Adrian Pimento

Adrian Pimento is a psychologically volatile police officer who spent twelve years undercover infiltrating the mafia. His first appearance is in the third season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, in which he returns to the NYPD's 99th Precinct after his undercover work ends. His series of psychological traumas and mental disconnections from his previous life, however, prevent him from being formally reinstated into the police force, and henceforth continues to work as a private investigator.

Pimento's personality is rampant and deranged as a consequence of his emotional instability, tending to frighten others in his presence. He also has several bizarre habits such as practicing Tai Chi completely naked and breaking into people's homes. Out of his loss of touch with reality, he is prone to misreading situations and acting on them in an excessive and unorthodox manner. This often brings dry and awkward humour to his appearances in the show.

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