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1Top 10 Classic Examples of Nightmare Fuel from the Loud HouseWell someone had to do this one, as the title says this list is about the top classic examples of nightmare fuel moments from The Loud House wither its an episode or a whole episode.Community list created by egnomac on 3/20/2020
2Top 10 Reasons Why Hoarding Supplies For the COVID-19 Outbreak is a Big IssueThis list was inspired by NuMetalManiak’s list The COVID-19 outbreak is insane which has caused more problems than one. Not the least of which includes hoarders. People who go over the top buying...Community list created by Randomator on 3/17/2020
3Top 10 Teenager-Based CartoonsCommunity list created by ajacraig2011 on 3/18/2020
4Top Ten Types of Supplies that are Hoarded During the Covid-19 OutbreakThanks to a list I made as well as Randomator's follow-up list, it's time for yet another one. Let's see which supplies are hoarded the most.Community list created by NuMetalManiak on 3/18/2020
5Top Ten Reasons Why the Coronavirus Should EndThe Coronavirus is actually stupid. It has practically broken society and it need to end. This list will go over some reasons this virus needs to end.Community list created by 2storm on 3/16/2020
6Things to Do During the Coronavirus OutbreakCommunity list created by Kevinsidis on 3/21/2020
7Top 10 Forgotten Girl Power CartoonsCommunity list created by ajacraig2011 on 3/16/2020
8Top 10 Fictional Characters Who are or Have Been Massive HypocritesCommunity list created by xandermartin98 on 3/25/2020
9Top 10 NFL Players Who Didn’t Look Right on a Different TeamIn the NFL you have legends who made their legacy playing for one franchise but they then played for a second team or third in some cases. Often times they do this near the end of their career in a...Community list created by Randomator on 3/22/2020
10Top 10 Forgotten Teenager-Based CartoonsCommunity list created by ajacraig2011 on 3/16/2020

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Best Mario Kart DS CupsCommunity list created by darthvadern on 3/19/2020
Top 10 Most Heartbreaking Losses in Philadelphia Sports HistoryBeing a Philadelphia sports fan is rough. You get your hopes up at the beginning of each year only to wind up feeling devastated by the end of it. Here are 10 of the most heartbreaking losses in...Community list created by phillysports on 3/16/2020
Mario Kart Nitro Tracks that Should Be on Another CupIf you know about Mario Kart you know that cups are often ranked in a difficulty order. However some track in those cup feels like they are in the wrong place considering its difficulty. That's...Community list created by Eclipsmon on 3/24/2020
Top 10 Most Significant Moves in the 2020 NFL Off-SeasonWell it’s odd to not have sports thanks to COVID-19 we’ve hit a dead spot right now and with that sports lists are few and far between for the time being. Despite all of this there has at least...Community list created by Randomator on 3/17/2020
Top Ten Mario Kart DS Retro TracksMario Kart DS was the first Mario Kart game to introduce retro tracks. More or less retro tracks are some of my favourite parts in a new Mario Kart game. In this game unfortunately the selection of...Community list created by darthvadern on 3/21/2020
Songs that are the Epitome of Pop MusicOK. I should make it clear that I am really into pop music so I thought I would make this list I would specify that this is not exactly the best pop songs I have ever heard but the one's that...Community list created by Powell on 3/25/2020
Top Ten Worst Trades in NFL HistorySome teams just know how to function properly, but then there are some teams that just have no clue what they are doing, and make some bad trades. Bad trades have bad consequences. Here, we are...Community list created by PackFan2005 on 3/27/2020
Top 10 Prospects of the 2020 NFL DraftWell as the commissioner has said the draft will still be on. Those of you considering making a mock draft. Maybe this list will help a bit of what names you should be familiar with.Community list created by htoutlaws2012 on 3/27/2020
Best Mario Kart 64 CupsCommunity list created by darthvadern on 3/20/2020
Top 10 Worst Metal LyricsJust because I have created "Worst Metal Music Videos" and "Worst Metal Lyrics" after each other does not mean I am doing some campaign against metal on this site. These two lists are obviously for...Community list created by Alkadikce on 3/21/2020

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Best TopTenners of March 2020
1. Randomator
2. Bammer73
3. 2storm
Top 10 Reasons Why 7 Rings by Ariana Grande Sucks
1. The music video is generic, unoriginal and slutty
2. The vocals are so annoying
3. She is bad at rapping

Top Ten Most Over-Hated Users On TheTopTens
1. Disney1994
2. CrashThyDiamond
3. BananaBrain
Things We Hope Won't Happen for 2021
1. World War III
2. No More Oil in the World
3. Another Virus Outbreak

Best Beatles Songs
1. Here Comes the Sun
2. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
3. Eleanor Rigby
Top Ten Minecraft PvP Players
1. Danteh
2. jdegoederen
3. xNestorio