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1Top 10 AFC Teams Who Could Beat the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2024 NFL PlayoffsAs it stands, the Kansas City Chiefs are the team to beat in the AFC. With three Super Bowl wins in four years and wins against top-notch competition, it's hard to see anyone stopping them in this...Community list created by BUETBU91 on 2/19/2024
2Top Ten Most Disappointing Men’s College Basketball Teams of the 2023-24 SeasonThis list includes the men's college basketball teams that have underperformed the most this season, compared to preseason expectations.Community list created by jayynormal00 on 2/19/2024
3Top 10 College Basketball Teams that Have Declined the Most as of 2024College basketball is unlike any other sport. The landscape of college basketball is constantly changing, and in the era of NIL, that's no different. Some teams will rise, and others will fall....Community list created by Randomator on 2/23/2024
4Top 10 Cities that are the Most Unsafe at NightThese cities may have issues with mugging, civil unrest, terrorism, carjacking, sexual assault, murder, gangs, prostitution, drugs and homelessness.Community list created by Mytresm on 2/20/2024
5Top 10 Things You Should Bring to College that Nobody Thinks OfCollege move-in day can be stressful. You're packing up nearly all of your belongings to live in a tiny dorm room. Whether you have a roommate or not, chances are you'll probably forget something...Community list created by Randomator on 2/18/2024
6Top 10 Songs, Pieces, and Soundtracks that Could Get Hit with LawsuitsAfter listening to these songs, pieces, and soundtracks, I realized the reasons they could potentially get hit with lawsuits at some point.Community list created by KingGeorge on 2/18/2024
7Top 10 Favorite Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Character and Vehicle CombinationsOne of my favorite parts of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the various character and vehicle combinations possible. Not only do the builds feel a lot different from each other, but they also look a lot...Community list created by CrypticMemory on 2/14/2024
8Top 10 Biggest Reasons Why American Girl is in DeclineAmerican Girl has been one of the biggest and most legendary toy franchises. This includes dolls, accessories, magazines, musicals, and movies. However, it isn't what it used to be. It's approaching...Community list created by KingGeorge on 2/17/2024
9Worst People Who Worked at NickelodeonHere are some of the most horrible people who ever worked at Nickelodeon.Community list created by SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy on 2/16/2024
10Top 10 Worst Things About Barbie DollsBarbie is the world’s most famous line of dolls, but it isn’t the most realistic.Community list created by KingGeorge on 2/17/2024

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Top 10 Biggest Issues that Impacted the Titanic DisasterEveryone knows about the Titanic tragedy. Even more than a century later, it remains one of the most infamous maritime disasters of all time. People are still curious and captivated by the sinking of...Community list created by Randomator on 2/23/2024
Top 10 Life Skills Every College Student Should LearnSo, you're moving off to college? Things are about to change drastically for you. The tasks your parents have been doing for you for years now become your responsibility. Being on your own is both...Community list created by Randomator on 2/18/2024
Top Ten Best Metal Albums of 2024This list is dedicated to the best metal albums of 2024. Vote for the best one.Community list created by Deathshield18 on 2/19/2024
Top 10 Best College Basketball Teams to Not Win the National ChampionshipMarch Madness is one of the most exciting sporting events of the year. Teams fight for the right to climb the podium and inscribe their name in the history books of college basketball. However, just...Community list created by Randomator on 2/26/2024
Top 10 Suits EpisodesSuits is an excellent legal drama that takes place in New York City. It follows the protagonist, Mike Ross, who becomes a lawyer at one of the most prestigious law firms in the city. He works as the...Community list created by Randomator on 2/15/2024
Top 10 Biggest Falls from Grace in SportsThese athletes or sports personalities have fallen so hard they may hardly recover. Their legacies have been tarnished or ruined by scandals such as doping, corruption, or criminal offenses.Community list created by LoveMusicLoveLife on 2/22/2024
Top 10 Most Brutal Battles of the Medieval EraCommunity list created by Randomperson2 on 2/20/2024
Top 10 Staffing Solutions Providers in USANon-votable list created by vertisystem on 2/14/2024
Greatest Teenage Olympic AthletesCommunity list created by b1234 on 2/16/2024
Best Scenes from Ice Age, Ice Age 2: The Meltdown, and Ice Age 3: Dawn of the DinosaursPersonally, Ice Age is Blue Sky's greatest achievement, with several memorable scenes to boot. From funny to scary to downright amazing, these scenes have stuck with me for many years.Community list created by NikNak on 2/15/2024

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Top 10 Celebrities that Got Worse Over Time
1. Joe Biden
2. James Franco
3. Michael Jackson
Top 10 Best Eric Church Songs
1. Springsteen
2. Drink in My Hand
3. Record Year

Most Overrated Celebrities
1. Michael Jackson
2. Madonna
3. Barack Obama
Top Ten Most Disappointing Men’s College Basketball Teams of the 2023-24 Season
1. USC Trojans
2. Gonzaga Bulldogs
3. Arkansas Razorbacks

Top 10 College Basketball Teams Most Likely to Win the 2024 Men's NCAA Tournament
1. Connecticut Huskies
2. Houston Cougars
3. Kansas Jayhawks
Top 10 Music Artists Who are the Biggest Sellouts
1. Maroon 5
2. Chicago
3. Gwen Stefani