyond any level, and even though the writing is simple, it's great! I can understand it, and the pictures are funny as well. I like how Greg is just that guy sitting in a dark room playing video games, but even he has a life. Great book, I totally recommend it if you're looking for a funny, relatable book! Also the part about DnD is actually a reference. Please read!

Most people say that these books are for kids that don't like to read. I think these books actually are so well written and are very VERY relatable. I don't think a lot of people understand how hard it is to make a book, that will literally make you laugh out loud. Jeff Kinney takes the smallest things that we can all relate to, and makes them big and hilarious. This is such a well made piece of comedy that uses first person to its advantage. The characters are static. Every character in Diary of A Wimpy Kid is someone from your life. These books are genuine masterpieces! They capture so many things about ordinary life and make them captivating, and funny! I wish people would stop dissing this series because the words are really spaced out, and just appreciate that its doing its job. This book does exactly what it intended, and in my book that's a sign of the best book series of all time.

I understand that everyone has their own perspective on everything, but these series are one of the best books yet to come! I disagree with some of you who don't like the series; just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's a bad series, it just means that your perspective of the series is different! I would say that this series of books are the most awesome, appropriate and understandable for all ages! I think what the author wanted us to know is that not all books have to be hard and complicated to read. These books are supposed to be nice and easy! I just love how the author curates the books by making it look like a real diary!

(These series are totally for lazy days)

This is not what I would've thought of if someone said top 10 best books of all time, but now that I think about it it's actually a pretty good series!

6 Warriors Warriors Product Image

The Warrior series just takes a hold of me when I read it. Erin Hunter has that kind of charm in her books that just seem to make them unbelievable amazing, considering what the whole entire book series is about. There is such a good system in the warrior series that shows that the author thought long and hard about how to write this book series. Not only that but Erin seems to be able to make so much books and arcs in the series without causing any kind of boredom. Though, to be honest I have also read a lot of other amazing book series, but Warriors just seems to have a hold of me. I can not let go of how amazing this series is. This series changed my life to. I used to hate reading but when I found Warriors, reading wasn't so hard and soon I was reading not just warrior books, but other books all the time. This series is just magically set up that it makes me have to say, I honestly love Warrior cats.

I absolutely LOVE the Warrior series. Even though at times it can be racist, brutal, and sometimes political, I still adore the series. I love Harry Potter, don't get me wrong, but in my opinion, Warriors is #1. The series makes you want to keep reading because there is a secret that can be uncovered at any moment (basically it keeps the suspense really well and the emotion is very high). This can be compared to the works of authors like Edgar Allan Poe. It is also very different, it has a cats' perspective, which is interesting. It sort of helps people know what it's like to be a wild cat. This series also teaches very important life lessons such as loyalty, respect, responsibility, trust, and care for the weak. This series also goes in depth when it discusses serious problems such as ambition, false judgement, racism, war, being in a relationship, and breaking the law. Most of all, the characters, plot, emotion, and setting stick out to me. Erin Hunter describes the setting and the ...more

Few reasons why everyone should read Warriors:

One: Warriors has mostly complex characters that make their own decisions, and that chose their loyalties. It's not just a book about cats. It has a complex storyline.

Two: As said above, Warriors is not books about cats. Cats defend their clans, cats chose their lives, and cats go on adventures. The cats are so much more than cats, you can't call them cats anymore. You have to call them Warriors.

Three: Warriors can get you in by the first page of the book. When I was much younger, I remember my mother would read this to me before I went to bed. Soon I started reading the books on my own, and I was entranced.

Four: Unlike quite a few books I know, warriors tosses and turns and has all these sad deaths that leave you in a ocean of tears, and Warriors is heart-warming, too.

