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1 Steve Harrington

I love Steve. I don't know why everyone loves Nancy and like Jonathan, Cause they are like my 2 least favorite characters.. Steve should get all the fame, and I am happy he is #1 on this list. He deserves it!

He has the best character development I have ever seen! He goes from this rich douche to this sweet super protective mama bear.<3

He is honestly the best character in stranger things based on his character development like any other TV show in the world.

definitely the best. Love his development and his friendship with Dustin. He also takes some serious bearings to protect other characters.

2 Jim Hopper

I LOVE Hopper. He's my second favorite character in Stranger Things and he is a great cop. I thought it was devastating how his daughter died but only motivated him more to help Joyce find Will. He's a hero and I respect him a lot

The ideal police officer. Nothing stops him from helping his friends and family. Kind-hearted, tough, perfectly flawed, absolutely lovable. Wouldn't trade him for the world.

Far and away the best character. Introduced as a lazy alcoholic cop. Receives the best character development on the show. He is a genius bare-bone detective that stops at nothing to protect the people in his town. Whether its finding who killed your pumpkins, or traveling to an alternate dimension to find your long lost son and save him from a rampaging bloodthirsty inter-dimensional demogorgon, Hopper is the detective for you. Seriously though he's one of the best characters I've ever had the pleasure of following in a series. The fact he's not number one is a crime.

he is smart, and his acting is great, I love how much he cares about anyone, he tries to protect anyone, hopper and steve deserve to be at the top of this list.

3 Eleven Eleven is a fictional character of the Netflix science fiction horror series Stranger Things. She is portrayed by Millie Bobby Brown.

SHE IS AMAZING! I don't understand why people hate on her! She is literally the main character! And people say that the show is about Will but its more about eleven!

MY FAVORITE CHARACTER. and she's only third in this list . Eleven is so powerful and her backstory was very sad too. I almost cried at the part when Eleven killed herself to destroy the Demegorgon. It was cute how Michael asked her to the Snow Ball. I like her telepathy powers and I think it's dope. There is nothing wrong with her character

Obviously, Eleven should make number one. She is such a lovable unique freak in the first season, the girl with the shaved head and Powers who doesn't speak very much. She was robbed of her childhood, and is quite the memorable character due to it. In the second season, she kind of finds her parent, or at least a mentor to her, and starts looking into her past. In the third, she starts making friends and begins to get normalized and starts to fit in with society. She's quite the great character, with some great development that's only rivaled by the one and only Steve.

Lets take a moment to explain how great Eleven actually is. WHY ISN'T SHE IN 1ST PLACE? Give me a list of reasons how Steve is the best character. Honestly, this girl should be number 1 because like she's THE main character (Apart from Will since the whole story was based on him) Why she should be in 1st? She's funny, incredible, British if you didn't know, BORN IN SPAIN, awesome acting, she even has her own roblox account and wikipedia page. This girl is like popular still popular in Canada. Only downside is she only stays in California.

4 Dustin Henderson

Dustin is just straight up an adorable precious little jelly bean. He is just so pumped up for everything. And his love for food(especially chocolate pudding) is cute. He's my spirit animal

OMG! Best character, like, EVER! Loved it when he was singing never ending story! Suzie actually doesn't deserve him!

I like Dustin. He reminds me of me. I'd bring in a "cute" little creature I found in my trash and make friends with it.

Best character. No doubt about it. The only Comicon relief to stranger things and is the funniest character in the show. Also, how can you say no to those pearls

5 Mike Wheeler

A very nice guy. He might not have played a major role in Season 4, but his motivational speech for El in the final episode is truly amazing. A direct, genuine declaration of love that gave her the strength she needed in an extremely difficult moment. "You're my superhero"... such a powerful and standout scene. Well done, Mike.

Mike is honestly so loyal. He LOVES El. He would jump off the cliff for Dustin. He was constantly with Will when he needed him. He had a fallout with Lucas but was noble enough to accept his mistake and shake his hand. He was undyingly failthful to El when she was gone. He honestly isn't good only to El because he did lash out at her when they discovered Will's fake body and also when she flung Lucas in the junkyard. He is so hopeful and believes in people when nobody else does. I hope season 3 gives him more screen time and that his relationship with El gets stronger and deeper.

Mike is such a sweet, kind and brave person. He is always there for his friends and he is the glue that keeps the squad together. I love how he genuinely cares about his friends and always tries to protect them and make sure they're okay. He's definitely my favorite character of Stranger Things.

Mike is such a caring friend. I would love to hang out with him. I love how mad he got at Hopper once he found out he hid El. This means he is so protective to El. Not just El actually but even to Will, Dustin, and Lucas. (But not Max sadly). He is the leader to his friends. Paladin too!

