The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes: Random video game Review

The Legend of Zelda is as you may know one of my all-time favorite video game series! Obviously I will be excited about their new release The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes, which I got my hands on yesterday! Now did it succeed in being a great Zelda game?

First of all, the story! THE STORY SUCKS! The Legend of Zelda always has an amazing story! My personal favorites being the ones from Majoras Mask and Skyward Sword! However the story in Triforce Heroes is just "there is a princess! Help her!"

The game itself is instead of an Action-Adventure game a Dungeon-Crawler! This is nothing terrible, considering the game being a pretty good one! I was incredibly excited for this game to show what amazing ideas it could have with it's mechanic to control three Links! The game often uses exactly this mechanic pretty often and uses it well! The puzzles are all well thought out for the most time and the dungeons are fun to playthrough! My personal favorite dungeon being The Dunes! A new mechanic the game had were the costumes! You could say it's similar to the masks from The Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask, but you have to create them yourself by using materials from the game!

The graphics are pretty similar to the ones from A Link between worlds! It looks pretty good, especially considering it being on the 3DS!

The soundtrack however is amazing! It is one of my personal favorites of the entire franchise! It has this cool idea, that if you stack the Links up to a totem, it always adds more and mire instruments to the soundtrack! Besides the tracks are well-fitting and are amazing!

So while I am mildly disappointed by the end result of this game, it still was much fun and deserves a
8/10 with the adjective "pretty good"
It is one of ny all-time favorite Dungeon-Crawlers and managed to be both Crawler and a Zelda game in a great way! If you have'nt played this game, I recommend you to check it out!


Good review! - Garythesnail

You were disappointed! Me too! The most disappointing game I've played is the Wreck It Ralph game.
Good movie... bad game! - Skullkid755