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2Worst Music Moments of 2018
3Best Music Moments of 2018

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Top 10 Worst Pokemon
1. Unown
2. Sunkern
3. Luvdisc
Worst Albums of 2018
1. Amerikkkant - Ministry
2. ? - XXXTentacion
3. Deathreats - Tom MacDonald

Top Ten TheTopTens-Related New Year's Resolutions for 2019
1. To not attack users
2. To make higher quality lists
3. To make a high quality post
Top 10 Music Artists that are Most Likely on Santa's Naughty List
1. Varg Vikernes
2. Ian Watkins
3. Soulja Boy

Top Ten TheTopTens-Related New Year's Resolutions for 2019
1. To be aware of your flaws
2. To know when criticism becomes an attack
3. To be unique
Top 10 Most Overrated Rock Bands of the 1990s
1. Radiohead
2. Oasis
3. Weezer

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PackFan’s NFL Power Rankings 2018: Week 13
Ah, just another week of football. As the season winds down, a plethora of teams are closing in on clinching their divisions, but where do they rank?

#1. New Orleans Saints (10-1)
No surprise that they beat the struggling Falcons, as this is the most complete team in the NFL. I haven’t seen an NFL team this balanced since the 2007 Patriots squad. Of course, New Orleans probably doesn’t want to meet a fate similar to that squad. continue reading...

NFL Week 12 Analysis
You know the drill by now. So grab some Thanksgiving leftovers and enjoy some time away from your annoying family members. It’s time to see how Turkey day went for the NFL. Who was thankful for a win? And who had their Thanksgiving spoiled by an L?

Chicago 23 (8-3). Detroit 16 (4-7)
Even without Trubisky Da Bears were able to beat Detroit with Chase Daniel who outplayed Matthew Stafford. Although this wasn’t a blowout game by any means Chicago was able to take advantage of a few costly turnovers on Detroit. Watch out for this Bears team they could be a scary threat come January continue reading...

Jaden Smith - The Sunset Tapes: A Cool Tape Story (Review)
The Sunset Tapes: A Cool Tape Story

Will Smith’s legacy and impact on pop culture is colossal. His blockbuster movies like i, Robot and I Am Legend, as well as his serious performances in Seven Pounds and Ali (the latter of which earned him an Oscar nomination) were highly popular, and even more obviously, his comic roles as in Men in Black and Hitch earn him a place in modern cinema history. But it is The Fresh Prince of Bel Air that cemented his status. The sitcom became one of the most acclaimed shows of its generation and also helped Will establish himself as a rapper. In-character, he released five albums together with DJ Jazzy Jeff, with the second having been a massive commercial and critical success, and definitely helped boosting hip hop’s mainstream popularity in general. It was perfectly suited for wider audiences: clean and positive, the music did not challenge society’s expectations that was shocked by the brutality and language of rap music coming from regions of America in which violence and poverty are part everyday life. Over the years, the status of artists such as N.W.A. rose, while Smith’s as a musician declined a bit (most people will call him an actor rather than a rapper), but it would be wrong dismissing the part he played in forming the modern music landscape. And then, after a two decade long career of being everyone’s darling, he started to let his young son co-star next to him in his movies - which was, in turn, the beginning of Jaden Smith’s career. continue reading...