Best Brands of Mountain Bikes

Remember when you were a kid jumping off curbs and plowing through puddles on your bike? How sweet was that And now things are even better. You can really get dirty, hit some serious jumps, and bomb down hills your mom never would have let you attempt back then.

Of course all that modern requires that you have a ride that is up to the challenge. Mountain bikes today are amazingly well engineered. They are so much lighter, stronger, and smoother than ever before so when you get a good mountain bike, your ride works for you instead of against you.

Deciding which bike to get isn't necessarily an easy decision. There are a lot of quality brands out there and you'll need to find something that fits your budget. Ultimately, the best thing you can do is get out and test drive a variety of models so I can't recommend that you use this list of best mountain bike brands as the ultimate authority on what to buy. Instead, use it as a good starting point that will end with you having great toy you can use to tear up the trails.

The Top Ten

1 Giant Giant Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is a Taiwanese bicycle manufacturer that is recognized as the world's largest bicycle manufacturer.

Excellent, but very expensive once I grow up I'll get Glory DH, I swear!

I have a Giant Yukon, very comfortable to ride and maintenance free.

I'm sixty five years old but still enjoyed riding my Giant mtb, its very sturdy thanks to the asean craftmen who build it.

I ride a giant bicycle by my self and I like the way the bike feels and they are not really heavy
And you have expensieve and cheap bikes

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2 Trek Trek Trek Bicycle Corporation is a major bicycle and cycling product manufacturer and distributor under brand names Trek, Electra Bicycle Company, Gary Fisher, Bontrager, Diamant Bikes, Villiger Bikes and until 2008, LeMond Racing Cycles and Klein.

I'm 6'5" and 310 lbs. After snapping the frame of a Cannondale then ruining the fork suspension on a Giant, I took the advice of my buddy at Bicycles Unlimited and gave Trek a try - that was seven years ago and it's still going strong, having only replaced the tires, brake pads, and a brake cable. With no disrespect to any other brands, Trek is the best brand to me.

I'm from Philippines, I have a great experience with this two brands the specialized and trek, both hardtail. First, I own specialized which gives me a smooth ride. But, after using for 1yr 4mos and 8days, I notice that the base part of my specialized body has a small crack, which is not good for me. Then I planned to buy a new one to replace my specialized body, I choose two brands trek and bianchi. I ask the owner of the store, which one has a good quality. He said, that both body have good quality in terms of weight. Bianchi, is like your biking in the mud. While trek has a good performance and high quality. No doubt, I choose trek 6500. And I never regret choosing my trek, now I'm using it for 2yrs and 22days.

Thank you trek bicycle company, you are the most reputable company in the whole worldwide... Keep up the good work guys...

By the way, I'm 5'8", 23y. O and male...

I have had four Treks so far, and all my family members also got Treks, and got some friends into Trek. Beaten, roughed up, they just take everything and still roll true. Also have a Marine Nail Trail 29er, a good one, but far from Trek.

They have the best types of racing bikes

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3 Specialized Specialized Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc., more commonly known simply as Specialized, is a major American brand of bicycles and related products.

Best bikes on the planet, hands down. There's a reason there were 5 at the olympics more than any other brand!

Invested in a StumpJumper 13 years ago, put billions of miles on it, and it still feels like new every time I ride it. Thanks to Specialized for making such a killer bike. - dallinatkinson

I have a Demo 8 II and simply there is nothing - for xtreme mtb - to compare in the market. If you are just a casual/recreational biker you cannot understand the real potential of this brand. Thank you, Specialized!

Better than GT easy

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4 Cannondale Cannondale The Cannondale Bicycle Corporation, is an American division of Canadian conglomerate Dorel Industries that supplies bicycles.

I have cannondale SL3.

I just love my bike, gear shifting is effortless. The best part is that you get both derailers of Sram X5 at such low cost.