I see all the Warrior Cats fans out here propelling this series to #6. And yes I do agree Warrior Cats is actually a great series. And it should be over Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, that series is overrated. So what can I say? For a kids book, it digs deep. It's got everything, comedy, romance (a lot), forbidden love (lots of it), action, adventure, drama, and thrills. The main reason this series is so good is the long running arcs and development of characters. I also think the plot, storylines, and dialogue are great. All of it is really well thought out. This series also does tackle some serious topics such as racism, war, and death. There's also a lot of great underlying messages in this long-running series such as acceptance, faith, loyalty, and friendship. Although I am not sure about a movie, I'm not sure many people will come to see that and it would be very mature. I would find it hard to make a movie for this kid friendly. Also I have seen the cast list and I'm not liking it at ...more

7 A Song of Ice and Fire A Song of Ice and Fire

Should probably deserve a top 5 spot, although I'm not one to bash personal opinions. I just think that Martin built one of the best, most complete series to date. Not as in the books are finished, but that there are not very many loose ends to track down and are left hanging. The world is intricate, realistic, and very complex, as are almost all of the characters. But there are two things I think Martin simply excels at and outpaces everyone else. The first is not dumping the entire story on one character or set of interwoven characters. Without such a limited worldview, we are still able to realize the story is focused on Westeros without the main characters being intimately involved in every major event. The second thing Martin is very good at is keeping items on the periphery, as in not essential to the story, still in the worldview. The continent of Westeros is not terribly big, and while every event seems major, in the grand scheme of the world most of them are not. Keeping that ...more

What makes this series better than every other one is the realism. Nine great houses vying for power on a militarily charged continent. Like every other fantasy series, the magic can't be left out, but this is a blend of fantasy and historical fiction. It focuses far more on the reality of the power struggle than the magic. Another bonus is the never ending streaming of storylines. In Harry Potter or Hunger Games, if the central characters die, everything falls apart. In ASoIaF, there is no central character. There are three at a minimum (Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen). And no character is purely good or purely evil. Cersei Lannister can be shown as evil, but all she is doing is protecting and bettering her children. Eddard Stark can be purely good, except that he fathered a bastard. And probably the best part is the history. If you ever read a history of this series, this is just one war amongst hundreds. There are probably even greater wars he could have chosen, ...more

Undoubtedly the best book series of all time. Should be on top of the list! So many details and foreshadowing. GRRM is a genius, hope he finishes the rest of the books soon. Can't wait for Winds of Winter to come out next year. The show was great up until they had the material from the books. They completely butchered the show this season. The books will have the real ending and still there are prequels coming our way. Really want to know more about Robert's Rebellion and how the Targaryens came in power. Love the unpredictability and the character development of the series which you don't get to see in many books.

This is one of the if not the greatest medieval fantasy book series of all time. It is so perfectly crafted including fantastic beings such as White Walkers (aka Others), Dragons, and Children of the Forest, as well as political intrigue and backstabbing. Varys and Littlefinger are one of the most enigmatic characters I have ever seen with Tyrion not far behind. The world is understanding and town or region names are named after things that we are familiar with such as Rivers or Storms. The cities are all excellent and disparate. The characters grow up so much that you start liking characters that you hate, and hate characters that you loved. I also love the mystery behind GRRM's lore such as the mystery of the Long Night and whats beyond Essos and Sothoryos. I say that almost everything contained within these five book is grandeur and in no other word epic.

8 The Heroes of Olympus The Heroes of Olympus Product Image

I mean, I loved Percy Jackson, so I lived this too! What an amazing series! This deserves top 5 for sure! My only complaint would be some characters are kinda a bore, like Jason and Piper. But some things that happen during the series are just outstanding, like percy and Annabeth making it outta Tartarus or Leo's sacrifice. A great series and should be higher on this list

Percy taught me ordinary people can be true heroes.

Annabeth taught me that we are the architects of our own dreams.

Jason taught me that the best people are the ones that stand by you, no matter what.

Piper taught me that beauty comes from within and that hardship makes you a fighter.

Frank taught me that you can be anything if you never give up.

