Best Digital Camera Brands

The Top Ten Best Digital Camera Brands

1 Canon

Canon Stands ahead of All Other brands when it comes to still photography. Sony lies the second and when Comes to SLR, Nikon is the Best. Nobody can beat Nikon in that.

Really love the brand ^^ the products from canon.
I own 6 cameras of this brand starting from a film camera to film DSLR and 2 digital cameras, ^^ 3 DSLRs.. ^^ 6 Canon Lenses ncluding 3 L series lenses...
Canon Simply O..W...E..S..O..M..E...

canon does not make anything but cameras so they are experts in their job unlike sony

Electronic EF mount much better than outdated Nikon f mount with mechanical garbage from 60's-80's, Canon EOS is complete system, with perfect ergonomic and same design concept of the bodies and lenses. In my bag live 85 1.2l from 1997 and 16-35/4 is from 2015, and they work in the same way, quiet and precise af, almost identical finish and work principle, compare such goodness with... my friend giro bag: nikkor 20-35/2.8D, Nikkor 24-70/2.8G, nikkor 80-200 AF -S three different lenses of the same system with different working principle, finish and ergonomics... Nikon is bad system and worthless long term investment because every 15 or so years Nikon invented something new and dump everything manufactured before. As for me photo gear is at least 20 years investment, I bought eos 1n in 1995 and sold it couple months ago simply because I stop shooting reversal film and camera begin collect dust.

2 Nikon

Nikon! Almost all professional photographers use it!

I have a d3000 and I LOVE it. it's beginner friendly but still takes some of the most breathtaking pictures I have ever seen. nikon is top.

Nikon is a professional camera brand unlike sony making cameras for teenagers and for casual photography... But with nikon you can do much more...

Canon may be bigger, but no one makes better cameras and lenses than Nikon. Serious photographers and pros have always know that.

3 Sony Sony Corporation, commonly referred to as Sony, is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Kōnan Minato, Tokyo, Japan.

I have a Sony DSC-W350 and it is just awesome... And going forward to buying a DSC-HX9V... Which is a Compact Point & Shoot Camera with Power of a DSLR!

I recommend Sony because it is the best brand if you're considering for a Super Point and Shoot.

I don't know why I love it but its awesome.

Sony CyberShot And Cannon DSLR. That's IT.

Sony Alpha a7 series are awesome... I'll get it... I have used canon and Nikon but picture quality and sharpness is much better in sony as compare to canon and Nikon.

Top 3

1. Sony
2. Canon
3. Nikon

4 Olympus

Great compact solution. Can carry a whole range of lenses including long telephoto in a small backpack

Olympus... IHS TECHNOLOGY good for Lowlight sensitivity, High-Speed Performance, Intelligence Auto, and Super-Resolution Zoom. For me olympus camera is better than to other brand,

I love this camera! Honestly the best one I have ever owned. Perfect for taking self pictures along with far away shots. 26x zoom is amazing.

Panasonic sucks! Olympus rules the photography world! All other brands aren't even close to olympus, except for canon

5 Panasonic

I have two Lumix cameras and have been amazed at the results I have seen. I use one Point and Shoot for mostly indoor pictures; exhibitions etc. The other larger camera I use for bird and animal photography. I did get some useful advice about initial set-ups which have helped considerably.

Panasonic cameras are the best

I hate this camera, canon is the bomb(and sony. )

I love my old Lumix Gf1 that I used for online shopping and the pictures are clear and precise. A customer bought it and I have to buy a latest version. I tried Canon, Fuji and Pentax but nothing compares to Panasonic. Today I bought Lumix Gf3 it's not the latest but it's even far better than my old one...

6 Casio

I have had 2 Exilims. They are quite small. Do an amazing job with detail and color. Flash, people shots are often partly washed out. Maybe it the settings I use.?

Casio is a nut, CasioNut it's very big. Its not casio.

Baad camera in the world - kainatrind

7 Pentax

Pentax offers fewer options than Nikon and Canon, but the options they have will satisfy 95% of photographers, from beginners to pros. They tend to offer a bit more for the same price, compared with the Nikon, Canon or Sony. The cameras and lenses are sturdy and well built. For my larger than average hands, they feel better too, even though they tend to be a bit smaller and lighter than Canon.

