Top 10 Best Songs of 2024

2024 is shaping up to be a wild ride of catchy beats, emotional anthems, and unexpected breakout hits. But with so many amazing tracks, which ones will truly reign supreme?

We want to know which songs are making you turn the volume way up, inspiring epic dance parties, or becoming the background music to your best memories of the year. Is it that surprise indie smash that's taking over the world? The heartbreak ballad that hits you right in the feels? Or maybe a party anthem that still gets your feet moving?

Take a moment to appreciate the current music scene and cast your vote for the songs you think deserve a spot at the top. Your choices will decide the ultimate soundtrack of 2024.
The Top Ten
1 Good Luck, Babe! - Chappell Roan

This song needs to be higher, it's pure pop bliss! The chorus is amazing and Chappell Roan's vocal performance is astonishing. It also sounds like a perfect lost demo by Prince or Wham-era George Michael.

Edit: It's now at #1, and rightfully so! It's also becoming Chappell Roan's first hit on the Billboard Hot 100. And her debut album is also cracking the top 10 on the Billboard 200.

This song is so catchy and one of my favourite songs of this year, so far.

2 The Mad Stone - Everything Everything
3 Too Sweet - Hozier

Another great song by Hozier. I really like the rhythm and the chorus. A potential hit for sure.

4 Hurricane - Eden Golan
5 Obsessed - Olivia Rodrigo
6 Carry You - Martin Garrix, Third ≡ Party & Oaks

We waited almost a year but we finally got one of the best progressive house anthems of the decade. Can't want to belt this out at a festival

7 Show of Hands - Future, Metro Boomin & A$AP Rocky
8 Espresso - Sabrina Carpenter

This has to be my favorite Sabrina Carpenter song so far. I really love the disco beat and her vocal performance. It's already part of my (early) summer '24 soundtrack.

I love the disco influenced sound in this song, and it's definitely deserving of big hit status!

It's become a really big hit for her and all of 2024.
It's even become the biggest debut of her career, hitting #1 on the Billboard 200.

9 When I Wanna Be Wanted - Wade Bowen
10 Off the Muscle - DJ Booker & NLE Choppa

The Newcomers

? I'll Come Off the Mountain - Sierra Ferrell
? Memphis; The Blues - Zach Bryan
The Contenders
11 Who's Afraid of Little Old Me? - Taylor Swift
12 Empty - Martin Garrix, DubVision & Jaimes
13 A Time of Quiet Between the Storms - Hans Zimmer
14 Fortnight - Taylor Swift
15 Look Ma, No Brains! - Green Day
16 Fear - Logic
17 We Can't Be Friends (Wait for Your Love) - Ariana Grande
18 Places I Belong - Seven Lions, Andrew Bayer & Fiora
19 Mon amour - Slimane
20 Étouffée - Vince Staples
21 Paisley Dreams - The Game & Big Hit
22 Strange Days are Here to Stay - Green Day
23 Believe - Third ≡ Party
24 Teresa & Maria - Alyona Alyona and Jerry Heil
25 Who I Am - Alan Walker, Putri Ariani & Peder Elias
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