Top Ten Best Dinosaurs

The Top Ten Best Dinosaurs

1 Tyrannosaurus Rex Tyrannosaurus, meaning "tyrant lizard", from the Ancient Greek tyrannos, "tyrant", and sauros, "lizard" is a genus of coelurosaurian theropod dinosaur. It also had a tremendous bite force, the strongest of any Dinosaur and living terrestrial animal. Its bite force reached up to 12,800 pounds (roughly more.

Why is that stick-nose overrated bastard number one? Tyrannosaurus is not only stronger than it, he is also hunter while Spinosaurus eats fish. A lot of scientists now agree with the fact that T-Rex was a hunter. Come on people, get T-Rex back at number one!

I believe with all the facts of science that the Tyrannosaurus Rex is what most people think of when someone says ultimate predator. The Tyrannosaurus has all the reasons for it to be a predator. First, the size infers that it is a hunter. Why would it need its huge size to be a scavenger? To scare off other scavengers? I think not. Why? Because it is the only meat eater this big to be able to fight the prey that is living in the same region. Why would Triceratops need its horns? Why did Ankylosaurus need its tail club? Because another mystery super predator that hasn't been discovered yet might be there? Probably not. Why? Because first, a Tyrannosaur's jaws aren't designed that way. Also, there is evidence of a Tyrannosaurus hunting a Triceratops. All of that determines the Rex the staple of the dinosaurs, and the best, in my opinion. Happy Reading!

Duh it's the ultimate predator. "The world has never seen a more alpha predator," as Dr. Dua says on Jurassic World Evolution. And she's right.

Nice dinosaur, Imagine they could actually find actual dinosaur DNA and incubate this monster up! I mean everything can be possible at this rate, AM I RIGHT!?

2 Spinosaurus Spinosaurus is a genus of theropod dinosaur that lived in what now is North Africa, during the lower Albian to lower Cenomanian stages of the Cretaceous period, about 112 to 97 million years ago.

A dinosaur with that's the size of 5 cars. What else is there to say? - RedPandaRiot

It is huge, has huge claws, swims and has big teeth and a big head

I don't understand why this is number 2. This thing is a beast. It could tear a t-rex to bits

It has a really cool spine, giant claws, and big teeth. what's not to like?

3 Velociraptor Velociraptor is a genus of dromaeosaurid theropod dinosaur that lived approximately 75 to 71 million years ago during the later part of the Cretaceous Period.

Velociraptors are the best! I have not only watched Jurassic Park / World but I have also done extensive research on it for assignments but also out of interest. I will never know as much about them as I want to, I also want to make clear that I am in no way and expert. But that does enter stop me loving them for being extremely smart and unique.

Velociraptor is so much smaller than in this picture, like three times as small! It's also got a feather coating, like a bird that can't fly and has strong legs. The only thing Jurassic World got right about it is it's FAST, smart and is a hunter - ZombieRush

I realize that the Jurassic Park movies display this dinosaur inaccurately. I don't care. They're cool in the books and they're cool in the movies, if they are unrealistic. Besides, real-life velociraptor probably evolved into or from birds, which is pretty interesting.

People say the velociraptor could not have been as smart as a primate, but we still don't know about how these reptiles functioned all those millions of years ago, so they may have been a lot smarter than we give them credit for. As far as I am concerned, raptors are like wolves, and wolves are cool, so rapters are also cool... mike drop.

4 Triceratops Triceratops is a genus of herbivorous ceratopsid dinosaur that first appeared during the late Maastrichtian stage of the late Cretaceous period, about 68 million years ago in what is now North America.

This dinosaur is more amazing than you think it should be number 1 fun fact the horns on its head,2 of them are actually bone

Triceratops has always been my favorite. The Armour it has can take a beating and its horns can win almost any fight. Also, it can fight but isn't even a predator.

