Anime/Manga fans?

Okay, I love One Piece it is in my top three for my favorite anime. Oda is a genuis and I admire him! However, is it just me... or are OP fans EXTREAMLY argumentitive and defensive? I know not ALL OP fans are like this, but 95% of the One Piece fans I cross paths with, verbally rape lots of other anime/manga other than One Piece. Espicially Naruto, Naruto and One Piece fans are like the two biggest anime rivals in manga history. (Then comes the obnoxious Dragon Ball Z fanboys). Don't get me wrong DBZ is great too...

What I'm trying to say here is that its not the mangaka or the animation that makes an anime look bad... its really the fanbase. For example, Pokemon's main fanbase is generally made of 8-13 year olds... but, there is that 15% of Pokemon fans that are older than 13. Those 15% of people enjoy Pokemon for what it is... and don't care for the stereotypes people throw at them. There is Bleach, a manga that makes people believe its for mature teens or adults because of its large fanbase. One Piece is believed to be made of ages 12-14, but actually its 10-16. Naruto is believed to be just like Pokemon, a kids anime. However, results say that Naruto Shippuden's fanbase is made mostly of 11-17 year olds.

So whats the point of rivalry? We, the people as a whole, should respect anime and manga for what it is! We shouldn't bash other anime because the mangaka really dedicated their lives writing this for YOU, the reader! Don't let stupid stereotypes stop you from enjoying something you wish to pursue.

For me, I haven't come across one, not one, manga or anime that I was truely disapointed in. (Well FLCL was a bit... weird... but I still enjoyed it.)