Trigger-1 (29r). Efficient climber and smooth DH rider; all with a flip of a switch on the handle bars and push of a button on top of the Lefty. In addition, can change seat position from full extension on a climb to 'down in between the front and rear wheel' with a push of a button; sense of lower center of gravity.
Started with a Cannondale Super-V Full Suspension for 'donkey's years'. All aluminum and great bike for it's time; AKA - Old Faithful.

I love my lefty! Smooth ride, easy downhill, quick change with front shocks.

I have a lefty fs1 carbon fibre amazing ride

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5 Santa Cruz Santa Cruz Santa Cruz Bicycles is a manufacturer of high end mountain bikes based in Santa Cruz, California. They sponsor the Santa Cruz Syndicate, a downhill racing team.

This list sucks, Huffy, K2, Dunlop, Mongoose, and Magna all suck. And by the way speaking of Huffy's, it is a well known fact that the 2 worst kind of bikes you can get are Huffy's and Murray's. Schwinn sold out in the mid 1990's, and KHS is a sub brand of Diamondback another brand that sold out. Plus Gary Fisher is a sub brand of Trek. Sub brand meaning it's the exact same brand of bike with a different name on it. Plus Haro's and GT's may make decent beginner mountain bikes, but their both still brands of bike more known and better suited for being an aggressive trick/skate park & MBX style of bike. But just for the record, Santa Cruz bikes are the best for mountain they are one of very few bike companies that only make mountain bikes and have their bikes manufactured in the US.

Got my aluminum nomad and it is perfect for me up and down hill ride. It's geometry gives me ease pedaling either way. Arnimator

The Quality and Engineering put into my Santa Cruz is incredible and when you look at the Design and Style this bike has over the competition, there is no competition. Anyone can attach the best components to there frame. Santa Cruz's frames are in the top 4!

Best frame warranty and warranty department out there if you do have an issue. Replaced a 2014 frame with a 2019 frame for a non-structural issue. Amazing is what I call it. I am Santa Cruz for life now

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6 GT GT GT Bicycles designs and manufactures road, mountain, and BMX bicycles - originally in the United States, and now as a division of Canadian conglomerate, Dorel Industries, which also markets Cannondale, Schwinn, Mongoose, IronHorse, Dyno, and RoadMaster bicycle brands; all manufactured in Asia.

I have a 12 year old GT Aggressor and I batter it week in week out. It just doesn't break I am replacing soon with a GT 29er fantastic brand and heritage

I love my GT Fury Carbon. When I use it, it makes m feel like I'm flying because of the suspensions in the back and in the front. It's a 10-speed type of mountain bike.

I've got a gt legacy hybrid bike I ride 20 miles every day and have only changed the brake blocks I really think gt are great I've had it 5 years oh yeh and had to change the tyres a few times

The best

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7 Scott Scott

What to say about the company that makes 899 grams frame?

Completely beautiful, gorgeous bikes, completely addictive to ride. I have both a road, Cyclocross and a Hard tail Race bike, and each serve me very well!

Great bikes, reliable, well done and detailed at its finest.
Huge range to choose from road, to kids, womens, dh, all mountain, trail, xc and a few more varieties to choose from.

Fully recomended and exclusive

Great at every type of bike they make.

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8 Yeti Yeti

I ride professionally and yeti is definitely my favourite brand of bike. All of there bikes are amazing.

They make the best. They are an all mountain and down hill biking brand. Really fast for the whole duel suspension thing.

I have owned Giant, Bridgestone and multiple Specialized bikes - all good, but once I owned a Yeti there was no turning back. I am on my second Yeti and they are simply amazing - I can do things on that bike that I could never do on mass produced brand bikes.

Ridden most of the brans on this list. However finds yeti SB6 turq series to be the best.

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9 Merida

From 2014 Merida mountain bikes are as good if not better than big name Brands. I've owned many different brands and Merida are now my personal favorite. The quality and performance you get for your money is beyond compare. If you want a great bike buy a merida. If you're a brand snob buy something else for more money and lower quality components.

