Best Car Tire Brands

Unless something goes very wrong, your car's tires are the only part of the vehicle that make contact with the road. As such, the driving experience your car provides is largely dependent on the tires underneath it.

There are a number of benefits to having the right tires on your car including better gas mileage, improved traction, smoother ride, less noise, and improved performance, but perhaps the most important is the safety of the people in and around it. You may have the most advanced anti-lock braking system, multiple other driver assists, all wheel drive, and more, but if your tires are worn out or not right for the conditions, you're going to have a hard time accelerating, turning, and stopping.

So whether your tires are getting a bit on the thin side, aren't suited for the season, or otherwise are holding back your car's potential, it may be a good time to look into purchasing another set. There are few things you can do for your car that will have the positive impact of a new set of tires.

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1 Michelin (France)

Michelin can't be beat for smooth ride, grip and tread life for high mileage situations. If time (age) is the main factor as opposed to mileage... Michelin is surpassed by Cooper

Michelin make good tyres for any weather, they don't have to be fancy looking they just have to be good and that's what I like about Michelin.

I've got now the new cross climate for all seasons (approved winter/snow tires even in Switzerland..) and I have to say they are the best, and not obliged now to permute them twice a year, winter/summer..

My friend works at Michelin anyway I like to say I am not voting Michelin cause my friend I am doing it because it cool

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2 BFGoodrich (USA)

BFG is not American. Shouldn't have (USA) beside it. Michelin owns BFG and they are French. Goodyear is the ONLY American owned tire maker left in the world.

They are quiet and smooth, and are lasting long although some cracks after many many miles I'm not counting but it has been years vaguely. Maybe 6 years? Holy cra time flies. I b ought the touring for my civic.

Used in most late American muscle cars

The best tires I have ever had, great performance in multiple conditions

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3 Bridgestone (Japan)

My family's life was saved one day thanks to the outstanding performance of our Bridgestone tires in the rain. I will forever be grateful. - ignoble

My Bridgestone tires have lasted me 4 years with no problems!

Best tyre of Indian roads

Properly rated at number 3... I have a 04 Acura TL and these tires are over 50 K and look like 70 K is possible... - Hysteria1956

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4 Cooper (USA)

I have run cooper tires on all my vehicles for years without a problem and would recommend them for any vehicle.

Cooper didn't sell out to a foreign company

Cooper tires ARE American made and owned. They have bought some foreign companies.

Quiet, awesome

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5 Nexen (South Korea)

Just bought a set of 4. Handle very well, smooth ride and durable. For the price a very comparable brand to Dunlop, Pirelli and Continental.

Nexen's tires are very underrated. Plus with their warranty program you're really protected throughout the entire time you're using the tires. Highly recommend. Very durable and grip is solid.

Have this tire on my used Inifniti G37x purchased from 2013. It has been 3 years and the tires are always in good condition. But need to be changed recently

These tires are USELESS in snow.
No grip on ANY AMOUNT of snow...
They behave like bald tires.
Car slides all over the road even in 1 or 2 inches of snow...

I had Hankook tires before...
They were great...
Especially in rain and snow...
And long lasting too!
My tire "professional" told me the Nexen were
JUST AS GOOD as Hankook.

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6 Goodyear (USA)

I run a set of Douglas tires on my accord they're a Walmart budget tire owned by Goodyear, they claim 40,000 miles warranty, I've run over a sidewalk curb by accident and didn't affect my tires at all! Impressive for a mere $41 a tire from Walmart no less

Goodyear has given us the best mileage from a tire. Rotation of tires also help us in getting the best mileage from our tires.

Goodyear tires are the absolute best tire money can buy, from every standpoint. They are the last American owned tire company and are made in the USA. Goodyears have always lasted longer and gripped better than any other tire I've owned. They are great looking and are safe. The ONLY tire I trust to carry my wife and kids around every day. Love Goodyear Tires!

If those tires were bad they should be called badyear!

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7 Hankook (South Korea)

Hankook? Yeah right. You buy a hankook you must not give a crap about anything.

Hankook makes a great tire, great innovation and designing. Always reasonably priced and a great performer.

All products of south korea is the best and superb.

Nice tires

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8 Uniroyal (USA)

These tires work great and last long on my 3500 Chevy heavy duty truck

Smooth ride. Good wear. Good price.

