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With thousands of home security companies to choose from, how do you choose which one is right for you? Most people make this decision based on who is standing at their front door trying to sell them a system. But the security of your home and family is not something you should leave to chance.

This top ten list has been created to help you make an informed decision about protecting your home and family. The rankings, ratings, and opinions expressed on are influenced by site visitors and TheTopTens®, and are subject to change. To keep this valuable service free, we may generate advertising revenue from some companies featured in this list.

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1 Frontpoint Security Frontpoint was founded in 2007 to take advantage of new opportunities created by the growth of wireless technology and the introduction of wireless data networks. Traditional home security systems relied on vulnerable land lines that required professional technicians to install. Frontpoint saw the need more.

As far as I've been able to find (and I've searched high and low) no other security and life-safety company offers a bigger bang for the buck that Frontpoint's Interactive monitoring package does.

What I like most is the technology, pricing/value, portabilility, convenience, full-service, low/no pressure sales, knowledgeable employees, short hold times, transparent pricing, and short contract periods (optional).

Most of all, I appreciate the stellar customer service. Investigate yourself, and you'll see. Their own website is a great resource to start with... fantastic website. Then do some Google searches.

I've been with them about 3 years, and couldn't be a happier customer. Thank you, Frontpoint! Your hard work and dedication to your customers shows!

It is number one. Set it and forget it. Just arm it and leave the monitoring to them. Also very good for the seniors and others who can have their current alarm status sent out to friends and family. And if the system has no arming or other activity, the friends and neighbors check up on you. FrontPoint is number one. I have never seen anything-any better.

I have had this system in my home for a month now and it was been wonderful. Not only were they super friendly and helpful with my questions before I signed on, they have continued to be helpful & friendly afterward too. I have a top notch GE GSM cellular alarm system for no more cost than most land line systems. I also can take my system with me when I move, an option not available with other companies without much added cost. I can add to my system, up to 40 sensors, meaning I can customize it to my home very easily. I have ordered a few extra sensors since my initial purchase, that came fast & easy to install. The system comes ready to install, you follow the simple directions in the box and give Front Point a call after everything is in place and you are up and running in less than 30 minutes. I would recommend this company (and have) to anyone!

The features are amazing, the people are great and there is never any issue if I need to get something replaced. I had a sensor that would not register my front door being closed, frontpoint sent me out a completely different sensor with no problem and even said "no, we wouldn't do that to you" when I asked if there was going to be a charge for the new equipment. My old sensor ended up cooperating but just the fact that they were so willing to help and seemed to genuinely care about making sure I had the best equipment sold me on being a customer for life. The smoke and heat sensor sending an alarm even if the alarm is not actually set is another great feature. Unfortunately, I discovered this multiple times while cooking, but at least I know I'm safe

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2 Vivint The story of Vivint starts in 1999 with two friends who decided the best way to sell home security systems was the hard way: door to door. They felt that every home had special concerns that truly needed to be understood to get the homeowners the right product for their needs. Their approach worked, more.

This system should be ranked #1 over Front point! Why it is not is a mystery to me. Vivint has everything Front Point has and has more. Can't get locks, can't get thermostats, and the two way cell monitored panel is ancient compared to the state of the art panel Vivint uses. Vivint has the fastest response time in the industry. In fact the only thing Front point has that Vivint currently does not have is an outside camera. That's because the outside camera front point has is wired. Vivint is committed to a totally wireless system.. Price wise, 400 bucks got me 2 wireless camera a, 2 key fobs, 2 wirelessly controlled door locks, 2 thermostats, 2 extra mobile alarm panels, 12 of the new energy saving light bulbs with the light control system, a siren for the upstairs (we have three floors), and smoke and fire detector.. All this under their home automation package. 68 bucks a month.. If you add cameras to Front Point $54. BEST DEAL IN THE INDUSTRY. Work your sales man though, I promise ...more

I was very sceptical about this company at first.. But decided to take a chance. Boy am I glad I did.. The response time is phenomenal. I have everything locks, thermostats, key fobs, control panel plus 2 additional mobile ones, 2 cams and all the standard stuff. I spent less than 400 bucks in total. My system is great and can monitor my home from anywhere..

