Rocking With Regret: We Stitch These Wounds By Black Veil Brides

christangrant So after doing that Asking Alexandria review i realized that that album was one part one of the torture i'm going to listen to because there was one album i was also going to review and that album happens to be We Stitch These Wounds by Black Veil Brides.
First let me just say i hate Black Veil Brides they are one of the worst bands of all time and you may ask why well i'm going to review two of their albums this post being We Stitch these Wounds and the other album i'll review from them will be their concept album Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones but that will be for another time but for now i'm going to review possibly one of the worst rock albums of all time.

We Stitch These Wounds is the debut studio album by Black Veil Brides and is their only album where they played Metalcore before changing their sound. This album is also the only album to feature drummer Sandra Alvarenga before she left the band and joined the band Modern Day Escape. But there really isn't any point in going on more i'm just delaying the inevitable i'm gonna go track by track and tell you why this album is so bad.

The Outcasts (Call to Arms):

This is basically just a pointless opening song to this album and basically just builds up to the next song nothing to really say here so let's move on.
Rating 4/10

We Stitch These Wounds:

The guitar riffs are meh they aren't anything special but it's Andy Biersack vocals that make this song bad because he cannot scream at all and his voice sounds way too poppy to be a metal singer which he isn't because Black Veil Brides don't play metal they play core on this album and then after Hard Rock played on core guitars. I'll say this song is bad but it's better than most of the songs from Stand Up and Scream by Asking Alexandria.
Rating 5/10

Beautiful Remains:

Again guitar riffs are meh and the vocals here are really bad much worse than the first song and the vocals here are awful Andy cannot scream good at all.
Rating 4/10

Children Surrender:

And yet again the guitar work is meh it's the vocals that make this song bad Andy cannot scream it sounds like they are trying to make a anthem out of this song but failing miserably and ultimately making another awful song.
Rating 4/10

Perfect Weapon:

Here's one of the more popular songs from this album because it was single and has it's own music video but that still doesn't change the fact that this song is bad the good guitar work from those last few songs are gone and now we get more focus on Andy's awful vocals which are really bad here. I honestly don't now hwy they chose this song to be one of the singles this song is one of the worst from this album and has no redeeming qualities.
Rating 3/10

Knives and Pens

Oh Boy this song, this was the song that launched the career of Black Veil Brides and this song is one of the worst rock songs ever written but i'll say this the rerecord on this album is slightly better than the original version but that isn't saying much this song is still awful on pretty much all accounts. First of all this song sounds like a ripoff of Unholy Confessions by Avenged Sevenfold which i already don't think that song was all that great to begin with, and while Unholy Confessions had ok vocals the vocals here are really bad and the lyrics are about Andy's childhood experiences with bullying because that's totally what i ant to hear when listening to music is someone complain about their childhood. Overall this song is one of the worst rock songs ever written mainly because it's a ripoff and the vocals are awful.
Rating 3/10

The Mortician's Daughter:

Oh god no a acoustic song where the vocals are the main focus of the song oh god this song is awful at least the other songs on this album the instrumentals are meh not good but not god awful but this on the other hand is one of the worst rock songs ever and i thought Knives and Pens was the worst but this takes the cake for being the worst song on this album.
Rating 2/10

All Your Hate:

After hearing one of the worst rock songs of all time we get a song that actually isn't as bad, vocals are still bad but the guitar riff is ok it sounds like they actually tried to make this song rather than just ripoff other songs or make the most bland and simple riffs possible but the vocals are what makes this song bad.
Rating 5/10

Heaven's Calling:

Well the slightly good guitar riffs from the last song are somewhat still here but the vocals here are much worse than the last song so this is one of the better songs from this album but it's not saying much.
Rating 5/10

Never Give In:

Again another awful song by one of the worst rock bands of all time nothing about this song is good the vocals are really bad here but there really isn't much to say so let's move on.
Rating 3/10

Sweet Blasphemy:

There really isn't much to say but this song is awful the vocals are bad the instrumentation is bad and overall is just awful song.
Rating 3/10


Finally the last song from this awful album and Oh my god another acoustic song from this album where it focus on Andy's awful voice and singing. This is trying to be a ballad and is failing miserably this song is pure awful nothing about this song is good and the vocals here are so bad they make want to vomit i can't believe people actually find this to be a great love song but ti's not it's one of the worst rock songs ever written and the 2nd worst from this album behind The Mortician's Daughter and what an awful way to end a album.
Rating 2/10

Just like Stand Up and Scream this album is awful is it worse well let's find out by adding up the scores.


5(x3) + 4(x3) + 3 (x4) + 2(x2) = 43 and then - 20 = 23

Album Rating 23/100

It's not worse than Stand Up and Scream it's just as bad as it they both got the same score they are both some of the worst rock albums of all time and it shows how bad of bands both Black Veil Brides and Asking Alexandria are both are definitely some of the worst bands in the Metalcore genre they have very little redeeming qualities and both are overrated and overall both are equally as bad. But this will not be the last time Black Veil Brides will appear on this series because i'm also doing their concept album Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones so when that time comes ill make a post about that album so look out for it.

This is the end of this review and leave a comment if you so wish and avoid this album unless you are curious but know this album is bad.