Triceratops are my favourite dinosaur because I think their three horns are unique - IceBearRules

it has its horns to protect itself from predetors

5 Stegosaurus Stegosaurus is a type of armored dinosaur. Their fossil bones have been found in rocks dated to the Late Jurassic period, between 155 and 150 million years ago, in the western United States and Portugal.

Stegosaurus is the best because in the movie it killed the T-rex

I love the spiked tail

Sorry because the person who wrote stegosaurus Can Run 4 miles per hour is not a fact it is the slowest dinosaur ever it is worst and not useful for anything I don't like this dinosaur

This dinosaur is my favorite with the spikey tail and the plates on its back just a cool dinosaur

6 Parasaurolophus Parasaurolophus is a genus of ornithopod dinosaur that lived in what is now North America during the Late Cretaceous Period, about 76.5–74.5 million years ago.

My favorite dino by far vote for or I will find you and kill you ok would you rather vote for it or die come on guys vote for it why is every one over there voiting for dome megoldon

It was always my favorite when I was a kid and it is still my favorite now. I've always loved herbivorous dinosaurs that had a unique quality and the parasaurolophus was no exception. If their awesome horn is filled with water they can make a loud noise to warn the herd that a predator is coming. That to me is pretty amazing.

Has always been my favourite dinosaur. Good job Parasaurolophus!

I have loved Parasaurolophus ever since I was able to say its name at the age of 6 and I have loved it ever since. It is just such an amazing dinosaur. Its crest is amazing and it just looks so cool. That's why Parasaurolophus is my favorite.

7 Ankylosaurus Ankylosaurus is a genus of armored dinosaur. Fossils of Ankylosaurus have been found in geological formations dating to the very end of the Cretaceous Period, between about 68–66 million years ago, in western North America, making it among the last of the non-avian dinosaurs.

Ankylosaurus is a living tank. With armour plates harder than bone, the only way it could be killed is if it was struck on the leg and rolled over so it's underbelly is showing (it's only weak spot). Plus it's got a tail that could literally break a T-Rex's leg, by far the most balanced defensive and offensive dinosaur EVER! Super cool and dope - ZombieRush

If an Ankylosaurus was alive in modern times, I would get one to kill my brother.

The Ankylosaurus is the mullet of dinosaurs. It's cute and cuddly in the front but a mean, wrecking ball-swinging machine in the back.

This is the best Dino, no one could mess with this bad boy. This is definitely a Dino you would want to have a beer with.

8 Brachiosaurus Brachiosaurus is a genus of sauropod dinosaur that lived in North America during the Late Jurassic, about 154–153 million years ago.

If I would have a pet dinosaur this is it. Yes we know you would rather have Raptor or Triceratops but I'm going Brachio cause I can ride on his neck and will get an awesome view

This this dinosaur is a vegetarian and have a long neck but it can't defeat.

Also the most powerful 120 feet long, its tail could kill almost any dinosaur predator with 1 swipe.(excluding Carcharadontosaurus, Acrocanthosaurus, Giganotosaurus, Mapusaurus, and Spinosaurus, which all would require 2-3 swipes. But still.)

I think this dinosaur is worst even though it is big it can't beat a T Rex as it is a vegetarian and don't have attacking teeth

9 Carcharodontosaurus Carcharodontosaurus is a genus of carnivorous carcharodontosaurid dinosaurs that existed between 100 and 94 million years ago, during the Cenomanian stages of the mid-Cretaceous Period.

Best dinosaur ever! Do not try to let me think otherwise, it won't work

Shark-face dinosaur. Need I say more?

I like this guy very sharp than the t-rex can easily with the T Rex and when it but it's too small then material or it can also win but the t-rex Milk easily find a florist you can kill the dinosaur

Carcharodontosaurus was the first dinosaur that only I knew about.i was the only kid who knew what a Carcharodontosaurus would have eaten how tall it was hoe much it weighed everything. And even know I love Carcharodontosaurus oh and I use to always complaining that it wasn't in any JP films. And even now I still complaining how the indominus Rex isn't part Carcharodontosaurus.

