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1Top 10 Plants/Trees You Shouldn't TouchThese plants/trees are extremely dangerous and you shouldn't touch them. If you touch them, they can hurt you really bad. They can cause severe pain, itchiness, rashes, blisters, third degree burns...Community list created by NickelodeonYesAddminNo on 6/16/2019
2Top 10 Most Iconic Nickelodeon ShowsThese Nickelodeon shows are recognized almost everywhere. Most people will remember them. These shows are classics.Community list created by NickelodeonYesAddminNo on 6/15/2019
3Top Ten Very Successful Artists Whose Music Career Suddenly EndedSome artists and bands remain active snd successful for decades. The Rolling Stones, Madonna or Eminem have discographies full of legendary music, and whatever they touch turns to solid gold or...Community list created by Martin_Canine on 6/15/2019
4Things People Should Stop Getting Offended OverIt's 2019 yet idiots around the world still get rustled by these things.Community list created by DarkBoi-X on 6/15/2019
5Top 10 Marvel Characters With The Most Wasted PotentialWhile Marvel has introduced a lot of well-executed and developed characters, it also has a share of very undeveloped and mostly characters that have a lot of potential but were wasted. So without...Community list created by TheDarkOne_221b on 6/13/2019
6Top 10 Highly Memed Music ArtistsWhether these music artists are good or bad, they've been memed a lot and the memes surrounding them have become popular among music fans.Community list created by DarkBoi-X on 6/14/2019
7Best Guitar TuningsNo, this is not a list of best alternate guitar tunings. Just best guitar tunings. That list is not accurate anyway because standard tuning is at the top. Disclaimer: if you don't play guitar or...Community list created by DenyYourMaker on 6/16/2019
8Top 10 Metallica MemesDespite how amazing Metallica, they have a lot of memes in their disposal, ranging from funny to insane. Feel free to choose your favorite Metallica meme.Community list created by TheDarkOne_221b on 6/15/2019
9Weirdest Things Ever StolenHere is a list of some of the strangest things ever stolen over the years, which could make you question what this world has come to.Community list created by Misfire on 6/16/2019
10Top 10 TaleSpin VillainsThe top 10 villains from the Disney animated television series TaleSpin.Community list created by egnomac on 6/13/2019

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Top 10 Toy Story 4 CharactersI watched Toy Story 4 already at an early screening. It was good and had some pretty tolerable characters. Let’s talk about them.Community list created by MegaSoulhero on 6/15/2019
Top 10 Reasons Why Imagine Dragons Are Better Than EvanescenceNote: This is just my opinion. If you disagree with it, I respect your opinion.Community list created by TheDarkOne_221b on 6/17/2019
Top 10 Hardest Levels in Wii Play TanksWii Play Tanks! is the 9th Stage on the Wii Play Disc where the player's objective is to eliminate the Enemy Tanks by either firing at the tank or dropping a mine close to the tank. The player tank...Community list created by FlareLightX on 6/18/2019
Most Aggressive Dog BreedsRemember, even if a certain breed is on this list, it does not mean all of that breeds are guaranteed to be aggressive. Personality is often genetic, and for dogs, instinctual. Different breeds bred...Self-moderated list created by BlueberryCatfish on 6/13/2019
Top 10 Worst Game 7s of All-TimeThere are no better words in sports than Game 7. After six, grueling, hard-fought games, it comes down to that one game to decide a winner. There have been some iconic Game 7's that confirmed series...Self-moderated list created by BUETBU91 on 6/13/2019
Top 10 Reasons the Golden State Are Not a Legit DynastyListen, I believe the Warriors are and will remain one of sports best dynasties whether you like them or not. However, there are those that say they aren’t even a legit dynasty. Here are reasons...Self-moderated list created by BUETBU91 on 6/18/2019
Worst Political YouTubersNow there are many youtubers who do tons of political content. Now there are very few of them that I actually like but some are just really bad.Community list created by DarkBoi-X on 6/19/2019
Zebra Printer Providers in UKSelf-moderated list created by antonio332harris on 6/17/2019
Top 10 Worst Things that Have Happened to Homer SimpsonHomer Simpson has had a lot of horrible things happen to him which is putting it lightly as we countdown the top worst things that have ever happend to Homer Simpson wither physically or emotionally.Community list created by egnomac on 6/16/2019
Top 10 Worst Animated Movies I Have Ever SeenThis list has been a long time coming, this is my personal opinion of the absolute worst animated movies that I have ever seen, and just to be clear I'm only putting animated movies that I actually...Self-moderated list created by egnomac on 6/15/2019

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Top 10 Gen-19 Users You Would Like To Rate
1. CharismaticKat
2. Cyri
3. SirSheep
Best Mario Party: Star Rush Boards
1. 4-3
2. 3-3
3. 1-3

Best My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Characters
1. Sunset Shimmer
2. Cheerilee
3. Thunderlane
Top 10 Disappointing Movies in Good Movie Franchises
1. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Star Wars
2. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales - Pirates of the Caribbean
3. Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Star Wars

Top 10 Plants/Trees You Shouldn't Touch
1. Gympie Gympie
2. Poison Ivy
3. Giant Hogweeds
Best Free Microsoft OST to PST Converter
1. Software Imperial OST to PST Converter
2. OST to PST Converter Software - KODESWARE.COM
3. OST to PST Converter Software by DataBaton