Full-fledged List Analysis: Worst Things that Could Happen In Life

NuMetalManiak Third day in a row? Yep, going through list analysis like lightning and March feels like the longest month ever too.

1. Being Buried Alive: Well if you can't get out, yeah, then you'll be forced to rot in your own starvation and feces.
2. Going to Hell: What if hell doesn't exist.
3. Losing a Parent: The issue with losing a parent is more financial than emotional. Believe me, it's something you can't afford.
4. Lose a Child: To raise a child right is how to avoid this one. You don't want to lose a good meaning of life with losing a child.
5. Dying: Well this could easily be number one.
6. Listen to Justin Bieber: This is far from the worst, especially in 2019.
7. Going to Jail for Life: Without parole. With parole there is a slim possibility of release. Unlike for 105 years or some big number.
8. Getting Raped: You HAVE to give permission if you want sex. Otherwise it counts as rape.
9. Seeing the Love of Your Life With Another: The best thing you can do is move on then.
10. Nobody Likes You: I'm pretty sure, on this very site, you can find someone who likes you.
11. Dying Alone: My worst fear at the moment. Gonna find a girl to be with this summer hopefully.
12. Be a Virgin Forever: Pretty much the same thing as above.
13. Getting Cancer: The worst part is that cancer can be hereditary, so you might get it upon being born.
14. Your Pet Dies: I swear I'm moving out once this happens.
15. Painful Death: Like #5, except more edgy.
16. Going Blind: And not being able to play video games or view TopTen lists. This should be Top 10.
17. Sleeping With Justin Bieber: You, uh, you know he has someone to sleep with already, don't you?
18. Being Forever Alone: Either you are okay with it or you're not, but in either case, your mind could change.
19. Get Bullied: This is why I stay away from people when I was in high school.
20. A Very Important Person In Your Life Dies In Front of You: The key terms are at the end. Dying in front of someone, ouch.
21. You Get Robbed: Anything could happen here.
22. Being Burned Alive: One of the worst ways to die.
23. Trapped Under Ice: In such a cold climate your worst fear could actually just be freezing to death.
24. Accidentally Killing Your Significant Other: And how this could come up would be something you won't wanna admit.
25. You Become Homeless: Get this to number one immediately. There's no shortage of homeless people who are unable to afford anything and yet they are denied a good living by those who have good livings.
26. Being Executed: The same as dying but by others' hands.
27. Get Amnesia: What is this post about again?
28. Accidentally Killing Someone: Just know this when you are about ready to drive. It can haunt you.
29. Being Forced to Eat Your Child: In seriously drastic scenarios, this would be bad. But then again, you don't want to be eaten.
30. Be Rich and Lose the Money In a Day: How come some lottery winners do this?
31. A Call Off Wedding at the 11th Hour: Geez, talk about harsh luck.
32. Every Girl Rejects You: They want fun and excitement most of the time. Which is bad.
33. Suicide: Well, that's on you.
34. Stuck On an Island With Adolf Hitler: You mean his corpse or ashes? Uh, okay, nothing happens.
35. Rock N Roll Dies: It honestly should die. We have hard rock and metal now, not this dad rock music please.
36. Losing a Sibling at a Young Age.: Yes this is rather specific. It's also a horrible thing to experience.
37. You Go Blind: Already on here.
38. Being Born Into A Family With Abusive Parents: Just AWFUL. You want to find a family member who isn't abusive.
39. You Get Divorced: Could happen on any particular means.
40. You Get Evicted: Ties into being homeless.
41. Getting Divorce: Really? Not even two items down and a duplicate already.
42. Lose a Limb: Most of the time, you'd die.
43. Your Favourite TV Show Gets Canceled: Boo hoo. Watch it on Hulu or Netflix to pass your time.
44. Getting Kicked In the Balls: Actually losing your balls would be worse.
45. Not Being Able to See Your Friends at School Anymore: Just go on Facebook or something.
46. Going Skydiving and Your Parachute Malfunctions: And that's a quick and dirty death.
47. Getting Shot: Yeah, a high-speed bullet can pierce and completely ruin your life.
48. Being Allergic to Everything: I'm allergic to enough already.
49. An Assassin Breaks Into Your House: Almost the same as getting robbed, although an assassin may not be after your stuff.