10 Allosaurus Allosaurus is a genus of large theropod dinosaur that lived 155 to 150 million years ago during the late Jurassic period.

Smarter, faster and hunted in packs. Killed and eat dinosaurs way bigger than it self

Allosaurus have a big Mom we eat anything it's nice to eat huge Dinosaurs but Boy has a huge mouth it can't Beat It lyrics T Rex is the number one day No ever

The apex threat of the Jurassic and a noble combatant for most dangerous big carnivorous dinosaurs fighting food competition like torvosaurus and ceratosaurus and prey like the stegosaurus. It also is incredibly fast! Compared to us at least. Ok bye

Allosaurus deserves to be number one!

The Contenders

11 Utahraptor Utahraptor is a genus of theropod dinosaurs. It contains a single species, Utahraptor ostrommaysorum, which is the largest known member of the family Dromaeosauridae.

There can't be a best dinosaur because everybody has there own opinion however my favourite dinosaur is Utahraptor because it had speed agility size strength claws teeth intelligence.

Utah raptor is the most deadliest dinosaurs of all times it speed agility and its toe claw the biggest of the raptor family that's my opinion

The most deadliest design ever made by mother nature... I would like to face a big carnivore like tyrannosaurus or giganotosaurus any day before facing this animal... Teeth+Arm+Foot Claw+ Speed+Brain+Feathers+Size... Ultimate combination...

Speedy, smart and large, nature designed the perfect creature

12 Giganotosaurus Giganotosaurus is a genus of theropod dinosaur that lived in what is now Argentina, during the early Cenomanian age of the Late Cretaceous period, approximately 99.6 to 97 million years ago.

I'll give you an order of my favorite dinosaurs:

Five: pterosaurs. They are not dinosaurs but are quite underrated. They were flying reptiles, not dinosaurs.

Four: Utahraptor. All though the velociraptor gets all the fame, this one is larger, and more deadly.

Three: Giganotosarus: larger than t rex, and is not overrated, but not underrated. It could take down a huge sauropod.

Two: tyrannosaurus rex: I saw on a list of the strongest meat-eating dinosaurs and Giganotosarus was number five. Tyrannosaurus rex was number two. So I guess tyrannosaurus rex was smaller, but stronger than Giganotosarus.

One: spinosaurus. This was a very unique creature. It had a crocodile snout. And ate mostly fish. It has a huge spine. But the pictures I look at, some looked liked an elephant seal, not a dinosaur. But the new look, has the unique snout, walked on all fours, but still has the awesome look.

Ever since I saw the Walking with Dinosaurs special "Land of Giants", I have loved Giganotosaurus (this is when I was in Kindergarten, AKA 12 years ago). He is big. He is mean. He hunted the largest dinosaur of all time (as far as we know). Plus, if he wasn't cool enough already, it is believed that they hunted in PACKS. Picture Jurassic Park with a T. Rex that is slightly bigger, slightly less bulky, and then add in anywhere from 2-5 more of them. THAT would be a hell of a movie. (Get on it JW2... You have 3 years, you can do that in that amount of time.)

Mini search the judge and Thesaurus is the biggest Dinosaur and it can eat anything at any time it is very cunning and it is bigger than that period I like this very much and it is very good I know

Stronger, bigger and even smarter than Tyranosaurus Rex

13 Corythosaurus

These are so cool, but I still can't pronounce their names

I've loved this dinosaur ever since my friend read it wrong and called the cory thor rus saurus - Obesity

This is a zebea dinosaur. It is pure awesomeness!

How cute!

14 Carnotaurus Carnotaurus, meaning "Meat eating Bull" in Ancient Greek, is a genus of abelisauridae theropod dinosaur that lived in what is now South America about 70 million years ago in the Late Cretaceous period.

