Legitimate Credit Repair Services versus Credit Repair Scams

There is a vocal portion of the population that believes that all credit repair companies are scams. As evidence, they point to the numerous credit repair clinics and shady "get a new credit report" operations that have been shut down over the years as evidence. They also frequently quote the many publications that point out that you as a consumer have every right to repair your credit yourself.

What they never acknowledge, however, are the many thousands of people who have actually been helped by the many honest and legitimate credit repair companies operating in this country today. They seem to completely ignore all the people who, after contracting with a credit repair service, found themselves in a position where they were able to qualify for a home loan or other purchase that had previously been out of reach. People who, after having their credit repaired, had a dramatic increase in their overall quality of life.

But even today, after some credit repair companies have been in business for nearly 2 decades, there are those who believe that all credit repair companies are scams. But in all fairness, we probably shouldn't blame these people for their opinion. A better source of blame are all of the so called credit repair companies over the years, and in existence today, who through their actions have earned themselves the title of a credit repair scam. So many of these con-jobs have come and gone over the years that it is no wonder people have given up on the entire credit repair industry.

And it is not just individuals who have decided that all credit repair services must be scams. The BBB reports of many credit repair companies list the rating as a F solely because the company provides credit repair services regardless of how long the company has been in business, the number of complaints it has received, and how those complaints have been addressed. And when a recognized agency like the BBB says that all credit repair services are scams, it is understandable that individual consumers would do the same.

But as was mentioned above, not all credit repair companies are scams. There are a number of credit repair services available to people who are struggling with their credit scores and there are thousands of people put there right now who are reaping the rewards of using these services.

So for now, many people do not even consider the possibility of a legitimate credit repair service, but maybe that in exactly how you want it. After all, credit scores are relative so it works in your favor if you are the only person on your block who knows about credit repair.


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