50. Eating Something You Hate: More like being forced to eat something you hate. I have picky habits so this is me.
51. Being Made Fun Of: Too often this happens.
52. The Top Tens Closes Down: That would mean I can't do this anymore.
53. Having to Watch Dora the Explorer With Your Kids: If you're a parent, you have to suck up and watch kid stuff. Sorry.
54. Being Without Any Satisfaction Though We Have Everything In Our Life: More like people taking satisfaction away.
55. Being Paralyzed: Again, life-threatening and prevents pure fun.
56. Getting Ebola: Or getting any disease. The worse, the worse.
57. Getting Caught Watching Porn: This is why I don't watch it.
58. You Go Deaf: Well you can play video games still. But can you hear your own farts?
59. Gaining 4790 Pounds in a Day: That honestly shouldn't be possible. Plus you'll die.
60. Being Kidnapped: Held hostage, same thing.
61. Be a Victim of Genocide: It's a possibility, too. Not a good one either. Stay as far away from the hellholes when you can.
62. Being Forced to Do What You Don't Like: THAT'S BASICALLY WORK IN A NUTSHELL.
63. Your Phone Drops In Toilet: How about don't use your phone while pooping.
64. Being Forced to Eat Yourself: Can that be possible?
65. Being an Experiment for Torture Devices: You'd die within the first one, I think.
66. Going to School: It's better than almost everything on this list.
67. Dying In a Stupid Way: Yeah, just like 1000 ways to die.
68. Being Homeless: On here already, and already outlined.
69. You Are Forever Single: Oh the irony that this is on #69. Although it is a duplicate.
70. Be Killed by Your Bestie: How can that person be a bestie then.
71. Watching Justin Bieber Videos: No one is forcing you in this item.
72. You Can't Go to College: Because you fail or you have low income. Then all the job seekers ignore you for samey fools.
