Full-fledged List Analysis: Top 10 Worst Hatedoms

NuMetalManiak What the? It's not even the end of July yet! I still managed to find a list to fully analyze, and we are back in fandom/hatedom territory for this one. How many repeats I wonder? Also this of course deals with hatedoms, because haters really don't have anything better to do than hate all the time.

1. My Little Pony: This hatedom probably doesn't hate the show but rather the bronies themselves, seeing as how they are men who like a girly show. I actually do wanna know if people actually hated the show who watched it.
2. Teen Titans Go: TheTopTens is just filled with TTG hate. Really all I can see in this hatedom is a bunch of nostalgia-ridden teens who liked the original Teen Titans. Just watch that instead of berating this.
3. Minions: In fairness to Minion haters (I'm one of them actually) we're just tired of all the media about them being thrown around all the time and the Despicable Me sequels that didn't need to show up either.
4. Anime: Those who hate anime often call everyone who watches anime a weeaboo, when this only conveys the select group of anime fans who like to live like the Japanese people they often watch. There's bound to be a lot of similarities between Eastern and Western animation, so the hatedoms for both are annoying.
5. Frozen: Again, like Minions, much of the hate for Frozen comes from it being mentioned as the greatest thing ever when it is far from it. It's not entirely bad per se but we really don't need this around all the time. I fear the new sequel will cause a major stir.
6. Johnny Test: The problem with this cartoon is that it blatantly rips off other cartoons, and the characters themselves know it (where have I seen this before? among other things).
7. Undertale: The one thing I hate about cult classics (Undertale is one of them) is how they are treated as godlike by their fans. The hatedoms wish to cull this kind of popularity but have clearly not understood why it's a cult classic.
8. Justin Bieber: He's lost his relevancy a long time ago, yet on TheTopTens in the old days there's always at least one person whining about his immense popularity and songs.
9. Five Nights at Freddy's: Among the many horror games, FNAF drew in the weirdest fandom and arguably a worse hatedom.
10. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: We haven't even left the Top 10 and already there's a duplicate. Great job, fools.
11. Modern Spongebob: With the death of Stephen Hillenburg along with a lack of actually innovative episode ideas, I can actually agree with the hatedom somewhat. Although TheTopTens is notorious for its modern Spongebob haters I'll say.
12. Apple: Wars over phone brands are stupid and I can say no more.
13. Family Guy: Having already done a FFLA on the worst episodes on this show, I can say it's in the same boat as modern Spongebob.
14. Disney: TELL ME ABOUT IT. We have loads of rabid Disney fans loving up one thing and hating the next. These fans and haters are the absolute worst on this site alone.
15. Sword Art Online: Well, ModernSpongebobSucks, can you find any reasons why it is so hated? Another commenter said that some of these haters are too nitpicky, and nitpicking is what often leads to major internet conflicts over stuff.
16. Steven Universe: I stopped paying attention to CN when they started doing those crappy real life shows, so my knowledge on Steven Universe is I know nothing about it or its fandoms or hatedoms.
17. Mr Enter: I'm SO not in the mood to talk about youtube fans or haters.
18. Mario: Basically Mario haters are Sonic fans, usually. Although I wonder if this pertains to other characters in his franchise.
19. Nintendo: Or to the game company as a whole as we can see with this item. Although it could be part of the console wars, Nintendo does play it safe most of the time. One thing I will mention that I hate about Nintendo is their cease and desisting orders to several fan-made game mods though. Fan creations deserve some respect.
20. Rainbow Dash: From the show to the character. I know nothing about these ponies.
21. Pokémon: The haters here are usually middle schoolers, but when you reach high school there's quite a lot who come back to it.
22. The Secret Life of Pets: Well if their haters are mostly on Youtube, it's not a big deal.
23. Naruto: While I hate the show personally, other haters seem to base all anime off of them or maybe DBZ or Pokemon or something.
24. Islam: There's some serious moral issues with Islam customs, which could be a reason why Islam is hated. That doesn't mean other religions are better though.
25. Baby Shows: God, TheTopTens is FILLED with teenagers who relentlessly hate these shows. They are for younger audiences for crying out loud. Yes, you've grown out of them, but it's probably more babyish to hate on them just because you're not a target audience.
26. McDonald's: They've been improving their menu lately and are always cheap and affordable.
27. Animal Jam: And I have no idea what this is.