This merida bike is high quality, this bike can not destroy quickly because every part of the merida is hard to destroy, for me the best mountain bike is Merida that's all

I just got a Merida enduro bike and it is all ready my favorite. I took it for a test run before I bought it and everything about it I love. Good pair of fox flow shocks, just love the bike

Best Buy!

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10 Kona Kona Kona Bikes is a bicycle company based in the Pacific Northwest. Founded in 1988 and still owned by Dan Gerhard and Jacob Heilbron in Vancouver, BC, their World Headquarters are located in Ferndale, Washington, with Canadian distribution offices in Vancouver, and European distribution offices in Geneva, more.

This is the best brand. I'm from Mexico and it's complicated to get a Kona, but once you have get it you're gonna love it. This brand offers the best relation price - quality product, you should check what offers Kona in the same range of price before buying another bike, because you always gonna find a better bike por the same price. Also Kona always is innovating, and other brands only copy the designs that Kona and others are doing. Oh and don't forget the Africa programs that Kona is making. Sorry about my English writing. I hope it works for new cyclist.

I have ridden mountain bikes since '95, and my first real bike was a Kona Cinder Cone. Since then I have had a lot of bikes in between and went back to Kona after being not impressed with other brands. The difference is Kona is very careful on the geometry of all their bikes, and often the only difference between a lower end bike, and top end is the componants, but the rest of the bike is the same. This makes for amazing value. The big guys like Trek and Giant make crap bikes on the low and.. And no matter how much you try to upgrade them.. They will will always be crap bikes. This is not so with Kona. You can take a $800 bike, and change the drivetrain and fork, and have the exact same bike as a $1300 race ready bike.

I have had the privilege of riding top brands like Specialized, Trek, GT, etc and once I bought a Kona, I have never turned back. In fact, I have bought 3 since then. Great bikes! I do my homework before I buy anything and if you're the same, do yourself a favor and shop a comparable Kona to the style of bike you're looking for in other brands. You'll see that quality, fitment options, price, mean a lot to this company.

Best Bikes in the World!

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The Contenders

11 Rocky Mountain Bicycles Rocky Mountain Bicycles Rocky Mountain Bicycles is a Canadian bicycle manufacturer based in Vancouver, British Columbia. The company was incorporated in 1981, its name a reference to the mountain range that stretches from eastern British Columbia to the southwest United States.

Designed and tested on the technical trails of Vancouver's North Shore and Whistler, Rocky Mountain Bikes always impress. I'm currently running a Flatline Pro and absolutely love it.

Bought a 2013 altitude haven't even need any new parts only thing was a brake bleed. Its lasted 4 years nearing 5 without any major adjustments. I'm thinking of upgrading to an either 2017 altitude, 2016 or 2017 element, thunderbolt is considerable Trek remedy is up there too just don't know which one? Price is the only issue with these bikes. Otherwise very well made take it over a giant anyday.

My 2013 Altitude 750 is an amazing bike to ride, I like to be a bit different and was fed up with seeing the same brands out on the trails.

Because it's the rocky mountains. Good luck on that hill - LightningStrike

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12 Gary Fisher

I've had two Gary Fishers' across thirty years one if his first and a remake of the same (still have them), and both have been more responsive and had better geometry for climbing and maneuvering than any other mountain bike I have ever ridden after racing for several years and leading bicycle tours all over the country. My colleagues and guests have had the same experience when we would arrive in a destination and given the opportunity to ride a Fisher and then other brands; and the only reason its not #1 in this survey is that other folks haven't ridden them and compared them head to head; as well as, sadly, the brand got subsumed under Trek.

Once I bought a Gary Fisher bike and ended up falling down a cliff and into water. I had to call for help then the locals came and fished me out I felt like akwd

Got a 2001 Gary Fisher Marlin in pristine condition. One of the best bikes I will ever own. Everyone comments on it.

