New ListMost Unintentionally Hilarious Songs of All Time1. With Arms Wide Open - Creed
2. Bawitdaba - Kid Rock
3. Born Free - Kid Rock

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Lolbs added a comment on You're a failed abortion whose birth certificate is an apology from the condom factory. in the list of Best Insults

cGreat way to roast someone or make them cry lol

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EhhhBarca added a comment on Albania in the list of Most Hated Countries

cAlbania. It isn't that bad but seriously why this place 48? Albania does have crime, like any other country, but people over-react to it so much. It's like Albania has 1 murder every single day. More like 1 murder a year, but now let's talk about poverty. Albania has poverty. Like any other country, however, poverty rate is getting lower by the years, and Albania has the 4th most employment rate in the Balkans. There are almost no mafia groups in Albania. You can go to other countries for that. Albania isn't a xenophobic country. We are welcoming to tourists, and most of us aren't rude to one another. The literacy rate in Albania is 99.8 for Males, 99.3 for Females, we rank 37th in Life Expectancy, and 13th in Happy Planet Index. My question is, how does this add up to 48?

New comment on Don't Change in the list of Greatest INXS Songs

cI had not heard this song in years and just heard it in a hip grocery store in San Francisco. What a great song! I think their best. I need to get it now.

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