Top Ten Rules on Twitter That Consistently Get Broken

So Twitter. I rant about it quite a lot, and one of the reasons why is that people don't forget it has a set of rules that seem to be broken all the time. What would those rules be that are constantly being broken?
The Top Ten
1 Hateful Conduct

This can cover a wide variety of issues, such as hating on race, sex, age, disabilities, etc. It's hard to keep up, but there's just a lot of this stuff going on, which include things like "cancelling" or outright bullying. This is the kind of rule that always is in every website's TOU, yet there's at least one instance of it being violated every single day on Twitter.

2 Private Information

The weird thing about this is that people like to treat Twitter as if it was Facebook. The even weirder thing is that BOTH sites collect information about people's accounts. I don't think I need to get into semantics here, but overall, at least one instance of private information gets leaked, and is especially true for more famous accounts.

3 Abuse/Harassment

Twitter calls this safety rule Abuse/Harassment. It's a form of Hateful Conduct but is surprisingly more widespread. All sorts of name-calling, targeting, wishing death on people, it's prevalent on Twitter.

A notable example happened this month when Trump got COVID. Leftists were saying just how happy they are that Trump got COVID and that he should die from the disease. You know, you gotta treat Trump as a political opponent and not sub-human when it comes to this election, but for four years these people have been crying non-stop. And while crying they broke these rules and possibly had their accounts banned.

4 Sensitive Media, including graphic violence or adult content

Does this item speak for itself? I hope it does. But people do show media that depicts nasty stuff like gore or adult content and usually results in a suspension of the account. Censor the graphic stuff so people don't get grossed out or better yet don't post at all. Of course, there's bound to be at least one person each day who sends this stuff, perhaps knowingly.

5 Platform Manipulation and Spam

So I've seen a number of conservative accounts just to see what they are about. They are always nice, believe it or not. But they're getting suspended for this rule. Here's the irony. Twitter has a trending section, and oddly enough, it's been manipulated and spammed by leftists and whatever name or buzzword they're currently calling out Republicans for. Rarely if ever does any sort of positive conservative trend show up on that section. So its safe to say Twitter violates its own rule here.

6 Synthetic and Manipulated Media

A little different than "Platform manipulation" since this deals with media that's shared. This close to the election and a major bombshell story drops and Twitter tries to censor it. Funny, because it came from an actual news source. So is the news fake? How are we all supposed to know what is fake and what isn't? Twitter, and perhaps society, tends to try to eschew everything. This rule is hard to tell considering how much media is shared.

7 Child Sexual Exploitation

I hope this item speaks for itself, but there's always that one person that has to show this stuff. Twitter has a zero-tolerance policy, but what's weird is that this kinda thing somehow goes under the radar at times. It helps to report it immediately if you see it.

Some Twitter users even tried to call pedophilia a sexuality.

8 Civic Integrity

There's also people who get their accounts locked for posting "potentially misleading" posts about voting.
Okay I have a question. WHEN does Twitter have a policy on how to vote? They're not an official polling place, so anyone who gets locked for posting information about voting (which tends to be a lot of people on both sides of the aisle) doesn't seem to be locked for any good reason whatsoever. This is another rule that I believe Twitter itself breaks, since they act like they know everything about voting.

9 Violence

I find it weird that Hateful Conduct, Abuse/Harassment, and this are all different Twitter rules, but this one deals with direct threats or glorification of violence, as opposed to "being hateful towards a group" or "abuse via indirect abuse/namecalling/what not". These are much less common but it's still likely to happen, especially the most radical of leftists who want to burn everything.

10 Suicide or Self-harm

Here's a story. I had a Twitter account long ago before I left the site. One time I was depressed and felt terrible and then some loser came along and said you should "cut yourself". That's basically what this rule says you shouldn't do. The whole thing hurts way more and tells you quite a bit about the state of affairs on that site, since almost everyone looks out only for themselves.
There's still examples of this rule being consistently broken. But you know what, the biggest issue with EVERY ONE OF THESE RULES BEING BROKEN is that there are one too many examples of it currently happening. And it doesn't seem like Twitter could handle them all. In some worser cases, they decide not to intervene.

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