My all-time favorite dinosaur. A close second is the baryonyx

This dinosaur is cool I love its horns his name is toast it may have small arms but that's ok

LOL I remember Toast from Gaming Beaver. Except he was more of a tan colour ---NQ

My favourite large theropod. I first saw them in the the Disney movie Dinosaur. They have a very short face and very small arms.

15 Pterodactyl

The Best pterosaur did you know Quetzalcoatlus was a type of pterodactyl

My favourite dinosaurs

1 pterodactyl
2 diplodocus
3 Tyrannosaurus rex
4 compsugnathus
5 Quezalcoatlus
6 spinosaurus
7 stegosaurus
8 triceratops
9 pteranodon
10 plesiosaurs

Pterodactyl should be in the top ten not at 18 but this is better that what it was before at 29

Pterodactyls are actually flying reptiles, not dinosaurs. No dinosaurs could fly.

16 Troodon Troodon is a dubious genus of relatively small, bird-like dinosaurs known definitively from the Campanian age of the Cretaceous period. It includes at least one species, Troodon formosus, known from Montana.

No I can't believe it how the world's intelligent dinosaur troodon can be at this place this is not true it is the intelligence dinosaur ever won the Valli character it can even kill a designer Service reps should be in the first place the biggest Diana where is not this but it's the smallest by No ever and should be at the first place because of a cunning net

Huh... It's like the Wagtail of dino world. And please don't tell me you lot don't like Wagtails! Troodons are the Wagtails of the dino world! - X_the_Unown

The smartest dinosaur. Forget the Velociraptor. They weren't really "smarter than dolphins or whales." Troodons were the smartest. They weren't geniuses or anything, but they could have evolved had they not gone extinct.

These dinosaurs also scare the crap out of me, who's with me on this one?

17 Dilophosaurus Dilophosaurus is a genus of theropod dinosaur. It contains a single known species, Dilophosaurus wetherilli, known from fossil remains found in the Kayenta formation of Arizona.

Awesome dinosaur, even if it doesn't have a frill or poison.

If you have seen Jurassic Park, It has mistaken you. It was 20 feet, not 5 feet. It also wasn't poisonous, but it was deadly.

I think Dilophosaurus was an excellent dinosaur because it is my all time favourite dinosaur

This guy is like a velociraptor, but a little better. His frills make him look extra intimidating and his venom can blind opponents!

18 Monolophosaurus

This is one of the most lit things ever on Earth. It looks kind of like a raptor.

Mind set of a physco, Speed and body of a raptor, and epic teeth like a T-rex, this deserves more love. - DerpaHerpaMerpa

Yay a meat eating dino with a crest

It ate almost anything. It was super strong and super fast.

19 Dakotaraptor Dakotaraptor is a genus of large carnivorous theropod dromaeosaurid dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous of North America.

I like Utahraptor and Deinonychus too, but Dakotaraptor appeals just a bit more to me. Bigger than Deinonychus, but with a more agile build than Utahraptor. Plus, it's from Hell Creek, meaning it rubbed shoulders with such dinocelebrities as Ankylosaurus, Triceratops, and T-rex! (By the way, Velociraptor is overhyped-only about the size of a coyote)

This guy competes with the more popular Utahraptor for "world's biggest raptor". - SharkLover12

I wish they were more popular!

Looks like a hawk. Dinosaur variant of a hawk?

20 Charonosaurus

Amazing out-outstanding

He is very bold and very attractive

Very bad dinosaur not a dinosaur

That thing on his head is amazing

21 Oviraptor Oviraptor is a genus of small Mongolian theropod dinosaurs, first discovered by technician George Olsen in an expedition led by Roy Chapman Andrews, and first described by Henry Fairfield Osborn, in 1924. Its name is Latin for 'egg taker' or "egg seizer", referring to the fact that the first fossil more.

This LOW I will kill you if you do not move him up! '

Babies are cute but adults would shriek at you so you would be irritated.