73. Being a High School Loser: Some of these comments are weird.
74. Nazi Rise Again: Will very likely NOT happen since the American party is really small.
75. Eminem's Career Ends: As if I care.
76. Being Hated: Happens to everyone over all sorts of stuff.
77. Loosing Your Long Flowing Hair: Only for those who love it.
78. WWIII: Hmm...good answer.
79. Be Paralyzed and Not Able to Communicate: Already on here but more specific.
80. Lose the Person You Love Most: Wouldn't that be yourself, technically?
81. Experiencing Depression: Well this happens to everyone.
82. A Moose Crashes Through Your Roof and Starts Singing JB Music and Spews Out Lightsabers.: Please get real.
84. An Ice Cream Cart Destroys Civilization: Because the town has never heard of ice cream before?
85. Having Your Heart Broken: Literally or figuratively?
86. Stepping On A Lego: I'm pretty sure you can step on something FAR worse.
87. Somebody Stealing from You: Technically this is the same as Getting Robbed.
88. Having Your Eyes Gouged Out: Just, no. Also this is similar to Going Blind.
89. You Find Out That Your Family Will Never Be Coming Back: And how will your expenses be paid?
90. You Wake Up Naked in the Middle of the Road.: Possibly from a drunk hangover and bad roommates.
91. You Go to Prison: You'll never have an idea of who you might meet.
92. A Toaster Attacks You.: Won't happen.
93. Living With Your Parents Forever: Yeah at least you have a place to live, and a shelter.
94. Get Brainwashed: How do you know you're brainwashed?
95. Living Without Freedom for the Rest of Your Life.: Basically several countries today.
96. Going to Jail for Life for Something You Didn't Do: Those guys that Jussie Smollett faked, man I feel bad for them.
97. Watching Your Children Being Stabbed to Death: More like watching anyone close to you get killed in any way.
98. Bullying: A problem that is hard to solve.
99. Metallica Retiring: Face facts. Everybody has to hang it up at some point in their life.
100. Seeing the Love of Your Life Die: A lot of these are gonna be about seeing people dying, I just know it.
101. Being Forced to Eat Poop: Probably by Frank Zappa's ghost, oh no, now I'm turning into you guys.
102. An Alien Poops on You Then Eats You: Oh come on.
103. A Random Guy Breaks Into Your House and Takes Your Couch No Questions Asked: But you can sit anywhere else.
104. Getting an Abortion: OOF, bad for you girls.
105. Homework: People who work have homework. Deal with it.
106. The the World End With Only You and 10000 Zombies Left: This item can't even use words properly.
108. Being Forced to Watch Big Brother: With all your hatred for it, I'd force you guys to watch it.
109. Star Wars Cancelled Forever: Good news, a sequel is being worked on yet again. Now don't whine about it.
110. Never Really Living Life: Well, that's hard to figure out.
111. Your School Burns Down and Kills All of Your Friends: It would kill a lot more.
112. Uy Scuti Crashes on Your House.: What is Uy Scuti?
113. Having Your Appendix Taken Out: Having to live through a transplant would be difficult.
114. Having to Wear a Bra: I'm comfortable with one.
115. Using Photoshop Someone Shrinks Your Genitals and Posts It On 4chan Only for It to Go Viral: For what reason.
116. Nobody In Your Family Loves You: NOW THAT'S BAD.
117. Being Suicidal: That's on you.
118. Being Frightened: Be brave.
119. Getting Punished: Especially if the problem wasn't caused by you.
120. Sleeping With Rihanna/rebecca Black: You guys don't sleep, do you?
121. Getting Caught Masturbating: LOCK YOUR ROOM.
122. Falling into a Meat Grinder: A terrible way to go.
123. Everyone You Love Is Dead: Ouch.
124. Taylor Swift Tickets Concert Are Very Expensive: Just watch it on Youtube.
125. Slip and Fall In Cow Poop: On a farm, please watch your feet every single step.
126. Going Insane: HELP ME
127. Having a Kidney Stone: Unbelievably painful and a lot of you don't even know just how bad it is.
128. You Sit On a Poo: "a poo"
129. Your Best Friend Dumps You: Well they're a best friend.
130. The Illuminati Takes Over the World: I have no idea what they are capable of.
131. The American Empire Forms In Place of the United States: Trump is president and we dono't have any empire right now.
132. Justin Bieber Was Your Dad This Whole Time: Too young.
133. Finding Yourself On This Website: On a school list? You know those are gone now, right?
134. Having Your House Catch On Fire: I fear this every time I have to cook.
135. You're Having a Baby and the Person That's Delivering It Eats It In Front of You: That kid didn't deserve that.
136. Disease: What kind.
137. Losing It: Meaning going insane I think.
138. Waking Up Next To Khloé Kardashian: Honestly you're not getting intimate with her. Stop it.
139. Your Home Country Adopts the Euro as Its Currency: Is it that bad?
140. You Never Hit Puberty: Um, ok.
141. Lose Your Pet: Already on here, moving on.
142. Dora Rocks Becoming the Most Subscribed Youtuber: That would be T-Series.
143. Parents Get Divorced: And you have to have one of them for support but they start being abusive.
144. Being a Redneck: You know there are a lot of rednecks who are alright people.
145. Tinnitus: Just a minor nuisance.
146. Watching Sanjay and Craig: You don't have to.
147. Being Cheated On: If they want it long term, let them have it.
148. Your Girlfriend Was a Man All Along: This may not be bad. You won't have kids though.
149. Being Tortured: You guys are torturing me with these items.
150. Farting uncontrollably for the rest of your life: Happened to me yesterday.
151. Taylor Swift Sings With Justin Bieber: These singers have schedules you know.
152. Get mutated from nuclear fallout: The comment here has nothing to do with the item.
153. Getting Tied to a Railroad: And in every scenario, there's ALWAYS a train coming.
154. Getting Bitten by an Alligator: CHOMP
155. Not Seeing Criss Angel: Who's Criss Angel?
156. Your Favorite Celebrity Unliking You: I honestly wouldn't be surprised. Celebrities hate rabid fans.
157. Get Raped by an Animal: Okay this is beastiality in the opposite direction.
158. Having a Criminal As a Parent: On the plus side, the criminal parent is probably trying to make a living in SOME way.
