Super 17... my comment updated

Ok. I sorta get why Super 17 became so powerful after he absorbed Goku's attacks, especially the 10x Kamehameha which nearly killed him... I get why he was so strong then. But what I DON'T understand is how he was so powerful straight away when he had only just fused. Even if this is a much stronger form of fusion, can you explain to me how two Android 17s fused together was so strong that Majuub (who Baby stated could be stronger than SSJ3 GT Goku) was attacking him and his punches and kicks weren't even moving Super 17? The same with Vegeta, who by this point has trained solid for years and is absurdly powerful, yet as a SSJ2 his Final Shine attack couldn't even scratch Super 17. This was all before he had absorbed anything.

The only way to explain it is that their method of fusion has an INSANE multiplier, but that's just stupid. Because that's like saying that Oolong and an average human could fuse and if they used a special fusion then they could beat a Super Saiyan 4... how ridiculous. I know that's a bit far fetched but I'm just emphasizing how they can introduce new types of fusion and it just owns everything unfairly.

Super 17 shouldn't be anywhere near as powerful as he is. Before he absorbs anything, he should at least have to fight Vegeta and Majuub, not just be able to stand there. That automatically makes him much stronger than Baby who had trouble off Majuub. It's stupid.

The only way I can explain it is from these two things: 1. Their fusion type is much stronger than any previous fusion as they're making each other complete rather than just fusing (stated by Gero or Myuu, the complete android 17) , and 2. the fact that they're completing each other and have both been brought up to Android 17's original intended power must give their fusion a huge boost. Also as an extra, 3. maybe the HFIL Android 17 was made much stronger, but even still considering all those things I still don't think he should be quite as strong as he is. Android 17 was just too long ago. This whole saga just acted as a filler between the Baby saga and the Shadow Dragons saga, and there were major inconsistencies and exaggerations with some of the powers.


There's no explanation for his power he's just a badly made character cause watching the show the Dr. Says he's fighting at half power, which means the other android was the same strength regardless of the type of fusion what was stated in the show should only doubled his normal power nothing more. The fight shouldn't have even got passed Majin uub - Ssj3bardock

Yeah IKR? Android #17 <<<<<<<<<<<<< SSJ2
Android #17 x 2 > SSJ4
Logic much. - Goku02