Full-fledged List Analysis: Top Ten Most Annoying Types of Haters

NuMetalManiak Korn made a song called Hater, and any guesses as to what it addresses? Yep. Well, I've already did one on fan bases, which had a number of hate bases on it already, so let's move on to the haters category.

1. The ones who want you and your fans dead: These haters are INSANE. They actually bring fear to the fans of things.
2. Princess Daisy haters: Oh
3. Rosalina haters: My
4. Princess Peach haters: God. WOW. The next three items after #1, and they are all over Mario princesses. Heck, where were the DIsney Princess haters now? It looks like a few remixes caused this. What's with the rabid Mario character fandoms and hatedoms on this site?
5. The ones who insist that fans of whoever they're hating on are retards: So when they can't resort to death threats, they resort to retard threats. You would have to have a clear-cut reason to consider someone a retard for liking something you just simply hate.
6. The ones who click dislike on every one of the person's videos: A.k.a. the internet guru who really doesn't have a life at all, and just exists to be the most miserable person to everyone. They should be banned.
7. The ones that insult and condescend those who disagree: Trying to twist arguments in their favor EVERY TIME. I know at least twelve people on a forum I go to where they do this non stop. Twelve Angry Condescenders.
8. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic haters: Because clearly seeing men like this show makes you hate it.
9. Muslim haters: Snide, religious nutjobs hate them, based on the actions a few very bad terrorists.
10. Final Fantasy haters: The more recent FF6 hate makes no sense. So what if it's overrated, seriously. Admittingly, there are good reasons why the franchise itself can be hated, amidst a few games, but it's a good series overall.
11. Brony haters: Not even three items down, already a dupe.
12. The ones who get thumbs up: THESE ARE THE WORST. Yes, they farm thumbs-up/likes from their inner Satanic circle, and work as a group to screw everyone online over.
13. The ones who bully: More like the ones who troll, right? They get a hard-on for being tough nerds online.
14. Autism haters: Intelligent people were known to have autism, so the ones who hate them have incredibly hypocritical IQs.
15. The ones who spam the same hate message on said person's channel: I knew a certain someone who spams rape threats and gory imagery and always used multiple accounts to do so. Obviously, his accounts get banned but he kept coming back. Learn to ignore him and maybe he'll disappear for good, you never know.
16. Frozen haters: Frozen overraters is a correct term here.
17. Sonic haters: Either rabid Nintendo fans who don't like the GDWND slogan, or those who carp over all the recent Sonic releases. These people are at least trying, folks.
18. Five Nights at Freddy's Haters: I have no real opinion on this one as the series never really was that important past the first.
19. Modern SpongeBob haters: Someone hates ModernSpongeBobSucks. I haven't watched Spongebob in forever though.
20. Rabid haters: Either this is referencing the Raving Rabbids (which apparently got a Mario tie-in game) or is referring to basically the haters in #1 or #5.
21. Trolls: Lowlife people who's idea of fun is raising flames because THEIR opinion was offended, so they come up with insane logic to hurt the opinions of entire websites.
22. Amy (Total Drama) Haters: Literally who?
23. Grammar Nazis: Technically shouldn't even count as haters, but they are so obsessive over proper English usage when most people can read even illiterate posts just fine.
24. Anime haters: A good chunk of media mentioned online nowadays is anime-related. People who hate on an ENTIRE genre based off a few characters or shows makes little sense to me.
25. The ones with a following: All those "savage reply" people in a nutshell. You as a "savage replier" are a bored person and your followers lack significant brain matter.
26. The ones that jump on a bandwagon to look cool: Also an annoying hater, which can apply to many of the other items on this list as well. These inner circles need to be eradicated.
27. Undertale haters: I wish I played Undertale. It would help me understand not just the fanbase, but the hatebase too.
28. Apple haters: Haters of certain platforms (like console vs. PC, or Apple vs. Samsung) are, in my book, some of the stupidest haters ever. I mean, the rivalries between two distinct things are almost the same. They're both multimedia makers, so why be selective?
29. The ones that don't respect opinions: Except their own of course. You can't stop arguing with these people until they persuade you to have 100% of their opinion.
30. Nintendo haters: The company is insanely successful and its fanbase is not terrible, seriously.
31. Teen Titans Go haters: We used to (and still do) have a lot of TTG hate on this site.