Best ride you will ever have

Uniroyal Tires are trickle down technology from Michelin brand, and are marketed as a great value for the money tire. That being said, Uniroyal ia s great choice for people on a budget who want piece of mind when buying tires

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9 Continental (Germany)

Last Mercedes 2014 ML-350 we purchased came with Continental tires on it from the dealer. They where quiet and good tires, but the life expectancy is not anywhere near as good as a set of Michelin tires. I took the vehicle in to the dealer for service at 30,000 miles and was told I was going to need to replace my tires soon. I was shocked as we had only had this vehicle since late 2013 and it was less than a year old. I priced the Continental tires at a local nationwide tire store and they where over $400.00 a tire to replace them with a life span of 30,000 to 40,000 miles. I decided to put Michelin tires on the vehicle instead for way less than the replacement Continentals plus I got a $75.00 credit card for buying a set. The Continental tires are quieter on rough roads and certain highway surfaces, but it isn't enough to really complain about nor justify the price difference in the two tire brands. I've always been able to get 75,000 miles or more out of a good set of Michelin ...more

Founded in 1871, these guys were producing tires for carriages and bicycles decades before there even was a market for care tires. With that sort of experience, it makes sense that Continental would be at the top of the list.

I used tires in truck business for 12 years and these brands in luxury cars like BMW Rover and Jaguar cars

Awful. Better not to “wear” tires than running on continental

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10 Pirelli (Italy)

I believe the Tyres that come with a new car should be replaced by that same brand Tyre, having said that Pirelli aren't cheap and you get what you pay for but Pirelli do have great grip in wet..Every other brand of Tyre will claim they are better off Han their rivals but I still believe you should replace with the Vehicle Manufacturers Tyre recommendations. I've used Pirelli on my Model and if I swap to another Model I will use that Manufacturers recommendations.

Pirelli tires will get you to your destination on any kind road and in any kind of weather. My Outback was transformed as we forged through the storm never losing traction and maintaining control in a blinding downpour that had others skidding off the roadway. Love the power of Pirelli!

I'm an American driving only Toyotas and no matter what comes on the car from the dealer, I always buy Pirelli. They've gotten me back and forth along several thousand miles in rain, sand, heat and even snow. Once a Pirelli Girl, ALWAYS a Pirelli Girl!

Well done

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The Contenders

11 Toyo (Japan)

This was always in need for speed

The best truck tires.

Great off road tyres

Great value for tour money

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12 Dunlop (England)

Its dunlop lads

Owned by Goodyear. Not a bad tire at all.

Best traction in years

Lasts long.

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13 Kleber (France)


Really good tires, I've got them during about 8 years, 120,000 km without any problems, also the price is ok.

Kleber is not really known and not really diffused, it belongs to Michelin (from 1981).
They make as well good tire as michelin.

14 Falken (Japan)

The Falken's wear and perform well. We use them on our 1500 Avalanche and are satisfied. They look good

I has this tire on my Corolla for about 4 years the only reason I had to replace them was because my car had very bad aliment problems

Had these put on in 2009. Never, ever had a puncture, leak, anything. Still going strong now at 2017.

I work for Toyo but have these on my car because they are a lot cheaper. Been very happy so far.

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15 Apollo (India)

I am using I in my car they are the best

East or west apollo os the best

Nice tyres. With smooth ride

Best tyre

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16 Yokohama (Japan)

Had these on my car for seven years before I needed to replace them from the dry rot. Long lasting tires apparently!

Makes the Chelsea kit so obviously the best

This company makes excellent winter tires if you live in a sub-zero zone.

As a qualified tyre technician with over 6 years experience, I can highly reccommend Yokohama tyres for standard cars. Pirelli? Continental? Please! That's overpriced chinese garbage! You're paying for the name & that's it. I put these on 2 cars I've owned - including my current one(2001 accent). They last between 40-60,000km, are affordable (they cost less than the pirellis), & stick to the road like glue.
As for the high end performance segment, however, better look at Michelin - far more bang for your buck.
*I work for Bob Jane. I do not work for Yokohama or Michelin. We stock mostly Bridgestone & pirelli

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17 General Tires (USA)

These are great tires they really are their tires are made of real fine Rubber and the rubbers are good I mean you can't get a better Tire in this unless you were to steal one

Have purchased Grabber AT2's for my Dodge Dakota and absolutely loved them. Just got Altimax snow tires, we'll see.

Have a set of gmax as 05 and love them.

Have the RT43 AltiMAX, purchased after being Michelin customer for many years, got caught in 1st generation (failed) Defender tires - Quiet / Smooth / Excellent Traction - will purchase again

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18 Bugatti (France)

Bugatti is not a tire brand is a brand of a French car producer, located in France, which is a now a subsidiary of the VW group (biggest car maker in the world).

19 Nokian (Finland)

Been on my Blazer for about 60,000 miles. I'll be getting a new set in about another 5 or 10,000.

Very best tire for winter driving in northern climates.

The World Best Company Ever.

These tires are complete crap junk don't waste your money!

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20 Firestone (USA)

Run Firestone on my car for winter, excellent traction and even at spirited speeds they grip great! Great price as well and have never had a problem. Just got rid of a set of 4 Cooper's for example two came out of round, not very happy with Cooper.