It is cute. One of the cutest dinosaurs I've ever seen.

Also one of the most dangerous raptors

22 Lambeosaurus
23 Deinonychus

If your favorite dinosaur is the Velociraptor from Jurassic Park, then vote for Deinonychus! Real raptors were small, feathered, probably hunted alone, and were not intelligent. They appear that way in the books and movies due to a misclassification of the Deinonychus as a subspecies of Velociraptor. The Deinonychus is what you saw in Jurassic Park. They still weren't the smartest dinosaurs (that's the Troodon), but they were smart enough to hunt together.

Barely any people know jurassic park or world velociraptors are basically deinonychus. Velociraptor was tiny

Basically a mini Utahraptor its claws are nearly as big also they hunt in packs so this dinosaur was cool.

They were the velociraptor from Jurassic park, and they are bigger and cooler than real velociraptor.

24 Cryolophosaurus
25 Brontosaurus / Apatosaurus

The Land Before Time- Littlefoot

I liked these dinos but recently in 2015, brontosaurus was now officially made valid again thanks to an extensive research in April 2015 after the people who did the research found differences between it and apatosaurus in the original bones. But despite the reseach and the differences found in the bones which is the neck, shoulder blade and of course the ankles, some people doesn't agree with the research and still decided to keep brontosaurus as a synonym of apatosaurus.

These guys were cool, but it's just Apatosaurus, because the bones of "brontosaurus" were proven to be the bones of Apatosaurus, which had been named and discovered first.

Brontosaurus was in everything. He was the most badass dinosaur - Bertie11

26 Therizinosaurus

This dino deserves so much more love honestly in my opinion its ADORABLE and TOUGH at the same time look at those claws! its one of my favorites

Well duh. They are my favorite dinosaur! Those huge claws weren't used for nothing, they were used to cut plants for food, and also to kill others. They weren't carnivores, but they were just as vicious. - DerpaHerpaMerpa

This is my favorite dinosaur. I don't care if it isn't a carnivore, this thing is awesome! It's armed with claws that can easily rip other dinosaurs open, and it is much bigger than your fan favorite Tyrannosaurus rex. So yeah, that's why I love this thing.

The Therizinosaurus's amazing claws and bone structure are enough to move this guy up on the list!

27 Microraptor

A gliding dinosaur like this makes pterodactyls look like nothing!

Why is this two times on this list?

Its not a raptor it's a bird lol

This cute but cool dinosaur evolved into corvids.

28 Diplodocus Diplodocus is a genus of diplodocid sauropod dinosaurs whose fossils were first discovered in 1877 by S. W. Williston.

When I was a young boy I mentioned this dinosaur to my friends grandfather, who told me I had mispronounced its name. I proved him wrong and felt proud of myself. That incident, long ago, has endeared me to the creature.

This dinosaur reminds me of Little Foot from The Land before Time franchise.

Diplodocus grew up to 180 feet long and could whip its tail at 250 miles an hour!

Became a fan of this dinosaur because of Walking with Dinosaurs. - DinoLover4242

29 Pachycephalosaurus

I wish I was one of them so I cold knock anything down, plus, I wouldn't have gotten a concussion in the first place.

They couldn't bang their skulls together, because they had nothing to release the pressure, so that myth is busted.

Anything that would release the pressure would be decayed over time it probably had a spongy like tissue around its brain to protect it from hard blows much like a woodpecker has this tissue to prevent injury from pecking wood. Also why else would they have such a thick skull? - Katekat123

Should be in top 10 from there heads and shear strength

Great dino, should be in too ten.

30 Hypacrosaurus

Really cool

31 Gigantoraptor

My least favorite dinosaur of all time. It doesn't feel like a dinosaur and nothing truly stands out about it to me.