I have a 2010 Gary fisher Roscoe III some minor scratches but a super great bike! The last designed by the man himself! overdone with superb parts.

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13 Marin

I bought a 29er Nail Trail 7 years ago and it is still the best bike I ever owned.

Bobcat frame geometry really helps!

These is no doubt these are some baller bikes

I have Rift Zone XC6, Perfect design, very comfortable, I like it more than my previous one(Merida).

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14 Diamondback

I have a Diamondback Overdrive Comp and is by far the best bike I have ever ridden. I have ridden the Trek, Giant, and GT hard tail bikes that supposedly compete with the DB Overdrive, but in my opinion, they aren't as good as the Overdrive.

Started mountain biking with a hybrid Wildwood that I beat snot out. Then proceeded to the entry level Nashbar AT1 (which is another brand I recommend if you're interested in biking! ) then went to the Overdrive Sport. Love this bike! It's not an aggressive down trail bike but climbing is no problem and flowing trails is where it excels. Now have the El Oso Grande fat bike and loving very bit of it.

I have a Diamondback Hard Tail Response Pro the first bike I owned. Its Performance and Quality has no difference from other expensive bike in the market like Giant, Specialize, Trek, etc...

Good reliable bike

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15 Cube

Great bikes, reasonably priced, cool colors, and they look amazing, have good quality parts, you get the most for your money.

Absolutely great quality, expensive but it worth it, highly recommended... I bought 3 CUBE, 2 unit send to my dad and my brother in Philippines...

Great bikes, value for money also the bikes are fitted with excellent parts.
Very reliable ride.

Gret bikes for the money we spend

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16 Pivot

Pivot's always on the tech forefront. Wonderfully engineered bikes with few compromises. And the company's run by a founder who rides and knows his stuff.

If we're talking about frame construction, suspension engineering, and ride quality, Pivot would be at or near the top of this "Best" list

There are many "top" bikes / brands out there now. In each price point or category its hard to find a bad bike. And often bikes appeal to different people for many reasons. After almost 50 years of riding, I have found the Pivot brand to be my go to equipment for everything from DJ to XC to trail, park and DH. Quality, technological advancement, and customer support have been stellar. Would be top of the list for me, as I owned, ridden, and enjoyed almost every brand on the list. But for the past several years they have remained my favorite overall ride.

Fun Makers is what Pivot should be called. Since riding their bikes my entire MTB experience has improved. Taking the time to set up the suspension properly and these are rockets up and down hill.

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17 Fuji

Best bike. Outland cross country full suspension one of the top contender in quality

Why this bike is so Cheap?! But the quality is so HIGH! Compared to Others... You are buying the design and the performance not the NAME FUJI... the HIGH Performance of their MATERIALS...

I have the FUJI Tahoe LE, and the bike is prefect... That is all I need to say!

I currently ride an entry Fuji Nevada 1.7 Nevada 2017 21” frame. Solid hardtail very light 32lbs Aluminum sl2 frame for $424 shipped from Sun and Ski beautiful bike...better components than competitors including Hydraulic mineral oil front and rear disk brakes and Shimano Acera drivetrain

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18 KHS

This list does not suck! Readers must understand that this list is based on votes. So vote. KHS build their own bikes after buying design rights they consider to be top of their game. They then construct it with their own expertise! Buy one and it will shut you up! Good budget bike is a bad description! My frame cost £500 15 years ago and Advertising is a good way to sell crap. If you like KHS then you are smart and know your Quality

I have a really customized XCT 555 and this thing rips! I absolutely love how I can ride all day on the trails and It just never gives me any hassles. I can also press it into a downhill bike in a pinch and it will hold its own against larger 8 inch travel machines! My husband now wants one instead of his GT. Having had Trek, Specialized and Giant bike I am a hardcore KHS fan now

Significantly better value for your dollar than most "big name" companies. KHS delivers the latest frame geometry and performance of the most expensive brands but at a much lower cost. For a given price point, you get a much better component group and thus a better performing bike overall. Construction quality is great, and both my KHS bikes have served me well for over 15 years each.

