Hidden Gems #37 Brutal Legend

You want a game that so awesome with the combination of great soundtrack, and a pretty cool action adventure/ real time strategy thus considered a hybrid of its own genre that is defiantly Brutal Legend for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Insert disc:
I like the description to boot of what you dive into ''Eddie Riggs, a roadie, is transported to a fantasy world inspired by the artwork of heavy metal album covers, and becomes the world's savior, leading the down-trodden humans against a range of supernatural overlords.'' On the path you meet rock legends like Rob Halford, Lemmy, Lita Ford, and Ozzy at some point in the story that's awesome.

The graphics look impressive for 2009 looking back 9 years later not too bad off. mechanics in the game are not great, but its at least playable frustrating at times yes, but it is what it is. Back to the voice acting because in terms of cutscenes, and deliver this is where its at the story is pretty cool Eddie is an awesome character who goes out there to the world of metal ironically voiced by Jack Black, and eventually finds a pair of other roadies recruits to stop Doviculus who is voiced by Tim Curry who interestingly enough was going to be Ronnie James Dio because back than the production for this game started in 07. After defeating him all is restored, and your the ultimate king of that world driving off to sunset as your throne awaits.

Possible Sequel?:
There was talks of a second game, but that was never discussed again after nothing came up about that speculation. here's what it would of been like if it did end up finalizing. ''The sequel would have likely included a fourth faction that was cut from the original game which would have been the last major group the player would have to fight through, including a major boss character, before the final battles with Doviculus. Schafer noted that at the end of the original game, Doviculus' head falls into the Sea of Black Tears, and implied that the same effect that the Sea had on Ophelia could happen to Doviculus. Schafer also had ideas for a plot using a character voiced by Ronnie James Dio, but will not likely be used due to Dio's death.'' They ended up not making a bigger masterpiece than this, and there going back to their own roots recently with another awesome somewhat obscure, but now popular title in Psychonauts. The sequel to be released in 2019 thanks to the demand of fans realizing how great it was not sure if there well be a sign of this to come ever again, but it did that's great.

For being the last gem by a very underrated company like Double Fine i'm amazed that this would be that last unique game not very many people got to play in its time. The art style is pretty off the wall, but in a good way. The humor I forgot to mention this is fairly clever I must say. Great collection of music as well as dialogue is incredible drives the story in more great ways for you to sympathize with Eddie. The only thing I'll admit don't like about it as much as at times the awkward controls, but its acceptable even with a repetitive gameplay they try changing it up at times in its story.



lol - munyakuri

lol - munyakuri