This dinosaur could scare any member of the tyrannosaur family as this dinosaur would poke its beak and shriek loudly as if a car skid sound would sound is it happened in your ear

Giganotoraptor is bigger than Utahraptor Its Like. a Theriznosaurus

Giganotoraptor wasn't actully a raptor

32 Liopleurodon Liopleurodon is a genus of large, carnivorous marine reptile belonging to the Pliosauroidea, a clade of short-necked plesiosaurs. The two species of Liopleurodon lived during the Callovian stage of the Middle Jurassic Period.

Even though this looked cool, this reptile is NOT a dinosaur, dinosaurs never ruled the seas. - DinoLover4242

Largest sea monster ever!

My favourite

Water big monster is big teeth, green body and dangerous dinosaur's and very speed fighter

33 Seismosaurus

it is big

34 Tarbosaurus Tarbosaurus is a genus of tyrannosaurid theropod dinosaur that flourished in Asia about 70 million years ago, at the end of the Late Cretaceous Period.

A cousin of the well known tyrannosaurus rex.

2nd best tyrannosaur after Tyrannosaurus Rex

Tarbosaurus was the king of Asia

I like this because when I saw spekales the tarbosaurus

35 Sigilmassasaurus
36 Plesiosaurs

This creature lived life similarly to the whales of today. Such a unique animal.

This is not a dinosaur, since dinosaurs never ruled the seas, even though Plesiosaurs were cool looking just like dinosaurs. - DinoLover4242

There is a group of these things thriving in Loch Ness.

awesome a sea reptile with along neck hell year

37 Sarcosuchus

Heck yeah! Biggest known Crocodile to have walked our world. This used to be my favorite! - DerpaHerpaMerpa

I love crocodiles but this guy is 3 times the size he should be in the top 10 AT LEAST

so come on people VOTE FOR THIS GUY!

I love crocs and big crocs are coool

40 foot croc

38 Mapusaurus Mapusaurus was a giant carnosaurian dinosaur from the early Late Cretaceous of what is now Argentina and possibly Chile.

Mapusaurus hunted in packs and could take down one of the largest (if not the largest) dinosaur of all time, Argentinosaurs. Ok, but what is up with the head of the one in the back?

It looks like a crocodile has a kid with a dino

Works very well in packs

It's a shark not a dino

39 Saurophaganax

Large dinosaur, the top dominator of the Allosaurus and Torosaurus time and place

Because you s battles sauraphaganax beats giganotasaura


40 Argentinosaurus Argentinosaurus is a genus of titanosaur sauropod dinosaur first discovered by Guillermo Heredia in Argentina. The generic name refers to the country in which it was discovered.

The biggest Dinosaur ever it's a vegetarian and its neck was very long and it is bigger than blue whales! Today blue whale is the biggest animals ever but many years ago argentinosaurus was the biggest animal ever

This dinosaur weighed 200,000 thousand pounds it was one fat dinosaur but, it's still my favourite dino9 of all time.

They use to be the biggest dinosaur until more sauropod was discovered (including amphicoelias) that was more bigger then argentinosaurus

They could cause an earthquake with their weights

41 Megalodon The megalodon is an extinct species of shark which was about 59 feet (18 meters) long and hunted in the seas until about 1.5 million years ago. It was similar to today's great white shark-but three times longer and 20 times heavier. more.

Not a Dino, but still crazier than a T-Rex. If this was included in the list, it would be #1 by far!

Megalodon is not a dinosaur it's a shark...

Megalodon is not a dinosaur. It is a shark. Unlike a dinosaur, it had no bones, just cartilage, which is why only its teeth have been found. It only lived around 16-3 million years ago, while the dinosaurs went extinct 66. Third, Megalodon is a shark, which is a fish, while dinosaurs were related to birds and crocodillians. Lastly, just because something's extinct doesn't mean it's a dinosaur. Otherwise all hominids would be dinosaurs. Even creatures that did live with the dinosaurs, like Pteranodon and Mosasaurus were not dinosaurs. This should not be on this list.