32. Mario haters: Ugh, you fans are getting on my nerves.
33. Breadwinners haters: What even is this show. I heard a ton of negatives about it here.
34. The ones who hate on popular movies because they think it's cool: Yes, call it overrated, call your obscure ones underrated, and hop on an annoying bandwagon to fuel your small egos.
35. The Lion King haters: Why is this movie getting hate anyways?
36. The ones who hate on a video on how good something is: Pathetic.
37. The smart haters that fans bash on because fans are stupid: I, my brain must be melting because I can't understand what this item is referring to.
38. The ones who hate George W. Bush: Blaming Bush for so many things. The recession was bad, but believe me or not, it was somehow worse when Obama became president, and it still isn't faring well.
39. Sesame Street haters: Stupid teen haters, trying to hate on a LITTLE KID SHOW.
40. Pokemon haters: Had to deal with this around 6th-7th grade, and then afterwards those same haters somehow got back into Pokemon again. Hypocrites.
41. Elsa Haters: Well I'm still one of the select few who has never seen (and probably won't bother seeing) Frozen.
42. Islam haters: Religions tend to create rivalries, terrible ones though.
43. Dub haters: Guess this pertains to Anime fans who prefer watching subtitles. You know, those subtitles are probably better for the deaf viewers more than the ones who can't speak Japanese. So I guess it's probably hypocritical for a non-Japanese speaking anime fan to hate on a dub that's actually in their language.
44. Hero Factory haters: Hmm, so this is Bionicle's predecessor. The problem with this hatedom is that it simply doesn't exist. The fandom for Hero Factory doesn't exist either. Some people are digging deep to hate on things.
45. The ones that are attention whores: Posting in every single thread just to create trouble, yeah I know a lot of them.
46. The ones who hate your favorite movies: They have GOT to like at least one of your favorite movies.
47. Those who think hating on something makes them a bigger fan of something else: What kind of logic is that?
48. Haters who call fans 3 year old fanboys: Most fans of things are obviously older than 3 years of age. They just think that fawning behavior = extremely childish.
49. Microsoft haters who want Rareware to leave Microsoft and be re-bought by Nintendo: These people clearly have their mission statement prioritized.
50. 4Kids haters: Anime for kids, please, people. These are the anime elitists.
51. Zootopia haters: I think I get it at this point.
52. The ones that accuse anyone who likes something they hate of liking things nobody likes: In fairness, there's a ton of content that goes completely unrecongnized in media. But hating on something that's virtually unknown is just insane.
53. The ones who make "Things Haters Would Say To _______" and "Characters That Hate _______" lists: The obsessive list makers who won't stop with the stupid Mario character flamewars?
54. Dog haters: I have an allergy to them so my hatred for them is actually legitimate.
55. Cat haters: Awful people. Cats are cool and aren't too lovey-dovey.
56. Wendy Koopa haters: Urgh, stop it, just, stop it.
57. Nickelback haters: Yes, just because "mainstream" rock radio doesn't appeal to your "hipster" mind.
58. People who play the jealousy card: Actually, this is more of what a fanbase will do. Specifically speaking, the Brutal Doom fanbase. Yes, I went there again.
59. The ones who say their videos are funnier, cooler, etc. than the one whose video is actually cool: Then again, this is an example of a jealous hater.
60. Rocko's Modern Life haters: This show is old, and so is it's fanbase. And haters are showing up right now to ruin them.
61. Pop haters: Not all pop is bad.
62. Justin Bieber haters: Well we have that one troll that still does that on this site still, right?
63. Luigi haters: It looks like a good chunk of this is gonna be characters. Again.
64. Arthur haters: Or shows, or titular characters, take your pick.
65. Rugrats haters: Did that Nickelodeon hater come by this list by any chance?
66. Ed, Edd n Eddy haters: Oh, maybe not, looks like a CN hater (from the good days no less) is messing around too.
67. Jessie haters: Who, what.
68. Clarence haters: So why DO teenagers spill hate for shows meant for KIDS??
69. Selfish haters: ME ME ME ME ME
70. Heartless haters: This could reference a certain Kingdom Hearts character, or refer to what's known as "heartless bastards", some of the evilest people to even exist.
71. Minecraft haters: Parents? Or those that just hate Minecraft videos on Youtube all the time? If you don't like something don't view it.
72. Haters that hate kids: Sure, kids have their worst moments all the time, but they are NOT a basis of hate every single time by uncultured adults.
73. Fred haters: People who obsess over a Youtube sensation, like it or not, are idiots.