6 Joyce Byers

Her anxiety and her fear made the whole Will thing and Demegorgon thing 20 times scarier. I love being scared or creeped out so I loved Joyce. She risked herself trying to find her son Will with Hopper in the Upside Down. She's so brave and is a great mother and would risk her soul for her kids, Jonathan and Will

This series needs Joyce Byers. Period. The woman is batting 1000 when it comes to her instincts. She knew in season one that Will wasn't dead, that he was "somewhere else" and it was her conviction that eventually led Hopper to team up with her to get him back (uncovering a government conspiracy and an alternate dimension in the process). She knew in season two that there was something much more sinister going on with Will's "episodes" than just PTSD, and it turned out the kid was possessed by the Mind Flayer (which she promptly exorcised from his body like a boss). And in season three: MAGNETS. I rest my case.

She's also the sweet, maternal figure we all need in our lives and I want her to hug me like all the time.

She's one of the few characters on the show who doesn't ever let selfishness get the better of her.

She is the most determined character! Played by Winona Ryder! How cool is that?

7 Will Byers

He is the best well crafted and best acting character. He is so deep, being a child that thinks that has lost his childhood and he sees evolving his friends and separate to him while he can't do nothing. Noah made a great job potraiting a sensitive and delicate child that society threats as an inferior cause he is not the man society expect from him or every dude in the 80's.

He is so innocent I mean seriously he did not diserve this at all. He seems so nice, In season two when there saying all the nice things about him I mean he seems so nice and he is never mean or judging anyone or being selfish and bragging. He puts others before him and that's all we could ask for. And seriously he survived the upside down. He also can talk through lights who else can do that. He even is adorable to top it off

Reasons to love Will:
1. He is super smart. If the thing was after me, I run away to my house and turn on the lights thinking I was being silly but Will doesn't he goes and grabs a gun ( S1 E1) and he uses the light, Plus the Electricty to community with his mum.
2. He doesn't like conflict and tries to please other before himself: "Does Dad ever do anything you want to do? Like go to the acrade or something? No he doesn't." Johantan to his Little Brother Will.
3. He is the one friend who gets left behind the others and that happened to me and many other people.

He deserves happiness and more love. Being stuck in the upside down for that long must have gave him some anxiety. But I just think he is an overlooked character.

8 Lucas Sinclair

Overlooked and underrated. Genuinely complex character development, relatable high school struggle.

I find him underrated as well as much more enjoyable in the second season. Team Lucas!

I actually think he is a really good character! Max is lucky!

Lucas is a great character but nobody understands him.

9 Jonathan Byers

Honestly very mean to his girlfriend like talks about her being " Relentless, Everything handed to her on a silver platter. And just is Insanely jealous of everybody, especially his own girlfriend.

I hate him. He is so mean to his girlfriend and admits that he " Doesn't like most people " So how is he in the top 10.. or even top 20. This guy is bad

He cares for a lot of characters including Will, Joyce, Nancy and pretty much all the other kids by the end of season 3 and that is the reason why he's one of my favourite characters in the whole show.

I don't care if he's "ugly", to me he's not. That one scene when Will woke up in the hospital and he was at his bedside cryin' made me cry a wee bit.

10 Max Mayfield

Literally the best character in the show and no one can change my mind, Season 4 just solidified her #1 status for me. She's gone through more character growth than most characters in the series, and hers was definitely the most emotionally moving and I seriously cried watching it. No doubt she's #1

That scene in the 4th episode of Season 4 has got to be the most intense and powerful moment in the whole show, it is so insanely emotional. Overall she's a nice character, and Sadie Sink is a very talented actress, too.

My personal favorite character. Above everything she is absolutely unpredictable, which makes every moment she's on-screen very enjoyable.

She is absolutely the best character! She is such a badass and I feel like I can really connect with her character, especially in season 4.

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11 Nancy Wheeler

She is independent, smart, confident. She asked dustin to dance after who he asked declined which made dustin happier. She stood in front of the car when billy was driving. And she helped Jonathan to try kill the demogorgan

Ugh, they're all just so lovable--their complexity and depth in character--how can I possibly decide? But I'm choosing Nancy--not because I favor her more than Hopper, Joyce, or the others--but because of the unavoidable chemistry between her and Jonathan.
Nevertheless, I adore each and every one of the cast. Dustin's potty-mouth quirkiness, Lucas's cynicism, Joyce's sheer maternal fury, Hopper's biting sarcasm, Mike's loyalty, Eleven's grammatically limited vocabulary... heck, I even like Steve, whether out of pity or not. I like Eleven, not particularly because of her character development, but... you know. She kicks butt, so that's a definite merit in her own.

She was kinda boring early on but, especially in season 3, she became so awesome. Like, standing in front of Billy's car heading right for her and not flinching until it was a foot away? Power to you, girl. She's also incredibly smart and good at her reporter thing (even if that was completely random). People look over her for the more central characters but ignore how much she helped.

