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9Best U.S Gymnasts Ever

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Top Ten Advice to Give to New Gen-19 Users
1. Don't retire
2. Be yourself
3. Don't worry about popularity
Top Ten Albums That Prove That Not All 21st Century Music Is Bad
1. Lateralus - Tool
2. Kid A - Radiohead
3. Crack the Skye - Mastodon

Most Dangerous Places In London
1. Camden Town
Top Ten Dumbest People In History
1. Anita Sarkeesian

Songs that I Wish I Wrote
1. Rap God - Eminem
2. Immortals - Fall Out Boy
3. I Knew You Were Trouble - Taylor Swift
Top Ten Hottest Male Pixar Characters
1. Anton Ego (Ratatouille)
2. James P. Sullivan (Monsters Inc)
3. Lightning McQueen (Cars)

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Angry Outlaw #37 Phillips CD-i & Amiga CD32 Part I
The Angry Outlaw may have strong beliefs in what he says, but that doesn't come with controversy. It's uncontrollable, and it's passionate outbursts... some of the things he'd do pushed the boundaries of reviewing, censorship, and all things entertainment values. To put it in another way... Viewer discretion is advised.

Well... looks like I didn't come home empty folks. I brought with me something that had a chance to be good, and the other was just something that never should of been nothing more than a poor excuse disguised into a masochists dream. Personally I like to play with fire with these right now, ''Right heh Fire Fire!'' - Beavis Oh my apologizes folks for my review of this i'll be joined by the iconic duo of Beavis and Butthead. ''Yeah... that's right fart knock.'' - Butthead Now let's see what exactly were in for boys. (outlaws faints) ''are you okay dude huh uh huh.'' continue reading...

The Evolution of Video Game Consoles #5 The Dawn of Sony
The 5th generation of consoles was way massive compared to the rest I have discussed to this point, and for that we will focus today on the main three competitors at the time. Without further ado let's sit back, and look back at greatness in gaming.

Sega Saturn
Released: 1995
Discontinued: 1998
Generation: 5th
Units Sold: 9.26 Million (26th)
Initial Price: $399 continue reading...

Inspecting Long Lists #13 GSN's ''The 50 Greatest Game Shows of All Time'' List
Hello again everybody... this time we at something that has rarely been seen fully since it has aired on its own channel back when the lineup had amazing variety of you guessed it gameshows. Out of curiosity I couldn't find what the documentary had looked like, but back in 2006 this occurred, and its a bit of ancient worth some time to chat about. These are what they call The greatest gameshows of all time. continue reading...