Greg Universe

Greg Universe is from the show Steven Universe created by Rebecca Sugar.

Greg Universe is the dad of the main character, Steven Universe. Greg is a human and lives in a van in the small boardwalk town, Beach City. Greg is usually seen with a white tank top on with shorts and flip flops on. In flashback episodes he has long dark brown hair, a back shirt with a gold star on it, and jeans.

Greg used to be an aspiring Rock Star when he was younger until one fateful day. He was preforming at Beach City, no one had come to his concert on the beach except on person, Rose Quartz. Greg quickly bonded with her and soon they were in a relationship with her. Rose liked to teach Greg about Homeworld and the rebellion and how she saw beauty in Earth and humans. While Greg wanted to show Rose all the amazing things Earth can bring to one.

Years later, Rose and Greg decided to have a baby. Gems like Rose had never had a baby before. Most gems just popped out of the ground after a long period of time. But, with Greg's DNA and Rose's willingness to give up her physical form they both created their son, Steven.

Later in time, Greg started to live in his van next to his car wash, "It's a Wash!" He loves his son Steven and teaches him music and stuff about Rose. Greg tries not to get involved with Gem stuff and likes to stick to helping the human side of Steven.

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