New ListBest Rock Pianist/Keyboardists1. Billy Joel
2. Elton John
3. Freddie Mercury - Queen

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Glauberson voted for Love Me Do on the list of Top Ten Best Beatles Opening Tracks on Capitol Albums
Glauberson voted for Sarcastrophe (.5: The Gray Chapter) on the list of Best Opening Tracks On Slipknot Albums
Vote cast for Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five on the list of Best Songs by Paul McCartney
Vote cast for United States on the list of Best Countries in the World
Vote cast for Tony Iommi on the list of Best Guitar Riff Creators
cjWriter1997 submitted Impetus to the list of Best Clutch Songs
Vote cast for Faye Dunaway on the list of Top 10 People and Characters Whose Name Begins with the Letter "F"
Vote cast for The Diary of Jane - Breaking Benjamin on the list of Greatest Rock Songs of the 21st Century
ReltihFloda voted for Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd - 1975 on the list of Top Ten Albums that Were the Best of Their Year
Glauberson voted for .5: The Gray Chapter on the list of Best Slipknot Albums
Vote cast for Janelle - Big Brother 6 on the list of Hottest Female Big Brother US Contestants
Vote cast for Uchiha Itachi on the list of Best Akatsukis in Naruto
Vote cast for Canada on the list of Most Hated Countries
Vote cast for Hallowed Be Thy Name - Iron Maiden on the list of Top 10 Darkest Sounding Guitar Riffs
Vote cast for 911 / Mr. Lonely on the list of Top 10 Best Tyler the Creator Songs

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