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1 Steve Harrington

I like Steve, but he is kind of bossy towards the kids, Robin, and Nancy. But I know he loves them all and wants to protect them. After all, he is older than them. I hope he and Nancy get back together in Season 5. Jonathan is not right for poor Nancy. He always yells at her and makes her cry. I like Steve because I see a part of Billy in him. I liked him for the most part in Season 1, found him boring in Season 2, and liked him again in Season 3. Hilarious.

Though Steve was a bit of a jerk to Nancy and Jonathan in the beginning, his redemption arc has been amazing. I honestly get goosebumps every time he twirls the bat, or the phone, haha. The way he protects the kids, especially Dustin, is heartwarming. The way he pictures his future with Nancy makes you love him even more. I really thought he was going to be a goner in Season 4. I'm hoping he makes it through Season 5!

I'm so happy Steve is at the top of the list. His character development is one of the best in the show, as he went from your typical popular jerk to a caring, supportive, and badass babysitter/mother to all of the kids. He's funny, brave, has great hair, and is really hot to boot. What more could you want?

2 Eleven Eleven is a fictional character of the Netflix science fiction horror series Stranger Things. She is portrayed by Millie Bobby Brown.

Eleven was really adorable in Season 1, and I still love her for the most part. I loved how she helped Billy and felt sorry for him. Holding his hand and touching his cheek was both heartwarming. She and Billy in almost every scene together were on the verge of tears. I think El had a crush on him. Mike would have definitely been jealous of Billy because of the scenes he and El had together.

El represents girl power, but apparently, people have been saying that Max, Robin, and Nancy all took her place as the awesome girl. I agree for Nancy and Robin, but not Max. I prefer Eleven, Nancy, and Robin over Max. The only thing I didn't like about Eleven was that in Season 4, she hit poor Angela in the face with a roller skate. I know Angela was mean, but seeing her cry and her nose bleeding was sad and horrifying. Mike and Will were shocked, and Angela's friends were very worried about her.

I never hated Angela, and ever since I saw what happened, I stopped disliking Angela. But I still love Eleven for the most part.

3 Jim Hopper

Hopper is the real MVP of Stranger Things, and he's also had great development. Initially, he just seemed like a lazy, small-town cop, but he turned into such a caring father figure to Eleven and a hero to pretty much everyone. He's tough (seriously, this dude survives everything), brave, badass, selfless, and just all-around an incredible guy.

Let's not forget all of the pain he went through after losing his daughter Sarah to cancer, and being tortured and beaten by the Russians for almost an entire year. And guess what? He still made it out and is kicking everyone's ass. Good for him!

Hopper is so great. Top 3 for me. In Season 3, when he "died," I did not believe it. And apparently, I was right. Hopper is the best dad to Eleven. I wanted to beat up everyone who hurt him in Season 3. It was a little sad and funny when he escaped and started eating peanut butter. Then he got taken away... why?

Far and away the best character, Jim Hopper is introduced as a lazy alcoholic cop but receives the best character development on the show. He is a genius, bare-bone detective who stops at nothing to protect the people in his town. Whether it's finding who killed your pumpkins or traveling to an alternate dimension to find your long-lost son and save him from a rampaging, bloodthirsty, inter-dimensional Demogorgon, Hopper is the detective for you.

Seriously, though, he's one of the best characters I've ever had the pleasure of following in a series. The fact that he's not number one is a crime.

4 Dustin Henderson

Oh, Dustin. He's got so much personality! He's the smartest (he's booksmart, but he knows how to apply his knowledge) and the funniest by far. I just love his little rivalry with Mike's dad.

His friendship with Steve is so wholesome, and with Eddie. I ugly cried when he talks to Eddie's uncle and reassures him Eddie died a hero, even if the whole town believes completely otherwise.

He had my heart from the get-go.


Ok, can we be honest? Dustin is genuinely the best character in this show, hands down. The only other people who have a chance are Steve and Eddie. We've only seen one season of Eddie, and we will only see one season of Eddie. Steve is very close to Dustin. Neither of them would be as good without each other.

Dustin just has a great personality. He has a great sense of humor and is also super kind and caring. Dustin just gets me laughing and having a great time. Dustin would be a perfect best friend.

