New ListBest The Walking Dead Villains (TV Show)1. Negan
2. The Governor
3. Alpha (The Whispers)

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Vote cast for Lucifer Morningstar on the list of Most Powerful Fictional Characters
Vote cast for Britney Spears on the list of Best Pop Singers of the 21st Century
Vote cast for Sloshing Machine on the list of Best Weapons in Splatoon 2
Vote cast for Jeff Buckley on the list of Top Ten Saddest Musician Deaths
MrCoolC added a comment on Justin Bieber actually cares about his fans in the list of Reasons Why Justin Bieber is Better Than Kylie Minogue

cSo respectful that he tried to spit a fan indirectly.

Vote cast for Bobby: Idjits on the list of Best Supernatural Quotes
Vote cast for Toys R Us Announced the Closing of 180 Stores on the list of Most Shocking Moments in 2018
Vote cast for Anthony Paul vs Caroline Pennell - As Long As You Love Me on the list of Best the Voice USA Battles
New comment on Back to December in the list of Top 10 Taylor Swift Slow Songs

cI cry every time I listen to this song because of how relatable it is. It's so powerful musically and lyrically. It's a true masterpiece written by an amazing artist.

Cyri added a comment on Learn socializing in the list of Top Ten Ways to Deal with Autism/Aspergers

cI learned to read people so well that I have a sense of emotion and can even read thoughts sometimes. No, I don't think I'm psychic.

Vote cast for Jackie Evancho on the list of Best Female Celebrity Role Models
Vote cast for Daredevil on the list of Top Ten Best Marvel Super Heroes
New comment on PewDiePie in the list of Top Ten Worst YouTubers

cI love pewdiepie

Vote cast for Son Goku - Dragon Ball Z on the list of Top Ten Anime Characters
Vote cast for Send in Stewie, Please on the list of Top 10 Worst Family Guy Episodes of All-Time

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