I can't believe they talked me into getting this thing, but it's turned out to be one of the best decisions I've ever made. I was very skeptical, but after seeing all of the reports and research, I decided to give them a try (two days ago). Last night we had an electrical fire. Before I even knew what was going on, the fire department was there with thermal imaging units pinpointing the fire in the wall, and it absolutely saved our entire home, and possibly our lives.

What really impressed me was how fast it happened. My old ADT system may have gone off, but the firemen were here at my home before ADT would have even been able to call me.

Hands down is taking over in the industry! Safest home protection, fastest response time, #1 equipment, #1 customer service, and the list goes on! Love them so so much! Security, medical, fire, smart thermostat(saves me $35/month), cameras, automatic door locks and lighting. All controlled from my smart phone! No one comes close!

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3 ADT ADT is a provider of security and automation solutions for homes and businesses in the United States and Canada. The company is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida and employs approximately 20,000 people at 300 locations. more.

We've had ADT for many years and have had zero problems. I had to learn my lesson the hard way with one of the local companies. I was broken into on Christmas day and they were closed! No dispatch! They cleaned me out! I was so furious but there was nothing that I could do (they did let me out of my contract... ) I learned that day that you get what you pay for. That's why I chose to go with the industry leader b/c they have the long time reputation as being the best (who else has 130 years experience? ) I couldn't be more pleased.

On a side note, I did have a salesman come by my house from one of the other companies trying to upsale me on why I should go with their new home automation/ security system. I really don't understand all of the hype with these new faceted gadgets. I bought a programmable thermostat from Lowe's for $50. Does almost exactly the same thing. I also have enough common sense to set my alarm system before I leave the house. I don't understand the big deal ...more

We originally went with a bargain rate alarm system but after a debacle involving a false alarm at 1:00 in the morning that ended up with the police and my panicked mother (she is the secondary contact) showing up at the house even though the alarm in the house never sounded, we decided to go with a more established name.

We've had ADT for over a year now and have had zero problems. Our local agent has been great each time we have dealt with him and all of the installers we worked with when getting the alarm system installed in our first house, and having it removed and reinstalled in our new home have been great.

Also, we got a package that includes a CO detector and a fire alarm which really makes you feel better knowing that if something happens to the house while we are out, the fire department will be on their way so they can save our possessions and our loving pets.

Been hooked up for about 20 years now. No complaints. No repairs! Good service! The only time we needed ADT, IT OPERATED PERFECTLY. A fire started in our kitchen and the alarm went off right away. The only surprise was, I was trying to use my phone to call 911 and ADT was I using my line... It beat me to it, and I did not realize until later, that was why I could not call out! The only problem now, is the monthly charge has gone from $21.99 to almost $38.00 per month. Time to lower this price for seniors, ADT, WE HAVE PAID OUR DUES, ! How about $25.00/ month, for the rest of our lives?

With ten times the clients of any other brand in home security, ADT is the clear market leader when it comes to home security. What does that mean for you? It means that at a second's glance, those looking to gain unlawful entry into your home or business know that an ADT secured property is not one to mess with.

An ADT sticker alone in the window of a home is enough to deter would-be criminals from attempting entry. And that's where the true value of home security lies, it's not about alarms going off that's important, it's preventing action that would cause them to go off that really counts.

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4 Protect America

For a good wireless system that uses cellular towers this is the best bet. I told the other alarm companies what cellular service works in my area and a few wanted me to get a 6'inside additional antenna, that may solve the problem. Protect America says their product will work with more cellular services than their competitors.

Used these guys for years. Much cheaper than other security systems we priced. We had to install it ourselves, but it was really simple. Just stick one end of the sensor on the door or window, and the other on the frame.