159. Getting Addicted to Smoking: Apparently getting off an addiction is hard.
160. Adolf Hitler Becomes Your Parent: Good news, Hitler doesn't have future children. So stop imagining.
161. One Direction Breaking Up: Seriously grow up. Also didn't this happen?
162. Being Turned Into a Toilet, But Still Be Alive and Conscious.: Oh wow.
163. Getting Stuck In an Elephant's Behind: I saw a video of this actually happening. It was terrifying.
164. Getting Banned from Gta Forever: Maybe that's your fault.
165. Failing A Test: Something to fear due to having either a REALLY bad test or bad studying habits.
166. No One Cares About You: Please don't get too depressed.
167. Getting Caught Watching Barney and Having It Posted On YouTube: Why would someone watch you watch something.
168. Having an Addiction: Heh, we all have something we're addicted to.
169. Getting cuckolded by the love of your life.: Okay, I'm glad someone described this in detail.
170. Falling in love with a psychopath: Get out immediately.
171. Being Replaced: With what? This can range from not really that bad to life-threatening.
172. Seeing Justin Bieber: Oh come on, media isn't all over him. And besides, seeing him isn't gonna kill you.
173. Your Hands are Stuck in a Bronze Saucepan for 5 Months.: In the saucepan? What did you put in it?
174. Being a Liberal: Well, being a liberal and dealing with SJW types that ruin your platform definitely counts.
175. Getting Stabbed In the Stomach.: In the stomach directly can kill you.
176. Your House Burns Down: Already on here.
177. Realizing Your Mother Is a Narcissist and Never Loved You: What kind of mother is that?
178. Getting Kicked In the Face: If it leaves a major mark that ruins your face, yeah.
179. Going to Jail Until You Turn 80: Can actually be more nightmarish than imagined.
180. Your Neighbor Passes Away: Did happen once to me, didn't know them well enough though.
181. Getting Attacked by Pigeons: Crows are worse.
182. Dr. Dre Retires: Why do you care if someone retires.
183. Tripping Over When You Are Drinking Anything: And getting drink, or worse, glass, in your face.
184. You Are Disowned by the Entire World and Sent to Live On Venus: Just stop having livid imaginations.
185. Someone Chopping Off Your Head While Sleeping: Basically another way to die.
186. Drinking Orange Juice After You Just Brushed Your Teeth: I heard the urban legend.
187. Positronwildhawk Dies: Huh.
188. Being Forced to Watch the Problem Solverz: Don't know anything about this show.
189. Someone Eats All Your Ramen: It costs like 52 cents where I live.
190. The Purge Actually Happens: What exactly are you referencing when you say The Purge.
191. Getting Beat Up by a Little Kid: Don't underestimate little ones.
192. All Music Dies: Legitimately not possible.
193. Listen to All Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black Songs: How can any of this even be possible.
194. Killing a Person You've Loved by Accident: Wow, that would really hurt.
195. Stabbed to Death by Toothpicks: Getting picked on to death in a completely different interpretation.
196. Being Castrated: Um, okay.
197. Drowning In Poop: Just utterly disgusting.
198. Rape: Already here, yep.
199. Anticipating Your Death: Could this ACTUALLY BE WORSE?
200. Losing Your Mother: Or your inheritance.
201. End of Linkin Park's Career: Given what happened to Chester, the future certainly is uncertain.
202. Getting Tired of Listening to AC/DC: That's basically on you though it's possible someone else is annoying you with it.
203. Living In the Cold for Life: You should get used to it unless the weather drastically changes.
204. Being Pushed Off the Grand Canyon by a Cow: Uhhhhh, not going there.
205. Being Forced to Listen to Nicki Minaj: I wonder what shocking and vile cretin would force people to listen to music.
206. Lose Your Home and Car: And maybe your legs too. This ain't good.
207. Being Forced to Go to Church: All of us had this happen. I'm pretty sure.
208. Get a School Project: Unfortunately I always got this.
209. Develop a Sixth Sense to See Dead People: Unsure what this is about.
210. Being Forced to Listen to One Direction: There are much worse things on this list.
211. Eating Someone: How would they react?
212. Fall Down a Cliff: Can be bad on any particular cliff. The higher the cliff, the harder the fall.
213. AC/DC's Career Ends: Well it's not gonna end soon, thankfully.
214. Being Gay: Being gay in a community that persecutes gays is bad.
215. Having a Break Up: Can be heartbreaking.
216. Cheating and Getting Caught: Nothing life-changing would happen. But you miss full credit.
217. When You Have Everything and Feel Like Nothing to Wear: Oh me all the time.
218. Getting Leprosy: That's terrifying.
219. Haunted by Ghost: That would be lame haunted by an amazing Swedish rock band.
220. Growing Up With People Who Are Not Your Parents: If they are abusive that is.
221. Smosh Leaves Youtube: They've already gone. Sorry guys.
222. Daft Punk Retires: Get Lucky.
223. Not Having Lady Gaga: Stupid things indeed. Some have run out of ideas again.
224. Getting In a Concentration Camp: Basically a prison.
225. Saving Up for Ages for Something You Really Want Only to Realize That It's Already Been Bought: You mean out of stock.
