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1Top 10 Things Kids Can Get Away with that Adults Can'tCommunity list created by 21SYeates on 11/25/2023
2Top 10 Best Christmas Gifts for 2023This lists reflects the gifts that you, along with other voters, would love to unwrap this Christmas. It's a trove of the most desired, talked-about, and genuinely awesome products that are just a...Community list created by artiefishal on 11/25/2023
3Top 10 Star Wars Characters Who Most Deserve TherapyAh, Star Wars. The tale of drama queens and kings screwing with an entire galaxy. A lot of the problems could probably be solved if characters just took better care of their mental health. Who do...Community list created by Day_Dreamer on 11/18/2023
4Top 10 Best Weapons in Kaiju Paradise on RobloxKaiju Paradise has many different weapons with different abilities and stats. We will be looking at the best Kaiju Paradise weapons in the game and discussing their pros and cons. Make sure to follow...Community list created by Randomperson2 on 11/19/2023
5Top 10 Reasons We Should Plant More TreesTrees! Aren’t they beautiful? They stand tall and firm and their leaves rustle in the wind, which provides shade and comfort. Trees also play a critical role in preserving soil as their roots hold...Community list created by Soundwave_Haptics on 11/20/2023
6Top 10 "Underrated and Unique" Things that Actually are Overrated and GenericCommunity list created by xandermartin98 on 11/24/2023
7Top 10 Best Songs From Sleep Token's Take Me Back to EdenBest songs from the third album by the anonymous British Band Sleep Token. Strong Album of the Year contender this one.Community list created by SuperSonic17 on 11/20/2023
8Top 10 Best Songs From the Marvel Cinematic UniverseThis is a list celebrating all of the songs written specifically for Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movies and TV shows. Please note that songs featured in the MCU, but not originally written for...Community list created by Day_Dreamer on 11/19/2023
9Worst Things About the Johnny Test RebootHere are the reasons that make the Johnny Test Reboot on Netflix so bad!!Community list created by SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy on 11/21/2023
10Best Eddie Kaye Thomas MoviesCommunity list created by Dancedom on 11/29/2023

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Top Ten Deaths in the Live-Action Spider-Man FilmsThis list covers the main character deaths in the live-action Spider-Man films. This includes the Sam Raimi Trilogy, the duo of Marc Webb's Amazing Spider-Man films, as well as the MCU Spider-Man...Community list created by NuMetalManiak on 11/26/2023
Top Ten Allies of TurkeyWhile Turkey is a member of NATO, it often acts as its own entity with its own ambitions under President Recep Erdogan.Community list created by Legoguy on 11/23/2023
Top 10 Chernobyl-Themed Areas in Video GamesCommunity list created by xandermartin98 on 11/30/2023
Top 10 Funniest Fat Animated CharactersCommunity list created by LoboMaloso on 11/27/2023
Most Recommended Alien Franchise Novels Vote for the Alien franchise novels you would recommend to other fans of the franchise (it doesn't have to be 10. Feel free to add comments and share.Community list created by Gregorwhat on 11/20/2023
Top 10 Celebrity Falls From Grace of the 21st CenturyCommunity list created by Q-Tee on 11/21/2023
Top Ten Best Arjan Dhillon SongsFor this list, we will be taking a look at the best songs of the Punjabi singer, rapper, and songwriter Arjan Dhillon.Community list created by rapaddict97 on 11/24/2023
Top 10 Spa DestinationsCommunity list created by 21SYeates on 11/30/2023
Top 10 Horror Movie Villains with the Most Memorable KillsCommunity list created by LoboMaloso on 11/30/2023
Top 10 Worst Things that Ever Happened to Sonic the HedgehogCommunity list created by LoboMaloso on 11/30/2023

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Worst SuperMarioLogan Characters
1. Jeffy
2. Bowser Jr.
3. Cody
Top 10 Best Helluva Boss Characters
1. Stolas
2. Blitzo
3. FIzzarolli/Robo Fizz

Top 10 Worst States in the United States
1. Florida
2. Kansas
3. Kentucky
Top 10 Best Friday Night Funkin' Mods
1. Friday Night Funkin' Online Vs.
2. Super Mario Bros. Funk Mix DX
3. Twinsomnia

Best Sega Dreamcast Games
1. Sonic Shuffle
2. Sonic Adventure
3. Jet Grind Radio
Top 10 Sexiest Pokemon
1. Ditto
2. Female - Lopunny
3. Female - Primarina