Top 10 Best Episodes of The Office (US)

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1 The Injury

I think it's so funny how Dwight is so nice and Michael is so mean. Dwight puking on his car, Jim spraying Dwight, Pam and Dwight becoming best friends. Hilarious!

Reason for visit? Concussion... why? What did you write? Taking someone to hospital.
What's worse, a head injury or a foot injury? Head. Well you haven't seen the foot

Hilarious! Love it when Michael tries to lure Pam into buttering his foot... With Country Crock!

2 The Dinner Party

I have watched this so many times it makes me cry from laughing so hard. Sometimes I come up here and I just smell all my candles! I'm the devil! She is! You know Pam the Spanish typically don't eat dinner until midnight... When in Rome!

I often come back to this episode and it never fails to make me laugh. Jan and Michael are so uncomfortable, it really shows how dysfunctional their relationship really is. But the interactions between the charecters shown are just hilarious!

This episode is unreal. Some of the best writing in the entire series is packed into The Dinner Party. Practically everything said in this episode has some kind of brilliant humor to it.

3 Stress Relief

Best scene in the episode
Instructor: are they breathing?
Michael: no they are not breathing! In fact they have no arms or legs. If we come across someone with no arms or legs, should we even bother resessitating them?
Kevin: I would want to live with no legs
Michael: what about with no arms? Wait no arms and legs is pretty much how you live right now, Kevin you never do anything


Last week, I gave a fire safety talk and nobody paid attention. It's my own fault for using PowerPoint. PowerPoint is boring.

People learn in lots of different ways, but experience is the best teacher.

Today, Smoking is going to save lives.

4 Threat Level Midnight

Oh gosh, I can remember this:

Jump to the Right and you shake that hand
Jump to the Left and you shake that hand
Meet new Friends
Tie some yarn
That's how you do the Scarn!

This episode is fantastic because you could only watch it and understand it if you knew Michael Scott. Love you Michael Scarn!

Jump to the right and shake that hand, jump to the left shake that hand. Make new friends, tie that yarn that's how you do the Scarn.

5 Safety Training

This episode brought both iconic hillarious scenes and was a turning point in michael's plot: realizing that he isn't perfect and turning it into a comical and beautiful moment by roasting the other employees. Also, this episode brought an important turning point in Jim and pams relationship that connected us more to the realistic couple. This episode was the turning point between the office having an uncomfortable and awkward boss to the office having a loving and affectionate boss that the employees appreciated, and it was brought in both an emotional and incredibly comical way.

6 Gay Witch Hunt

This episode is by far the best! Dwight: "Jim says you can buy gay-dar online! " And when Jim sends Dwight the gay-dar in the mail. Priceless!

'I don't call retarded people retards. I call my friends retards.. When they are acting retarded. " Pure Michael Scott! Hilarious.

Michael kisses Oscar, any more needed. No.

7 Diverity Day

Michael scott: Stanley, I don't look at you as another race... First season second episode

8 Basketball

Funny because of how bad Michael stinks at basketball (and Dwight's face mask) The best part is when Michael throws the ball to the top of the warehouse and hits a metal pipe.

The funniest one is really The Convict. Basketball is second.

Just pure office comedy! Miss watching episodes like this.

9 The Fire
10 A.A.R.M.

After seeing every episode this was by far my favorite. It had Jim messing with Dwight, a beautiful Pam and Jim moment that I just want to watch over and over, an amazing Angela and Dwight moment and to top it off the greatest send off (after Michael) with Darryl that is hilarious.

A great calm way to show the characters before their finale episode!

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11 Beach Games
12 Finale

Michael Comes Back for Dwight's Wedding, Erin finds her birth parents, Angela gets married to Dwight, Kevin and Toby got fired, Jim and Pam left for Texas, Oscar runs for State Senate, Stanley retires, Creed was arrested, a great way for a ending finale.

By far my favorite and the most beautiful episode...

13 Diversity Day
14 Murder

I love the face Andy makes when Kevin asks out Erin while they were role playing. And when Kevin asks Andy to do the Swedish Chef impression.

Every character has a very funny role in this episode... Down in savana... Love voodoo mama joo joo

It wasn't my fault. I was exposed to Harry Potter

15 The Dundies

If there anything funnier than Phyllis award with the misspelling bushiest beaver instead of busiest beaver! I lose it every time I see this one!

16 The Job
17 Niagara

All those moments of anticipation of Jim and Pam getting together finally comes to this, and that scene when they're on the boat and Pam's head is on Jims shoulder, that's what made the show. I love this episode!

The most romantic episode and insanely heart-warming. Getting married before the church at Niagara Falls got me tearing up.

18 Fun Run

This is the episode where it is confirmed that Jim and Pam are FINALLY together!

19 Goodbye Toby

One of the best Season Finales. Toby's leaving for Costa Rica, Holly makes her first appearance, Andy Proposes to Angela when Jim was going to propose to Pam. Angela is caught cheating on Andy with Dwight by Phyllis. Most eventful Office episode ever.

Kevin being "retarded", Michael forcing himself to be nice to Toby, Jan getting knocked up, Andy beating big Tuna to the punch on proposing, Ryan getting fired, etc... This episode has it all!

Extremely funny. Has a good intriguing plot in this episode.
Very charming appearance of Holly.

20 The Alliance
21 Casino Night

Obvious choice Michael is great in this episode. creed at the end winning the fridge was also funny

22 Business School

The vampire episode, Michael showing up to Pam's art show.. one of the classics!

23 The Merger
24 Goodbye, Michael

I cried. Should have ended the show after this episode.
Michael's last words.

"This feels good to get this off my chest. That's what she said. Bye."

It's sad, warm and funny all at the same time. Love it when Pam catches up with Michael at the airport.

This episode is the most emotional episode in the series and is a good way to wrap up the run of Michael Scott as manager of Dunder Mifflin.

25 Conflict Resolution

Michael: Someone complained that the men's room is white only. Stanley, you know that's not true. Creed: Then why is there a picture of a white man on the door? Laugh Out Loud

I love how there is a hole separate file for Michael and there is a box for Dwight so it will be shipped to the head offices. He is so clueless!

You see the best of jim's pranks on dwight!
Dwight: today I hit my self in the head with a phone
Jim: yeah that one took a while.

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