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1Top 10 Colors Taylor Swift Should Dye Her HairTaylor looks good already, but have imagined her not blond? Vote on which of these hair colors you think she will look good in!Community list created by Swiftie4ever on 5/14/2024
2Top 10 Best ThunderClan DeputiesFollowing Ivypool's promotion to Squirrelstar's deputy, I would like to acknowledge this beautiful silver-and-white she-cat by making a list of the best ThunderClan deputies, including Ivypool. Are...Community list created by Sapphirefrost on 5/11/2024
3Top 10 Biggest Misconceptions Parents Have About TeensParents misunderstand many things. Which one do you think is most valid? Please vote and comment!!Community list created by Swiftie4ever on 5/13/2024
4Countries that are Likely to Win the Most Medals in the 2024 Paris OlympicsThe 2024 Paris Olympics are almost here. There are huge contenders for the Olympics, such as the United States and China, among others. These countries are ready to put in their all for these...Community list created by Randomperson2 on 5/13/2024
5Top 10 Eclipse Cycles and PeriodsEclipse cycles and periods have been known by people since ancient times. To this day, we can calculate eclipses with these cycles and periods. They follow predictable patterns with only minimal...Community list created by KingGeorge on 5/14/2024
6Top 10 Lunisolar CalendarsLunisolar calendars are calendars that calculate when the moon will achieve a phase on or near the day it occurred before. They have been known since ancient times. While the names of many cycles...Community list created by KingGeorge on 5/16/2024
7Top 10 Best Memes of 2024The year 2024 has been filled with many hilarious memes. However, a few have stood out and dominated the year, from the iconic Dancing Toothless to the infamous UTTP. I hope you enjoy this list. If...Community list created by Randomperson2 on 5/9/2024
8Top 10 Stolen Babies SongsEverything about this band is weird as hell but I love them so much. Here are my favorite songs.Community list created by CrypticMemory on 5/13/2024
9Most Aloof Dog BreedsThese aren't exactly the best breeds to get if you have a high need for quality time with your dog.Community list created by ChrisLikesLists on 5/9/2024
10Top 10 Best ThunderClan Leaders (Warrior Cats)Hey! I'm bored of waiting to read 'Wind'. I know it's released, but I plan to read it later. I have it and I've read the plot description and some pages. Even then, I still have to wait to read...Community list created by Sapphirefrost on 5/9/2024

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Top 10 Opponents the Kansas City Chiefs Should Open with in 2024With the NFL schedule set to be released sometime in May, one question is who the Kansas City Chiefs, the now defending two-time Super Bowl champions, will open their season against. Ideally, fans...Community list created by BUETBU91 on 5/7/2024
Top Ten Provinces of ArgentinaArgentina isn't just about Buenos Aires and tango - it's a patchwork of 23 unique provinces, each with its own flavor, and one special city province equivalent. These administrative divisions are...Community list created by I80 on 5/9/2024
Top 10 Things Conservatives Aren’t Ready to HearCommunity list created by EpicJake on 5/18/2024
Top 10 Best RiverClan Medicine CatsSo, you saw how I made a list of the best ThunderClan leaders in honour of our new leader, Squirrelstar. Now, I'm going to make a list of the best RiverClan medicine cats in honour of Frostpaw's...Community list created by Sapphirefrost on 5/10/2024
Top 10 Best IVR Service Providers in India of 2024Interactive Voice Response, or IVR, is a technology that allows for sending immediate feedback by a keystroke or voice. An IVR system can be fully automated or work in tandem with live operators....Community list created by effebot on 5/6/2024
Top 10 Types of American Girl ProductsThis is a community list of all the types of products from the history-telling brand, American Girl. This brand revolutionized the stories of American history, making them fun and entertaining.Community list created by KingGeorge on 5/15/2024
Best Songs from Billie Eilish's HIT ME HARD AND SOFTBillie Eilish dropped her new album capitalized HIT ME HARD AND SOFT on May 17th 2024.Community list created by SamanthaRosie on 5/16/2024
Top 10 Places Where Nightcrawler Goggles Can be Found in Kaiju ParadiseNightcrawler is easily the strongest Gootroxian in Kaiju Paradise. However, it is also one of the hardest Gootroxians to obtain, especially if you want to become the Goggled Nightcrawler. It has a...Community list created by Randomperson2 on 5/14/2024
Top Ten Common Phases People HaveI had many phases! Chocker, checkered skirts, and pop-it phases! How about you?Community list created by Swiftie4ever on 5/13/2024
Coolest Looking Knife Skins in Kaiju Paradise on RobloxKnives are among the most popular weapons in Kaiju Paradise, thanks to their quick cooldown. They can also be thrown as ranged weapons. Kaiju Paradise offers many cool-looking skins for these...Community list created by Randomperson2 on 5/16/2024

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Top 10 Metonic Intervals/Subcycles
1. I (Lunar Year)
2. II (Diëteris)
3. III (Triëteris)
Greatest Walt Disney Animation Studios Movies
1. The Fox and the Hound
2. Bambi
3. The Rescuers

Top 10 Most Inappropriate Movies for Kids
1. The Garbage Pail Kids Movie
2. Dr. Seuss' The Cat In The Hat
3. Watership Down
Top 10 Worst Subreddits
1. r/GenZedong
2. r/S***LiberalsSay
3. r/Russia

Top 10 Worst Canadian Cartoons
1. Caillou
2. Mega Babies
3. Angela Anaconda
Cool Bands that I Like
2. Rammstein
3. Nine Inch Nails