New ListBest Mr. Men Books1. Mr. Tickle
2. Mr. Greedy
3. Mr. Happy

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Vote cast for Dimitris Diamantidis on the list of Best Greek Basketball Players
Vote cast for Petarded on the list of Top Ten Best Family Guy Episodes
New comment on Frozen in the list of Top 10 Most Overrated Animated Movies of the 21st Century

cHaters stfu no matter how hard you hate you got to accept the truth that this is the highest grossing animated film for now ...if it has more haters then how did it become the highest grosser

Vote cast for Toys in the Attic on the list of Best Aerosmith Albums
Everyone is nice here submitted to the list of Top Ten Lies They Tell You About Middle School
New comment on Milotic in the list of Most Beautiful Pokemon

cWhen I first saw this pokemon I'm so inlove with it. I even forgot my first love dragonite.

Vote cast for Shantanu Maheshwari on the list of Top Ten Dancers In Asia
Vote cast for The Princess Bride on the list of The 10 Best Parody Movies
New comment on Larry Underwood in the list of Top Ten Best Characters from Stephen King's the Stand

c"I ain't no nice guy." - Meaning he actually is. He went from my least favourite to the most favourite character. I simple enjoyed this character development and I found myself mourning his death deeply.

Vote cast for Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Montreal Canadiens on the list of Top Ten Rivalries In Sports
Vote cast for Michael Jordan on the list of Greatest Athletes of All Time
Vote cast for Chambea on the list of Bad Bunny Songs
New comment on Celestia and Luna in the list of Best My Little Pony Couples

ci love all the ships

Vote cast for Milotic on the list of Most Beautiful Pokemon
Vote cast for Vs Christian, No Holds Barred - Summerslam 2011 on the list of Best Randy Orton Matches

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