Love my Khs six fifty it’s light, smooth and so far handles a fair amount of punishment, only issue so far is a snapped rear linkage pin. lockout the rear suspension and it ascends with ease unlock and it handles a solid trail. all n all stoked!

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19 Norco

I own 2 Norco bikes. A 2014 Norco Fluid 7.2, and a 2015 Norco Range 7.3 Carbon. Easily the best bikes I've ridden, and I've spent a fair amount of time on Trek, Specialized, La Pierre, Rocky Mountain, Giant, and Merida. Norco are HANDS DOWN the best I've ridden.

I have a Norco fluid 9.2 right now and it is one of the best bikes I have ridden it is durable light weight and awesome.

I owned a Norco Rampage and it was a great hard tail bike, I was able to get into jumps, go down on mountains and also use it on the city to go everywhere. Very strong frame and build quality! I would recommed anyone to try a Norco, they should be above on this list!


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20 Lapierre

I have had many many bikes n none compare the the lapierre zesty the all round quality of the bike is in another level to the rest in there price range there is a bike track that me and my friends go to and since if had my lapierre I have improved dramatically the handling on the rockie downhill tracks and on the downhill jump tracks it next level must say if you see a lapierre zesty ask to have a go and If you succeed in doing I bet you want to own one

Lapierre pro race team 2013, best one of the 29er bicycles in the world.

I'm new to MTB but I have had 15 years of road experience and have owned 4 road bikes, 2 time trial bikes and now my first MTB. I am surprised Lapierre is a largely unknown still. I bought an Edge 527 after looking around several boutique bike shops and I went out for a few rides with friends - mostly on easy trails with few minor technical sections - it held up really well, considering my lack of trail skills. I am definitely keeping a closer eye on future models from Lapierre.

Lapierre Zesty my love

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21 Jamis

I am 'Dirt Jump' and 'All Mountain' bicycle player... And I just bought Jamis Komodo 26" and I am well satisfied with it... The frame strength is so amazing and it extremely stable.. I hope Jamis can keep Komodo serial in future... I very like it! Go.. Go.. Go Jamis Komodo!

Hope in the future all Jamis mountain bikes still use 7005 grade aluminium, that's great aluminium and sturdy for mountain bike frame... Anyway.. Jamis is the best brand to me.

I like Komodo.. Nice bike and very strong frame.. Love Komodo!


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22 Iron Horse

Very beautiful design and color combining, light weight and cheap. Have strong frame structure, can go all type of trail. If you buy this bike and another bike with same price, you will know the iron horse item is super quality. I have seven mtb, one of it is iron horse, another like giant, merida, norco that more expensive than iron horse but from all I choose iron horse because more comfortable, and very straching design. And another reason is, if we talk with our friend or anyone about mtb, we just need say IRON HORSE and your partner will automatically know the aroma of iron horse. Seriously cheap, from another mtb brand.

I like this bike out off all my old bikes it comes with 29" tires Its fast stops fast with the disc brakes it is a heavy for its size but it do have very good gears to help make it up the hill but once you go down hill it picks up a lot of speed makes you wanna wish you had more gears to make it go more faster. the only problems I had was changing worn out tires tire tubes and bearings on wheels and pedals. Well I do use it every day for the last 5 years so it do have many miles on it. I still like it fore the price I got it for. my bicycle is the sinister 6.3

I own 7 Iron Horse bikes and they are the best bikes I have ever owned! Most of the other bikes on the list above this brand don't actually deserve to be on there. Mongoose is one of the worst brands! If you want a cheap, piece of crap then don't get a Iron Horse. Well constructed and built in the USA!

Still riding my 20 year old AT70 with numerous upgrades to this day, great bike!

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23 Bianchi

It's frame is as sturdy as you could think of. The design has been superb.

