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1 Harry Potter (J. K. Rowling)

I can't get over how good this series is. It's the ultimate series for pretty much everyone. My five favorite characters are Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, and Sirius Black.

I can already see why people love this series so much! Harry Potter really caught my attention as I read the first, what? Five, maybe two pages? J.K. Rowling must have worked incredibly hard on this series, with the creativity and how the story is organized. If I could choose only one book series to read, Harry Potter would obviously be my pick.

This series completes me and will always intrigue me no matter what part or book I'm on. The series is indeed an addiction. If you like this, I recommend you also read other fantasy books such as Percy Jackson or perhaps The Hunger Games. Still, Harry Potter beats every other series I've read, which is why I immediately hit that vote button before I found any other.

2 Percy Jackson and the Olympians (Rick Riordan)

I have no words to describe how much this series has touched me, and the other Rick Riordan books. Every word that Rick Riordan writes makes you more compelled to keep reading, and he mixes adventure, pain, humor, and real-life lessons into his books. By the end of the series, or even each book, you are so connected to the characters that you would give your life for them if they were real.

You feel like you are there, in every second of the books. You live and die with these characters. Laugh and cry with them. If you truly read this series, it becomes basically part of you. Another thing I love about Rick Riordan's books is that he has so much diversity in his characters, and everyone gets representation in his books. I never thought I could love a book series so much before I read his books.

I keep rereading and rereading them because I don't want to let them go. I've never felt this way about any other book series before, and therefore, Rick Riordan is the best author ever.

3 The Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins)

I really love this series! Oh my gosh! I love how Suzanne Collins writes. It is a great storyline. I mean, where does she come up with this stuff? It has all my favorite genres of books like action, romance, and it is all-around great with all the intense stuff.

I love how much detail is in the book. It is basically my favorite series to read. It is so interesting. I love all the characters in the book too. The only thing I don't really like about the book is that pretty much all of the amazing characters die! (And that romance with Gale and Peeta both liking Katniss). But overall, it was the best series I've ever read! Great job, Suzanne Collins! I rate this 10/10!

4 The Lord of the Rings (J. R. R. Tolkien)

This book series is so good that Tolkien is getting his own movie. J.K. Rowling isn't getting that. The amount of emotional immersion and artistry this series has blows my mind. The words themselves crack open your imagination to its wildest and most vivid extent. The emotional depth of the characters is mind-boggling, and I cried at the end. I cried over a book. And let us not forget the true defining feature of this series: its world. It creates a vast and powerful world full of awesomeness.

I think if I put the effort into it, I could be a pretty good writer, but as good as this? Absolutely not! I think a part of Potter's popularity over this is that it is a more recent book, so more people have read it. But Potter, and fantasy novels as a whole, would possibly not exist without this.

5 Warriors (Erin Hunter)

Well, I have obvious reasons, as any good book or series would. Especially those written by the authors themselves. "The OG Erins" (Vicky, formerly Cherith, and Kate Cary) are very kind, thoughtful women who care about fans and the impact their series has had on so many people (millions) who came to love their books. They are truly legends.

I mean, no other authors could really make people feel so impacted or achieve what they have been doing for a long time. This is such a difficult thing to do. They have dedicated so much hard work to the series. I think they really deserve all the praise.

They were particularly happy about one thing, though: how the series reached people all over the world and became popular rather quickly. It's nice to know I am still a fan of the Warriors series. Even today, I don't despise it.

The series did impact me because it was part of my childhood, and I grew up with it as it continued on with more arcs. I feel like Warriors has grown as well. It definitely has changed or, in other ways, improved. Overall, without the series, where would we all end up? The Erins wouldn't be who they are today or where they are at.

I'm glad to see more generations continue to read Warriors, just as I did, and others, and maybe even dwell on it. I remember when I was younger, probably during elementary school (those were the good times, to be honest), the old book cover art was around. The new cover art, however, doesn't have the same 'feeling.' They will never, in my opinion, hit as hard as the old ones.

Rest in Peace, Wayne McLoughlin. You were loved by many and were part of the "Erin Hunter" team. You always will be.

*May StarClan Light Your Path.*

And finally, to Vicky, Kate, and Cherith, who kept this series thriving. They still continue to do so today. It's been a long journey, one that was a milestone, and surely one that's great. But it's one where all of us will appreciate and never forget how much... more

6 Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Jeff Kinney)

Most people say that these books are for kids who don't like to read. I think these books are so well-written and are very relatable. I don't think a lot of people understand how hard it is to make a book that will literally make you laugh out loud. Jeff Kinney takes the smallest things that we can all relate to and makes them big and hilarious. This is such a well-made piece of comedy that uses the first person to its advantage.

The characters are static. Every character in Diary of a Wimpy Kid is someone from your life. These books are genuine masterpieces! They capture so many things about ordinary life and make them captivating and funny. I wish people would stop dissing this series because the words are really spaced out and just appreciate that it's doing its job. This book does exactly what it intended, and in my book, that's a sign of the best book series of all time.

