New ListTop 10 Songs with the Word "Father" in the Title1. Father Time - Stratovarius
2. Honor Thy Father - Dream Theater
3. Our Father - Mike Oldfield

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New comment on Krav Maga in the list of Best Types of Martial Arts

cKrav Maga is a real self defence martial art. In the street it’s not always a 1v1 fight there’s no rules. Martial arts like toekwondo, boxing, Jiu Jitsu and wrestling and Muay Thai are all combat sports meaning there are sports which you fight in. These types of martial arts are only good against 1 attacker. They don’t teach you how to fight multiple attackers and weapons defene. But Krav Maga is pure self defence it makes you mentally and physically strong. You will learn how to defend against strikes, chokes and takedowns. You also learn weapons defence and how to fight multiple attackers. These are real life situations which Krav Maga teaches you how to defend against. I would love to see a boxer or Jiu Jitsu fighter try to disarm a person with a knife. It’s not gonna work unless you know Krav Maga 😉.

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