I have a bianchi frame and it's the best frame I've used among others with highest price, the design is different from any others,

I'm stationed in Japan and the NEX sells is stocked with $300 Mongooses. Had 2 and each went bad. They both easily rusted and neither one had a chance to to taken out on the trails (Which is a shame because there are some good ones out here). I decided to go to a bike shop off base was will to shell out more money for the Kuma. A year later, I'm still in love with this bike and it still looks almost new even though I use it for daily transit and occasional trail riding

I ordered a Kuma 29.1 and it should be here Monday. So after a few rides, I'll give a review. I considered other brands such as Ghost, Centurion, Bergamont, and a few others. But it seems the name on the bike is superficial. Most bike frames are made in China or Taiwan. And the rest is SRAM, Shimano, or chapy. So for about $900 dollars, bikes in that price range are pretty much the same.

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24 Canyon

Best STW-ratio of any frame (including Trek, Specialized and Cannondale), excellent value, consistent quality components throughout, anodized frames, great geometry. To sum up, the best bikes in class.

These brand give you TOP equipment and frames for a beautiful price. I have a Canyon AL 6.0 with 3 years of punishment and works perfect. I love it.

I don't know why they are so low on the list they make great quality bikes for a cheap price by missing the middle man

They are great value for money and cannot be beaten

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25 Redline

Good solid bikes with decent components solid frames

Good bike that is comfortable and fast

26 Carrera

Takes a beating tough bikes had 2 carrera subway but one got stolen other one had to sell (had trouble with money) now I have brand new hellcat 29er tested off-road and on road. Started upgrading so far I got 203mm brake rotors planing to put hydraulic brakes and front double discs but 1000 dollars for front fork and hub is too expensive for me now but I hope to finish everything in one year.

Awesome bike, that has good overall performance and stability. Good for off road and trail riding, can handle a good amount of stick from me.

Cheap, great spec for the money!
I have a 2012 Kraken and use it to commute and off road. Given it some hammer and its real solid!

best bike

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27 Fezzari

Quality bike at a reasonable price! I currently own one and I couldn't be happier with the purchase I made! The service that they provide is second to none! I'm currently looking for a hard tail, I guess I'm heading back to Fezzari!

Very good bike! Quality and price the best! I'm very happy

27.5" mountain bike is amazing. Great components and very competitive pricing.

Best Buy!

28 Felt

Best bike selection at great prices. I love Felt I got mine at live 4 bikes in bellflower I love it. Best bike I have ever had. Its Edit pro full carbon, full suspension full Awesome!

I love my Felt. The best ride for the best price as someone else said without selling a kidney to own one. I got mine on sale because it was a year old and they were trying to get it off the showroom floor. I couldn't pass it up for the money.

Felt bikes are very under rated

Bought a Felt MTB for my son after comparing specs. It was between Felt and Specialized. There was a misunderstanding at the bike shop so they gave me an upgraded model for a lower price on the Felt which helped me decide. We're in SF Bay Area so all brands are available. 6 weeks, he loves the ride but only on streets and light trails so far. And that my friends is how we Felt.

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29 Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear is a British television series about motor vehicles, primarily cars, and is a relaunched version of the original 1977 show of the same name, airing since 2002, and becoming the most widely watched factual television programme in the world.

Obviously the leader in durability and price. Top Gear bikes will have you outside everyday! - Ayazo

Gearing a bit high otherwise perfect!

I love this show.

You say sturdy I say pooopy

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30 Airwalk


31 Claud Butler

My favorite. Light, smooth and off course very comfortable to ride for long time.

Bought a cape wrath fantastic bike for the money

My favorite one. Light, smooth and comfortable to ride for long time.

Quality bike

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32 Intense

One of the top Downhillers raced Intense, his name is Chris Kovaric and he's been loyal to Intense for a very long time. This goes to show how this company takes care of their team as well as their customers. Though they haven't been mass producing worldwide as the other named brands, Intense should definitely be a top 5-10 name cause they make great frames that compliment all the components they use, and Customer Service is second to none! I hope this brand climbs up the rankings...

