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Top Ten Stupidest TV Shows Ever Made
1. Sanjay and Craig
2. Marvin Marvin
3. AwesomenessTV
Top Ten Worst TV Shows of the 21st Century
1. Sanjay and Craig
2. Marvin Marvin
3. AwesomenessTV

Most Overrated Bands of All Time
1. Led Zeppelin
2. Metallica
3. The Beatles
Best Songs of 2017
1. Speak to Me - Amy Lee
2. All I Got is You - Deep Purple
3. Lady B. Goode - Chuck Berry

Top 10 Rides at the Disneyland Resort
1. Big Thunder Mountain
2. Grizzly River Run
3. Splash Mountain
Most Hated Anime
1. Tenkuu Danzai Skelter+Heaven
2. Abunai Sisters: Koko & Mika
3. Mars of Destruction (Hametsu no Mars)

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Album Review: The Click
Mini-Description: In my thirty-third album review, I talk about an album that's weak -- and there's everything wrong with that.

Worst Songs: "Sober Up" ft. Rivers Cuomo
WORST SONGS: "Overture", "The Good Part", "Weak", "Drama", "Turning Out", "No Grass Today", " Three-Thirty ", "Call My Dad", "I'm Not Famous", "Netflix Trip", "Bud Like You", "Come Hang Out"


NOTE: I wasn't planning on making this review so early - hell, I wasn't planning on making it at all. But you know what? Apparently it's a crime for a big-name music critic to make a statement about an album and then one of his fans decides to listen to the album and agrees, but Anthony Fantano worshippers aren't shunned as much as they are harmless memes on here. So I'm going to drop a review either at the same time or a little earlier than Spectrum Pulse (as I write this) to show the degenerates mocking me across many social media platforms (especially considering they KNOW how self-aware I am and they KNOW my age). that I'm not just blindly taking Speccy's word for everything. I might have to go down a list to convince them of that...thank you for reading, and enjoy the review. continue reading...

Mega Rants - Emma Watson
Emma Watson is a terrible actress! Seriously! Why do people praise her so much? She has absolutely no talent! None whatsoever! And yet she keeps getting cast in movies! My god!

I know she played Hermione in the Harry Potter franchise, but even in those movies her acting wasn't good! Her acting was passable back when she was younger, but it seems like she learned absolutely nothing! She still gives the same bland performance that she always gives! But because those movies are so beloved, people say that Emma was spectacular in it! And I'll admit, I guess the way she portrays Hermione is kind of how Hermione would act. But the problem is when the character is supposed to show emotion, she doesn't! Emma always has that same bored look on her face! Would it kill her to actually emote once in a while!? People hate when actors are overacting. But when an actor is underacting, does that make it any better? No! I've seen people actually defend Emma by saying that she's pretty. First of all, I wouldn't say she's pretty. She's cute at best. Second of all, what does that have to do with anything!? An actor or actress should be cast in movies for their good looks (if needed) AND their acting skills! Which makes me wonder how Kristen Stewart keeps getting cast in movies since she doesn't have any of those qualities. continue reading...

Weekly Mediatraffic Songs Ranked (Week 27)

So, the year is more than halfway over. I'd like to take the time to introduce y'all to Mediatraffic, a chart that measures the popularity of songs worldwide. Unlike the Hot 100, which deals with the 100 biggest songs weekly, this chart deals with the 40 biggest songs weekly. Here's a link to this week's biggest songs for those who are interested. continue reading...