Rocking With Regret: Results May Vary By Limp Bizkit

christangrant The time has come to listen to this album. But first let me just say that i don't hate Limp Bizkit as much as some other people do that being said they aren't that good either i consider them mediocre but this album is not mediocre oh no this album is very bad and makes Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water look like a masterpiece in comparison because one thing or should i say one person is not in this album. Wes Borland the guitarist for Limp Bizkit until this album where he left the band before this album was made so now all the good guitar riffs from those previous albums are not in this one and this album was under the full leadership of Fred Durst who by the way referred to himself as a Chocolate Starfish and because Wes Borland wasn't in Limp Bizkit when this album was made Durst had to call in many guest guitarist including "Head" from Korn to record this album. But anyway
Results May Vary is the 4th studio album by Limp Bizkit and was released on September 23rd 2003 and this album was critically panned and received a 33/100 on Metacritic the 2nd lowest score on Metacritic, yeah it's that bad. This album tried to be more experimental and still include the elements of Hip Hop and Rock from the previous albums but also tried to branch out and try other genres like Alternative Rock and several others. So after this insanely long intro let's stop delaying the Inevitable and listen to this album.

Re-Entry :

This song is basically just a intro track and to be honest it builds up to a boring whiny sounding Fred Durst saying the same words over and over and let me just say his voice sounds awful in this album but this is only the first track so let's move on.
Rating: 5/10

Eat You Alive:

The guitar in this song is alright i guess but everything else about this song sucks and i don't really care for the lyrics in these songs but my god those lyrics are disgusting i'm not going to say what it's about but you should be able to guess by the title yeah gross, But anyway this song sucks but the sad part is this is one of the better songs on the album.
Rating: 6/10

Gimmie the Mic:

This song would be a filler song on any other Limp Bizkit album but this song isn't that good but it's not super awful either but it's just Mediocre not really much to say but meh oh and Fred Durst try's to sound angry here but fails.
Rating: 6/10

Underneath the Gun:

Oh man this song well the descent instrumentals from the previous tracks are now just background music and all you hear is Fred Durst's annoying whiny voice throughout this whole song. Good lord this song sucks and this song is very annoying and awful, yeah screw this song.
Rating: 5/10

Down Another Day:

Oh god i've said this before but Fred Durst sucks at singing in this album. He just sounds whiny and is a grown man whining and complain about his childhood and my god this song is awful definitely one of the worst from this album because The instrumental might as well not exist because it's just generic and forgettable and the worst part is all you can really hear in this song is Fred Durst's awful whiny as hell voice,
Rating: 4/10

Almost Over:

Ahhh! more annoying lyrics sung by a whiny manchild who whines and complains about his childhood this song really sucks although at least you get to here some guitar parts but they are very short and overall this song is another terrible song from this album.
Rating: 4/10

Build a Bridge:

Hey this song features Brain "Head" Welch Korn so maybe this song won't be so bad because at least he is a good guitarist and to be honest this song is Ok it's not that bad but Head definitely saves this song although Fred Durst's still sounds awful at least the Instrumental is good so while this song could have been alot better it is so far the best of the album.
Rating: 7/10

Red Light-Green Light:

This track features Snoop Dogg and to be fair Snoop Dogg does a alright job here but one flaw with this song is that it shows how awful a singer Fred Durst is because he is put with a another singer who knows what he is doing and knows how to write good lyrics and Snoop Dogg's verse is definitely the best part of this song but besides is parts of the song this song is bad not the worst from this album but its still not good and i might as well mention that this album feels way too long already and when you get to this song it's only halfway done. Oh and also there is a hidden song called Take It Home but that sucks too.
Rating: 6/10

The Only One:

The Beginning of this song sounds pretty descent because you get to hear a guitar session but it doesn't last long and then you get to Fred Durst who again whines and complains about his childhood come on you couldn't come up with something better to sing about? Well then again he referred to himself as a Chocolate Starfish so i really shouldn't be surprised.
Rating: 5/10

Let Me Down:

This track is pretty much the same as the rest of the album Fred Durst whining and complaining not really much to say other than this song sucks.
Rating: 5/10

Lonely World:

Again more of the same not much to say but it's Fred Durst whining and complaining about how rough high school was and thats pretty much all this song has to offer the instrumental might as well not exist again because all you can really hera in this song is Fred Durst annoying as hell whining.
Rating: 5/10


This song starts off alright but it only lasts for about 10 seconds and then it's back to more of Fred Durst's whining it's sad because the instrumental on this song is alright.
Rating: 6/10

Creamer (Radio Is Dead):

Oh gee now Fred Durst is whining and saying Radio is Dead just because they won't play Limp Bizkit his band on the radio gee i wonder why maybe it's because they realized your music sucked and decided to pull it off the radio and this song isn't helping your case because this song is not good at all it's more of the same awfulness that most of the other songs from this album contains.
Rating: 5/10

Head for the Barricade

This song at least you get to hear some guitar but it still is overshadowed by well you should know by now not really much to say other than this song sucks but to be fair it's better than some of the songs on this album.
Rating: 6/10

Behind Blue Eyes:

No God! No God Please No, No,No Nooooooooo!!!!!! Not this song you what this is this is a cover of a Who song a very good one none of the less but guess what? This is one of the worst covers of a rock song of all time and you want to know why well it's because Fred Durst is a awful singer who ruins this great song from the Who it's a shame because the Acoustic guitar riff is alright but Fred's vocals just destroy this and it's not like he just ruined one of his own written songs no he manages to ruin a well loved song by The Who one of the songs from Who's Next their best album and it deserved a much better cover than this, Oh yeah just like Red Light-Green Light there's another hidden song titled All That Easy which just like the last one sucked but to be fair it is better than the last one although that's not saying much
Rating: 5/10


Finally the final song so after they ruined a classic song from the Who what do they end off the album with? A song that's well mediocre at least it somewhat sounds different from most of the other songs from this album but that doesn't mean this song is good its meh to be honest.
Rating: 6/10

Thank god it's finally over but before i say what i think of the album as a whole let's add up the scores.

7+ 6(x6) + 5(x7) + 4 (x2) = 86

and since their is 16 tracks we have to minus 60 points so

86 - 60 = 26/100

Album Rating 26/100

My god i actually found a album worst than Sounding the Seventh Trumpet by Avenged Sevenfold. people weren't lying when they said this album was bad its really bad it's now the lowest rating i have ever given to an album and this album deserved all the hate it got because most of the songs on this album are just Fred Durst whining and complaining about his Childhood even though he is a grown man. It is best to avoid this album at all costs.

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Also this review was great. - wrests

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My rating: 1/10. Even worse than some albums like SremmLife 2.

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