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1Top 10 Worst Things to Be Magically Turned IntoThe idea of magic is totally awesome, but the idea of magic being used against you it’s totally NOT awesome. One prime example/stereotype of magic is the power of turning an object into something...Community list created by FremantleDockers on 2/19/2021
2Top 10 Pairs in The Loud House and The CasagrandesFor this list we'll be looking at the top character pairs from The Loud House and The Casagrandes.Community list created by egnomac on 2/18/2021
4Top 10 Weirdest Secrets of the United States GovernmentThe United States is actually filthy in the sense that we have so many secrets, and they're all quite disturbing. Fasten your seat belts, everybody. This is gonna get messy.Community list created by HaiThere on 2/21/2021
5Top 10 Disney BooksCommunity list created by UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate on 2/18/2021
6Top 10 Disney Video Game CharactersCommunity list created by UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate on 2/17/2021
7Top 10 Man Made Landmarks in the United StatesAh yes America. The land of the free and home of the brave. We have a lot of cool buildings and structures in the States. Here are some of the best landmarks in America made by man. I would recommend...Community list created by Dark_Shadow on 2/17/2021
8Top 10 Delicate and Fragile Things in LifeBy Delicate and Fragile, I mean that as in objects that easily get broken or destroyed. An alternative way of saying this is that it's really easy for these items to get damaged in many different...Community list created by UltraLunalaX on 2/23/2021
9Top Ten Groups Most Likely to Have Crossed the Atlantic Before Christopher ColumbusChristopher Columbus is probably the most overrated person in history. He was known for “being the first man to cross the Atlantic” in 1492, and a wise and generous soul. In reality, he was a...Community list created by Sloth21 on 2/19/2021
10Top Ten Interesting Things About the American One Dollar BillThe American Dollar Bill is perhaps the most circulated currency in the entire world. Right as you read this hundreds of people are exchanging these across the world. You know it's green, and that...Community list created by Sloth21 on 2/23/2021

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Top Ten Tips for Beginners in MinecraftAre you a beginner at Minecraft? Want some basic tips to help you start off? Well then look no further than this list where I'll describe some tips you'll need to know while starting out in...Community list created by im_thetraintrain on 2/22/2021
Top 10 Best Rock Albums of 2020I looked at the worst rock albums last year had to offer. What about the good ones? Well, this is kinda what this list is for.Community list created by BlueTelegraph on 2/17/2021
Top Ten Most Irritating Things that Happen When Ordering at a Drive ThruWhile we have had several lists about drive thrus they've been mostly comical and usually not realistic. Here's one that is.Community list created by NuMetalManiak on 2/26/2021
Top 10 Most Useless Items We All Own and Never UseThis is a list about the useless items we own and never use. If you want to add anything else I am fine with that, but please do not add inappropriate things.Community list created by Technoblade on 2/24/2021
Top 10 Most Impactful Decisions Made by the US Supreme CourtThis list will talk about some of the biggest and most impactful decisions made by the Supreme Court. They don’t make very many decisions in a year but when they do they can be game changer for...Community list created by Dark_Shadow on 2/21/2021
Top Ten Most Overlooked Dangers in Everyday LifeIn life, there's a ton of problems we all know about. We know what we need to avoid doing and what we need to do to stay healthy, happy, and safe. Unfortunately, there are also a ton of other dangers...Community list created by Sloth21 on 2/26/2021
Top Ten Most Iconic Landmarks Made After 1920Landmarks are some of the most awe-inspiring, famous things in the world. People will pay thousands of dollars just to see one landmark. Many cities and countries have become known just for a famous...Community list created by Sloth21 on 2/15/2021
Top Ten Advantages of Being ShortMost "tall" people are usually seen as more superior than shorter people - physical and social-wise. Unfortunately, being short comes with multiple disadvantages - such as not being able to reach...Community list created by Leafeon on 2/17/2021
Top Ten Best Ways to Start Off a SpeechSpeeches can make enormous changes in the world. They can save or harm lives, change laws, overthrow corrupt governments, cause riots, and much more. These speeches can’t be the usual, dull,...Community list created by Sloth21 on 2/18/2021
Top Ten Facts About The United Arab Emirates (UAE)Do you know anything about the UAE? No. Would you like to?Community list created by im_thetraintrain on 2/18/2021

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Best NFL Players From Each Team In The 2020-2021 NFL Season
1. Aaron Rodgers - Green Bay Packers
2. Patrick Mahomes - Kansas City Chiefs
3. Derrick Henry - Tennessee Titans
Top 10 Worst Things to Be Magically Turned Into
1. Deodorant
2. Ash
3. Bubble

Top Ten Consequences of Internet Addiction
1. Loss of Responsibility
2. Lack of Real Social Interaction
3. Sleep Disturbances
Top Ten Most Boring Music Artists to Listen To
1. U2
2. AC/DC
3. Coldplay

Top 10 Delicate and Fragile Things in Life
1. Bubbles
2. Glass
3. Spider Webs
Best Songs of All Time
1. Negative Creep - Nirvana
2. Would? - Alice in Chains
3. Black - Pearl Jam