Such quality (made in the US) and the geometry is fantastic. Although not cheap, it really great components and you get what you pay for.

Second to none up or down it eats the trails I have the carbine and it's a total dream

Ride once...Ride for life.

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33 TRS

Cheap but reliable, qualities are up to the standard, good bike for beginner especially when you still in learning stages.

Affordable and has qualities for beginner.

Very good quality equipment on bike with reseonable price

Best bike for beginners
Good for muscles building

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34 Cliff Runner

I have had one for 10 years and it is still as good as new, I have not replaced anything but tubes.

35 Turner

I have been in the industry for a long time and I have a Turner. Nothing compares, ride one and you'll put it on the top!

Read reviews on turner bikes, or ride one yourself, and that's all it will take.

I am 13 and have a 15 year old turner burner it is still going strong!

Litterly the best bike I have ever ridden. The geometry is elderly but fantastic and the only reason it isn't in the top ten is because it is not well know.

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36 K2

These are great bikes, great value, cool frames

I have worked for a number of bike shops and companies, and spend a lot of time riding. That said, I have tried numerous bikes: Raleigh, Kona, Specialized, GT, Haro, etc. And of all of them, K2 is definitely right at the top. Sometimes they get a bit of a bad rap because of some of their economy lines you find at places like Sports Authority and Dicks. Those are ok introductory bikes made specifically for those companies. However, their primary lines that they sale via The Hub, and other K2 shops is definitively a legit bike.

Ya k2 is really good. They make strong durable bikes and have pro detail and you can tell a lot of attention is put in to them, if you don't believe me go buy one for yourself.

I love my new K2 for it's age it is still contending up to the new ones on my mtb team. I race XC for my high school and I have to say it is a blast riding with them.

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37 Boardman Bikes

Very good bikes, great value for money with forks and drivetrains you would find on a much more expensive bike. The frame is amazing, with smooth weds like carbon fibre. Best bike brand

Nice bike, beautiful look

Awesome machine just eats up the miles with ease. Could never be without it now. Absolute first class machine.

Great bike lovley suspension.

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38 Ellsworth

I bought my 2009 Epiphany brand new and have been tearing up the trails ever since. I ride pretty much every weekend and I'm always impressed that my 5.5 inch suspension bike can still climb with the best of the 3 inch suspension bikes. But on the bumps downhill the plush suspension helps to navigate even the most technical terrains. I have ridden other top brand bikes but the Ellsworth just has an overall best feel for me. Ellsworth is definitely in the top 5 brands of mountain bikes and until you have the pleasure of riding one you'll never know. I just assume that because it's in the higher cost bracket that most of the people ranking haven't even rode and Ellsworth before. Just remember we're ranking the best bike and not the best deal!

I have two Ellsworth bikes, a Moment and an Evolve and I love them. They climb well, the suspension stays active during breaking, and they rock on the down hill sections I ride here in the Rocky Mountains. They are pricey but I plan on riding them for a very long time!

I have ridden many top rated mountain bikes and Ellsworth definitely is on the top of that list. Unfortunately there are many riders that due to cost have never rode one before and until they do will not understand just how awesome of a bike that Ellsworth stands behind. Ellsworth simply makes the best bikes out there but you will have to pay the price.

Ellsworth bikes make you feel special! The 4 point suspension makes a difference. The company stands by it's product. They quickly replaced a frame I cracked. Ellsworth forever for me!

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39 Concept

Very stylish good for beginners and kids

Very excellent bike in rough roads

I have a concept c mtb I like its stylish figure.

40 Geometric

Not really a fan, until they came out with the raptor carbon series. Extremely great geometry and superb design. Simplicity at its best! The mono colors shout, for a carbon frame, it is really robust. This beats my previously owned scott scale, mosso 7509, santa cruz chameleon.

