New ListBest The Weeknd Lyrics1. "This ain't nothing to relate to." - Kiss Land
2. "And I love you, and I need you, I only want you. And nobody gonna know..." - Valerie
3. "Angels all singing in monasteries, yeah, my soul is burning in LaFerraris." - Ordinary Life

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New comment on ClickMe and DontClickme accounts in the list of Most Annoying Things About Roblox

cThis is so true! I clicked one of their accounts and it told me to go on some dumb scam website which hacks your roblox account! Everyone should know that these are robots!

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New comment on Michael Jackson in the list of Best Pop Stars Ever

cI started to listen to english pop music because of this guy.

Sra456 submitted DanTDM - November 8, 1991 to the list of Top Ten People Born Under the Scorpio Zodiac Sign

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