Nancy is such a great character, she is smart, she has gone through some issues and made some mistakes but she always cares about those who she loves and along steve, she also had a great character development!

12 Robin Buckley

She is a good character for her amazing personality, not for the fact that she is gay. People seriously need to get over it, and recognize her for who she is, her personality, and how witty she is, not the way she was born.

Honestly, I thought she would be top 5 territory. Generally sassy, but also has vulnerable moments. Also she's lesbian, which makes her about 3 times as cool.

Robin and Steven are such an ICONIC duo. They're both my favourite characters but I picked Robin because, in my opinion, she's very underrated due to the fact that she was recently added to the Stranger Things cast. She is loveable, logical has witty, sarcastic send of humour and keeps Steve from doing stupid things. Not to mention the best part, she's gay.

Robin is a colleague of Steve Harrington at Scoops Ahoy the ice cream parlor located in Star-court Mall. Robin is a new character to us as she made an appearance in season 3 however she has already warmed our hearts.

13 Billy Hargrove

His character was definitely an a$$, but it was quite entertaining, especially with Mrs Wheeler. He was a great "bad guy" as one of the original flayed, and very intimidating. After the scene showing his father his behaviour was understandable (but not excusable). His final scene was amazing, and he had a good final redemption with Max.

I feel like the only reason he was all negative was because he really missed his mum. And he basically saved the main character of the show by sacrificing himself. He deserves a round of applause. And he is super hot

He is the BEST, he is H O T, he is also pretty much the main character in season 3, it was heart breaking when he died, why do the bad things always happen to the good people, I mean give me 3 reasons why he had to die, I just hope he comes back in season 4, max and I were heart broken!

Comedically over the top arrogant and and a great long term foil for Steve. "Hi..., uh I didn't know Nancy had a sister." - Billy to Karen (Mrs. Wheeler)

14 Murray Bauman

Best character in the entire show! he is awesome and funny and sarcastic and I think he needs more time on the screen than he gets. I hope they continue to put him into the next season! I have a very similar personality to him so it is fun for me to watch. I like when he shouts at Joyce and Hopper in the car with Alexei and Alexei askes what he said and he simply goes, "I told them they should have s3x."

Murray is a very funny character and has helped progress the storyline.

He's one of my favorites

"bald eagle do you copy? " "yes I copy" "sorry didn't catch that, bald eagle what did you say? " "bald eagle copies." "thanks for that bald eagle I hear you loud & clear! " "I hate children."

15 Alexei

I absolutely love this character. He had a lot of personality despite his short screen time and the fact that he didn't speak a word of English. That's a sign of great writing.

Alexei was hands down my favorite character in Season 3. He was like a teddy bear.

Poor dude was just playing a carnival game and was going to eat a hot dog. RIP.

Poor Alexei got shot. I was crying. He was the reason I watched it.

16 Bob Newby

Bob was extremely kind and loving of everyone around him. Although he had not grown a close connection with Will and Johnathan, he was still very protective of them.

Most traumatic character death in my opinion. He brought stability to the Byers household and brought joy to everyone he knew. Some probably think he's boring, but in my opinion, his character was very refreshing.

It was incredibly heart breaking when Bob met his death. I personally thought that Bob was one of the most realistic and relatable characters throughout Stranger Things. He just wants to be a good stepdad and role model and is loving and protective. I love his dorky personality and his references to nerdy subjects. Even though he is somewhat clueless, and has character flaws, he's cool and my third favorite character.

Only character other than Eleven to sacrifice everything to save the rest. But Eleven felt guilty for starting it, Bob just wanted to protect Joyce.

17 One
18 Erica Sinclair

"Can't spell america without erica." she is hilarious and enjoyable to watch! I liked the scene where she and dustin argue about my little pony.

Erica is honestly the best character. She makes fun of Lucas for having a crush on Max and honestly she needs way more recognition.

Erica brings the joy to the series that we all wanted to see!

Erica is so funny and relatable. She always has funny commentary

19 Eddie Munson

I am sad he died, and I wish he could have been around for another season.

Hot,to sweet he deserves why better, I don't know why people hate him. Joseph does a amazing job playing him

His death was sad

20 Scott Clarke

I almost feel bad for this guy. they keep asking him weird questions and has no idea why! Just like when Dustin asked how to build a sensory deprivation tank, you could see the confusion in his face and I loved it!

He's the whole reason they know about the upside down. He helped the kids probably the most out of anyone to figure out what was happening.

Scott Clarke is extremely underrated. He had so much potential to be a great character.

21 Karen Wheeler

Karen took the kids

22 Demogorgon

The demogorgon was so cool!

Oh yeah he's the best

23 Mews

Justice 4 mews

I need justice.

24 Vecna

Our lord and savior

25 Dr. Sam Owens
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