The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword: Random Video Game Review

Before I'll start this Review, I will say now! Here in germany, it's only 3 days until the new Zelda: Triforce Heroes is out! Me, being a long-time fan of the series is excited as hell! Of course immediantly after I finished the game, I will review it!
So I decided it would be somewhat fitting to review some Legend of Zelda, AND WHAT BETTER IDEA TO REVIEW than the Wii title, too many seem to despise with a burning passion! But before I'll proceed,

Skyward Sword's story is even for Zelda standards pretty impressive and ny second favorite of the franchise, right after Majoras Mask! Skyward Sword plays in the beginning of the overall Zelda Timeline, in other words it's the chronological first Zelda Game! Most of the story revolves around the retrieval of Zelda, who has been kidnapped. Though instead of letting her be the stereotypical Damsell in Distress, the game manages to develop her as a character! Besides of that other characters are well developed as well, even including Link himself, who has different answers to peoples questions! I will also say this now, I personally like Fi! (PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!!!)

The game uses, despite what some fans say, the Wii controls pretty well! Most mechanics were reworked and are controlled with said Wii-Mote! The game has some pretty unique dungeons, most notably the Sandship and the Ancient Cistern! The Dungeons all manage to bring in new puzzles and ideas, as well as use their specific dungeons pretty well! Besides of this the overall overworld include, besides of Skyloft, include three major areas. Over the course of the story, you'll come back to those again, but they have something new most of the time! A point, brought up by many was the sky, which was rather empty and had nothing to do! But because you wont be long in there, it should'nt be that terrible for you!

The soundtrack is, like in every Zelda Game, excellent! Songs are perfectly composed for all areas and numerous songs, including Fi's theme stand out and are absolutely amazing!

The graphics are a mix of Wind Wakers cel-shaded style and Twilight Princess realistic style! It looks absolutely girgeus and does'nt seem to age since the few years it's out! I would even go as far as saying it has some of the best graphics the Wii has seen!

Though there is an insane cult of Zelda Fans, hating this game for all the wrong reasons, I think this game deserves a strong:
9/10, adjective "awesome"
Among the many great Zelda Games it manages to stand out as one of the best entries in the series so far! It is undeniably a game I can recommend any Wii owner and/or Zelda fan!


(note: I didn't read the whole thing because I don't wont to read any spoilers and what I am going to tell is from what I heard from other people) the game itself wasn't accepted by many fans because of the control not because they had flaws but because they were too detailed in twillight princess you only had to barerly swing and you would attack but in this one you have to do the exact movements (most of the time ) as well as the limited stamina the luck of exploration (even though they say that for every single 3d zelda ) and some of it's quests like finding someones cat in my opinion your review was executed correctly even though it concluded your personal opinion as for you liking Fi you wont be killed (at least by me ) actually I do like navy (even though she can be a little annoying) the only thing I didn't like about this review is that you mentioned Zelda:Triforce heroes and I felt ashamed for not knowing about it albeit I consider my self a loyal fan - ugregoard

1. I did not said anything about the controls, because in my case it worked perfectly! I did not know if this was because of the game or maybe just my Wii!
2. It's okay you did'nt heard about it! I knew about it myself only since one or two weeks! - visitor

I said the exact same thing the controls are smooth and detailed that's what people hated because they don't want to put so much effort in a video game and that's why some people preffered twillight princess only for the controls you barely had to move the controller but in skyward sword you have to move more (and in some cases people just wanted to press A to attack ) - ugregoard