Best Instagram Users

A list of users on Instagram that have the best profile and post the best things.
The Top Ten
1 @instagram
2 @beyonce

... it's


3 @taylorswift
4 @badgalriri
5 @selenagomez

This person must have an awful taste in music

6 @kimkardashian

Should be at the bottom on this list.

7 @arianagrande
8 @kyliejenner
9 @kendalljenner
10 @bethanynoelm

Really? I mean, this would make sense if it were best YouTubers, but instagram shouldn't be what she's known for.

The Contenders
11 @tidaals
12 @iobeybeth
13 @black_diamond_97

That is my boyfriend

His account was stopped by stupid recapcha follow his new account @enemy_christ

He got his acount back
So beast

14 @phillipbeech

He is really cute and funny! Deserves to be in the top ten!

Only just followed him. aLREADY AMAZING POSTS

I ama mazing

Cute as...

15 @smuckersbytyler
16 @plxmtrees
17 @khloekardashian
18 @rapdebates_
19 @emilys_editss
20 @eminem
21 @iswagbeth
22 @Captain_dray739
23 @mxntanamitchell
24 @biggiemonies
25 @memehive
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