5 Mike Wheeler

Oh, Mike, he's been getting a lot of hate lately with how he's been written in the fourth season. I agree that seasons 3 and 4 Mike do not live up to seasons 1 and 2 Mike. Before people say "Mike is a bad friend," let's look back at the first two seasons, shall we?

In season 1, Mike jumped off a cliff for Dustin. He was willing to die for him. Is that a bad friend? In the second season, while I don't like how he treated Max, he was incredibly caring towards Will and was always there for him, no matter what.

Though Mike seemed more insensitive in the later seasons, let's look at it this way: he's a teenager. Teenagers have obnoxious phases. All the characters have their moments like this. But people don't seem to realize that even though he makes mistakes, that caring person he was in the first two seasons is still in there. He apologizes to Will after how he treated him at the skating rink, and his pep talk to El is what motivated her to fight back against Vecna.

Bottom line, everyone's entitled to their own opinions, but let's stop hating on Mike.

6 Joyce Byers

This series needs Joyce Byers. Period. The woman is batting 1000 when it comes to her instincts. She knew in season one that Will wasn't dead, that he was "somewhere else," and it was her conviction that eventually led Hopper to team up with her to get him back (uncovering a government conspiracy and an alternate dimension in the process). She knew in season two that there was something much more sinister going on with Will's "episodes" than just PTSD, and it turned out the kid was possessed by the Mind Flayer (which she promptly exorcised from his body like a boss). And in season three: MAGNETS. I rest my case.

She's also the sweet, maternal figure we all need in our lives, and I want her to hug me like all the time.

Joyce is the best mother ever. She never gave up hope on Will, even when everyone else was convinced he died. She traveled into the Upside Down to save him, and brought him back safely. She never gave up hope on Hopper either, even when all evidence said he was dead. Her relationship with Hopper is also one of the best in the show. Plus, she's badass, and a good mother figure to El as well as her own sons.

7 Will Byers

I adore Will, and he's one of the most sympathetic characters in my opinion. He's gone through so much throughout the course of the series. Starting in the first season, he was taken by the Demogorgon and was forced to stay in the Upside Down for an entire week. Even after being rescued, he was still plagued by nightmares, flashbacks, and visions for all of the time afterwards.

In season 2, he was literally possessed by the Mind Flayer. In season three, he felt ignored by his friends, as none of them were interested in spending time with him. In season four, it is confirmed that he is gay and that he is in love with Mike, who he is forced to watch fall in love with El and grow distant from him. Let's remember that the show takes place in the '80s, where being gay wasn't accepted the way it is nowadays. Will deserves better, and I truly hope he ends up happy at the end of the series (fingers crossed).

8 Max Mayfield

I love Max. Initially, I wasn't a huge fan of her when she was first introduced, as she seemed kind of rude and aloof. However, as the second season progressed, I grew to appreciate her and her fierce attitude. Major props to her for standing up to Billy like that.

I loved her friendship with El in the third season, and the fourth season really solidified what a good character she is, showcasing how amazing an actress Sadie Sink is. She feels guilty for Billy's death and has been cursed by Vecna. She narrowly escapes death in "Dear Billy," but isn't so lucky in "The Piggyback." Fortunately, El manages to restart her heart, but she's now in a coma. Mad Max, I really hope you return in season five.

Max is definitely the best character in the Stranger Things cast! She is brave enough to fight Vecna despite her depression. I don't think she wanted Billy to die, just that she wanted him to change.

Best character because of her bravery and friendship with El. Such a kind character, and my personal favorite scene was when she and El went out to the mall. She explained to El that she can make her own rules, that she doesn't need a boyfriend, and that she can be her own person without Mike keeping her away from everything. Max is an amazing, badass, adorable character, and I think I will honestly sue Stranger Things if she doesn't wake up in S5!

9 Nancy Wheeler

Nancy is really cute and adorable. She's also very cool, and I can't get enough of her. I always want to give her hugs. I love her and Robin equally, and I never want either of them to die. I also love that they became close friends in Season 4. I hope the Duffers make a spin-off of them teaming up to solve mysteries. I would be angry if either Nancy or Robin got killed off. That would be disgusting. The only problem I have with her is that she tried to shoot Billy and kill him.