Great system I love the do it your self that way I don't have a stranger in my house! Extremely affordable and I love that even though it is a 3 year contract, if I move it can come with me! I also love that I have interactive features on my phone! Its a great system and it makes me feel safe a secure in my home!

I have two systems at two different houses and have very good results - love the mobile app which means I actually use my system a lot more than I thought I would! Have had a few occasions to call customer service and have had good support there as well.

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5 SimpliSafe SimpliSafe is an award-winning home security system—founded in 2006 by then Harvard Business School students, Chad and Eleanor Laurans. The idea came about after several friends in the Cambridge area had experienced break-ins, but couldn’t find a home security product that was designed to help renters. more.

Moving into a HUD-assisted development in a decent neighborhood across from City Hall, but Know this unit has only true all-around wireless with built-in cell phone paired with T-Mobile at an absurdly low system price, text messaging and central system monitoring for $15/month! No land line, no cell fee, and geekoid accessories designed by smart engineers who know what real people need, want and will buy.

Greatest system ever... Simple to install. Took me 30 minutes and now I can rest assure that our condo is safe and secure. Monitoring service is instantaneous... No false alarms to date. If you want peace of mind and security SimpliSafe is the way to go!

Easy to install and cost made my choice easy. Simply operated and key chain remote made my wife's life so easy.

Checked a lot of different security companies on the internet, due to the great reviews and great price decided to go with SimpliSafe. It's a great system, it was easy to install. Also I decide to add 2 more components after my initial order, they were very easy to add to the system. When I took my Monitoring Certificate to the police department the clerk saw I was using SimpliSafe she asked me about it because she also had seen it on the internet. I highly recommended it to her.

6 LifeShield Home Security

Easy to use system, fantastic customer support. Monitoring center is fast and efficient. Lifetime warranty available on all wireless components including the batteries that power them! I have two systems at two locations with 17 sensors and they are flawless. Couldn't be happier with LifeShield!

It's a fantastic system! I love being able to access it from my phone and check on whether my kids are at home.

The text alerts are my favorite part. I get messages letting me know who is coming and going, is a sensor needs to be fixed, and even if I forget to set the alarm! I highly recommend LifeShield!

Never have to worry with LifeShield on the watch! Love the alerts and being able to customize settings for each individual sensor as opposed to by zone. LifeShield gives me all the control and I can sleep easy knowing that no matter where I am, my home and valuables are secure.

Love LifeShield's mobile app and keychain remote. Nothing makes arming and disarming our system easier!

7 Live Watch

Kind, compassionate, caring company! I have recommended this company to friends and family. We are new to home security and all questions were answered by friendly, knowledgeable service representatives. All issues or concerns were addressed immediately and courteously in a timely manner. I could not rate this company any higher.

OUTSTANDING Customer Support! These people go out of their way to accommodate to your schedule and make sure you are up and running with ease. The app is awesome, it gives you full control for as long as you have internet access. Couldn't ask for a better company with very competitive pricing. Will Continue to recommend. You guys are AWESOME!

Better home security than I knew even existed! As a new customer, LiveWatch gave me incredible deals my equipment (glass break, door open, motion detect, advanced connected thermostat and most importantly smoke detectors). And yet their monthly fees were less than the "came with the house" obsolete home security system - which pre-dated cell phones. I dumped that firm because one of their service persons messed up our landline service and they wouldn't schedule another service person until weeks into the future. Which brings me to the very best feature of LiveWatch - their personnel are the kindest, most patient technology experts I've ever dealt with! That includes computer "experts", HVAC "service" persons, and - everyone's favorite - auto "repair" folks. If I ever decided to start my own company - I'd first steal their entire HR department. They really know how to hire the best. I do wish LiveWatch all the luck, even though they won't need ...more

A value in price and the service you get for it. I couldn't be happier with the system. They talked me through the setup, and it went smoothly. And when my wife accidentally opened the back door and set off the alarm, it was comforting to know I was being monitored carefully. Everyone has been courteous. I came from ADT to LiveWatch. This system is more advanced than what I had and easier to expand.