Only down sides to the Pentax system for me are:
1) If using 3 or more multiple flash/strobes, they don't synchronize together easily, Nikon flash system is much better, (I wish Pentax would license this from Nikon, pay a royalty, and let me use Nikon flashes).
2) If you want to buy cheap accessories (lens, flash...) Nikon and Canon have more 3rd party support. (But I like the good quality of Pentax, so I seldom by third party).
3) Less stores carry the full line of Pentax, So you may have to purchase on-line if you want a less common lens or accessory.

I've owned Canon, ...more

There's no other brand better than Pentax when it comes to experience, Price and quality, all in one place. Canon and Nikon cost you hundreds of bucks more just for the brand name, The weather sealing on Pentax's entry level DSLR's is even better that of Canon 1D-X and Nikon D4. Pentax won't dodge you by clever marketing tricks. Very reliable camera brand. Others are good too, but Pentax is just in a class of it's own.

I love my Pentax SLR Camera. Very nice, sharp images and Pentax is the only company that I've seen so far that sells colored "Big Pro" cameras. Impressive! Love how they're coming up with a more personalized way of photographing.

Sure, Nikon and Canon get all the big press, and they are fine cameras without a doubt. But when it came down to selecting my DSLR, nothing could match the value, quality, and features that I was able to get from my Pentax K-50. For instance, Pentax was the only brand in it's price range to have both front and rear dials. And I love the fact that the Image Stabilization is built into the body, meaning that I don't have to look for specific lenses to get that functionality. It's also weather resistant, which wasn't a big selling point at first, but I've grown to love it. All the homework I did paid off...I've never regretted getting my Pentax!

8 Samsung Samsung is a South Korean multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul. Its primary products are apparel, chemicals, consumer electronics, electronic components, medical equipment, semiconductors, ships, telecommunications equipment.

I still have an old Samsung camera (bought around 2011). It might work if there were batteries and an SD in it. The camera was good (probably crappy when compared to cameras these days) - ConeHat

I love samsung because of their technologies and stylish

Samsung make crap cameras and do not give a stuff if they have faults. The WB350F was the worst camera I have ever owned.

Samsung is very convenient and photo transferring can be done very easily. Samsung is also affordable and has a reasonable price

9 Ricoh

Best camera ever!

I have a RICOH WG-20 (a weather proof model) at 14MP the pictures are fantastic. the model is easy to use, (didn't need a manual) I can trust it's ruggedness it is well built with features that are easy to see and use. I was lucky I found this jem and I mean that for real I actually found it in the trash. I can't believe the good luck it has been. I take photos for the automotive detailing that I do. The before and after pictures I can count on to be constant in the photo the camra get the job done with accuracy.

I'm a Ricoh gr fan

10 RED

The best.

8k at 84FPS for only 50k.

Anyone can beat that? No? Ok, RED, you win.

The Contenders

11 Lumix

Facepalm -. - Lumix is Panasonic

Lumix is Panasonic

The camera I used to use to film videos is a Lumix. - allamassal

Lumix is Lumix - 80sGreatestOffice

12 Kodak

I have seen some really great picture and video quality from the Kodak brand. For their price they deliver very good imaging and video quality. Although the company has gone bankrupt there is a few good models around. Their problem is that they do not promote their products well but they should not be underrated.

Photography is their traditional buissness. so, they purely concentrate on camera's. As compared to SONY, the sony camera's are get you very very sharp pictures. but, Kodak on otherhand gives you the real picture.
Go for KODAK...

Becasue they are VERY VERY ncie and take great pictures! I'm getting a NEW KODAK for 84.00$ with 10.2 MP AND YOU ALL SHOULD GET THIS KIND!

Everyone in my whole family has a Kodak - dragon13304

13 Toshiba Toshiba Corporation is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

Thoshiba are the best

14 Nokia

Drop it never broken now a budget phone

I love nokia

Love it

My Nokia


One of the best action cam brands. Sharp image, cheap price and good color quality

For me is cheap and strong for daily use - Alialamm

16 Leica

Come on! This is ranked way too low. It's common knowledge that Leica makes the best lenses ( look at every test in magazines ). It's not cheap ( you really pay for the quality here and not just for the name of the brand like most people think ) but once you own one you will see for sure a difference comparing to other cameras. It's only flaw is like I said before it's price ( especially the lenses ). If you are a serious artist in photography you will get the most out of this camera. A professional will maybe look for a cheaper quality brand ( if he just doing publicity photography for instance ).

