Decyfer Down: Best Songs

Decyfer Down has been my favorite band for a while now. I decided to make a post from my remix on the best songs by DD.

Vanity: This is definitely the most underrated song of Decyfer. It’s shocking that Vanity isn’t as liked as Crash or No Longer. The song is a perfect example of hard rock blended with great riffs. The guitar sounds like it has been paulstretched or something (which is awesome!) Like any other Decyfer song, it drives in a great rush of emotion. TJ Harris, the lead vocalist, sounds so awesome and the beats are awesome. Overall, this is the Decyfer Down song with the best guitar.

Nothing More: The song is just......too.......awesome!!! This song would easily be ranked Top 5 overall in Decyfer Down’s masterwork! The guitar intro is head banging and crazy! The beats are great and lovable. Keep in mind that he is talking to Satan while singing this, wishing him out of his life. Most Christian believers have had this doubt after the lyrics of the song. The song can also be directed to anything that holds you back from life’s one true purpose. Decyfer Down also released a music video in YouTube after the song. And there’s no surprise that this song has a lot of views and likes in comparison to the rest of the album. The song has a wonderful combination of heaviness, aggression, and melody. The greatness of the song starts when the chorus hits on! TJ Harris’s vocals only get better as the song proceeds and the listener literally falls in love with the song.

So In Love: Scarecrow was a different album. It blends in country with rock and it did have many negative reviews and many critics for it but everything does have an exception just like this album. So In Love is easily one of the most beautiful songs I’ve every heard. I instantly fell in love the peaceful, calm, soothing music. I’ll be honest. The Decyfer Down with the best backing vocals. Every second of the song is so so beautiful. This is one song that actually made me cry. Say Hello is another beautiful song. So, these four – Nothing More from The Other Side of Darkness, Fading from Crash, Vanity from End of Grey and So In Love from Scarecrow are so, so beautiful.

Fading: Before the release of Decyfer Down’s newest album, Fading had been called “the best” Decyfer Down song. The song’s incredible intro with the slow, soft guitar and then followed by the hard, loud (nu-metal-like) guitar is awesome. The lyrical quality of the song is loved a lot by many faith walkers. Fading is also the most watched and most viewed Decyfer Down on You Tube. They’ve made a great success with the release of songs like this and Nothing More. Fading always brings me goose bumps and the song’s apparent shadiness makes it all the more great. The emotion that the song imprints in us is awesome.

Life Again: Again, one of the best Decyfer Down intros. You’d certainly agree with me on this one. The drums aren’t very distinct but still they’re great. But what makes this song so loved by DD fans are its guitar and vocals. Personally, I think its way better than Crash. Crash is kinda overrated as it was played even in a match in WWE between Jeff and Matt Hardy.

No Longer: Even though it’s been the best song on the “End of Grey”, I love Vanity the best. But, there’s no denying that this song is impressive. It’s the lyrics again that make the song so loved. The greatest part of the song starts when the chorus hits when it has all the “No Longer....shame” words. Seriously, it deserves to be this loved. Even I’m rating it this low, it doesn’t mean it’s any less than the first on this list. All Top 20 on my remix here are very, very impressive and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Crash: People have rated this song very high. It was also featured in a Jeff vs. Matt Hardy match in a certain PPV (I don’t remember all the details too well). The song’s really great. One of the best rock songs I’ve ever heard and it also means a lot to me because this is a song that got me interested in Decyfer Down. It guitars are solid perfect and the chorus is perfect for any rock fan. But, it has been kinda overrated (or perhaps perfectly rated).

Wasting Away: The song is great. Crash certainly proves to be a great album. One the original list, the top ten songs include Fading, Crash, Best I Can, Forever With You, Wasting Away and Desperate all which are from Crash. The song has a great guitar intro (I wish it was more distinguished and loud though). Its kinda a dark song.

Best I Can: This song has been admired and loved by all Christian listeners because it is a mirror of souls for them. It is a reflection of most Christian lives trying it out to battle against what’s almost impossible to conquer. It deserves to be on the top ten because its really touching. I personally rate this as the Decyfer Down song with the best, most touching lyrics. This song can change souls and melt hearts (well, at least for me).

Burn Back The Sun: I loved the song immediately after I heard the chorus. As my earlier comments would mention already, I rate songs based on the metal/rock quality, lyrics, chorus and drums. Well, this song has earned one of the highest places because of it’s remarkably, incredible chorus. It is catchy. You listen to it and you’ll know. I listened to it in a perfect environment the first time – dark, gloomy and tranquil.

That's it and thanks for reading my review.