AnimeDrawer Reviews: Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales(Warning: Spoilers)

Hey, what's up, welcome to my review on Pirates Of The Caribbean:Dead Men Tell No Tales. I watched this movie in the movie theaters about a week ago, eating popcorn and drinking Coca Cola. After a long wait of ads and commercials for movies or programs and shows, the movie finally started. And I ended up at home at night, thinking and planning what I am going to say on this review. I payed attention to this movie in order to review this. I might not remember everything that happened in the movie, just so you know, but I can remember most of the movie.

Here is the plot: When Henry Turner was younger, his dad got cursed in a spell, so he tried seeing him. But in order for Will Turner to be saved, they had to go to the Trident, so he gave Henry Turner a necklace to remember him and Henry went to find Jack Sparrow. Nine years later, he got captured as prisoner on a ship, which then burned on fire and Captain Salazar and his mates came in to look for Jack Sparrow and asked Henry. Then after that, Carina escaped the prison she was locked into and was known as "the witch". After that, Henry got rescued while the ship burned and was taken to a hospital, where Carina dressed up as a nurse. Then they both escaped the hospital, with bodyguards chasing after them.

Jack Sparrow came in, stuck inside a treasure chest full of money, which then an army and his horses pulled and the money dragged off, with people picking it up. Then Jack tried to escape and stop it, but once he stopped it, all the money was gone. Then his mates left him and they were mad at him. Then Jack got drunk and gave away the compass he was supposed to never give away. While Captain Barbosa and Captain Salazar tried to make allies when this happened. Jack Sparrow met Carina, and then bodygaurds caught them both, with Carina getting hanged and Jack Sparrow getting beheaded as sacrifice, but then Henry came and saved them, along with Jack's mates. Then they went off to the quest on their ship to the Trident, where Carina studied the stars to complete her map to the Trident. Then when another ship came by, Jack, Carina, and Henry jumped off into a small row boat to an island nearby. Jack got married with a lady until someone came in and interrupted their wedding, after that, Jack Sparrow used the ship in his bottle to escape and find the ship Salazar captured his mates in.

After they both got near, Carina quickly drove the ship to the Trident as quick as possible before Salazar catches the people in her boat. Then they got Henry and captured him, but moved along without him. Carina then got the last piece of the star to make a short cut, put it on, then a water way opened. Jack Sparrow tried to get the Trident, but he couldn't since Salazar kept fighting him for it and got it first. Then Carina got in to help get the Trident and after fighting for it before the water way closed, she and Jack Sparrow and Henry got it. They holded onto an anchor, which came from Jack's mates' ship. Salazar and his crew died whike that happened, and Carina got to see her dead father for a while until he disappeared into the ocean. After Jack, Carina, and Henry were rescued, they sailed to the island where Henry finally got to see his long, lost father after 9 years and his mother who wanted to see him. Carina and Henry kissed and fell in love, then it all ended happily after, with Jack returning to his home island with his crew.

Anyways, I actually found this movie quite enjoyable because some of the parts are pretty hilarious, like when Jack Sparrow was going to get married. Or when Jack Sparrow kept crashing all over the place. This is how it earned some points on my rating. The humor was alright in my opinion, not too bad, maybe it is just because I laugh at everything. I found Jack Sparrow to be hilarious, but the other characters, not so much.

Another thing that I liked about this movie was the acting. Johnny Depp is a great actor as usual, great for the role of Jack Sparrow. The guy who played Henry did a pretty good job as well. Carina was okayish, but needed a bit more charisma and excitement. And the rest of the actors did fine in my opinion, actually representing pirates well. I did not find this movie too bad.

Though, here is one thing I did not like about this movie. Jack Sparrow made lots of appearances, yet barely contributed to the plot like he is supposed to. Come on, he is the main character of this whole franchise, he should contribute more to the plot. But instead of contributing something good, which was mainly Carina and Henry doing it, he caused the whole problem. He gave away the compass he was supposed to always keep and never let go of, according to Salazar's flashback story about him and Jack Sparrow. His mates were also sick of him that they left him. Come on, Jack Sparrow is supposed to be the hero, not the cause of the problem.

Another problem is that I felt like this movie was too predictable. Since the beginning, I could already tell that they were going to the Trident and save the day from the bad guys, happily ever after, no plot twist. I wish it was more unpredictable since I already knew what was going to happen, and exactly like I predicted it, is exactly what happened. Part of what makes a movie outstanding is cliffhangers, mysteries, and plot twists that make your stomach get butterflies. I want something more than just "Problem happens, save the day, happily ever after, the end". Basically the plot felt kind of like a cliche for a Disney movie. I wanted it to be unpredictable, like Big Hero 6, which had a lot of twists and I could not even predict it, now that is an example of unpredictable. That is what Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, should have been.

I rate this movie 7/10, it was enjoyable and was watchable, and I got a few good laughs at some of the parts, mainly Jack Sparrow. The characters other than Jack were likable and it had somr good parts that I liked watching, like Jack Sparrow's wedding. However, this movie could have been better if the plot was less predictable and Jack Sparrow being more heroic than causing the problem. It was too predictablr and felt like a cliche Disney plot, happily ever after, the end. And Jack Sparrow was acting all weird and was an idiot rather than contributing good to the plot like he was supposed to, it was mainly Henry and Carina doing that. I hope you enjoyed my review, thank you for reading!


I give it a 5/10, very mediocre and generic to me. Jack Sparrow existing simply to cause the conflict and barely contributing to the plot afterwards really hurt the movie. I personally found the humor very unfunny also. Either way, this review was great. Do you see why I enjoy reviewing films? - DCfnaf

I haven't necessarily watched it, but Johnny Depp is a great actor. Personally, he fits the rolemof Jack Sparrow perfectly. I reckon the movie is good (YouTube is real helpful for these things) and funny. I can't wait to watch it though.

:-) - Cheeseyburgerus

I give it 9/10, it's the weakest of the films, but I adored this move still. - darthvadern

I Also Give It A 7/10 - JPK

6/10 Average movie - PeeledBanana

Good movie 8/10 - 2storm


(the emoji movie) - visitor