Ugh, they're all just so lovable - their complexity and depth in character - how can I possibly decide? But I'm choosing Nancy - not because I favor her more than Hopper, Joyce, or the others - but because of the unavoidable chemistry between her and Jonathan.

Nevertheless, I adore each and every one of the cast. Dustin's potty-mouth quirkiness, Lucas's cynicism, Joyce's sheer maternal fury, Hopper's biting sarcasm, Mike's loyalty, Eleven's grammatically limited vocabulary... Heck, I even like Steve, whether out of pity or not. I like Eleven, not particularly because of her character development, but... you know. She kicks butt, so that's a definite merit in her own.

10 Lucas Sinclair

Lucas, the most underrated of the main group. I didn't like him much in the first season because of how he treated El, but I loved him for the remainder of the series. He's like the lighthearted one, always cracking jokes and making me smile. His relationship with Max is adorable as well. Lucas deserves more appreciation because he's always there for his friends, no matter what.

He is WAY too underrated when he is the best. The best is Lucas, then Dustin, then Will and Mike are tied for last. Wait, do Max and El count as members of the group? Anyway, just of these dudes. Lucas is AMAZING. He is such a cool guy, and maybe he treated El wrong in season 1, but he made up for it. Didn't you guys see his badass door kick in season 2? Best moment in the whole show.

Lucas is actually the most normal person out here, lol. But that just makes him more relatable. He's got understandable concerns about El at first, but he ends up being a great friend to her. He's persistent when looking for Will, showing how loyal he is, even if he gets a little sidetracked in season 5 because for once in his lifetime, he'd like to experience school without bullying.

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11 Jonathan Byers

Jonathan might not be as magnetic and charming as Steve, but that's because he's a different person with a different upbringing. He's an introvert and he dislikes most people. But to be honest, people aren't exactly nice to him either. He didn't get to enjoy his teens because he had to step up to help his family, work, and take care of Will, which he did without complaining because he loves them. He's an amazing big brother to Will, caring, empathetic, accepting, and just so wholesome.

He has his flaws, but that just makes him a more realistic character. He's just a young man who's had to grow up too fast and who doesn't fit in. But he doesn't care about fitting in, and that's also cool.

He is a brave guy.

I think we really should understand his background when judging him. For instance, when he is unsure about supporting Nancy's Mrs. Driscoll story, it's because he doesn't want to get fired. The job is more important to him than it is to Nancy. He even tells her that she doesn't have to worry about a mortgage, which is quite funny.

I believe this also comes into play when he decides to go to Lenora Community College instead of being with Nancy. Firstly, he feels responsible for his family and wants to take care of them, as he's been the father figure from a young age. Additionally, it might be because the Byers don't have money, and college is expensive.

Lying to Nancy and taking pictures of her in Season 1 doesn't really have an excuse. To be honest, that was creepy. But anyway, stop comparing him to Steve. They probably already left their rivalry behind, and you're still not over it.

12 Robin Buckley

I have to admit, I loved her rude and snarky self in season three! It was kind of cool, but I felt bad for Steve. Now in season four, she is energetic and kind, and she is friends with Nancy, which I also love. Robin and Nancy are both queens, but I hope Robin will at least have a little bit of rudeness and snark in the final season.

Robin is so cool, and I love her and Nancy equally. I'm glad they became close friends in Season 4. I never want either of them to be killed off. The only problems I have with Robin are that she was rude to Steve and Dustin and that she, along with Steve, ran over Billy and almost killed him.

Robin's just great and very entertaining to watch. Her and Steve's banter is one of the best parts of the third season. She's witty, funny, smart, and also relatable with her clumsiness and sometimes awkwardness. Go Robin!

13 Eddie Munson

SO sweet and kind, but has some flaws. He genuinely loves Chrissy and is sad at her death. All-time saddest death.

He was such a great character. RIP, or hopefully not, hope to see him again in season 5!

I am sad he died, and I wish he could have been around for another season.

