Hidden Gems #16 Jet Set Radio Future

htoutlaws2012 Intro: Have you ever felt like being a gangster, but not the likes of GTA. Well if you have a Dreamcast, or even the original Xbox Jet Set Radio was pretty much that, but less violent.

The Game: This is one of those games that's not only original in its purpose, but a game that portrays using graffiti is something no other game has ever touched since this one. Opening cutscene is pretty awesome showing you the main characters you play as at first, until you have unlock other ones as you progress through the five chapters. This is starting to feel like Star Wars: Obi Wan. I must say the soundtrack in this game is very great. Sure i'm not all in to beat up like sounds, but here was just fairly well done. The composer should seem familiar to some of you because he did the soundtrack to the recent smash brothers game on the WIIU/3DS. The gameplay itself is you skate constantly, through missions, and occasional races, and or other type of game that is show in the main game, that also has multiplayer. Back to the actual story, your part of the GG'S squad, and you want prove to other rival groups you are the top dog of Rokkaku. You end up facing not only that, but the authority trying to take you in constantly find ways, even attempt murder at one point. Mid way through the game after beating the generic cops, and captain crazy Hayashi. Whom I questioned in terms what gender the character was. I mean i'm I the only who thinks, but yes they mention he, but sounds like a she something seems off with that. After the long grueling battle between that you get to go even greater lengths by facing the Golden Rhinos. They literally disguise themselves real well just to take you down. Imagine in real life this occurred in a city no less, or a country see's a chase scene, and they stand there like whatever. Near the end of the game, gets very trippy. In this final battle, ruler rokkaku Gouji has this weird machine that plays a very disturbing sound that is played as you try to eliminate the zero beats skating around the terminal. The following cutscene really gets screwy, your sucked into his machine, and it is indeed the land of bizarre in this case. Suddenly he transforms into a robot will just say, after you have sprayed him just enough he begins to cough, and slowly dies. Everything is back to normal, oh I almost forgot, and Professor K back as the master DJ.

Observations & Verdict: This game did not have the xbox live online feature, this was before that. Its one of those rare games that is just all about the single player for the most part. I find challenging to get all the secrets just to get some of the other characters you have encountered earlier in the game, to unlock, imagine being Poison Jam how odd would that be. I feel the sequel is more under the radar as opposed to its prequel that everyone has at least heard of. Some were confused at first, and did not realize this was a sequel to another game. I get it, I was too like those people. While the graphics may not hold up well, it was good for its time, same with its prequel. The question now is that does this game stand the test of time along with the classic Sega games. I find it interesting there was plans for a 3rd game, but Sega ended up saying no to it, and focused on mainly Sonic, and that did not go very well. 9 out of 10.