GUyS iTs NoT a DiNoSaUr. If a ship got hit with a nuke, you guys would be the ones that say "we are sinking".

42 Eoraptor

This dinosaur is in last place. This was most likely the first ever dinosaur. Coincidence?!

Oh wait never mind

This dino is probably the reason why Arin Hanson goes by the name Egoraptor...that's all I can say...

43 Styracosaurus Styracosaurus was a genus of herbivorous ceratopsian dinosaur from the Cretaceous Period, about 75.5 to 75 million years ago.

Eema from the 2000 movie Dinosaur!

It's an Angel!

This dino is so cool! it's like a triceritops but better

It is so op no words it is just AWESOME
By the way is you didn't know here is some info
Late Cretaceous ceratopsian name means
Spiked lizard

44 Archeopteryx

Archaeopteryx are related to aves, there fore my favourite dinosaur is the archaeopteryx next to all the bird like dinosaurs and the Utah raptor

It's my love.; My favorite dinosaur.


45 Pteranodon Pteranodon lived during the late Cretaceous geological period of North America in present-day Kansas, Alabama, Nebraska, Wyoming, and South Dakota.

You know petrandon, it is a pterosaur, not a dinosaur.

Cannot pick things up but I still like it

These things are so cool! They can scream as well. - Userguy44

Should be after pterodactyl.

46 Microrapter

It is a small creature

Small.Gliding. Carnovore

47 Iguanodon Iguanodon is a genus of ornithopod dinosaur that existed roughly halfway between the first of the swift bipedal hypsilophodontids of the mid-Jurassic and the duck-billed dinosaurs of the late Cretaceous.

These guys are awesome and underrated. They need more recognition.

I had superior fighting methods. These methods are largely overlooked.

Hate yopu you took off my post I amk going to sew you

Igadon is goat. if u don't like him then say it to my face,

48 Gigantosaurus

Guys it is not giganotosaurus this is actually gigantosaurus a large saurapod

This dinosaur is already on the list

We saw him in top ten

Some would say the T-Rex is, despite being smaller, stronger then this giant beast but no, it is in fact stronger and bigger then the T-Rex, on a list (and when I say this I mean accurate list, not some fake one made my fans) the top 3 would be 1. The Titanosaur despite being a herbivore it's actually one of the strongest and biggest dinosaur in history 2. Is the dreaded Gigantosaurus, it is confused to be weaker then the Rex but is infact much stronger, on a 1v1 fight the Giga is a sure fire winner 3. The T-Rex often confused with being stronger then the Giga (number 2) sure it's strong but there's some Dino's even this bad boy can't take on 4. would be the Spino, it is just as ferocious as the Rex but Isn't as powerful despite getting off topic I'm not sure what number 5 is, I know the Allosaurus is strong but the Thylacoleo is stronger and isn't in the top 5 now anyone who went to 8th grade would know the Giga is stronger then the Rex

49 Suchomimus Suchomimus is a genus of large theropod dinosaur with a crocodile-like skull that lived between 125–112 million years ago, during the Aptian to early Albian stage of the Cretaceous period in Niger, Africa.

Holy hell. Heres my main favorite dino! They are so badass, I actually feel as of they could kill a Indoraptor. - DerpaHerpaMerpa

The formidable suchomimus would be a great opponent to the "mighty" tyrannosaurus. It likes to hunt like a crocodile hence it's name, "crocodile mimic". I love this dinosaur, It should be on number one...KING SUCHOMIMUS!

It's not my favorite, but I like suchomimus. I know lots about dinosaurs, but this is one of the only Dino's I only know one or 2 things about. I know it's part of the spino family.

My favorite Dino. Look at it. Nothing will make me change my mind suchomimus u beautiful beast

50 Sauroposeidon

Very tall and heavy tallest and heaviest dinosaur

Sauroposeidon is the tallest dinosaur ever

I guess height isn't a problem

Epic... - Kolobanov

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