226. Not Getting the Job of Your Dreams: AND WHO IS PREVENTING YOU? This isn't your fault most of the time too.
227. Being Stuck In Time Paradox Where You Die Every Time: Basically the plot of Groundhog Day.
228. The Nuke Alarm: Surprised they have one of these.
229. Spending the Rest of Your Life Inside a Fat Guy's Stomach: Uhh, you'd be dead real soon.
230. Dolphins Take Over the World and Become the Dominant Race: I also thought of South Park.
231. A Wizard Turns You Into Justin Bieber and the Only Cure Is to Have Sex With Harry Styles In Public: Stop the fanfiction.
232. Finding Out Someone You Hate Is Dating Your Crush: I gotta move on.
233. Metallica Breaks Up: Already on here.
234. Becoming an Atheist: There's nothing wrong with this.
235. Everyone On Earth Hates You: Please stop moping.
236. Getting Crohn's Disease: I'm, not gonna look this up.
237. Your House Is Bombed: Your house is x, your house is y.
238. Foreclosure/eviction: I practically fear this every time. To think that living in any house is practically a luxury nowadays.
239. Every Other Sane Person In the World Dies: By analyzing this list, I can tell you my sanity is slipping.
240. Having to Go to School Forever: Would be better than having to work at a terrible job forever.
241. Discovering That Everything You Have Ever Known Has Been a Lie: So I'm technically a piece of steak by this logic.
242. Stuck On an Island With Joseph Stalin: He's also dead.
243. Commies Take Over the American Government: Okay THIS SHOULDN'T HAPPEN.
244. Soviets Rise Once Again and Take Over the World: Please don't let this happen.
245. Your Friends Get Flirty With You!: Well try to socialize with them.
246. Same Sex Marriage Becoming Legal Everywhere: Shut up.
247. Having Your Balls Smashed: See, this is worse than simply getting kicked there.
248. Kirk Hammet Dies Then Metallica Can't Find Another Guitarist So They Have to Quit Music Forever: Stop foreshadowing.
249. Going to Miley Cyrus's Birthday Party: You are not forced to.
250. Having Your Home Country Become a Theocracy or Get Taken Over by Militant Anti Theists: May actually be bad.
251. Death of Bruce Dickinson: You guys, you can't delay the inevitable, so stop foreshadowing.
252. Metal Dies: Stop making me have thoughts.
253. Being On Total Blackout: For how many days would definitely be problematic.
254. Funnyuser Dies: It's just a user. My god.
255. Listening to Your Least Favorite Song by Nicki Minaj for 3 Hours: Why do I feel like you guys do this secretly?
256. Being Forced to Marry Justin Bieber: Some of you, I swear, you dream of actually doing this.
257. Being Corrupted by the One Ring of Sauron: It's fiction.
258. Being Forced to Eat a Human: It probably has diseases.
259. Having Your Penis Cut Off and Thrown Into a Field from a Moving Van, by Your Wife: Wow, just...wow.
260. The Mongol Empire Rises Again: An empire from centuries ago? Get real, kids.
261. Zombie Apocalypse: Surprised to see this really low.
262. Having a Parent Try to Kill You: Okay you need to leave the house immediately.
263. Being Eaten Alive by Spiders: Legitimate fear for once.
264. Seeing Big Brother Live: Do you guys have other things to do?
265. Swallowed Alive: Is this a TopTens list or an episode of 1000 Ways to Die?
266. Watching Someone You Love Die In Front of You from a Gunshot Wound.: Deadpool 2's plot is done because of this.
267. Forced to Eat Your Girlfriend: Just eat a wall.
268. Being Locked In a Cellar With Justin Bieber Forever: Some of you guys really need asylum.
269. You Find Your Parents On a Porn Site: Oh wow.
270. A Witch Turns You Into a Burger and You Are Being Eaten by a Your Wife: Some people smoke the finest greens.
271. Having to Watch Total Drama: "like heck" Okay.
272. Every Channel On Earth Airs Dora the Explorer Forever: Not possible.
273. South Park Goes Downhill: It's amazing how Trey and Matt still manage to stay fresh.
274. Screaming In a Library and Get Sent to a Insane Asylum for the Rest of Your Life: THAT'S YOUR FAULT.
275. You Turn Into a Belieber: Maybe you should, considering how you can't stop talking about it.
276. Being Treated Like Cinderella: By the stepsisters I assume.
277. Being Born: BOOHOO.
278. Watching Pewdiepie: You can just not watch him.
279. Kim Jong-Un Becomes the Supreme Leader of North Korea: Already done.
280. Getting Friendzoned: How will these girls get a boyfriend if they keep doing this to the guys.
281. Forced To Play Talking Angela: What is Talking Angela.
282. Being Forced to Listen to Meghan Trainor: How about I force you all to listen to this stuff for whining about it all the time.