Hazel taught me that suffering makes a hero and that the best people are the ones who have gone threw the worst.

Leo taught me that fake smiles are the most beautiful and that the ones who cry but don't show it are the bravest.

Nico taught me that pain and suffering make a man and that everyone can find light in darkness.

Reyna taught me that you can find strength in pain.

Coach Hedge taught me that people do care.

Even though each book was 50+ chapters (the forth was seventy seven) the took me a week while the rest only took me THREE DAYS! I just love it so much I couldn't put it down. A must for Percy Jackson fans. I love how it used shifting views unlike Percy Jackson so by the end of the books, they used nine character's views in total which made each chapter so interesting. It was also diverse but not in your face look how politically correct I am. And the ending, well I won't spoil it but I was so happysad when I finished it.

How the hell is this below that stupid wimpy kid. That series is trash. This is absolutely amazing, what is wrong with you people? The fact that diary of the wimpy kid is on this list itself is a disgrace.

9 The Chronicles of Narnia The Chronicles of Narnia Product Image

When u think all time best book series, this very often pops into your head. A great series especially how all the stories are related but not the same until the end!

This may not be the best book series in my opinion but it is so much better then ALL the stuff that is above. Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, and Warriors are all overrated. Has anyone read the Kane Chronicles? Anyone?

Love it so much. Love the movies too. I totally believe in Narnia. I've actually written a letter to the actresses who plays Lucy, Georgie Henley! Yeah that's how much I LOVE it... I hope you do too.

I love this book series, I fell in love with the characters and it gives you a different perspective on Jesus. But the movies are better.

10 The Hobbit The Hobbit Product Image

This must be above the wimpy kid. It is absolutely amazing, and wimpy kid is kinda stupid.

Why is this on here? This should be tied in with Lord of the Rings if it's going to be on here at all

In the hole In the ground, there lived a hobbit.

This is definitely not a series, but it is continued by LOTR. Anyways, The Hobbit was awesome.

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11 Maze Runner Series Maze Runner Series Product Image

AMAZING OH MY GOSH. I love this series, I love it so much, and the emotions- oh the emotions! I couldn't put it down! It's exciting, but also rather depressing at times- *cough* Fever Code and Death Cure *cough* it's so good and heart-shattering, when you know the whole picture. The character deaths seem to hit closer to home, more than The Hunger Games. Heck, TDC is known to destroy fan's hearts, both movie and book. There's even a cursed page number. This deserves to be higher up on the list, honestly.

I loved Hunger Games (a little too much actually), and I was excited when I saw this on the shelf because dystopias are my favorite, but I actually found it super boring. Characters are bland, story's too complicated, not enough action and plot twists. Plus, they tried to make Teresa this great heroine or whatever, but honestly she is probably the least likable female character ever, besides Bella from Twilight.

Why is this not bigger on the list? Any Hunger Games fans would love this - the Maze Runner (the first book) is like the Hunger Games (also the first book), with being trapped in a foreign place and needing to get out alive, both places are set in a rather post-apocalyptic world (admittedly The Maze Runner more than The Hunger Games), the only difference is that The Maze Runner has a much wider variety of settings and the plot line, though still pretty much 'overthrow the evil guys who threw us in this hellhole', is much deeper with more twists and stuff.

Also, let's face it, the ending for The Maze Runner was better, Mockingjay ending on such a sad note (I cried when Prim died... still do sometimes), and after all the trouble Team Katniss (yup, I'm calling it that) went through, Prez Snow just didn't seem to get what he deserved, making life hell for all the people in the districts, then dying by CHOKING on BLOOD. He deserved to die... slowly... painfully... where at least ...more

I absolutely love any rick Riordan book but the maze runner books captivated me more than anything, I was always on edge always enticed by its drama and action and mystery also I just want to say newt was favorite and Teresa should not be with thomas.

