Community Debating Discussions #31 Michael Jordan Vs LeBron James

htoutlaws2012 Ladies and gentleman the talking debate has been these two NBA players of their different eras always refereed as the greatest of their time, and seeing that LeBron chose to go to a team that's still trying to rebuild with 4 years left its a good possibility we are seeing the tail end of his career. In this I will be using statics, win ratio, personality, & legacy stance. I more so want to make this because not everybody is going to agree with what I have to say on this topic, but how it all comes together in one's perspective rather its a cruddy YouTube countdown channel with a very flawed ripped thumbs down comparison reasons. Enjoy as they say you may agree to disagree which is completely fine.

#1 Stats: One big thing to look at first is the overall numbers for each player, and in this case we will look at the postseason stats for both. In the 80's MJ was very good in the 80's, but didn't get much notable progression to the championship than he didn't have a supporting cast. Although in those years people forget he did a great amount of effort with 3,000 points in the 86'-87' season. He even hit a road block with the bad boys of Detroit Pistons of the late 80's were an amazing squad than. Once again though he was still great at taking away the ball that season. Next we look at the first three peat from 91-93 years. The shooting combined was around to 50%+, Point per game ranged from about 40 combined consecutively. In his second three peat he was better than ever coming back in between the mid 90's. Immediately however the would fall once, but never again after that, in that time MJ was immortal he could not be stopped by anybody. His shots were way more precise than ever before it was like he did transform into a god like player in that court it was like how could you stop him? After winning six rings he retired for three season until coming back not with his old team, but with the Washington Wizards instead. While he was not as effective in that time he did manage to have decent numbers. Now its LeBron's turn in this case, I'll admit seeing his stats were pretty interesting. 2nd in all time assists in the postseason got there his numbers overall are superior over 25.0+ shooter he can be a carrying offensive player, but again your team is the other, the most minutes on the court in the postseason in history. Most points, Turnover, and most attempts he has done a lot just to make the playoffs is admirably respectable. Yeah his most single handedly the only player whose managed to come back from a 3 to 1 deficient. While he has some great share of accolades. There are many of MJ's achievements he has pulled off that I left off to the point there are way too many to list in other words... MJ: 1, LJ: 0

#2 Superstar Persona outside the Game Itself: For the most part yes Michael Jordan had that stint of playing Baseball yes that wasn't a fine moment at all neither was his gambling demons, but I gotta respect how he got through the perseverance though. In between his greatness he did a guilty pleasure film I always loved, and hope it doesn't have any sorta sequel is Space Jam. Overall Michael Jordan is a super humble guy outside the court. LeBron James is almost the complete opposite of humble, and what I mean is when he loses the finals he acts like a drama queen suddenly which makes his credibility semi-tarnished due to podium publicity. Remember last years excuse was always starting with ''I! I! I!'' There's a ''WE'' in team Lebron. Than you got this year he loses again only this time please tell me if he had a broken hand whatever side it was than why not report the injury that's like not reporting Tom Brady's concussion same deal what gives here? Yet as you watch game 4 he looks fine with the grip of the ball its like that doesn't look legitimate to me. Thus i'm easily going to take... MJ: 2, LJ: 0

#3 Wins: Unless your Charles Barkley and you seriously think wins aren't important in your career than that's like saying Matthew Stafford is the greatest Quarterback (ha no) to never even make it past the first round in of the NFL playoffs while that's a far fetched example of how i'm going to analysis the large win ratio between these two keep in mind that the postseason is what stands out for any player of any league Babe Ruth, Sidney Crosby (like em or not), Tom Brady those guys were always clutch in their respective sport. Michael Jordan has been to every single playoff game except the Wizards period, and LeBron is almost at even appearing just as much as him probably more by now. Both put up stellar performances when the game truly counts, but the one major setback between these two athletes is one is flawless in the finals (6-0), the other has a up and down road of wins (3-6) when you get swept though that looks really noticeable, and in a bad way to look back on King James got swept by the Warriors, and Spurs in those seasons in he went to the finals... MJ: 3, LJ: 0

#4 Long Lasting Legacy: Both players are distinctive in their own perspective trait in the NBA. Two different era one where if you fouled King James you'd probably pay for it. Meanwhile on the other side here's a class act player who got better and better every step of the way not taking anything from LeBron, but those last three years with the Bulls was unbelievable. Yes LeBron's greatest days were arguably as a member of the Miami Heat when he won 2 of those championships with a good supporting cast around him Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh the big three were very dominant in the early 2010's, than compare them to MJ's Dennis Rodman, and Scottie Pippen that actually is a dream match much more than his Cavaliers team in 2016. Needless to say both guys are great at what they do. Jordan is clearly one of the best at defending the ball, while LeBron is the greatest at getting assists. Two defining records that speak for themselves long term, but seeing that it maybe at best two more years (prediction) until James is done with the Lakers. I'm going to be generous in this case and give both players a point... MJ: 4, LJ: 1

#5 Accolades: Unlike the records that hold up for a awhile, awards are another thing that makes you very distinctive. Let's start with LeBron this time, 3 time NBA champion, 3 time MVP, 14 times gone to an all star game, 4 time NBA's most valuable player, 6 time NBA All-defensive selection. Those claim are very good right well than we take a look at Michael Jordan. 6 time NBA Champion, 5 time MVP, 87-88' defensive player of the year, 9 time all-defensive selection, also been to 14 NBA All star games.
I have pretty pointed out everything that's there with this debate, and now its over. Again LeBron has a good two years perhaps left in him, but at this stage of his career its safe to bet on Michael Jordan as the definitive G.O.A.T player of the NBA... Final Score MJ: 5, LJ: 1

Thanks for reading, and your most likely to have a say on this sports fans, and that's alright until next time!


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