28. Cars: I don't think this needed two sequels (or worse, Planes). First movie was good, but this has always been a black sheep for Pixar.
29. The Garfield Show: Who hates on this? People who read comics in the newspaper? Those people are boring.
30. Sonic: In fairness to these haters, they probably got exposed to some dumb fanart or something. Or they just wished that Sonic would just be limited to the title character and Dr. Robotnik and all.
31. Dogs: I hate dogs, but only because I was almost mauled to death by one. Well, I hate big dogs.
32. Star Wars Prequels: Oh man, this should be WAY HIGHER. The prequels have so many memes it's impossible to hate them.
33. Ash Ketchum: So according to this comment, the Ash haters are Red fans. Yeah I don't know about this.
34. Blue Sky Studios: This ain't Disney or Dreamworks. No one knows about this company.
35. Pewdiepie: Alright I'll make an exception for Youtubers with Pewdiepie. But then again, maybe not. It's his fanbase that's still worse.
36. Gene Deitch: Yeah, who's heard of him? Oh, he created old and respected cartoons. He has a hatedom?
37. John Kricfalusi: And this guy with the funny name made Ren and Stimpy. All of a sudden creators have hatedoms. Makes sense, but I know nothing about this show or this guy to care.
38. Vocaloid: Hated by those who want real music. Well, it's in the ear of the beholder in that case.
39. Minecraft: Weird games have weird fanbases. And even weirder hatedoms.
40. Poptropica: I'm not even gonna ask why this not-so-popular thing has a hatedom.
41. Mice: So it's wrong to hate mice who steal food? We don't even get mice where I live.
42. Zootopia: Good ol' Disney films dividing people on how things should be portrayed.
43. Skylanders: This was a weird way to continue Spyro's series.
44. The Emoji Movie: You have to be constructive to hate on this properly for what flaws it has as a movie.
45. Power Rangers: The fad for Power Rangers probably died off years ago.
46. Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: The anime fanbases and hatedoms really need to take their business elsewhere since the majority of people never care about it.
47. Autism: Reminder that many good minds had autism, so hating on them does not make you a good person.
48. Equestria Girls: This is one of the weirdest things ever. But it never took off.
49. Clarence: Here's a show I actually confuse with Steven Universe every time someone references it. I'm gonna say the same as with the SU haters.
50. Dora The Explorer: Put this under Baby Shows, please.
51. The Amazing World of Gumball: Probably the one new CN show that got a ridiculous fanbase for weird reasons.
52. Chuck E Cheese's: Well haters, tell us where you want your kids to go have fun and play at then?
53. Starbucks: Well I hate coffee personally. I guess the hate for them comes from the people who throw liberal propaganda everywhere and are associated with this coffee chain.
54. Foxes: Hating on animals is animal cruelty.
55. Cat: Hating on animals is animal cruelty. Especially for cats.
56. Wolves: Yeah I'm a broken record. Leave them be and they won't hurt you.
57. Silver the Hedgehog: I don't like any of the characters from Sonic games that aren't Eggman or Sonic.
58. Bob Clampett: So why would people hate Looney Tunes and its creator again?
59. Heavy Metal: I could probably understand hate for subgenres, but hating the genre probably means you hate it for a really dumb reason.
60. Mario Party's New Car Mechanic: This is just way too specific.
61. Game Theory: Not going there with Youtubers.
62. The Groovenians: Moving on.
63. My Gym Partner's a Monkey: How long did this cartoon last?
64. Squirrel Boy: This show and the one above it I get confused on.
65. Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite: This probably doesn't even have a fandom.
66. GoAnimate: There's probably some treasures among a sea of crap animation, although why TheTopTens users hate it so much is beyond me.
67. Illumination Entertainment: Ah, so we get the creators of the Minions. Their marketing must be responsible for the minions taking over the world.
68. Toad: BUP.
69. Captain America: Civil War: Why does this one specific MCU film get hated on again?
70. The Lion King: Wait for it...
72. Peppa Pig: This belongs under baby shows.
73. China: They are actually very powerful for a nation. Try not to hate them too much, please.
74. Final Fantasy XV: Well I heard about XV, and then I no longer hear about it. That tells you, it's not that important.
75. Original Characters (OC/FC): I assume this pertains to fanfiction or what not. Well they have to be decent first.
76. Marvel: Odd, DC isn't on here. But most Marvel haters are easily DC fans anyways. Mostly jealous people too.
77. Fortnite: When games combine aspects from other games, you can probably guess they get divided reception.

So hatedoms, always weird, always hating weird things, and trying their hardest to ensure that others hate them too. I hate them. And I hate making this. But then again, I like this too.