Great bikes, reliable, well done and detailed at its finest.

Geometric Team 7 is great and make cycling fun and comfortable. High quality bikes.

Affordable but high spec. Performance is par with other brand such as Merida, Giant and Fuji. Highly recommended. Now will look for MTB carbon frame.

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41 NS Bikes

Always good maintained bikes for a fair price.

42 Muddy Fox

Bought anarchy 200. Very cheap but the quality is superb as well. Should be ranked higher

Good solid bikes at good prices

Flimsy shadow of it's former self!


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43 Marzona

I've had my marzona speed play for almost 5 years now and is still running.. been using it everyday as my transport.. frame is so reliable that you can make use of it on the trails or on urban road.. although the bike it self is not that lightweight as other high end brands but the durability and stability is pretty great..

Its was the best bike I ever have cheap but very durability

Great bike especially for its durability. A bit heavy but still its great

It's a great bike!

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44 Nakamura

I have nakamura grade 5.29.I find a great bike. It is very easy and well equipped to her money.

Nakamura is the best

I have a nakamura juvy good beginner bike

I have nakamura for 400 €... Its great, even for jumping and downhill..

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45 Kranked

Nice reliable bikes both on roads or off tracks and I've got 2 urban republic and the kranked factor both are great no complain! Ciao.2

Nice bike just very performance and fun on mountain all shimano pieces and very good suspensions good price for good quality

I have a by kranked

46 Ghost

Ghost make good frames that can survive a massive beating good specs and rides smoothly

After using Trek and Specialized I went for Ghost just to try it. When Ghost bikes first launched in our country I went and got the SE 2000. The bike was really balanced and perfect for commuting. Now I got another Ghost SE 4000 (2014) and it simply beasts all other Brands on this price range. I would highly recommend Ghost other then Trek or specialized.

Awesome bike, looks great too

Ghost 4 lyfe

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47 Radon

Fantastic bikes. Nicely priced.

Excellent equipment, low price.

Good price, awesome bikes

great bike

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48 Bulls

Great Bikes... Money for value!

Very lightweight and sturdy!

No nonsense bikes. Great quality for the price.

Big Bang for the Buck

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49 Voodoo

This bike is very uncommon, this is why it ranks so low. If it were more popular, people would come to realise that it is a bike that belongs in the top ten due to its superior quality

Riding Voodoo bike for a year now. Never ridden a better bike! Amazing Quality! Has a really good Quality Breaks and Suspensions. I'm riding Voodoo Hoodoo right now no trouble with the bike at all! the only thing I had to change so far are just grips didn't like the feel of them. After all the bike is great quality, the price is too low but it might just be that it isn't really known! Loads more MTB riders should try it out! Amazing bike with an Amazing Quality!

Got a voodoo hoodoo, I've ridden carrera and boardman These bikes were problematic The voodoo is trouble free, halfords set it up crappie, got a bike expert to set it up proprietary and by go's she's good, love it

Brilliant bit of kit, had a trek hard tail 930 for a few years, and the voodoo aixen does it all and more than the Trek. Love the frame and brakes. Can highly recommend the Voodoo.

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50 Silverback

Top 10 for sure. Has everything the others have at half the price. Lightweight and sturdy. My first bike and still going. Don't always be fooled by extremely expensive stuff. This bike looks cooler than most as well. Been up the mountain as well as down - what a pleasure.

Seriously this bike should have been in the top 10.

We had a Mountain bike tour of 350km through the Lesotho mountains in 6 days and there were some rich guys who had bikes over $4000, the standard bikes that most of us had were the silverback stride 10 which is about $500. when they revealed the top 10 fastest riders, the majority (including me) and the fastest guy who won the race tour used the silverback stride 10.

My favourite bike brand, they have a huge amount of soul and really do care about their consumers. They believe in supplying more bike for your buck. That works for me in a world where brands frequently focus on seeing just how much they can charge for inferior products

It's cool

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