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1Top 10 Anime Ass-pullsAn asspull is a moment when the writer pulls a narrative decision out of nowhere (figuratively out of his ass) in an unsatisfying way. Examples of this could be introducing a new rule or breaking...Community list created by Rage6868242 on 11/26/2022
2Top 10 Greatest Mike Myers CharactersCommunity list created by LoboMaloso on 11/24/2022
3Top 10 Countries that Should Host the World Cup (That Haven't)Community list created by Iliketrainsguy100 on 11/27/2022
4Best MGM Cartoon CharactersBest characters made by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Catroon Studio.Community list created by marky on 11/24/2022
5Top 10 Best "What a Cartoon!" EpisodesCommunity list created by marky on 11/27/2022
6Best Vangelis AlbumsI think Vangelis' artistic success is owed to him being an autodidact, pushing himself to elevate his work. Lot of songs are filler on albums that could've been shorter. Otherwise I can count ten...Community list created by spookysailor156 on 11/23/2022
7Best Characters in God of War's Norse Mythology GamesThe God of War series has been known for it's amazing cast of characters all the way since the days of Greek mythology. Now that the series has explored Norse mythology in God of War (2018) and God...Community list created by RogerMcBaloney on 11/25/2022
8Celebrity Deaths That Were PredictedThese celebrity deaths were predicted by others as well as on their own.Community list created by SamanthaRosie on 11/23/2022
9Top 10 Anime Characters with the Scariest PersonalitiesCommunity list created by LoboMaloso on 11/30/2022
10Top 10 Movie Monsters that Come from the OceanCommunity list created by LoboMaloso on 12/1/2022

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Top Ten International Cricket Records Unlikely to Be BrokenCricket is a bat-and-ball game that originated in England in the 16th century, played between two teams of eleven players with the primary aim of scoring the highest number of runs. It has always...Community list created by Arhaan95 on 11/23/2022
Top 10 Advantages the Indie Game Industry Has Over the AAA Game IndustryNobody on TheTopTens has made a list comparing the indie gaming industry to the AAA gaming industry. I think this word needs to get out, loud and clear. So here you go.Community list created by VoxelVillager on 11/28/2022
Top 10 Songs You Would Least Like to Hear SampledThroughout the years, we've had a lot of popular songs sampled for other songs. While sampling can be good if it's cleverly used, it can also ruin the song itself or feel like an obvious cash-grab....Community list created by LoveMusicLoveLife on 11/27/2022
Top 10 Most Surprising NFL Teams of Week 11 (2022)Yes I know this is late nothing was that surprising this week. This is the best I could come up withCommunity list created by Randomator on 11/29/2022
Top Ten Best Green Bay Packers Players of Week 12, 2022Community list created by PackFan2005 on 11/30/2022
Top 10 Cheesy "Cool Dudes" in Pop CultureCommunity list created by xandermartin98 on 11/26/2022
Best Keys in Locke and KeyI only watched the show on Netflix but, feel free to add the ones that aren't in the show too.Community list created by McIsaac on 11/27/2022
Most Important Events in Australian HistoryCommunity list created by Randomperson2 on 11/27/2022
Best Banned Nickelodeon Show EpisodesCommunity list created by Maddox121 on 11/27/2022
People Born in 1833Community list created by b1234 on 11/25/2022

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Top 10 Best TV Shows
1. Breaking Bad
2. Game of Thrones
3. Death Note
Best Months of 2022
1. August
2. February
3. June

Top 10 Rudest People of All Time
1. Joe Biden
Top Ten My Little Pony Season 1 Episodes That Should Be Deleted
1. Over a Barrel
2. A Dog and A Pony Show
3. A Bird In the Hoof

Top 10 Worst Songs of 2022
1. Freestyle 2 - Ken Carson
2. The End - Ken Carson
3. JETLGGED - Destroy Lonely
Top 10 Best Monster High Characters
1. Frankie Stein
2. Spectra Vondergeist