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7Most Iconic Numbers in Sports
10Worst Feminists of All Time

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Top Ten Music Artists You Would Like to Rate
1. AC/DC
2. Linkin Park
3. Gorillaz
Most Underrated Pokemon
1. Chingling
2. Shroomish
3. Budew

Top 10 Best God Of War Armor sets
1. Ivaldi's Pauldron of Deadly Mist
2. Valkyrie Armor
3. Ivaldi's Armor of Cursed Mist
Worst YouTube Channels
1. Fred
2. Reaction Time
3. AnimationRewind

Top 10 Best Superheroes
1. Batman
2. Zero (Code Geass)
3. Space Ghost
Top 10 Things TheTopTens Should Have
1. Comment Without Voting
2. Comment Addition Dates
3. The Ability to View a List of Your Replies on Your Profile

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Autistic Jewish South park music kid rants: Anaconda by Nicki Minaj

Oh boy! I really feel embarrassed about reviewing such a cringe worthy song, about butts, but I think I am ready I guess....
Anyways hi guys! This is Kody here and welcome to another music rant of mine. This time we are going to rant one of the worst songs of all times and one of the worst songs of 2014 ever, Anaconda by Nicki Minaj. Oh god, not Nicki minaj! "Signs". Guess I am going to have to review such a filthy song like anaconda, even if its that bad. Anyways I absolutely hate Nicki Minaj! Her voice is annoying, she sings disgusting songs and she is a dirty, filthy and slutty skank. She isn't as bad as others say she is, but still she is one of the worst rappers of all time and is absolutely a disgusting, filthy, talentless skanky women, now lets get started on reviewing this song! continue reading...

The Evolution of Video Game Consoles #9 The Straight Shooter, The Decline, and The Blind
Well in the 21st century originality was at its peak, than it started to slowly die down a bit, and now we enter the 8th gen which to me feels like maybe its just me that it almost feels like the ultimate decline in terms of what console gamers would side with. Could Nintendo keep its little streak alive, or will Microsoft, and Sony take the title away somehow let's take a look at the almost wrapped up 8th gen consoles, and the final of the video game consoles I will discuss for now. continue reading...

Why "Lucky Number Slevin" has probably the greatest plot twist in film history
Be aware. Major spoilers to a great movie follow.

Early in Lucky Number Slevin, Bruce Willis’ character, in a wheelchair, tells a man at a train station what a Kansas City Shuffle is. He detailedly goes on telling a story about a man who lays a bet on a horse of which he knows it was drugged. He borrows 20.000 dollars from a crime organisation in order to double the money, but the inevitable happened and the horse falls down, and doesn’t even reach the finish line. Now he’s in 22.000 dollar debt, and the gangsters execute him, his wife, his child son and the bookmaker. When asked what the Kansas City Shuffle about the story is, Willis points to the opposite direction of himself, in which the man looks curiously. There’s nothing and nobody. In the meantime, Willis got out of the wheelchair and now breaks the man’s neck. The entire story about the horse race was just a distraction so the man would not suspect Willis to be a killer, which is what a Kansas City Shuffle is: the whole world looks to the right, while you’re at the left. continue reading...