Hidden Gems #11 Rumble Roses

Instead of just looking at two for this one let's just look at the first game. Rumble Roses for the PS2 is most certainly one of those rare games you either have good memory of or you just did not know of it. So what is this game about. Well for starters it is a wrestling game with females doing the wrestling (its a man's wet dream come to life). What I mean is you drool while playing this game with its game physics. Enough about guilty pleasure let's get to it shall we.

Story: After you have selected your wrestler, they give you a back story to them and how they started out exactly. Now I must say that this games voice acting is not the greatest, nor is it the worst its in the middle depending on that person. The purpose is that ''a mad scientist disguised as a nurse holds an international women's wrestling tournament, and brainwashes and takes DNA samples from the participants to create super soldiers.'' In other words that certain antagonist in almost every story you play. Whom is Anesthesia/Dr. Cutter yeah she is that psychotic for an army alright. After you have beaten her, a mysterious robot named Lady X appears and challenges you one v one. However once she is in her final stage which would be (subsistence) that is the main boss to defeat. Now this mechanical machine can become a terminator and rip you to shreds in half your health taken. Oh but after you have vanquished the demon you are treated to a satisfying victory cutscene.

Gameplay and music: By all means the music is not the strong suit of this game, but its okay not terrible, could of been worse honestly. The gameplay however is pretty good for the time. In which knowing that it was developed by yukes. The game they did previously was the infamous Here comes the pain which looks almost identical which is a good thing. Only what is different about this exactly? How about getting dirty in mud matches, no seriously they have mud matches instead of always fighting in the ring. Although it will die off after playing too much. If your familiar with wrestling games then this might be for you, but not if your someone who may like complex games instead. Another thing to note about the game itself is both the killer move and the Humiliation. Killer is like your finishing move, Humiliation is basically your submission move if the character has it (some may not).

Final Thoughts: The game is pretty good for the time, would I recommend ugh... sure if your curious about a game with female wrestlers in it knock yourself out until next time.