The Evolution of Video Game Consoles #5 The Dawn of Sony

htoutlaws2012 The 5th generation of consoles was way massive compared to the rest I have discussed to this point, and for that we will focus today on the main three competitors at the time. Without further ado let's sit back, and look back at greatness in gaming.

Sega Saturn
Released: 1995
Discontinued: 1998
Generation: 5th
Units Sold: 9.26 Million (26th)
Initial Price: $399
IGN Rank: 18th

The Advancement of the bit era really show the landscapes of how much gaming would evolve, in this case our first one to talk about on the list was a clear stand out with a mix of good, and bad against it. Let's back up a bit to how this ended up the way it did... The Genesis as you know added two really terrible add ons to its console. Eventually the had plans to name their console the Neptune, but it was scrapped for unknown, and a few months later they stayed to there way of thinking, but finalized as the Sega Saturn. The system has multiple different controllers of the gamers preference, and a deal of titles that live on as greats like Panzer Dragoo Saga, Virtua Fighter, Night Into Dreams etc. It had some unique intro start up screens to from U.S to Japanese pretty cool not a lotta consoles can have different sounds to boot up the game. Although many of the Sonic games here are not quite as strong than many had hope buying a console at 400 dollars back than that's pretty absurd to pay that much for. Thus why it has fallen third place rather than one up Nintendo, Sega found that another unknown company blew it away once they planned their final console that was ahead of its time. 6.5/10

Nintendo Virtual Boy
Released: 1995
Discontinued: 1996
Generation: 5th
Units Sold: 770,000 (Unranked)
Initial Price: $179
IGN Rank: Unranked

Yes, this actually happened folks... Nintendo was rolling setting the bar high, and than the came with this unfinished alpha stage looking terminator reject in Red, and Black talking its last leg. I'd consider more of a hybrid like console where you can't really say its truly a handheld despite playing resolution games all in which are color the exact same way. Oh did I mention this has about 22 games yeah they killed the thing relatively quickly because Nintendo should of known this was just not a good idea playing a game that could kill eye sight on ones weak minded head. If you think you can get any buddy to play this thing for multiplayer Ha good luck they already now how uniquely atrocious this contraption is. 1/10

Nintendo 64
Released: 1996
Discontinued: 2003
Generation: 5th
Units Sold: 32.93 Million (14th)
Initial Price: $199
IGN Rank: 9th

After the massive flop that was the Virtual Boy shortly after Nintendo made their next console that changed the minds of many if something bad would of placed out if the Virtual Boy lasted longer than expected, but Miyamoto has done it again with the Nintendo 64. The true 64 bit console with some of the greatest video games ever made, an epic licence title in Goldeneye, a First Person Shooter in DOOM 64, The continuation of many great franchises like Mario, and Zelda as well as spinoff titles like Mario Party or Mario karts continuation. There's a lot of love from a console that was probably the first to have multi colored variations as well from its default black model you could get different styles depending on the store you got it in. 9.5/10

Released: 1995
Discontinued: 2006
Generation: 5th
Units Sold: 102.49 million (4th)
Initial Price: $299
IGN Rank: 7th

Who knew in 1995 a Sony console would change gaming forever in terms of sells, and great marketing with the PlayStation. Also called by 3 different abbreviations of PS1, PSOne, and PSX. It was the first real computer Entertainment Platform. while it was the first of its kind its sequel way over delivered to expectations in the flaws the original one had in it. These include blocky graphics I know its the 32 bit era, but I played many games where it looked funny to this day, but back than it was acceptable. While it was a first for many of us to see CD'S insert onto a console it also is the one many experience the power of a memory card. The franchise titles are endlessly incredible... strangely some of these ended up not being exclusive for long after this point in time. One thing that was confusing as ever is the original controller model did not have analog sticks, and thus some early titles were difficult to comprehend it's directional pad approach can tire out any gamer. One other thing I realized is this is one system you need to take great care in your discs because if there super scratched there aren't playable no longer. The worst part of it all is I had two of the original PlayStation at one time or another eventually the two would not pan out very long it had problems staying up right after many years playing the thing, and its still a great console, but man the flaws are glaring to see. A massively successful debut that literally only got better in the gaming competition in which Nintendo did not anticipate to be beaten by Sony this unexpectedly dominant sales. It was also the first back in the day where the internet was virtually slow right, and so you had PlayStation Underground which was great you could watch interviews of games being put in as well as play demos, or imports pretty great for its time. Overall It did have enjoyment vale with again glaring issues addressed with its next console. 9/10

Next time we will be talking about the other half of a long piled collection of companies of all kinda that were hit, and or an infamous bust of their kind, and a potential review for the 6th generation of consoles.


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Jesus, a Sega Saturn was $399? - Mcgillacuddy

Yeah I couldn't believe it with my eyes the Saturn was basically 400 bucks to own no wonder it lost to Both Sony and Nintendo at the time. - htoutlaws2012

Nintendo really dropped the ball by cutting their deal with Sony allowing them to create their biggest competition a move that Nintendo never truly recovered from. - egnomac