Rocking With Regret: The Path of Totality By Korn

christangrant You know both Limp Bizkit and Korn made a album in 2011 and usually people would say Korn is better than Limp Bizkit which i agree with but here Gold Cobra is a great album compared to this pile of crap. Why this album so bad and why do many consider this the worst Korn album well before i go track by track to show how awful this is but first some facts.

The Path of Totality is the 10th studio album by Korn and was released on December 2nd 2011 through Roadrunner Records. This is a very different album from their previous works because in this album it's combines Nu Metal with Dubstep and Electronic Music and this album was also produced by many various electronic artists. Let me just say before i get to this album that i don't like electronic music that much sometimes it can sound good but most of the time i just don't like and Dubstep is basically a more intense version of it so i won't like that either but anyway it's time to see why you shouldn't combine Nu Metal with Dubstep.

Chaos Lives in Everything (Featuring Skrillex)

So the first song on this album is it any good? No this song is bad because Nu Metal and Dubstep do not mix very well especially when the person doing the Dubstep is Skrillex which i don't like his music at all so that's just another negative. The only good thng about this song are Jonathan Davis's vocals they sound pretty good but everything else is bad.
Rating 5/10

Kill Mercy Within (Featuring Noisia)

I have no idea who Noisia is but i'll be fair at least this song sounds better than the last one because in this song theirs more rock guitar riffs by Head than electronic noise which in all honesty this song kinda reminds me of Linkin Park because they combine rock with electronic music and they do it well unlike Korn but i'll be fair this song isn't bad i guess Noisia is better than Skrillex because at least he trys to make the electronics sound like they go with the music.
Rating 8/10

My Wall (Featuring Excision)

Again i don't know who Excision is but anyway this is bad because just like the first song the electronics don't mix well with Nu Metal and here the riffs and the electronics are repetitive and get old quick but yeah this song is bad even Jonathan Davis sounds bad here
Rating 4/10

Narcissistic Cannibal (Featuring Skrillex and Kill the Noise)

Oh hey it's another song with Skrillex and someone called Kill the Noise who i have no idea about but this song is the most loved song from the album because at the time of me making this post this song is number 12 on best Korn songs list and to be honest this song is actually pretty good the electronics here do actually somewhat work with the Nu Metal and here Jonathan Davis sounds really good here so overall i do think this song is good but i don't know if it belongs at number 12 on that list.
Rating 10/10

Illuminati (Excision & Downlink)

Oh Exclusion again with someone named Downlink if it's anything like his last song it will suck but maybe it will sound better with Downlink and this song sucks the electronics here are bad and again don't work with the Nu Metal riffs and Jonathan Davis sounds bad here. Also this song is called Illuminati coincidence? I think we should just move on to the next song before i go into making outdated Illuminati memes.
Rating 4/10

Burn the Obedient (Featuring Noisia)

Hey another track featuring Noisia maybe this song will be good and it is while don't think it's as good as Narcissistic Cannibal was its miles head of the songs with Excision because everything sounds good here but it's just not as good as it could have been a little bit better.
Rating 8/10

Sanctuary (Featuring Downlink)

Now a song featuring Downlink the last song he was in was awful so let's see if this song is any better. Well this song is another bad song from this album while not as bad as My Wall or Illuminati but still not that great because at least here Jonathan Davis sounds good.
Rating 5/10

Let's Go (Featuring Noisia)

This is the last track with Noisia and the last two were good not the best of the album but they were good so is this song like the last ones were? The answer to that is yes in fact this song is the best of the 3 songs it sounds really good the electronics and the guitar riffs actually work here to make a pretty good song i guess they saved the best song with Noisia for last.
Rating 9/10

Get Up! (Featuring Skrillex)

The last song that features Skrillex thank god and this is the other song from the album that get's praise and this song is good as well i don't like Skrillex's electronics but everything else here is fine so this song in my opinion is not the 2nd best of this album but it is one of the better songs from this album.
Rating 7/10

Way Too Far (Featuring 12th Planet and Flinch)

A song that features two artist i know nothing about and this song is meh its another one of the songs from this album were the electronics don't mix well with the guitar riffs i'll be fair the vocals are alright but overall this song is a meh.
Rating 6/10

Bleeding Out (Featuring Feed Me)

The final song from this album which features another artist i know nothing about and the question is is this a good way to end the album? Well i will say it's better than some of the other songs from this album but with that being said the riffs and electronics are repetitive which is a negative but Johnathan Davis sings alright here but overall id say this song is bad but not the worst song from this album but it wasn't the greatest way to end this album.
Rating 5/10

So now that i'm done listening to the album and rating the songs let's add up the scores.


10 + 9 + 8 (x2) + 7 + 6 + 5(x3) + 4(x2) = 71 -10 = 61

Album Rating 61/100

Yes this album is Korn's weakest mostly because the electronics and dubstep don't mix well with Nu Metal and the end result was this album which wasn't that good and overall is just a failed experiment.

That's the end of the post leave a comment if you wish and i'm out.