Ich + Ich

Ich + Ich is a German music duo consisting of soul singer Adel Tawil (former member of boygroup The Boyz) and producer and occasional vocalist Anette Humpe (formerly part of the influential Neue Deutsche Welle band Ideal), which was formed in 2003. Their style can be described as pop, soul, R'n'B or indie, their influences ranging from 70's rock to 90's hip hop. The duo's studio albums were certified multi-platinum and gold in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and were released to positive reviews, making them one of the most successful German bands of the decade. Among their most famous songs are "Vom selben Stern", "Du erinnerst mich an Liebe", "Stark", "So soll es bleiben" and "Pflaster" among others. After three studio albums, the band went on a hiatus as the 00's ended, that still goes on as of 2018.

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