Why Use a Credit Repair Company?

Most people want you to believe that there is no reason to pay for credit repair services. Why would you? All you have to do to get errors removed from your credit reports is submit a dispute with the credit bureaus, right? In theory, yes. In practice, no.

When you dispute a something on your credit reports with the credit bureaus, they are required to perform an investigation to verify the accuracy of the listing (unless, based on their sole discretion, they decide your dispute is not worth investigating). And what does this investigation entail? Typically the "investigation" consists of the credit bureau contacting the creditor who reported the listing and asking if it is being reported correctly. Now keep in mind, this is the creditor that reported incorrectly in the first place based on their records. So it should come as little surprise that the creditor verifies the listing as correct based on their incorrect records.

So now what do you do? The negative listing is still being reported inaccurately, but now it has been "verified" by the credit bureau.

As you can see, credit repair is not as simple as others would have you believe. And while simple credit bureau disputes like the one described above can be effective when performed properly, there are many more credit repair tactics you can use to not only clean up errors on your credit reports, but also legally remove legitimate negative items and increase your credit score.

You can learn these tactics and implement them yourself. Of course, this will take time and may involve a period of trial and error that can delay the process of cleaning up your credit reports by many months. On the other hand, a quality credit repair company is up to date on the variety of credit repair methodologies and knows what will work best in your particular case based on experience helping others with their credit.

Using the services of a credit repair company will not be cheap, but for most people it is more than worth the expense. A credit repair company will be able to put their expertise and experience to work on your credit reports now so you get better results in less time. Compared to the time and effort it would take to not only learn how to repair your own credit but then actually perform the task, opting to enlist the help of a credit repair company is an obvious choice.