7 A Song of Ice and Fire (George R. R. Martin)

Should probably deserve a top 5 spot, although I'm not one to bash personal opinions. I just think that Martin has built one of the best, most complete series to date. Not in the sense that the books are finished, but in that there are not very many loose ends left untracked and hanging. The world is intricate, realistic, and very complex, as are almost all of the characters.

There are two things I think Martin excels at and outpaces everyone else in. The first is not dumping the entire story on one character or a set of interwoven characters. Without such a limited worldview, we are still able to realize the story is focused on Westeros, without the main characters being intimately involved in every major event. The second thing Martin is very good at is keeping items on the periphery, as in, not essential to the story, still within the worldview. The continent of Westeros is not terribly large, and while every event seems major, in the grand scheme of the world, most of them are not. Keeping that perspective is crucial to creating a complete story, and it's something Martin does just about better than anyone.

8 The Chronicles of Narnia (C. S. Lewis)

This may not be the best book series in my opinion, but it is so much better than ALL the stuff that is above. Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, and Warriors are all overrated. Has anyone read the Kane Chronicles? Anyone?

Love it so much. Love the movies too. I totally believe in Narnia. I've actually written a letter to the actress who plays Lucy, Georgie Henley! Yeah, that's how much I LOVE it... I hope you do too.

I love this book series. I fell in love with the characters, and it gives you a different perspective on Jesus. But the movies are better.

9 The Heroes of Olympus (Rick Riordan)

Percy taught me ordinary people can be true heroes.

Annabeth taught me that we are the architects of our own dreams.

Jason taught me that the best people are the ones that stand by you, no matter what.

Piper taught me that beauty comes from within and that hardship makes you a fighter.

Frank taught me that you can be anything if you never give up.

Hazel taught me that suffering makes a hero and that the best people are the ones who have gone through the worst.

Leo taught me that fake smiles are the most beautiful and that the ones who cry but don't show it are the bravest.

Nico taught me that pain and suffering make a man and that everyone can find light in darkness.

Reyna taught me that you can find strength in pain.

Coach Hedge taught me that people do care.

10 The Maze Runner (James Dashner)

I loved The Hunger Games (a little too much, actually) and I was excited when I saw this on the shelf because dystopias are my favorite. But I actually found it super boring. The characters are bland, the story's too complicated, not enough action and plot twists.

Plus, they tried to make Teresa this great heroine or whatever, but honestly, she is probably the least likable female character ever, besides Bella from Twilight.

AMAZING! OH MY GOSH! I love this series so much, and the emotions - oh, the emotions! I couldn't put it down! It's exciting but also rather depressing at times - *cough* Fever Code and Death Cure *cough*.

It's so good and heart-shattering when you know the whole picture. The character deaths seem to hit closer to home, more than The Hunger Games. Heck, The Death Cure is known to destroy fans' hearts, both in the movie and book. There's even a cursed page number. This deserves to be higher up on the list, honestly.

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11 Goosebumps (R. L. Stine)

I cannot believe that this is so low on the list. How did Twilight get higher than this? That's so sad! These books are classics from childhood. Every book had a twisted plot that left you wondering what was next.

Then, right at the end, it twists and surprises you every time. And just as they say, readers beware, you're in for a scare.

Yes, Harry Potter is number 1, and that series TOTALLY deserves it! Goosebumps is good too! It should probably be number 5 or 6 because it is much better than other books.

Goosebumps is the best book for starters, in my opinion. It's funny, has decent plots, and it's really easy to read. If it wasn't for Goosebumps, I wouldn't have started reading books.

12 A Series of Unfortunate Events (Lemony Snicket)

Just thinking about it triggers my emotions. Lemony Snicket is so smart! I can see all the knowledge that's woven into that book!

It is a very good series, with excellent clarification on words that are harder to pronounce. This series is very exciting and makes you want to keep reading. I finished this series in one month because of how exciting and interesting it is.

It is delightfully funny and makes you smile. There are many mysteries in it, and they get solved later in the series. There is always a surprise in each book. All of the characters have an important role in something. When you read the books in the series, it seems like you're really there! I hope you will read this amazing series as well.

13 Divergent (Veronica Roth)

I just want to say that this is such an underrated book. Four/Tobias is like my favorite fictional boyfriend of all time, and Tris is a truly awesome main character. Veronica Roth is an AMAZING author and deserves more credit than she gets.

Warning for those who haven't read the books, though... Tears are ahead!

Why is this not in the top 3?! This series is AMAZING. After I finished Harry Potter, I didn't want to read anything else, but I finally picked up Divergent, and it was so good. I spent all weekend reading and could not put it down.

Finally, a series where the main character doesn't always live happily ever after. Phenomenal.

14 Survivors (Erin Hunter)

Yes, yes, and yes! Survivors is my second-favorite book series from Erin Hunter. Harry Potter fans, make way for Survivors! This series is filled with so much drama. I could drown in happiness in it!

