RPG Review #102: Ys II

NuMetalManiak Ys II: Ancient Ys Vanished is a direct sequel to the first Ys, which yes, it's a series guys. It's also another game ported to many systems, and again I play it on the NES port, translated of course. With a significant lack of anything else to say, I guess we'll go onto reviewing this action RPG sequel.

Gameplay: And the gameplay is not really all that different from the first Ys. It still has the "run into enemies to damage them" system, which of course applies to enemies hurting the player. The same sort of item and equip system are still there. The only real changes are the movement speed as well as the introduction of magic, which of course will use MP by using the A button for spells (Items now need the B button). MP is of course restored after getting a new level (max of 24) and after a boss as well. One thing to note is that most bosses are now immune to contact damage and need magic to beat. Otherwise, there's not really much else this game offers that isn't as different as its prequel. Grade: C+

Characters: Since this is a direct sequel, we will see and play as Adol Christin again. I don't believe he's a silent protagonist this time around, as there is some dialogue that seems like he's talking. But otherwise, every other character is an NPC, many of them return for the finale of this game, and Feena from the first game is here as well. Nothing much else to say and I might as well not grade by characters.

Plot: Adol is somehow in the land of Ys after the events of the first game, having woke up in the village of Lance by a girl named Lilia. She falls ill and Adol finds the cure to keep her alive from an underground place, at the same time all the books of Ys he had in his position are used up when he sees 6 specific statues. Adol then learns more about the Underground Sanctuary and the lands of ice and fire below it, gaining new abilities and finding characters such as Tarf and Keith along the way. Eventually it's time to reach the Demon Shrine, the final dungeon which is expansive and run by the wizard known as Dalles, who is using a girl named Maria as a sacrifice. Dalles also turns Adol into a demon at one point, and after getting his human form back Dalles then turns several prisoners to stone. Loads of back and forthing until things are fixed, although Adol is too late to save Maria. Keith helps Adol and he eventually sees two statues, both goddesses, one is Lair, the main goddess of Ys. as well as Feena who also is one. After defeating the Devil, yes THE DEVIL, the game is won. There's quite a bit of mystery to find here between all this demon slaying, but for the most part this plot is fairly standard. Grade: C+

Music: Well what do you know, I like the music here. Mostly action-packed and works with the locations visited. Helps keep the bloodlust pumping. Grade: B-

Overall Grade: C+

Ys II improves a bit on the formula that the first Ys had, it's a little less confusing and a little easier to go through, although of course the combat system is the main drawback.