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1Worst Toppings to Put on Ice CreamCommunity list created by MysticalDream on 6/3/2021
2Top 10 Things Everyone Does Without Realizing ItCommunity list created by LuigiFan21 on 6/3/2021
3Top 10 Albert Moments From The Loud HouseThis time around were going to focus on the Loud kids grandfather Albert aka Pop Pop and countdown his top moments from the Loud House.Community list created by egnomac on 6/4/2021
4Top 10 Carlos Casagrande MomentsContinuing with the lists of top moments form Loud House and Casagrande moments this time we focus on the moments of Carlos Casagrande brother to Maria and husband to Frida and their kids.Community list created by egnomac on 6/3/2021
5Top 10 Occupations That Were Most Affected by the COVID-19 PandemicCOVID-19 has hit everyone really bad, and it would be hard to find anyone who hasn't been affected slightly by what's going on. Everyone has heard of the horrible effects and high death toll of it,...Community list created by Sloth21 on 6/6/2021
6Top 10 Most Typical Things Americans Think of When Thinking of ScotlandLike the lists made about the most typical things Americans think of when thinking of Australia and Ireland, this list will be focusing on the top 10 most typical things that most Americans think of...Community list created by egnomac on 6/8/2021
7Top 10 Most Needlessly Sexualized Female TV Cartoon CharactersCommunity list created by PrincipeAzul on 6/3/2021
8Top 10 Carol Pingrey Moments on The Loud HouseFor this list we'll be looking at the top Carol Pingrey moments from The Loud House.Community list created by egnomac on 6/7/2021
9Best Music Artists that Start with the Letter WCommunity list created by nJur on 6/10/2021
10Top 10 Best Parodies in FictionCommunity list created by xandermartin98 on 6/14/2021

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Top 10 Most Uninhabitable Places on the Surface of the EarthOur planet is lucky enough to be in what's called a "Goldilocks Zone", which means a zone in space where it's not too hot and not too cold for liquid water to exist. In fact, we're even more lucky to...Community list created by Sloth21 on 6/14/2021
Top Ten NFL Teams Most Likely to Make the Playoffs in the 2021 NFL SeasonWe capped off the 2020 playoffs with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers winning Super Bowl LV. They are a prime Super Bowl candidate going into this upcoming season. However, they will have their challengers....Community list created by PackFan2005 on 6/6/2021
Top 10 Best Players of the First Round of the 2021 NBA PlayoffsDuring the first round of the playoffs, some teams played well, and others not so much. Same goes with players. These are the best players from the first round of the NBA playoffs.Community list created by jayynormal00 on 6/13/2021
Top 10 Teams Most Likely to Be in the 2021-2022 College Football PlayoffComing out of the Coronavirus season where a lot which could’ve gone wrong did, it will be interesting to see which directions college football teams take going into the season. It will be sure to...Community list created by jayynormal00 on 6/4/2021
Top 10 Most Disappointing Players of the First Round of the 2021 NBA PlayoffsThe NBA playoffs are back to normal and underway. While many players exceeded expectations such as Damian Lillard, Luka Doncic, and Donovan Mitchell (2 of them still lost), many players did not prove...Community list created by jayynormal00 on 6/12/2021
Top 10 Players Most Likely to Win the 2021 Heisman TrophyAfter a tumultuous season affected by COVID, many young guns highlight the stars of college football, and I will be excited to see how the Heisman race plays out this upcoming season.Community list created by jayynormal00 on 6/5/2021
Top 10 Facts About Commercial Flight and Airplanes Community list created by LuigiFan21 on 6/7/2021
Top Ten Best Cyberpunk 2077 CharactersHere's an exact list of the characters off of the futuristic, sci-fi game.Community list created by TechnicallyIDoComics on 6/8/2021
Top Ten Biggest WTF Moments in Cyberpunk 2077The funniest, weirdest, most ridiculous and wild twists & turns found in the game that Keanu Reeves would enjoy.Community list created by TechnicallyIDoComics on 6/8/2021
Top Ten Best Chests in Clash RoyaleClash Royale is a game that you get most of your cards and gold from these chests. Now some are better than others, and we’re going to look at the ten best. Here, we are looking at the top ten best...Community list created by PackFan2005 on 6/12/2021

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Saddest Deaths In the Halo Series
1. Noble 6 - Halo: Reach
2. Sergeant Avery Johnson - Halo 3
3. Jorge - Halo: Reach
Best Friday Night Funkin' Weeks
1. Week 5
2. Week 4
3. Week 6

Top 10 Worst Mario Games
1. Hotel Mario
2. Mario's Time Machine
3. Mario is Missing!
Top 10 Hardest 100 Coin Stars in Super Mario 64
1. Rainbow Ride
2. Tick Tock Clock
3. Tall Tall Mountain

Top 10 Worst Anime
1. Pupa
2. Genocyber (OVA)
3. Future Diary
Best Led Zeppelin Songs
1. When the Levee Breaks
2. Stairway to Heaven
3. No Quarter