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1Hardest Fish to CatchCommunity list created by RogerMcBaloney on 9/16/2019
2Biggest Scandals with Gate in the TitleCommunity list created by BUETBU91 on 9/19/2019
3Top Ten Portrayals of Historical Figures in Historical MoviesSome movies are just great at portraying historical characters. These can old movies (mostly older movies) or newer ones. These items are listed in their respective spots because have multiple...Community list created by 2storm on 9/18/2019
4Top Ten Botches In WWEA list of WWE's mishaps, bloopers or mistakes (but we called them botches) that happened in the ring or outside the ring.Community list created by TechnicallyIDoComics on 9/16/2019
5Top Ten WWE Superstars That Turned Heel or Face the MostThese superstars can sometimes be confusing when they turned good or bad, even if you cheered or booed at them many times.Community list created by TechnicallyIDoComics on 9/16/2019
6Top Ten Surprisingly Common Things In Certain CartoonsCommunity list created by EvanTheNerd on 9/15/2019
7Worst Smash Ultimate StagesThese are the worst stages that were featured in Smash Ultimate.Community list created by RadioHead03 on 9/17/2019
8Top 10 Worst As Told By Ginger EpisodesAs Told By Ginger may be one of Nickelodeon's most underappreciated cartoon series but even a series as great as this managed to make a few duds along the way, for this list we will be looking at the...Community list created by egnomac on 9/18/2019
9Most Addictive Video Game GenresCommunity list created by RogerMcBaloney on 9/19/2019
10Top Ten Websites You Would Have on a Deserted IsleOther than minimal requirements for life, you are only able to browse one particular website. is not the best choice. All it says is "muszáj". Search engines and link collections like...Community list created by Alkadikce on 9/18/2019

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Top 10 Leading Gynecologists in New YorkA list of the top ten OB-GYN clinics in the state of New York based on service, price, and level of expertise.Self-moderated list created by JuliaNicholson on 9/16/2019
Worst Cars in the Whole Gran Turismo FranchiseEver since the first game launched in 1997, the Gran Turismo franchise has become loved by many, and well known for its massive variety of incredible cars. However, for every 5 to 10 decent cars,...Community list created by ReturnOfScorpio on 9/17/2019
Top Ten Most Unoriginal Mario Kart CoursesOn 25th of September 2019, the next Mario Kart game is released, Mario Kart Tour on the phone. In my personal opinion, it looks pretty unoriginal considering how all the courses are seemingly just...Community list created by darthvadern on 9/21/2019
Top Ten Best Things About Casey NeistatCasey Neistat in’s a unique YouTube blogger unlike anyone else. He puts so much effort & his cinematography is unlike any other vlogger. He puts so much detail & fails to make almost anyone hate...Community list created by SamanthaRosie on 9/18/2019
Top 10 Movies of the 1920sHi. I'm Counting Down the best movies of the 1920's by popularity, achievements, and watchability. also this is just my opinion. if you feel differently that feel free to disagree with me, just...Self-moderated list created by thenextsteplover on 9/21/2019
Top 10 Biggest Problems with Dan & Phil & Their FandomDan & Phil are currently amongst the most popular YouTubers in the U.K. after Zoella (who once had the most popular YouTube channel in the U.K. until she quit it) (yet Dan & Phil are already on...Community list created by SamanthaRosie on 9/15/2019
Top 10 Performers from Week 2 of the NFL 2019 Regular SeasonCommunity list created by htoutlaws2012 on 9/16/2019
Top 10 Worst Performers from Week 2 of the NFL 2019 Regular SeasonCommunity list created by htoutlaws2012 on 9/16/2019
Top 10 Reasons Drake & Josh is the Best Nickelodeon Show of All TimeSelf-moderated list created by MaximusKing on 9/20/2019
Top 10 Best MLB Postseason Pitching PerformancesSelf-moderated list created by BUETBU91 on 9/20/2019

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Top Ten Best Animated Movies of All Time
1. The Lion King
2. The Fox and the Hound
3. 101 Dalmatians
Top Ten Most Unoriginal Mario Kart Courses
1. DS Figure-8 Circuit
2. GBA Mario Circuit
3. GBA Peach Circuit

Worst Animated Movies of All Time
1. Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale
2. Open Season
3. Home on the Range
Most Disappointing Metal Albums
1. Illud Divinum Insanus - Morbid Angel
2. Roots - Sepultura
3. Cold Lake - Celtic Frost

Questions Luckys Would Like to Ask TopTenners
1. What do you think of me?
2. Am I ignorant?
3. What's my best quality?
Top 10 Best Pop Songs
1. The Black Side of My Mind - Anouk
2. Billie Jean - Michael Jackson
3. The Trip - Still Corners