Ht's take on Week 1 of the NFL

htoutlaws2012 Carolina Panthers Vs Denver Broncos: Exactly what I expected it to be a much better game to it's super bowl match it literally came down to the wire only to realize Graham Gano still had a choking problem in big moments and come on man you had it! I also kinda believe the officiating at time was awful and also that when Newton had a concussion they didn't really look at him so he goes back in there unknowingly the status of the injury. I'm gonna question the way Denver won cause it was thought it's just the refs at times are very sketchy when not calling a game right down the middle.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Vs Atlanta Falcons: All I can say is that it's not totally surprising that Atlanta once again has issues on the defensive side of the ball. Dan Quinn I thought you were suppose to be this great defensive Coordinator from the Seahawks to fixing a bad Falcons defense there still the same as last year fix that mess. Otherwise you'll have Quarterbacks like Winston literally destroy you all game.

Oakland Raiders Vs New Orleans Saints: All I can say is this game was very good. Yet both teams defenses need better improvement. I didn't expect Raiders D to be exposed like they were against Drew Brees and that Saints offense. What I like most about this game is the gutsy 2 point call for the win that takes balls. exciting game Oakland needs to fix their defense.

Cleveland Browns Vs Philadelphia Eagles: Predictable game Wentz goes good, defense looked great except fix that kicking man like seriously that how you lose games. To top it off the next RGIII is on injured reserve a possible contender for 0-16 bawahahaha!!!

Minnesota Vikings Vs Tennessee Titans: Good performance by Murray, but man did Mariota look awful against a good defense in Minnesota. I know there offense didn't do much, but that defense might as well do all the scoring. Tennessee just looks below average the team there suppose to be.

San Diego Chargers Vs Kansas City Chiefs: Great comeback win for the Chiefs, but yet San Diego's defense just gave it up in the end it seems like there that typical defense you see like my Lions were for the last few years have the lead and find a way to shoot themselves in the foot every time.

Cincinnati Bengals Vs New York Jets: close game, very intense back and forth contest. Ultimately Bengals won just by a FG and that AJ Green totally owned revis island giving up 180 and a touchdown. It's getting to the point where the young players start to beat the older corners more and more oh and I have a lot to say about another certain corner down near the end.

Buffalo Bills Vs Baltimore Ravens: Really uninteresting game, Buffalo played absolutely terrible getting very little out of there offense and Baltimore picks up the win next!

Chicago Bears Vs Houston Texans: At first things were getting interesting with Chicago taking an early lead then the game falls apart real fast for da bears. Sure they did great early on defense, but in the second half there was no stopping Lamar Miller nor there 2st round pick Will Fuller who looked really impressive here and shows great potential.

Green Bay Packers Vs Jacksonville Jaguars: The jags gave the Packers everything they got was it enough? Not quite, but a valiant effort and this Jags team might have a chance to the playoffs with the toughness of that defense. Just think though if they had Chris Ivory they might have won maybe that would been a surprising start for this team, but it is what it is.

Miami Dolphins Vs Seattle Seahawks: Nothing, but a defensive game low scoring and seattle wins with the slightly better offense. In the end Doug Baldwin came through and there that was survive for another day.

Detroit Lions Vs Indianapolis Colts: Man do I feel bad for Indy here. That defense was so hurt and I couldn't help, but think the Lions should win this game and well they won, but it was not pretty. Not only was Indy's defense predictably bad, Detroit's healthy defense gave up an astounding 35 points not good at all. I would have seriously LMAO if the Lions found a way to lose the game and they didn't. This is one of those games I will not crap on Stafford cause he literally kept them going.

New York Giants Vs Dallas Cowboys: All I can say is rookie players make rookie mistakes simple as that. Prescott threw 45 passes missing half of them, Elliott had a somewhat decent game with a touchdown, but with that O-line I expected him to have a lot more than that. He couldn't run against a god awful Giants defense like how? Nevertheless Giants win and that's all it is. P.S i'm pulling for prescott to keep the starting job over Romo.

New England Patriots Vs Arizona Cardinals: This was very shocking the Cards lost at home to be honest and nobody from the tune in players took the pats that's how shocked we were. Jimmy Garoppolo played like a young Tom Brady out there he was just nothing, but great against that very tough Cardinals defense. Shows you Bill Belichick is one hell of a coach; could this be the end of Tom Brady?

Pittsburgh Steelers Vs Washington Redskins: The two monday night were just painful to watch honestly you were hoping the other team would score more, but ultimately didn't and this is one of those examples. Cousins had a very bad game which is very concerning if he might just be a one hit wonder. Meanwhile the Steelers just annihilated that skins defense not even Josh Norman could stop the wrath of Antonio Brown twice!

Los Angeles Rams Vs San Francisco 49ers: Terrible game, Rams put no effort in there offense Todd Gurley couldn't get any help from his blocks, you put in a 3rd stringer over your #1 overall pick just so stupid. This is why Jeff Fisher has got to go. dumb decisions, your team has gotten worse by the time Goff goes in your going bye bye come the last game of the year. Most notable thing about that last game in week 1 there was drunken idiot running down the field while one of the commentators thought it would be funny to call a play like of the dude getting arrested.