LightningStrike Album Review: Blackstar - David Bowie

Album review number 4

Worst album of all time you say? Let's see. Hmm. No I don't see that much flaws here compared to other terrible albums I listened to. This album ain't terrible.

This is David Bowie's 25th and last album released in January 8th, 2016. Length of 41:14, the genre is art rock and jazz even though i'm not a fan of art music, recorded in the magic shop and human worldwide in New York City. This album also came out 2 days before Bowie's Death of liver cancer. Very sad death there. You were one good singer David. Rip.



This is a 10 minute song and it's a work of art. The start works just fine. But then weird vocals appears a few seconds after, but the lyrics are very good and the tunes are very nice. This is art rock and jazz right here. And the music gets catchier too. Now I think i'm starting to like this. The lyrics are just about the villa of Ormen with a candle. After that is a sax solo then some more "ahh"s. It's art you guys. Trippy music, appealing? You got that right. I think this is so much better than a day in the life (In my opinion) after repeating the first verse. It changes the beat and the tone into something a bit more experiencing especially with all of the "ooooh"s. And then lyrics are about someone dying and someone else taking that place. The first "I'm a blackstar" startled me but it goes on through the song. The beat is great and the lyrics are telling you that it's not any star, it just a BLACKSTAR! I keep on thinking of this but this is a masterpiece. And then we get back to the opening lyrics with "In the villa of ormen". Very relaxing to go back there am I right. And the ending is just the instruments making random notes. Out of anything here. This song has got to be the best art song of all time! I love the messages and the work. I wasn't into it when I first heard it but the further I went, the more art I need. I love it!

'Tis a plty she was a whore:

Drums in the beginning, very nice and includes sax sounds and guitar tunes in random notes and beat? kind of. The lyrics are about this sad man that got hurt by some crazy woman. The notes are just art after that. The next lyrics are super weird in my opinion, "She stole my purse" a man is singing this? And the next lyrics are just the same as the first verse. I would say the beats are nice and catchy, but having nice meaning and making it so... Art. And with WOOs at the end. Including with art music just the way it is................ It's David Bowie everyone.


The riff is nice and calm and the beat is relaxing too. Including with nice sax sounds and very soft art. I like music that's like this. Very appealing. The lyrics are about what it's like after dying, that guy is in heaven and it's still very Arty and relaxing. Then he dropped his phone as the next verse. After that he went to New York and he was looking for you or something. The describes bluebirds which represents freedom. Sax solo is totally unique and hard to do. It's art everyone! Of course it's not as bad as you think at all. This is getting good.


The opening guitar riff is awesome! And the beat is super catchy. The lyrics are about buying a house and resting. Next this is one of those art songs that keep on spreading instrument notes from stereo to stereo in a unique and beautiful way. Then the lyrics are about her riding a train and we found a note from her and realizing we were fools. After that the music gets harder and harder with the art rock! Woah! Trippy! this is just... TRIPPY!

Girl loves me:

The lyrics just started and it's kind of confusing to me, it's just about days of the week and stuff. And including with your life events of those days. The beat is... Again... Really good. And then he's asking where Monday went while dropping F bombs! Yeah! F BOMBS IN THE FACE >:D The lyrics so Farr are just about a girl loving that guy and wondering where Monday went.

Dollar Days:

It starts with bills sound effects including with a relaxing riff right after and soft tunes and sax solo. The lyrics are just about being busy and not worrying about society and stuff. This song is not much of an art song compared to other songs in this album but it's still very nice. Nice sax instrumentals between the lyrics, and it's also saying the he's also dying and he's trying to do exactly that? Now I think it's getting a bit more art as we go through the song. Very nice production. Guitar at the ending with an awesome catchy beat right at the end which is very short there.

I can't give everything away:

Here we have the final song of the album and it starts with the most catchy beat through the entire album from what i've noticed including with a bit of art too. Nice tone as well. The lyrics are describing things that I can't really tell what's going on at the start but the entire lyrics overall is just like the title. Everything about you and your life? Can you give ALL of that to everyone that knows you? Hmm. That makes you think.



Overall, for an art album this has got to be one of the best art albums of all time. I can't even believe it was make just a while ago especially if it's David Bowie right before his death. This album deserves to be very famous and maybe it would be an icon in the future too. We'll see. This album is mind blowing and is like a unique experience.


This series is actually pretty good - iliekpiez