12 Goosebumps Goosebumps Product Image

I can not believe that this is so low on the list, how did twilight get higher than this? That's so sad! These books are classics from childhood, every book had a twisted plot that left you wondering what was next, then right at the end it it twists and surprises you every time. And just as they say, readers beware you're in for a scare.

Each story is unique and thrilling. Also has the most classic villain, slappy , the living dummy. A memorable phase in most peoples' childhood.

Goosebumps is an awesome series. Goosebumps rocks! It starts out as an average kid's life and then something totally out of this world happens and then the the middle of the book is a kids worst nightmare. And then, yay! There's a happy ending, well, at least for most of them! >) >) Goosebumps is always great to read when your bored! Go R.L. Stine!

After I read the book "The Haunted School", I can't sleep until about 3 o'clock in the midnight! The whole series is terrifying and creepy but the series deserves a 5-star rating. I enjoyed the books. Continue writing,R.L. Stine!

13 Divergent Divergent Product Image

Literally so amazing, I personally love the characters and the meaning and "lessons" behind the whole story, I love dystopian books, and this is in my top favorites! 4+6 forever

Ugh Oh my gosh, I hated these books. Seriously, I couldn't get past the first book. So boring, so unnecessarily complicated, it could have been a great series except that it was SO COMPLICATED. The characters took WAY too much time just trying to explain everything. In no way was this better than Hunger Games, in fact when I gave up on reading Divergent( Something I rarely ever do with books, especially dystopias) I immediately went back to read Hunger Games again just so I could recover and read something that I actually enjoyed.

Amazing. Just. Amazing. Literally, I could not put it down. I finished it in like, a week, and just- it so good, get it right now. The ending is really sad though. How is this not higher?

I think these books had the potential to be SO GOOD, but instead of focusing on world-building and explaining the different factions, we're forced to focus on two of the most BORING characters in any series I've read. Tris is such a cookie-cutter basic protagonist, who's only personality traits are "selfless" and "heroic", as well as her relationship with a one-dimentional emotionally abusive jerk. I don't even remember the friends' names they were so unmemorable. Terribly written overall, read the Hunger Games instead, it's pretty much the same thing only the Hunger Games is FANTASTIC

14 A Series of Unfortunate Events A Series of Unfortunate Events Product Image

I haven't read the books but I watched the series, and it was insanely good. With mystery, action, and comedy, not to mention twists, this should be higher. I know I would find these I'm the books

It is a very good series, with excellent clarification on words that are harder to pronounce. This series is very exciting, and makes you want to keep reading. I finished this series in one month because of how exciting and interesting it is. It is delightfully funny, and makes you smile. There are many mysteries in it, and then later gets solved later in the series. There is always a surprise in each book. All of the characters have an important role in something. When you read the books in the series, it seems like your really there! I hope you will read this amazing series as well.

A series of unfortunate events should 100% be at number 1! This series is the best! This book should get a lot more respect and appreciation than Harry Potter and all other (fantasy) book series. No offense to all Harry Potter fans and fans of other book series but fantasy and magic isn't my thing. Realistic fiction is so much more attractive than unrealistic fiction. Unrealistic fiction is boring. Oh, and by the way, Count Olaf is the best villain ever! He is far better than Lord Voldemort and all other villains in Harry Potter, and all the characters in Asoue are far more interesting.

I think these books are alright at best (mediocre at worst). It's not that I don't particularly like them, it's just that compared to all these other books, it's not all that great. I think it would mostly be fourth and fifth graders who would like these books, and when they argue it's better than Harry Potter and have never actually read Harry Potter, it starts to get annoying. I am a little kid, and I personally would rather read Harry Potter.

Yay Harry Potter!

