Colors - Between The Buried And Me: Random Album Review

I'm gonna make this a short one! In two days Fire Emblem: Fates is gonna be released in the US and me being hyped as all hell, I will try to get a copy per import!
So expect my next review(at all) to be a few days or so away. Until I've finished this game I won't review anything AT ALL!

So yeah, Between The Buried And Me, a seriously underrated Progressive Metal and Metalcore Band and this might be their best album, so here I'll review it for you!

-Foam Born (A) the Backtrack:
A very great opening to this album! It starts off with piano and then just all around insane and perfectly flows into Track 2!

-(B) the Decade of Statues:
Starts off with insane Metalcore and then it just keeps going on! Wow, this track was awesome, but personally the weakest one in my opinion! However the ending was awesome!

-Informal Gluttony:
I love the intro to this song and the bass to it was well-played! The middle eastern rhythm in the beginning was a great change to the sound and the riffing was amazing!
Then it goes berserk!

-Sun Of Nothing:
Just overall one of the bands best songs ever! The drumming alone was absolutely incredible! This song has an insane amount of different parts, some of which are extremely surprising and made this song patricularly great!

-Ants Of The Sky:
I love the fast-paced sound, that was just overall incredible! The song goes at parts slower and everytime it does, it's amazing! And the ending was...unexpected!

-Prequel To The Sequel:
The beginning sounded much like a Dream Theater Song! The overall heaviness and the slow middle part were some reasons why I loved this song!

A short and slow guitar solo at the almost end of the album!

-White Walls:
My personal favorite song of this band! The riffage in the beginning was absolutely awesome! Like most of this bands songs, this one is also heavy and loud, but has numerous little slow parts, that made this song what it is!
Overall a perfect closer to the entire album!

Now this album had a lot of amazing tracks with ratings, like this:
Foam Born (A) the Backtrack: 9/10
(B) the Decade of Statues: 8,5/10
Informal Gluttony: 8,5/10
Sun Of Nothing: 9,5/10
Ants Of The Sky: 9,5/10
Prequel To The Sequel: 9,5/10
Viridian: 8/10
White Walls: 10/10

This album was overall incredible Progressive Metal and Metalcore goodness and deserves a score of:
9,5/10, adjective "amazing"
The entire album was overall a experience unlike anything else! Describing it was hard, as every song was great! The entirity of it builds a amazing album, that you should listen to, if you're a Metal Fan!