Full-fledged List Analysis: Top Ten Most Embarassing Things That Could Happen

NuMetalManiak This is an odd list. I thought I did this one before but it looks like I didn't. Furthermore, trying to find this list via search isn't giving me this list for some reason, so I got one shot. Here it goes.

1. Waving at a stranger, who is waving at somebody else: Would this be embarassing? Would say it's just awkward since the stranger doesn't know or probably care that you're waving at them.
2. Getting rejected by someone you don't even like: I'd say this is the opposite of embarassing. Why are you with someone who you don't like? It would be good to be rejected (better, reject THEM).
3. Talking trash about someone in a text, and then sending it to the wrong person.: Okay this is embarassing. Also it's better to talk trash properly if at all.
4. Throwing up in front of somebody you like: That's what happens to Stan in South Park.
5. Rip off your pants and underwear in front of 6 billion people: 6 billion people cannot possibly be in one area at once. And I'm pretty sure pants ripping has to be accidental like in Spongebob.
6. Your parents holding your hand: When you're young it's okay, older then it seems a bit more awkward.
7. Being beaten up by someone smaller than you: Correction, you'll LOOK like a wimp, but in truth the confidence of the smaller person and how much physical ability they have are factors.
8. Someone putting a video of you dancing bare naked on YouTube: And how did such a video come up I wonder? Did you make the video yourself? Are your windows shut? Also thanks to YouTube's new regulations, this won't happen anymore.
9. Getting pranked by someone to eat poop on a date then barf: Your date is terrible if this happens, so get rid of it. Also "then barf" are you referring to barfing after eating poop or eating barf afterwards?
10. Getting caught kissing a Dora the Explorer doll: Who would have it as a waifu? I got no more words.
11. Falling asleep in class: Not really embarassing, many upperclassmen will do this and not care.
12. Blowing off in public: Blowing off what? Is this a fart reference? Would make sense there, otherwise no.
13. You pee your pants in public: Rather obvious.
14. Getting named poop: In public I presume. Should NEVER happen. If your parents gave you that as a given first name then they cannot be classified as parents.
15. Sneezing on somebody by accident: This can be less embarassing and more detrimental.
16. Losing a fight vs. the weakest baby in the universe: That would be like losing a fight to mere atoms. And you know what? This isn't possible.
17. Going to an amusement park with your best friend who isn't scared of any rides and you get really scared of all of them: Why are you in an amusement park in the first place then.
18. When you are about to give your presentation in front of your class, your mom walks in and hands you a diaper and says "You forgot to wear one today" then walks over to your crush and says "So you are the girl/boy that my child loves so much!": Oh great, kid imaginations are running rampant in this list. Other than the diaper part this can definitely be possible though.
19. Someone telling your best friend you sing the song "Call Me Maybe" when taking a bath: This someone must be a parent, no one should be inside the bathroom if you are there yourself.
20. Masturbating in public: WHY CAN'T YOU PEOPLE KEEP THINGS PRIVATE.
21. Answering a stranger who isn't questioning you: Often a case of misunderstanding a question.
22. Pooping your pants when you are with a friend: Worse if you are in public.
23. Yelling at somebody without realizing everyone is looking at you: Not a good way to detract attention from yourself. May even be worse if you get into more trouble.
24. Getting your diaper changed: Where exactly. And why are so many of you obsessed with diapers.
25. Walking in public with torn or ripped clothes without realizing: A lot of you are taking some cues from the Spongebob episode Ripped Pants. It's too obvious.
26. Kissing and hugging your car in front of a lot of people: Carsexual?
27. Falling at your graduation ceremony: Now we have a realistic item.
28. Falling in cow poop: Or geese poop, cat poop, dog poop, any kind that's just left out there. There's a reason why this stuff needs to be scooped by the way.
29. Getting caught listening to Justin Bieber: I agree with the comment.
31. Farting during a date: This is so common.
32. You look so cool and then fall to the floor: This reminds me of something, can't remember what it was.
33. Taking a selfie and your grandma walking in on you: Accidental or possibly deliberate photobomb.
34. Getting arrested: If it is something you didn't do, then it's definitely embarassing.
35. Everyone in your school knowing you're so weak you can't pick up a tiny pencil: How would you write on your quizzes?
36. Getting caught crying while you're watching a kid movie.: Define kids movie. More importantly which movies have notoriously sad scenes.
37. Letting it rip while giving a speech: Just how loud do you people fart?
39. Singing loud in a quiet place without realizing: If it's quiet then you must realize it's quiet.
40. Not speaking when giving a presentation: Get ready.
41. Blushing and everyone is staring at you: Focus your mind off of things.
42. Going in circles because you don't know where you are going: What if you're walking for exercise.
43. When you are listening to music too loud and everyone can hear it: Don't see what's embarassing about this if you really like the music.
44. When acting out a scene you don't like with a friend/sibling: I just don't understand what this could correlate into.
45. When you look like a hungry zombie at school because you are tired: There's a lot of students who act like that.
46. When females cry and realized they have makeup and look like a panda: You mean mascara tears.
47. When a guy gets a text saying he's a bridesmaid: This must be a wrong number.
48. Watching Dora at the age of 100: WHAT COULD BE THE ODDS OF THIS HAPPENING.
49. Spilling food all over the table at a fancy restaurant: But who's fault is it?
50. Unexpected erection at school: For the person who's 10 and doesn't understand it, it's for males who have that thing in their pants be longer just because there's adrenaline from being in love or something like that.
51. Pooping your pants: The fact that one of the more obvious ones is at the VERY BOTTOM of the list means some of you kids still live in fantasies.

Well this is a weird list to do an analysis on. What's embarassing is I just thought about doing this list on a whim.