15 Survivors Survivors Product Image

Yes, yes, and yes. Survivors is my second favorite book series from Erin Hunter. Screw off Harry potter fans, cause here comes Survivors! This has so much drama, so much, I could DROWN of happiness in it! I got this book on accident, and I've already fallen in love. Lucky, the main doggy, is seriously lucky. (SPOILER ALERT) When I opened up to the prologue, I instantly fell in love. Pip? Squeak? Cutest things ever! Okay guys, if you read this far, I honestly appreciate you. NO ONE ever reads my things, at least I don't think they do. Anyways, like I said, Screw off, Harry! We are Survivors!

It goes seekers, either survivors or warriors. Then the rest of you books. Sorry but I love Erin Hunters books.

It's a bit hard to get into at first, but the series immediately improved and got better as time went on.

Starts out boring but gets better and better and is now one of my favorite book series!

16 Geronimo Stilton Geronimo Stilton Product Image

Why is this so low? When I was young, I had no books to read, they were all so boring! Any when I found this and tried it out. It was amazing! You can actually visualize what's happening, and what the setting is instead by simply looking at the pictures. But that's not the reason why it should be higher. For a childrens nook, it makes incredibly funny writings such as "he smiled so much that his jaw broke." And more. Not to mention it has a perfect plot, and colorful words. I'm 12, but I still love reading these!

I love the Thea Stilton books more (Geronimo ones besides The Kingdom of Fantasy are kinda boring) because they have more mystery in them, but can sometimes be boring as heck. Best ones are Hollywood Hoax and Mystery in Paris.

Way too many books in this series, boring unfunny and text isn't fun. Overrated in my old elementary school. I'd rather read The Emoji Movie junior novelization (bad book)

Oh my goodness! This book is my favorite series of all time! Why did Geronimo Stilton go in the 17th place?

17 Seekers Seekers Product Image

Why do people hate this series? I mean, bears are awesome! They have the intelligence of a human. Anyways, when you start one book in this series, you can't stop. The last and fifth book are so sad and amazing! Warriors sucks. So does Survivors. Who likes cats and dogs? They are just making my heart vomit.

PS Any fan of Erin Hunter knows she is not real. She's a lot of people (writers). Don't comment if you don't know this. You are a stranger here. Get lost!

I like this series. It's not as exciting as Warriors or Survivors, but I like bears, and I'm glad I gave this series a chance when it came out.

Love it. But it's probably my least fave Erin Hunter series.

Touches your heart

18 39 Clues 39 Clues Product Image

OK! Let's talk about how I totally hate it!
1. It is written by different authors so each one has a different style. I hate that. I like books with only one style
2. The plot is so boring and it sucks. Never gets interesting
3. The books have old fashioned names like it was from the 1980s
4. The authors seem to have bad ideas because at the end, the people give up. Why would they? I would totally not give up if I were Dan and Amy.
6. Kind of weird series.

Have you ever noticed that the title doesn't match the main idea of the book? Totally weird. Books were bad and it never gets interesting. I recommend Harry Potter, totally.

I think there are just too many books in the series. By the time I reached the end I forgot what happened in the first book.

This is a really great series. Too bad they ruined it by adding the other series like Cahills VS Vespers, Unstoppable, and Doublecross. The other three sucked.

19 The Inheritance Cycle The Inheritance Cycle Product Image

It is rather humorous that I consider myself both a Dragon Rider and Demigod and it seems like there is a bit of friction between the two groups on this list I can understand why - they are both two completely different book series with completely different styles. Despite my alliance to both, I have to agree that The Inheritance cycle is superior to Percy Jackson & The Heroes of Olympus. (I feel like such a traitor right now.) Personally for me, the world Paolini created is just so beautiful and so vast and just so plain magical, it cannot not be one of the best book series out there... My experience with these books will never be recreated.

This series is so complex! The dragon riders are so powerful, but Christopher Paolini takes it beyond the all awesomeness of the dragon riders' magic, he creates an entirely new world just like J.R.R. Tolkien and creates entire nations. Different languages, histories, ranges of living, traditions, it's so complex! I've tried getting that deep in the book I'm writing, and let me tell you, it's very hard. Epic series, the best books EVER!