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Best technology and end user features. blows the competition out of the water I can unlock my doors control light and my thermostat and my alarm all from my smartphone my motion detector has a camera in it so when it goes off I can see why and tell the monitoring company when they call (reduces false alarms)and it does it all thru the cell network so I don't have to have a home phone or slow down my internet. I give it a a++ rating

Great cust svr and always looking at new tech for there systems is very efficient and easy to use. Love the notifications and alerts.

9 Protection One

I have been costumer since 1998 and still here, in fact when my daughter moved out, she also got Protection one for their security/burglar alarm. I have no complain so far, reasonable price and intend to stay with protection one till I have this house, I almost burglarized in 1998. With protection one I have peace of mind.

I've SEEN THEIR (Protection One's) T.V. cOMMERCIALS With THE:


BUT... SEEMS LIKE YOU're (Slightly) Better than... ADT

By far the best... And I love the sales reps the got me set up! I received the very best service, and wish I could get more systems installed in my neighborhood!

Protection one by far has the best customer service out of any company I've ever been with extremely happy they also gave me the latest in technology

10 Brinks Home Security

Monitronics is the best deal in home security. The equipment is all free, the installation is free, and their monthly service fee is the same or cheaper than everyone else. When it comes to home security there are two things that matter. First, it works when you need it to. Second, how much you have to pay to protect your home and family. Monitronics wins the first point because they're the second largest home security provider, and everything is nailed down tight. They win the second point because of the free equipment and installation costs.

The only thing I don't like about our home security system from Monitronics is that my son likes to set off false alarms to scare me. Other than that, everything is great! No real alarms to deal with yet, thank goodness. But the system works fine and we don't ever have any problems with it. We got a couple of upgrades so we paid a little to get it all installed, but we've been really happy with the upgrades, so it was worth it. Great product, great price, great service!

Pretty cool system for the price I'm paying!

I've had them for several years with no issues at all. When your contract ends they will do what you want to keep your business.

I would recommend 100%.

They also have knowledgeable techs, we liked them so much we had them install a system at my mother in laws house.

The Contenders


It does exactly what it is touted to do.

Works great! Easy use. Great customization options.

Very good service. No complain

Excellent tech help in your home

12 Guardian Protection Services

Been a customer for years and never have had one single issue. Any questions I have, are answered right away. Never transferred to different representatives. Switched from ADT and so happy that I did!

Always good service.

I have had Guardian for about 8yrs now and have been very happy with them. I recently upgraded to a wireless Honeywell System with them at no charge and was able to get a new lower rate at the same time. Their customer service is outstanding! I love the 2-way communication that works from everywhere in my house (had that on the old one also). Very quick to respond and just overall outstanding!

I have had Guardian for over 19 years. Now have digital system since moving to condo. When I have had questions, etc. they have always been great.

13 AT&T Digital Life AT&T Digital Life, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is the maker of wireless home security systems with burglary and fire monitoring for homes, apartments and small businesses in the United States.

This company is wonderful! They stick to their promises, offer fair prices for what you get, and their technology is innovative and works. I love their customer service and how they handle your questions. Digital Life is the BEST

Super good technology

Like the system with the exception of the camera. Image is to small, need a zoom in feature.

Great service

14 Vector Security

The best response time and professional service. Had 3 other companies before. This will be the last company I ever use.

Got a unbeatable rate and the salesman was thoroughly knowledgeable. I brag about it sometimes to my neighbors to tease them because they have been having issues with their CPI system

Have had vector since 2002. Still the best service and price around! Great company!