Leica has the best build quality than any other camera brand, so it should be at least at #3 (only because Nikon and Canon have good cameras but are more widely known)

Thank you for cooperating with HUAWEI! The P30 tells me you have the best camera lenses!

Leica by a mile

17 Polaroid

They released a few I-Zone instant pocket cameras including those that are licensed (Barbie, Girl Tech and American Girl). - monsterhigh200

I got one and it broke almost instantly. - WarioMan

Love it stay classic

a classic

18 Konica Minolta
19 Fujifilm

LOVE this brand my little camera is my favorite travel partner

Their(Fuji) Cameras, Lens, and their color film knowlodge makes the best pictures right out of the camera, even for a beginner.

Its just amazing. It has great features and it is in the 'affordable' price range. Great for those who like good photography, but for a reasonable price, or those just beginning in photography. I recommend FujiFilm FinePix S1800.

I love their brand and the joy of taking still photography. They make some of the best APC models.

20 Cherry Mobile

Best camera ever

21 Apple Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California, that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services.
22 Google Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products. These include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, and software.

Best quality ever and on the Google pixel 2 unlimited space which in overall make it better than apple

Better than apple in quality and overall

Pixel 2 is a monster

The google pixel 1 and 2 (including XL) is amazing

23 Hasselblad

Its camera is big mega pixel

One of the high end prestige camera maker in the world. Their camera produced stunning gorgeous pictures with a variety of models. One of their model has a 50 megapixels CMOS sensor.

Outstanding product quality and attention to detail with beautiful color science.

Simply the finest

24 Diunamai

Diunamai is great I found it on sale on, I have ordered lets see - rakeshroy02

25 Vivitar

They're cheap and have a decent picture quality

26 Rollei

German iconography

I like my 35mm camera from them. Good quality built camera, uses Leica lenses. Or at least mine did at the time.

27 GoPro

I use this for waterslides due to the water-proofing and even without water, it is the best 4K camera... if you aren't into water, 4K or 60fps, this isn't a good camera... but I'm part of the niche audience so I'm chill - Maddox121

We don't have this because this is always on the go and pro in running and were very poor.

Best for everything above ground under ground high speeds on ground slow speeds

Best for anything that you need to record

28 Yashica

The best camera I've ever had is a Yashica TL electro X. A film camera I bought in 1973.

Best camera in the world I have a camera from 25 years it is still working

The Yashica Electro 35 G,GS,GT,GSN,GTN, Are one of the most iconic and amazing 60's and 70's film cameras!

29 Minolta

Amazing film images! Gives a vintage feel

All time best camera

30 Zeises

The best camera lenses period. On there new partner anger Contax—> Sony


31 Blackmagic

The most innovative cinema cameras available.

I think this brand is crap.

It's a 4k models...

32 Vivotek


33 Sanyo Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. is a Japanese major electronics company and formerly a member of the Fortune Global 500 whose headquarters was located in Moriguchi, Osaka prefecture, Japan.

They make good camcorders

Sanyo manufactures the best TVs in the world. - monsterhigh200

34 Polo Camera

I think is grate and cheep price tor

35 Vision Research

AKA Phantom. I don't own one (and probably never will), but damn they are awesome.


Very nice quality photography filters. Polarizing filters have their characteristics similar to the filters from the top shelf pricing but in a lower pricing :) Not well known brand yet but I think that it has a high potential.

37 Premier

Gives full mega pixels

Powerful flash

Premier is a Taiwanese brand and it's also good for day time photography and it has a powerful flash DS 309

38 Gionee
39 MyPhone

Great pictures


40 Oppo
41 Buddymate
42 Jenoptik
43 Eagle
44 Medion

Get a load of plastic, cheap glued metal and low-advanced lenses for a really good price starting at 15 dollars! You get a lot for this price range!

-greetings from Germany/Aldi süd

45 Power Tech Camera

Better than others in quality and overall

46 Logitech
47 Xiaomi
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