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Everybody's talking about health care. It's too expensive; too complex; too exclusive. While there's a lot of debate about what can be done to fix it, there's one truth that cannot be refuted: you need health insurance.

Going without health insurance is a constant stress and worry. Not only is there a nagging threat of something serious happening - where a week in the hospital can cost as much as many make in an entire year - but even the cost of simple doctor's visits and prescriptions can empty your wallet faster than you can fill it.

With the importance of health insurance comes the necessity to pick the best health insurance company for your needs. To help you make the right decision, we've invited feedback from others who have experience with the health insurance companies you have to choose from.

This top ten list includes health care insurance companies that offer coverage in the United States.

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BlueCross BlueShield

I have been with several Blue Cross Companies. Capital Blue Cross was expensive but good coverage. Alabama Blue Cross is great so far, they have covered all my medications. Florida Blue Cross was the worst company I have ever been with. They refer you to an outside agency for the purpose of denying coverage. Happened to me over and over. Will never have Florida Blue again, but the others were fine.

Blue Cross Blue Shield has consistently denied my post cancer PET scabs. It is a constant battle to get these tests approved. These tests offer far superior imaging and are critical for detection of reoccurring cancer during the first five years post treatment. This is a classic cost cutting move with no regard for human life. Absolutely shameful!

I'm still receiving bills from them that are jacked up and I've been on a different health care system for a year and a half. The billing is worse then a person with a good imagination can conceive. I've never had a worse experience with billing in my life and I'm old.

Me and my family have been using BCBS of North Dakota for several years. We have had absolutely NO problems. Considering we have five boys under 13 in the house, we have a LOT of accidents, some worse than others. This company has been great.

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Awful service, and physician's network information is never updated. It took me weeks to find a provider that was in network, based on their data. Each time I called I was referred to another person who couldn't help me. When I took matters into my own hands it took me three hours of leg work to finally find a doctor. If I'm paying a premium, I expect much better service.

The cancel my policy without notice and I always paid my premium on time. In my checking account shows they deduct the payment but in their billing system in not. Call them and they do not know why? They stole my money $820 in one month premium!

Worst coverage and customer care ever. They cancel my policy right after I reach my deductable. I called them over and over and they promisse to resolve the issue every time and they never did. I have no insurance coverage and will have to start my deductible again with anoter company. They are thiefs.

Much happier with United Healthcare then Blue Shield of North Carolina. Tried to get my husband a flu shot last year had to drive over 45 minutes to Greensboro cause no other pharmacies were able to get the authorization to give the shot.

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I had Humana for 3 years and never once a problem. They slightly raised their rates and I thought I would look around for a less expensive rate. Boy was that stupid. I went to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas and my rates should have been lower but by the time I got the bill it was pretty much the same I was paying with Humana. In that same 3 months I had BCBS, I had so many problems I couldn't count. Never again will I make that mistake.

I found and applied for Humana through this site. I researched several different health insurance companies and this one had the best plans for me and my family. I have been with them for a couple of years now, and have never had a single complaint. They have always taken care of our needs and generally made live easier and better where healthcare is concerned. Thanks Humana.

I don't know how anyone can pick Blue Cross as a State Employee in Wisconsin after I retired the state dropped Blue Cross for gulging the system and went to WPS. My retirement healthcare would have been paid after retirement for another 2-4 years if Blue Cross didn't screw us. I now have a ppo with Humana that cost me nothing but $5. Each time I see my physician and if I see a specialist it cost me $35. It would be a cold day in hell before Blue Cross would be that cheap.

Don't do it! They refused to pay my hospital bill and I was pregnant!

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A dreadful company. Be warned: their plan structures are misleading, and they will do anything they can to stick you with the bill, instead of paying (which is supposedly why you, or your company, pays the premium, right? ). You will never be able to speak to a person who can actually help you.

Aetna has to many air pocket in there coverage policy. If your bill is $2485.00 you will get a bill for $485.50 out of pocket fee. For some reason Aetna will not pay the whole medical bill that's due. The same old reason you hear from customer service "that part is not covered". I had a eye exam the total came up to $26.50 but the out of pocket remaining balance $3.50. Aetna is a big joke!

Aetna has always been easy to work with and has covered any costs related to my health, especially in tough times.

