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Top Ten Movie Franchises/Series With No Bad Movies
1. Marvel Cinematic Universe
2. Toy Story
3. Star Wars
Best Songs of 2018
1. Neon Gravestones - Twenty One Pilots
2. Finesse - Bruno Mars
3. Dying In LA - Panic! At the Disco

Top 10 Disappointing Video Games in Good Franchises
1. Duke Nukem Forever
2. Halo 4
3. Sonic the Hedgehog
Worst Second Installments In Movie Franchises
1. Alvin & The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel
2. Star Wars: The Last Jedi
3. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Top Ten Reasons Why August 2018 Has Been a Bad Month for TheTopTens
1. Many users delete their accounts in favor of either starting over, or leave completely
2. Many users retirements have been on a rapid increase
3. Some users create false real life stories in their blog posts just to impress the general audience of sympathy card
Top 10 Artists Who are Popular and Most Liked on TheTopTens
1. Queen
2. Pink Floyd
3. Pink

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Hidden Gems #37 Brutal Legend
You want a game that so awesome with the combination of great soundtrack, and a pretty cool action adventure/ real time strategy thus considered a hybrid of its own genre that is defiantly Brutal Legend for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Insert disc:
I like the description to boot of what you dive into ''Eddie Riggs, a roadie, is transported to a fantasy world inspired by the artwork of heavy metal album covers, and becomes the world's savior, leading the down-trodden humans against a range of supernatural overlords.'' On the path you meet rock legends like Rob Halford, Lemmy, Lita Ford, and Ozzy at some point in the story that's awesome. continue reading...

Full-fledged List Analysis: Top Ten Stupidest Things to Be Afraid Of
It's been quite a while since I did one of these. Let's keep going. What are you afraid of? Should you be afraid of it?

1. Eating: If you're afraid of eating, it sort of depends. If you are afraid of eating things you know are living (not WERE living) it makes sense, but if you hate eating in general than that's a different sort of case.
2. Dogs: No I'm afraid of dogs, because of what happened to me in my childhood. Or at least big dogs. continue reading...

Nicktoon Classic Parody Review: The Ren & Stimpy Show and Rocko's Modern Life (by a R&S fanboy)
Ah, Ren & Stimpy...honestly, what else can really be said about this show that hasn’t already been said before? Coming out in almost the exact turning point from the 1980s to the 1990s (1991, to be exact) and very suspiciously running for literally the EXACT same number of episodes (52, to be exact, as in B-52’s) that its pathetically lame and stupid "wallaby" ripoff Rocko’s Modern Life did, this show revolutionized the art of gross-up close-up animation in a way that countless cartoons since then would later go on to annoyingly try to imitate even though they could never even DREAM of doing it halfway as effectively (just to name a few particularly overrated turds from Nickelodeon ALONE: Spongebob, Invader Zim and the aforementioned Rocko series). continue reading...