74. The ones who won't shut up about the things they hate: Is there seriously one person on this site that just keeps addressing these items with "Rosalina haters"? Why? Anyways, anyone who doesn't shut up about something should be forcibly shut up.
75. Haters of non-Disney movies: Probably the "jealous of success" kind of hater, really.
76. Garfield haters: What did that poor cat ever do to you.
77. Minion haters: The comments here are really blowing things out of proportion. I hate Minions because I see them everywhere, but as long as you fans aren't being obsessive towards me over it I won't eat you alive.
78. Cartoon haters: Okay I was actually looking for this one considering how many people pick specific cartoons. In all honestly, the art style of cartoons is why quite a few people like them. Real-life sitcoms are actually kind of boring.
79. F-Zero: GP Legend haters: We are really being specific here. Does this game even have fans? Well, it also was an anime show, but my point still stands.
80. The Secret Life Of Pets Haters: A Universal production that no one knows much about?
81. ICarly haters: If only I ever watched one of these real-life Nickolodeon sitcoms, I can understand why people are hating or liking them.
82. Zoey (Total Drama) haters: A very specific character.
83. Trigun haters: Hmm.
84. Cowboy Bebop haters: Looks like anime fans are being defensive now.
85. Pokemon Go Haters: These people are actually afraid of how society almost collapsed because idiots didn't watch where they were going.
86. The ones who play the race card to get people to agree with them: You mean the "racism" card.
87. The one who say fans need to learn to respect the haters but don't acknowledge or realize that it goes both ways.: Incredibly hypocritical.
88. Rainbow Dash haters: Wow, now brony haters hate a specific character without a whole lot of knowledge about it.
89. Sanjay and Craig Haters: Heard lots of bad about the show, maybe there's a reason it's hated?
90. ABBA haters: I've never heard a single song by them.
91. Serena haters: What does this refer to? Be specific please.
92. Blue Sky Studios haters: Robots, which was a decent movie, along with the two Rio movies and all of the Ice Ages were made by them. This seems, reasonable to hate them, but not so much. What's the big deal?
93. Deathcore haters: I hate them, because they base their hate off of some T-shirts moreso than the actual music.
94. The Loud House haters: Am I the only one who never can understand why TheTopTens has such obsessions with certain TV shows, whether they are liked or not?
95. Kingdom Hearts haters: Haven't played this yet.
96. Call of Duty haters: Can be justified, since the fan base has been toxic to most normal people.
97. McDonald's haters: The worst ones are the ones who say this is how America is. They are the most insufferable people ever. Oh, you hate fast food? Tell us how you are rich and eat classy yet disgusting plate food all the time.
98. Toad haters: Why.
99. Toadette haters: WHY.
100. Pearl (Splatoon) Haters: You know I know absolutely nothing about many of these characters, yet your obsessions with them actually trigger the haters. In turn, items like this show up.
101. Tails haters: Oh look now Sonic characters.
102. Knuckles haters: Am I on the right site?
103. Grojband Haters: Can't you just say Fresh TV, since they made Total Drama and all that stuff?
104. Shadow haters: Oh yes, because your edgy hedgehog has annoying fans.
105. Harken haters: So these people are refusing to listen? They hate listening?

In most cases, a hatedom is significantly worse than a fandom, especially if they are obsessive, compulsive, insufferable, condescending, threatening, bandwagoners. If we could get something that's universally liked in this world, that would be nice, but unfortunately, there will ALWAYS BE ONE HATER for just, anything. So if you hate something, you better have legitimate reasons for hating it, reasons that the fans can actually agree with.


Good post. - Skullkid755

91 was about Pokemon's Serena - TwilightKitsune

I know more about the Hero Factory Hatedom than you. When Bionicle ended in 2010, Hero Factory began and Bionicle fans complained that it killed Bionicle. Lego brought back Bionicle and end Hero Factory in 2015 and fans complained. Bionicle G2 ended in 2016. - ChroniclerMan5

I misread the Wikipedia article, Hero Factory was Bionicle's successor instead of predecessor. Sorry about that. - NuMetalManiak

Why couldn't the person make a list that was actually MEANINGFUL to society? Like how about ethnic race haters? Peace haters? Family haters?

Seriously, PRINCESS DAISY HATERS? what! - visitor

Yeah a lot of these are fictional character haters and not anything important to life. America haters for example isn't even on here, and instead we get people whining about fictional characters. - NuMetalManiak