Best rate around, great service

15 Smith Thompson Security

I've been a Smith Thompson customer for 3 years. Installation staff was friendly and informative. I've had no service problems. I get callbacks when I accidentally set off the alarm. Had my daughter switch to ST last year and she's also satisfied with the service.

Been a customer for nearly 10 years, no problems and never heard of any other service that is only $16.95/month, no contract and if you pay 12 months in advance you get 1 month free each year. They don't have the most advanced technology yet, cameras, etc., but if you mainly just need a basic inexpensive service, you can't go wrong with STS!

Very good system and great team to work with. They offer a package that is a little more expensive up front but is much more cost efficient in the long run. Thanks ST

No Contract, low monthly rate, similar systems to those in your existing list

16 Alliance Home Protection

I was skeptical when I received a phone call to have an alarm system put in my home, and disregarded it as another telemarketing scam. The gentleman sounded intelligent, so I gave him a chance. Very glad I took the time to listen to him! He explained everything about the system, was very patient and knowledgeable about how the alarm worked. The technician arrived as scheduled, was very polite and clean (he even wore shoe booties! )and installed the system in about hours. It has a touchscreen that shows the weather and looks real nice in our kitchen. I added a powered door lock and a camera to the system. It is very high-tech, but so simple to use.

I called their office with some questions the next day, they were very helpful and friendly. A great alarm company, too bad they telemarket to find new customers.

I already recommended them to my sister who scheduled them to come out next week.

Great company, easy installation, customer service was more than friendly and helpful during the setup. I would recommend to any home owner.

Alliance is a five Diamond certified company that has takes care of their customers if your thinking of getting an alarm call one of their best reps named Harold at 803-214-9930 he will treat you right

They backup what they tell you on the phone. Everything was great when the tech came out to our house. My neighbor is getting a system too.

I would recommend.

17 CPI Security

I Left to meet one of my workers when my back door was pryed open. The CPI alarm system instantly sounded. The police arrived in less than 5 minutes. There was no severe damage to my home. Who knows what I could have lost. Thanks to CPI I feel safe and protected.

Have had CPI for 8 years... not one price change. Customer service is very good. Virtually no wait. Very Good product.

The service is great. Price is good. No sub contractors and local monitoring.

Great product at a great price!

18 Ring

Smart cameras built into doorbells and floodlights and view it live from your phone, something a conventional security camera system can't do

19 Alliance Security

Great Company. Good rate and fantastic technology.

20 Safe Security Systems
21 Envision Security Inc

This company is fantastic! I didn't pay a dime for my new system that I can control from my phone! I had ADT and couldn't stand the run around I kept getting with them every time I called. Now, I just call my rep, and he resolves my issue right away! This company is fantastic, I highly recommend to anyone who doesn't want to pay for a system that runs through a home phone!

This is the best company in the industry from professional installs to the genuine sales reps. They use better equipment and are monitored more effectively then vivint I don't understand why envision isn't ranked number 1.

David Yokum

22 Ranger Technology Solutions

Great installation service! Their sales reps were very informative and appreciate that they don't push to buy things I don't need. They really care for protecting neighbors in dfdubb area.

Can't beat a local company. They live, work and play where I do. They cared more about my neighborhood than the large, national companies that don't even have a presence in Texas.

23 Power Home Technologies

I'm shocked they are not in the top five! Or at least right around #7 with as that is their cellular platform! Best price best equipment best customer service.

Great to deal with, Prompt service and good products. Beats ADT service in our area.

Top notch company! They should be #1 in my books. Very well satisfied ;) good job guys.. BOOM BABY!

Should ne in the top 3. They offer the all of the. Cameras. And. Home. Aoutomation with remote access on any device. The reslly cool thing is the just opened sn office here in Augusta Ga and they havr vool refferal programs. Andif you want to buy extrs cameras or domething they hsve a plan where you just increase your monitoring rate by s couplebucks a month

24 Slomin's

Great company, price is right and great service over all.

What about the Slomin's Shield?

25 Interactive Alarms
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