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1Top Ten Signs of Cult BehaviorSee if you can identify the signs of what could be considered cult-like behavior here!Community list created by NuMetalManiak on 11/14/2021
2Top 10 Rotoscoping MediaCommunity list created by ajacraig2011 on 11/19/2021
3Best Mario Characters as DLCs for Mario Party SuperstarsCommunity list created by SuperMarioFan37 on 11/14/2021
4Top 10 Animated Movies to Watch on ThanksgivingCommunity list created by LoboMaloso on 11/21/2021
5Top 10 Best Video Game CompanionsProtagonists in video games tend to have a companion or two to accompany them on their many adventures. Over the years, we have seen many companions in our favorite games and they usually are a big...Community list created by RogerMcBaloney on 11/23/2021
6Top 10 Video Game Controversies of 2021Well, another year is almost finished and it's mostly the same as last year. COVID-19 makes going outside a challenge, many of us are still out of work and yes; even more video game controversies. So...Community list created by raidramon0 on 11/20/2021
7Top 10 Best Movie ProstitutesCommunity list created by LoboMaloso on 11/19/2021
8Top 10 Groundbreaking Facts about EarthquakesAnd the lazy-ass puns for natural disasters continue. Perhaps this is getting a bit turbulent, but these are solid content, and take extensive, excruciating research. Without further ado, here I go...Community list created by HaiThere on 11/17/2021
9Top 10 Best AEW Theme SongsEver since All Elite Wrestling came onto the wrestling scene in 2019, they have become very popular among wrestling fans. A professional wrestler's theme song is a very important part of any...Community list created by RogerMcBaloney on 11/17/2021
10Worst Mario Party Superstars MinigamesHey everyone, I'm darthvadern! Last week, I took a look at the minigames of Mario Party Superstars, and counted down what I believed to be the top ten best minigames from this game, which has just...Community list created by darthvadern on 11/26/2021

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Top 10 Biggest Victims of Michael Jordan's GreatnessMichael Jordan is widely regarded as the GOAT. There were at least a few times that MJ torched his opponents and they became victims of some of his most iconic moments. Other times, another great...Community list created by BUETBU91 on 11/23/2021
Worst Things that Happened on YouTube in 2021It seems like after every year, SusanTube just keeps getting worse. It looks like an annual ritual at this point.Community list created by Hellohi on 11/27/2021
Top 10 Best Carolina Panthers Players of Week 10, 2021The Carolina Panthers pounded the Arizona Cardinals, 34-10, in Week 10 of the NFL season. Here is a list of the best Panthers players of Week 10.Community list created by LiamCoasterFan on 11/15/2021
Top Ten Best Green Bay Packers Players of Week 10, 2021Community list created by PackFan2005 on 11/15/2021
Top Ten Best Green Bay Packers Players of Week 11, 2021Community list created by PackFan2005 on 11/25/2021
Top 10 Events of the Cold WarDuring WW2 there were 3 main allies Russia, the UK and the US. Towards the end of the war the leaders began to meet to discuss what to do next. Winston Churchill Joseph Stalin and FDR/ Harry Truman....Community list created by Dark_Shadow on 11/26/2021
Best Bowser Moves in Super Smash Bros. UltimateFor a while now, Bowser has been my main in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. And as a Bowser main, I think it would be fun to rank the best moves that this giant turtle has. And you guys can vote for the...Community list created by Eclipsmon on 11/17/2021
Top 10 Knowledge Management Software 2022Knowledge management software is a database that saves, shares, and manages all information gathered. Many firms use it as a brain since it allows them to rapidly access and transfer data. The data...Non-votable list created by Aakhil on 11/18/2021
Top 10 Worst Performers from Week 11 of the NFL 2021 Regular SeasonCommunity list created by htoutlaws2012 on 11/23/2021

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Worst Things That Ever Happened to YouTube
1. Susan Wojcicki became the CEO
2. YouTube Removing Dislikes Count
Top Ten Ways 2021 is Already Worse than 2020
1. Continued political turmoil
2. Many amenities cost much more than before
3. Media is even more untrustworthy than before

Top 10 Music Artists Who Should Never Ever Make a Comeback
1. 6IX9INE
2. Tones and I
3. Crazy Frog
Top Ten Most Overrated Things
1. Apple
2. ‚ÄéTikTok
3. Friday Night Funkin'

Top 10 Cheesiest Songs
1. My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion
2. Wind Beneath My Wings - Bette Midler
3. You're the Inspiration - Chicago
Top 10 Elemental Powers
1. Fire
2. Life
3. Water