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Top 10 TV Shows that Need to Return in 2017
1. Danny Phantom
2. Codename: Kids Next Door
3. Courage The Cowardly Dog
Most Memorable Moments of the Oscars 2017
1. "Moonlight" wins Best Picture
2. Asghar Farhari Not Being Present to Accept His Award For Best Foreign Language Picture
3. Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announcing "La La Land" as Best Picture Winner instead of "Moonlight"

Top 10 Things Specific TopTenners Would Never Say
1. Admin - "The policy is scrapped"
2. opinionsarenotwrong - "There is no such thing as a wrong opinion"
3. opinionsarenotwrong - "I don't have the worst life ever"
Top Ten Things You Would Like to Be Remembered For
1. For entertaining the world
2. For being very edgy, and well balanced
3. For being the cult of personality

Top 10 Cutest Animals
1. Guinea Pig
2. Rabbit
3. Cat
Top 10 PSD to Html5 Service Providers for 2017
1. CssChopper
2. Sparx IT Solutions
3. MarkupBox

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4X4: Shape of You vs. Million Reasons vs. Bad Things vs. Paris
Well, 2017 is off to a rough start, I'm afraid. Looks like this year we're going to have to dig to find the gems hiding in the monstrous wave of trash I see on the horizon. But I digress.

Let's jump straight to the point: Ed Sheeran sold out. His first #1 single in America is the poppy, blandly lyrical, and kind of unsatisfying "Shape of You". It features some of the worst lyrics already this year, such as the infamous bedsheets line and "we talked for hours and hours about the sweet and the sour" (what does that even mean?). So what is saving this from disaster? The production. Despite the horrendous lyrics, Sheeran's vocal performance is on point, as it almost always is. The instrumentals are great as well, with snaps, a "7 Years" esque piano piece (which isn't nearly as bad as it sounds) and few gospel elements thrown in to boot. So this is getting a 6/10. The horrible lyrics and the air of staleness (sounds like "Cheap Thrills" much?) bogs this down from what could have been an 8 or even a 9. continue reading...

The Lego Batman Movie Review
I just saw the Lego Batman Movie! I know it came out a week ago but I didn't have time to see it until recently. Basically, it's a spinoff of the Lego Movie. A very popular film that I really loved and my favorite character in the movie was Batman! So when I found out they were making a movie about Lego Batman, I was very excited! Did it live up to my expectations? Well let's talk about it!

Basically, Batman is feeling kind of depressed from living a lonely life with no family. However, he doesn't want to admit it. He claims that he doesn't need anyone. He ends up adopting a son who later becomes Robin and he has to work with him, as well as Alfred and Barbara Gordon, to stop a bunch of villains from destroying Gotham. And let me tell you, this movie is AWESOME!!! I was absolutely blown away by this movie! I loved every minute of it! The humor is brilliant, the action is great, and every character is very likeable! Practically every joke in the film was on point! The movie really knows how and when to poke fun at the Batman franchise! They manage to bring up every Batman film from the 1940s to 2016! They even throw in some Batman villains that people may or may not have heard of! Such as Crazy Quilt, Eraser, Polka Dot Man, Condiment King, and others! Believe it or not, these were real villains in the Batman universe! Even this movie makes fun of the concept of those villains! So yeah, the movie pretty self aware! continue reading...

Panda Album Review: True Colors (ZEDD)
For my first ever album review I will describe Zedd's sophomore, improved effort. I go into how the variety and sound of what could be considered one of the greatest dance-pop albums of the 2010s decade.

Best Tracks : Transmission (feat. Logic and X Ambassadors), I Want You To Know (feat. Selena Gomez), Addicted To A Memory (feat. Bahari), Papercut (feat. Troye Sivan), Daisy (feat. Julia Michaels), True Colors (feat. Kesha or Tim James), Straight Into The Fire (feat. Julia Michaels), Ilusion (feat. Echosmith), Bumble Bee (feat. Botnek), Done With Love (feat. Jon Bellion) continue reading...