They are the worst insurance company ever. I pay more for my insulin with aetna then I did with out insurance

Kaiser Permanente

During my career, my employer insurance options were changed a number of times, so I have had experience under several insurance providers, including Cigna, Blue Cross, Western Advantage, PacifiCare, and HealthNet. NONE of them stood up to Kaiser. My parents had Kaiser in the 70's when it was relatively new HMO. It was not particularly good then, but now, it is exceptional compared to all those I had during my career. The Kaiser hospital/medical center is half a mile from our house. All my doctors, GP and specialists, the pharmacy, labs, physical therapy, and radiology are at the medical center. And their integrated electronic medical records and My Doctor On-line are invaluable to both doctors and patients. The doctors confer with one another, sometimes during the office visit over the phone. Before I left Western Advantage to sign up with Kaiser, my doctor told me insurance companies are looking at the Kaiser model and their goal is to emulate and outdo Kaiser. For the fifth ...more

Kaiser doctor told my son he needed urgent neurology appointment. They cannot provide him an appointment for 3 months. I have been repeatedly billed for visits that have been paid for. I provided dates that I paid and am still billed for it. I use to love Kaiser, but now I hate it. My family is not getting the coverage that we need. I am requesting our company drop Kaiser for better insurance.

I have had mixed reviews of Kaiser. They have been great in some areas like urgent care and psychiatric care, but their attitude has been to over copay the members without taking care of the medical issue or doing a simple surgical procedure. Also they promise to have the doctor call and often don't call.

In all the places I lived in the US over the past 35 years, Kaiser was the best health care system I dealt with. Customer focused, efficient, accountable, etc., etc. Wish more of the US health care providers would copy this great model.


The total deductible for my plan is 750 and for an individual is 250. So far the most I have needed to pay for my perscriptions have been 10 dollars. I only had to pay about 15 dollars for a lab test for my pregnancy. Also, I have not had to pay for my obgyn visits out of pocket. They also cover my dental cleanings and regular check ups. I may not know how much I will have to pay for labor and delivery but, so far I have not had any trouble with Cigna

I had Cigna with my old job and I wish I could take it back. I LOVE IT! I'm now stuck with BCBS in my new job and I hate it. The coverage is bad, the rates are high, and I sit on the phone for hours before someone can help me.

Cigna is overall the best in my opinion. Customer service is top notch in my book.. Compaired to other companies I have had in the past- Cignas customer service is above the rest.. East to talk to, very suggestive and they actually seem to genuinly care.

I love Cigna. They are constantly wanting to improve and do whats best for their customers. The mail order pharmacy is a great help and they make it very easy to sign up for.

Molina Healthcare

I receive more service by less money with this company, thanks

They are the cheapest for people who have AIDS

Very good Costumer Service and good Attention

Great care and service. Never felt better.


The best customer service I have experienced so far. Highly recommended. A very approachable company.

Fidelis Care

If this company was Nation wide it would be number one. It is the best. If you live in New York you are crazy not to have this company.

The price is the lowest in NY, while the quality is excellent!

So far, so good

Altius (Coventry)

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Their rates never change. I've had dental insurance with them for 5 years and they have never raised my rates.

Have had numerous policies with Aflac for over 10 years. Very affordable supplement insurance!

Great at paying claims


This company is amazing! I could not be more satisfied with every aspect of this coverage, my premiums, customer service, etc. I tell everyone I know! This insurance pays first-dollar benefits on doctor visits, hospital, and pharmacy. I've had to pay nothing out-of-pocket! No co-pays! My premium covers it! Pinch me! I feel like I'm dreaming! Thank you, USHEALTH!

Absolutely the best. Just need to understand that it's not 100% coverage. It doesn't have deductibles which means that the company starts paying the benefits day one! Make sure you talk to your agent as you can customize the policy in so many ways so you can run the risk of being underinsured if your focus is to get the lowest premium possible. Great PPO network access anywhere in the US.

Saving over $800/month for me, my wife and our son - our doctors are in network - this is the lifeline we were looking for. Saving us a fortune and I feel like I'm very well covered if something were to happen!

My son had an accident and required surgery. US Health paid all the hospital bills in full, without any issues. Our monthly premiums are half the price we used to pay with United. Very pleased.

Mutual of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha give me a policy

It is good one!


I have been very satisfied with this plan. They pay quickly and are very efficient. They recommend good doctors that are providers for the plan. No complaints about this insurance at all.

Very happy with this plan and the customer service.

Ambetter from Sunshine Health

Prior to enrolling with Ambetter I have been insured with Anthem Blue Cross. The most notable difference is the level of experience of the Customer service reps.

Ambetter's customer service reps don't seem to be familiar with the healthcare field in general and struggle to answer the most basic questions. I've only contacted them twice since enrolling Aug1, 2018 so this may not be a comprehensive representation of the company.

The companies online website is not the easiest to navigate, but functional.

If I had to rate the company with my limited knowledge I would give them a grade of C minus.

I wish there were more options to choose from for a self employed person in the Phoenix area. I look forward to finding out more about "Bright Health" who is planing to offer health insurance for 2019.

Very reliable

Royal Sundaram
Oscar Health Insurance

I really love this insurance. I do not have any problems and the customer service is really good.

MVP Health Care
Magna Care
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