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10Top Ten Birds in Sweden

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Best Albums of All Time
1. Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
2. Moving Pictures - Rush
3. Metropolis, Pt. 2: Scenes From A Memory - Dream Theater
Top Ten Most Interesting Countries That Begin With "E"
1. Egypt
2. Ethiopia
3. Ecuador

Top Ten Most Interesting Countries That Begin With "F"
1. French Guiana
2. Fiji
3. France
Top 10 Best TV Shows
1. SpongeBob SquarePants
2. Kenny the Shark
3. Catscratch

Top 10 Examples of Good Shows vs. Bad Shows
1. Drake and Josh vs. Max and Shred
2. iCarly vs Victorious
3. SpongeBob SquarePants vs. Sanjay and Craig
Top 10 Things That Are Surprisingly Legal In the United States
1. #Metoo Movement (All States)
2. Smoking Marijuana (23 States)
3. Owning a Brown Bear (9 States)

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Hidden Gems #40 Star Fox Adventures
Background: The Star Fox series is most remembered for its flying shooter run and gun style gameplay from the previous two installments, but in 2002 in the 21st century Nintendo deiced to go in a different direction, and have an 3rd person adventure experience be something of the first or the series. What is interesting is that Nintendo had a late N64 game called Dinosaur Planet that never went through, and instead was planted in this game in terms of the overall atmosphere of what Fox was off to do. continue reading...

Overrated: One of the Worst Words
Every Most Overrated XXX list turns out to be the same: the mixture of the Best XXX and Worst XXX lists. I might sound hypocritical since I made a quite big remix of Top Ten Most Overrated Songs, and I must have used this word a few times. I regret most of those actions.

First of all, let's look how the word overrated is interpreted in the list. The first place is held by The Beatles. Why do people find it overrated? It's obvious: they are probably the most famous music artist after the second world war, they and their members/songs are always considered among the best. Second is Nirvana: they are one of the most famous bands again, but the people voting on them (including me) think that their legacy does not justify their success, and maybe a severe proportion of their fame only exists because of Kurt Cobain's suicide. The 3rd item used to be One Direction (now it is Linkin Park), which I don't really understand: they are hated by almost everyone (at least on this site). There are strange arguments that state than even one person liking them would make them overrated. continue reading...

Breaking Down Rammstein #1: Mutter (Song Analysis)
The extent of Rammstein’s poetry is oblivious to most music magazines like AllMusic or Rolling Stone who focus mostly on their music or have a very superficial idea of what they are all about. While devoted fans from abroad often know that their songs are dark and what Till Lindemann remotely sings about, they rarely realize the level of depth that can be found in their workd. And this is perfectly fine - you can enjoy your music the way you want, but if you are interested in the actual lyrical quality you need to take a closer look. Especially because Rammstein are a band that, in German speaking countries, are known especially for their lyrics, and that’s usually what reviews focus on foremost. continue reading...