This is such a great series that when I wanted to go to bed or do something else, I couldn't! I just had to keep reading this. I can't believe it but it isn't over yet! The whole series was thought out so beautifully. I love how creative Christopher and everyone who helped him was, they didn't steal any ideas from any other books! Overall, the whole series is 10/10.

I think that this should be second at least. I mean this series is giving J.K Rowling a run for his money. The only thing is that Christopher Paolini doesn't roar loud enough, he needs his voice to be heard! The series may not be long, but you can feel the passion in it and the structure.

20 Magic Tree House Magic Tree House Product Image

Best most creative series ever! My child reads these books almost everyday and checks out at the library every time he goes. He has even told his brother to read them. I think whoever made this made a mistake. How can it be 34? It deserves to be in the top ten list. Mary Pope Osborne is just an amazing author!

These were my absolute favorite growing up and taught me a BUNCH about history. They're great because there are a lot of them but you can read one and not be lost.

Thank you Mary Pope Osborne. Your ideas are so creative and I have learned so much from these books!

Oh my god I read these from when I was 6 to now! I loved these when I was younger.

21 Artemis Fowl Artemis Fowl Product Image

"This book is AMAZING. Even after you have read the series three times, you can come back to it and experience the same emotions you did the first time around: wonder, happiness, shock and adrenaline. After a while the series seems to be stretching along too much, that's true, but it's a pretty good read. Why isn't this ranked much higher?

I truly love this book, I have re-read this series three times now, and I wonder how many more times I'll read this series. The perfect blend of technology and fantasy attracts both young and old readers alike.

This series is a must read!

Love it, love it, LOVE IT! I read "Artemis Fowl:The Eternity Code" and it actually had me crying! I can't believe Butler gto shot instead of Artemis! But he IS a Butler, after all.

12 year old MasterBrain and a thief clever enough to steal sacred things from the fairies. How in the world did Twilight get in front of this masterpiece? Many of you people have not read this book

22 Beautiful Creatures Beautiful Creatures Product Image
23 The Giver Quartet The Giver Quartet Product Image

The Giver Quartet is the most well written series I've read, the only one I really would like to read, and the only one that interests me. Often times people like reading about magic and fantasy, however the quartet is based on Utopian and Dystopian societies with incredible characters and storylines. It truly is a story to read. 10/10 recommend. The movie The Giver does not live up to the books standards and leaves out many details however. I am just starting Son, however my favorite of the first 3 is Messenger. Messenger follows the story of previous characters from the first 2 books. It is very sad, and Lois Lowry's way of writing is very unique. An adventure to follow.

This is an amazing book series! Lois Lowry does a great job on making the plot and making you want to keep reading on and on, she thought up this whole idea and everything works so well together! In my top 2 favorite book series at the moment by far! Recommend this series to any mature 11 year old and up.

The Giver Quartet is hands down THE BEST Newbery-winning book series. They are really insightful and very eye-opening, with amazing storylines and characters. They are awesome books!

The Giver movie was better, but the books were awesome!

24 Junie B. Jones Junie B. Jones Product Image

These were my OBSESSION in third grade. These books are literally my CHILDHOOD! So adorable, great for little kids, just altogether a great series for young children who are transitioning to chapter books. My kids will definitely be reading these!

Junie B. Jones was a big part of my childhood! I loved her so much as a kid she would make me laugh and be on the edge of my seat! She is the best!

MEMORIES from 3rd grade. My 3rd grade teacher use to read these to the class.

Classic Childhood story! Fits lots of children of young ages.

25 Kane Chronicles Kane Chronicles Product Image

I haven't read this yet because I'm still reading Magnus Chase, but after reading all of Rick's other books, I know this must be a spectacular series.

This is a really underrated gem by Rick Riordan. It's short, (a trilogy) and spicy. Think Percy Jackson with a little less humor.

This was the first Rick Riordan book I ever read.

This is so underrated

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