Best Wide Recivers Of All Time: Calvin Johnson

htoutlaws2012 Today was a sad day for Detroit Lions fans as Calvin Johnson has retired today. He got the nickname megatron for his freakish 6'5 size any Cornerback's nightmare. He was drafted #2 overall in the 2007 NFL draft. Selected to 6 pro Bowls, 3× First-team in (2011,2012,2013), set the NFL single-season record for most receiving yards 1,964 in 2012. 2nd most all time receiving yards in a game (329). Fastest receiver to reach 10,000 receiving yards.

This man was incredible & dominant in almost every season he played he would literally still catch the ball even with 3 guys covering him he did that in 2 games the same year. Who can match his combination of ability, speed and size. He has everything you need to be a successful receiver in the NFL. Rarely have I seen a corner beat em most of them have gotten burned yes even Darrelle Revis at one time. Even Jerry Rice yes the G.O.A.T said this about Calvin, ''This guy is gifted but he also has the work ethic. A lot of guys are gifted but they don't want to sacrifice and put the time in and he's willing to do that. At the same time it doesn't go to his head. That's why I'm saying he's only going to get better with that kind of attitude." ''Talent wise, one of the best receivers I have seen in a long time that's big, fast, can out-jump you, that's not afraid to go across the middle. So all the tools are there.''

After nine seasons in the NFL, Johnson's body is beaten down. The battled lingering ankle injuries and general body soreness to the point that it makes it difficult for him to return for another season and I can see why he didn't wanna do another season. You know what is familiar to this is when Barry Sanders retired in the 98 season. There 2 guys that are the great Lion players of their time they played less seasons and they both were the point they might have been tired of having a ton of losing season. They had such hope in these great players, but it just lead to the whole team in general that screwed em in to retiring honestly. I was glad to grow up watching this man play the game of american football, his just a man of his own league I mean everytime somebody would throw in a top Wide Receiver and they say ''this man is gonna be the next Calvin Johnson'' most of which haven't met the same standards and yes i'm looking at you Dez Bryant. There might be a few wide outs of exception that might be for another time.


Agreed - 2storm

He shouldn't have retired so suddenly. - EpicJake

And that's what everyone said about Barry in 98' same story in a way. - htoutlaws2012

It's a tragedy! - lionsforlife