Been using the Firestone Destination tire since they came out, truck after truck. They never wear out, they handle great, good in mud & snow, good for hauling, as good as you are going to get on the highway.

Love the Destination AT's on my Jeep Wrangler. They are quiet on the highway and can do anything I ask off road

They are most dependable tires I've ever used

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21 Achilles (USA)

Achilles is Indonesian tire brand. I think they are most valuable tires in the market.

Nice and grip well

I like u help me to get

22 Barum (Czech Republic)

I have a set of barum bravuris tires on my 1990 miata. Great cornering grip silky smooth at highway speeds. Would reccomend these tires for budget performance minded driving

23 MRF (India)

Mrf have been doing exceptionally well in terms of advancing. 2 years on they supply the air force

Best tyres with best quality no doubts.. It must be in top ten.. Of world

Best tires with best quality no doubts.. It must be in top ten.. Of world.

GREAT Tire brand most of my family uses it - UsernameDoesNotBotherMe

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24 Vredestein (Netherlands)

Very good tires with very good prices on dry and wet road

Had 4 on my Nissan Frontier, 4x4. Could not get that thing to slide no matter how hard I tried. The traction in 10" of snow was incredible.

My father (many years ago) purchased a set for his Cortina that had previously been supplied from new with crossplies- the difference was incredible in all aspects & conditions, great tyres & relatively inexpensive, definitely worth seeking out!

Tires stick to the road like glue, very responsive.

25 Kelly Tires (USA)

Kelly is owned by Goodyear and even though they don't have a huge product line, Kelly makes a heck of a tire. Especially for the price. I've run Kelly tires for years and have always gotten many many trouble free miles and great traction from them.

26 Ceat (India)

First time user me very reliable

Awesome products I been using around 40 years

Ceat wasn't made for forty years stupid

CEAT is the best tyre of the world

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27 Coker (USA)


28 Barez (Iran)

Worst in the world

The best of Islamin world

Very good

29 Kavir Tire (Iran)

I test this tire for 93,000 miles in desert, it's reliable tire for sure specifically for high temperature roads.

It's really good

It's the best tire in the world

Its Really Good

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30 Maxxis (Taiwan)

Maxxis makes a killer tire! It is just a matter of time before they are rated in the top 5.

Very good for Temperature higher countries like UAE

100% trust and service more power to Maxxis tires!

Great Performance and Stability

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31 Kumho (South Korea)

I had two Kumho Tires that split bands and had to be replaced before the treadwear was significant. It also says made in China, not in South Korea. Regardless. They seem like a defective tire. I would not recommend them.

Just bought this, is this a continental subsidiary

The tires tread wears out fast I would not recommend

Never got disappointed with this brand.

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32 Lassa (Turkey)

Best value for the money

Perfect tires

I think, it's more effective brand in world, they are using Bridgestone knowledge for production. - com21

I also use this tire for long time..i think its one of the best ever made.many car brands prefer this..espesially its popular for heavy trucks and war planes for use

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33 Nankang (Taiwan)

Best tire for the price and rides very well

Best brand ever Quality vs price

34 Keter (China)
35 JK Tyres (India)

I have used its very good tyre service...

Very good tyres.

36 Petlas (Turkey)

Petlas one of most selling and best quality car tires produced with high technology in Turkey

Best turkish brand

High technology and more effective tire also roadholding - com21


37 TVS (India)

Best company for bikes, worst for tyres.

38 Fulda (Germany)

I have fulda tires and I'm very much sattisfied

39 Cordiant (Russia)
40 Sailun Atrezzo (China)
41 Gislaved (Sweden)

Well known brand for great snow tires, comparable to Nokian JMHO

42 Hoosier (USA)

I trusted their product on my race car. I trust them on my street car. No doubt about it.



Tires designed for champions is there motto freshly made by hard working class Americans with close supervision on all aspects of the tire from start to finish.
Hoosier is primarily known for specializing in the production of tires for competition use. This Indiana-based tire company, Is the world's largest race tire manufacturer. They also have a wonderful line of safe everyday tires to go along with there race line of tires. So Hoosier will watch over you on race day and all days in between. The Hoosier tire company was founded in 1958, and has since provided tires for use in series sanctioned by IHRA, ARCA, CRA, NASCAR, IMCA, WISSOTA, SCCA, AIS, and Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series. - Screw32

43 Mickey Thompson (USA)

Drag racing slicks.
This doesn't cover any legitate form of motor.

44 Bob Jane (Australia)

The only tyres made in aus but I do like Bridgestone too

45 Matador (Slovakia)

cool tires

46 Pantera (USA)

Can't find any info on these

Great tires! Can’t be beat for the price

47 Radar Tires
48 Duraturn (USA)

Great tires for a great price. They are making a name for themselves with the warranty program they have. Mozzo has become a popular tire.

49 Vogue Tyre (USA)
50 Bugatti (Italy)
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