I got this book by accident, and I've already fallen in love. Lucky, the main character, is seriously lucky. (SPOILER ALERT) When I opened up to the prologue, I instantly fell in love. Pip? Squeak? They are the cutest things ever!

Okay, guys, if you've read this far, I honestly appreciate you. No one ever reads my posts, or at least I don't think they do. Anyway, like I said, move over, Harry! We're all about Survivors!

15 Seekers (Erin Hunter)

Why do people hate this series? I mean, bears are awesome! They possess the intelligence of humans. Anyway, once you start one book in this series, you can't stop. The last and the fifth book are so sad and amazing! Warriors and Survivors don't compare. Who likes cats and dogs? They just make my heart sick.

P.S. Any fan of Erin Hunter knows she is not a real person. She's a collective of writers.

I like this series. It's not as exciting as Warriors or Survivors, but I like bears, and I'm glad I gave this series a chance when it came out.

16 Geronimo Stilton (Elisabetta Dami)

Why is this so low? When I was young, I had no books to read. They were all so boring! And when I found this and tried it out, it was amazing. You can actually visualize what's happening and what the setting is without simply looking at the pictures.

But that's not the only reason why it should be higher. For a children's book, it makes incredibly funny writings such as "he smiled so much that his jaw broke" and more. Not to mention, it has a perfect plot and colorful words. I'm 12, but I still love reading these!

I love the Thea Stilton books more (the Geronimo ones, besides The Kingdom of Fantasy, are kind of boring) because they have more mystery in them, but they can sometimes be boring as heck. The best ones are Hollywood Hoax and Mystery in Paris.

17 The 39 Clues (Various Authors)

Nice books. The first book was the best, but then it started to get a bit boring.

39 Clues is kind of underrated. I love the books. The other series ruined it.

This is a really great series. Too bad they ruined it by adding the other series like Cahills vs. Vespers, Unstoppable, and Doublecross. The other three sucked.

18 The Inheritance Cycle (Christopher Paolini)

It is rather humorous that I consider myself both a Dragon Rider and a Demigod, and it seems like there is a bit of friction between the two groups on this list. I can understand why - they are two completely different book series with completely different styles.

Despite my allegiance to both, I have to agree that The Inheritance Cycle is superior to Percy Jackson & The Heroes of Olympus. (I feel like such a traitor right now.) Personally, for me, the world Paolini created is just so beautiful, so vast, and just so plain magical, it cannot be anything but one of the best book series out there. My experience with these books will never be recreated.

19 Magic Tree House (Mary Pope Osborne)

Best, most creative series ever! My child reads these books almost every day and checks them out at the library every time he goes. He has even told his brother to read them.

I think whoever made this list made a mistake. How can it be 34? It deserves to be in the top ten list. Mary Pope Osborne is just an amazing author!

These were my absolute favorite growing up and taught me a bunch about history. They're great because there are a lot of them, but you can read one and not be lost.

Thank you, Mary Pope Osborne. Your ideas are so creative, and I have learned so much from these books!

20 The Giver Quartet (Lois Lowry)

The Giver Quartet is the most well-written series I've read, the only one I really would like to read, and the only one that interests me. Often, people like reading about magic and fantasy. However, the quartet is based on utopian and dystopian societies with incredible characters and storylines. It truly is a story to read. I 10/10 recommend it.

The movie The Giver does not live up to the book's standards and leaves out many details, however. I am just starting Son. However, my favorite of the first three is Messenger. Messenger follows the story of previous characters from the first two books. It is very sad, and Lois Lowry's way of writing is very unique. It's an adventure to follow.

21 Artemis Fowl (Eoin Colfer)

This book is AMAZING. Even after you have read the series three times, you can come back to it and experience the same emotions you did the first time around: wonder, happiness, shock, and adrenaline.

After a while, the series seems to be stretching along too much, but it's still a pretty good read. Why isn't this ranked much higher?

I truly love this book. I have re-read this series three times now, and I wonder how many more times I'll read this series. The perfect blend of technology and fantasy attracts both young and old readers alike. This series is a must-read!

22 Beautiful Creatures (Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl)
23 The Chronicles of Prydain (Lloyd Alexander)
24 Junie B. Jones (Barbara Park)

These were my OBSESSION in third grade. These books are literally my CHILDHOOD! So adorable, great for little kids, just altogether a great series for young children who are transitioning to chapter books.

My kids will definitely be reading these!

Junie B. Jones was a big part of my childhood! I loved her so much as a kid. She would make me laugh and be on the edge of my seat! She is the best!

Classic childhood story! Fits lots of children of young ages.

25 The Kane Chronicles (Rick Riordan)

I haven't read this yet because I'm still reading Magnus Chase, but after reading all of Rick's other books, I know this must be a spectacular series.

This is a really underrated gem by Rick Riordan. It's short, a trilogy, and spicy. Think Percy Jackson with a little less humor.

This was the first Rick Riordan book I ever read.

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