283. Pop Stars Get Ebola: "That would be the best" dude shut up.
284. Not meeting One Direction: "Someone's a fan of One Direction! Let me make a negative item on them!"
285. Swallowed, Digested and Crapped Out Alive: If you actually are alive then that's a miracle.
286. Watching Robot Chicken: So?
287. Becoming A Brony: It's not really that shameful or embarrassing.
288. Watching My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic: Again, is anyone forcing you to do this?
289. Falling down a Bottomless Dark Hole and keep falling forever: Like Squidward in that one episode.
290. Everyone Disagrees with You: Even on actual facts? That's awful.
291. Getting Framed for Murder and Punished by Execution: On something you didn't do? And the perp gets off scotch free.
292. Being 21 Forever: That's a clothing brand sto...oh wait.
293. Going Through the Downward Spiral: As in the NIN album? I sorta don't like it.
294. Getting Some Awful Disease: Just a tad more specific than that other item, but not much.
295. Being Forced to Join the Illuminati: Oof, but do they have benefits?
296. Not being able to afford university/college: Already here.
297. Getting Roundhouse Kicked by Chuck Norris: He doesn't even have to try.
298. Watching Adam Sandler Movies: NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO DO THIS.
299. Admin Dies: Well there can be someone else on the staff that can take over if it happens.
300. Getting Grounded: If you do good you can rescind your grounding.
301. Tortured To Death: Yes, that's what torturing you means.
302. Turning Poor: Unfortunately some of us are born poor.
303. Losing My Pilot's License: Why is "My" here? This is too personal an item.
304. Common Core: Boring.
305. Losing a Twin: Huh, pretty specific to only a select few people.
306. Having a Baby: It's hard, but you know what? If you want it, it's worthwhile.
307. Sexually Disabled: YIKES.
308. Getting Your Toenail Ripped Off: There's another item that came from Spongebob.
309. Seeing the People You Cared for and Love Die: Very specific and good description. Yes, I'd hate this so much.
310. Justin Bieber Becomes Your Roommate: Not happening.
311. Losing the Hope Towards Life: Which unfortunately can easily happen because lord knows how EXPENSIVE things are.
312. Having Your Kid Taken Away from You: By whom? Whoever it is isn't good.
313. Getting Kidnapped: This is already on here.
314. Getting Run Over by a Car: A quick and nasty way to die or perhaps become disabled.
315. Being Diagnosed With a Chronic Illness: Well I've got bronchitis.
316. Get forced to watch Barney and Friends: Someone should force you to remove TheTopTens from your bookmarks.
317. Infected Ear: Oof, the comment here makes me cringe.
318. Watching One Coarse Meal: Again, no one is forcing you to do this.
319. Five Nights at Freddy's Coming to Next Gen Consoles: Well some like it.
320. Pooing Yourself In Space In Front of Professional Astronauts: It's hard to understand zero gravity.
321. Forced to show your parents your grades in tests when your are a teenager.: Needy parents.
322: Getting a Girl Pregnant at a Young Age: Bad for both involved.
323. Falling In Love With Somebody That You Can Never Have: Move on and find a better person.
324. Being Born With a Physical Disability and Being Ugly at the Same Time.: Worst of two worlds.
325. Having a Family Member With Cancer: I have several.
326. Being Rejected by Someone: Try topping one thousand job application rejections.
327. Being the Victim of a Psychopath: Well, you're dead, basically.
328. Homicide/Murder: This ought to be a more specific item.
329. Prison Life: Rewording this is weird.
331. Become a Stinky Person: This happens if you don't bathe.
332. Flying Economy: Erm, what could this refer to?
333. Having to Leave Your Childhood Home Behind: Seriously the one thing I fear and I'm still here.
334. Being Threatened: Well, try to ignore it, if it gets heated, run away for a while until they ignore it.
? Waiting 2 Hours for Something that Usually Takes 3 Minutes: Idiots in the drive thru lane or appointments in general.

Well then, a lot of bad things are here, evictions, losing loved ones, murder, they are all bad. Though like other lists I analyze, this one is also ruined due to sheer immaturity against pop stars and TV shows that honestly are overhated on this site.