14 Billy Hargrove

Billy is my favorite character and always will be. He's cute and cool at the same time. Every time I see him in the show, I tear up, especially during the scenes where his father was very cruel to him and where he sacrificed himself to save Max, El, and their friends.

He only had a few people who cared about him: Tommy H, Carol, their friends, Ms. Wheeler, Heather, Eleven, and I guess Max. I was upset when I learned in season 4 that Max wanted him to die. He may have been kind of mean, but he was just a kid who missed his mom and had no good role models. How can someone say it's not an excuse for what he did if he never knew it wasn't okay?

His character was definitely an ass, but it was quite entertaining, especially with Mrs. Wheeler. He was a great "bad guy" as one of the original flayed, and very intimidating. After the scene showing his father, his behavior was understandable (but not excusable). His final scene was amazing, and he had a good final redemption with Max.

15 Murray Bauman

Best character in the entire show! He is awesome, funny, and sarcastic, and I think he needs more time on the screen than he gets. I hope they continue to include him in the next season! I have a very similar personality to him, so it is fun for me to watch. I like when he shouts at Joyce and Hopper in the car with Alexei, and Alexei asks what he said. He simply goes, "I told them they should have sex."

Murray is a very funny character and has helped progress the storyline.

Ninja man! He is a sweet guy that can be weird – we all need that, right?

16 Alexei

I absolutely love this character. He had a lot of personality despite his short screen time and the fact that he didn't speak a word of English. That's a sign of great writing.

Poor dude was just playing a carnival game and was going to eat a hot dog. RIP.

Alexei was hands down my favorite character in Season 3. He was like a teddy bear.

17 Bob Newby

It was incredibly heartbreaking when Bob met his death. I personally thought that Bob was one of the most realistic and relatable characters throughout Stranger Things. He just wants to be a good stepdad and role model, and is loving and protective. I love his dorky personality and his references to nerdy subjects. Even though he is somewhat clueless, and has character flaws, he's cool and my third favorite character.

Most traumatic character death, in my opinion. He brought stability to the Byers household and brought joy to everyone he knew. Some probably think he's boring, but in my opinion, his character was very refreshing.

Bob was extremely kind and loving to everyone around him. Although he had not grown a close connection with Will and Jonathan, he was still very protective of them.

18 One
19 Erica Sinclair

"Can't spell America without Erica." She is hilarious and enjoyable to watch! I liked the scene where she and Dustin argue about My Little Pony.

Erica is honestly the best character. She makes fun of Lucas for having a crush on Max and honestly, she needs way more recognition.

Erica brings the joy to the series that we all wanted to see!

20 Karen Wheeler

I like her. She is an awesome mom. She may not always know what's going on, but key moments I like were when she had a heart-to-heart with Nancy and told her she was proud of her for sticking up for herself in season three. How she always takes care of Holly throughout the show, and how she showed care to Billy. She is a mama bear who seems to really care for her daughters very much!

I like this lady. She and Nancy had a heartwarming conversation in Season 3. She loves her, Mike, and Holly very much. She's one of the few people who cared about Billy, and she's kind of cool. I hate that she has a very boring husband. She, Mike, Nancy, and Holly should get away from him.

Karen took the kids.

21 Dr. Martin Brenner

This guy and his other lab workers are pretty much responsible for all the deaths of all the people the Demogorgon/Mind Flayer killed, basically. We don't even know what happened to this guy after Season 1.

22 Fred Benson
23 Larry Kline
24 The Mindflayer

The Mindflayer is the villain in Seasons 2 and 3. The first appearance he made, he was almost like a shadow haunting Will and dragging him to the Upside Down. In Season 3, it was much more exciting. I even made a cake of the blood-red monster made out of flesh.

The amount of power this thing possesses as an antagonist is truly fascinating. I cannot wait until they flesh out this character further.

Real badass monster.

25 Mr. Clarke

Mr. Clarke is OBVIOUSLY the best! I want a teacher like him! He is so funny, unique, creative, and so much more (and tied with Hopper for me).

Mr. Clarke is so underrated. Without him, they never would have been able to get Eleven to float, to understand what the Upside Down was, and never would have had the AV club, which, *ahem*, is a little bit important.

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